Monday, December 19, 2016


Those infectious virus videos of a vanquished Hillary walking alone in the woods, sporting her usual fake poker-face smile, are about that disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter who fed those secret basement war room emails to wikileaks in the woods at THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY in DC, at: ~ Since Rush Limbaugh himself is a United Methodist church member. ~ Meanwhile, some character who looks exactly like some hip 1960s actor in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, complete with sideburns, just assassinated the Russian ambassador in Turkey. ~ Of course, the White Russians in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II are going to blame it all on America's secret code Muslim NATO president with the fake news birth certificate, at: ~ Need I remind you? ~ That soft spoken Russian assassin at the end of the second 1963 James Bond movie is an Indiana Governor look alike tuff guy at: ~ No wonder that Donald Trump chose an Irish gangsta guy like him to watch his back. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MEDVED: The reason why regular caucasin white guys like me never listen to you or Glenn Beck that much anymore is because we are no longer that interested in what John McCain and Lindsay Gram have to say these days. ~ Not to mention the late dead Senator John Glenn who never impressed me that much. ~ May his 666 soul rest in hell. ~ "I never liked you!!" Says the blond Donald Trump figure who takes over at the end of the 1976 prophecy , that is all about me, and not you two church lady cunts, called THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ SUPER JEW NOTES: It happens every time. ~ Just after I finish kicking ass at the NYT, some rogue interview of Jerry Lewis comes out which suggests that I need to buy out the enclosed failing newspaper's stock value for one dollar on the dime. ~ According to my own private Park City, Utah movie prophecy entitled CITIZEN KANE. ~

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