Monday, December 12, 2016


Back when I was living in Paul Nestor's waterfront love shack on Lake Washington, that was located several DOORS north of Bill Gates' shag pad in Madina; Steve Miller' sweet crib was just two doors to the south of it. ~ In confirmation of his prophetic hit song, at: ~ Duh! ~ A good thorough shit and toilet flush always happens for a good reason. ~ Get used to it Hillary Clinton and Roger Moore er all. ~ You two overweight cunts don't have that much time left on your weekly schedules. ~ It's high time for one of you to man up. ~ And the other one to man down. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LAST TANGO IN ANGENTINA NOTES: Here is Jill Stein trying to look like my underage-apropriate girl sex interest in LAST TANGO IN PARIS [Moscow, Idaho] at: ~ Fuck me Jesus! ~ The new Paul Nestor Hollywood wonder kid director discovery actually shows up on the set every single morning for his debut 4 weeks shooting schedule? ~ And so does his uninsurable lead actress Lindsay [LL] Lohan? ~ PS FOX: More real news about Obama's fake birth certificate, less politicalized fake CIA news about the Russians being in bed with wikileaks. ~ PS MICHAEL MOORE & ROBERT REDFORD ER ALL: After all of these years of guys like you calling for the elimination of the CIA's corrupted beaurocratic [democratic] politics; I'm starting to have a serious change of heart about it. ~ Hey, when I was the Mormon missionary leader in Palermo, Sicily, I voted for Richard Nixon at the American consultant. ~ Damn straight I did. ~ And not just because I had no choice in the matter. ~

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