Friday, December 23, 2016


My black 1996 era 35" SONY tv tube suddenly died in a brilliant white light flash vision right before my divorced suicidal character in BACHERLOR PARTY arrives to the PARTY OF 5 party [Next to room 10.03] from Portland, Oregon; 3000 miles away. ~ Who none of the gang of 5 had seen since he left town. ~ Who at the time, was as high as a kite, but not on wine or drugs. ~ Never forget, sometimes shitty movies happen for a good reason. ~ Just like sometimes shitty presidents happen for a good reason. ~ And then we get to have a really nice white guy like Donald Trump in the Oval Office; just for the shits and giggles. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BILL GATES: Close, but no cigar. ~ Real news science is not the same thing as fake news science. ~ In other words; sometimes I like you; and other times I don't like you. ~ THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING ME NOTES: This 1988 prophecy was about me going crazy thinking about that tall 10-speed aiethist bicyclists Jew [Steven Hughes] fucking my virgin wife in THE SHINING, at: ~ And of course, it was just what the medicine-wheel doctor had ordered. ~ Don't get me wrong now; it was not so much his fault, as it was my slutty exwife's fault. ~ CONSPIRACY THEORY NOTES: Who in their right mind would ever have ever thought that Randy Quaid was absolutely right about his electrifying 'Hollywood Star Wackers' warnings during the 2016 Christmas season, at:'s_Christmas_Vacation ~ PS 770 MICHAEL MEDVED: You are the modern version of the self-righteous arrogant sabbath-keeper Jews in Jerusalem when God commanded Lehi to pack up his shit and leave town; before it was too late. ~ That happening some 70 years later. ~ For when you too would become 70 years-old. ~ AP:II NOTES: "I had them all eliminated..."Dr.Evil, in STAR WARS meets BACHELER PARTY. ~

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