Friday, December 30, 2016


The abomination of desolation closed the Russians' Killenworth mansion on [70] Weeks Point, Long Island in confirmation of the similar mansion in the WAG THE DOG prophecy, at: ~ Considering that he did it for a fake news distraction; because everyone knows by now that the DNC email leaks were an inside job by [Adam] Sanders fans and supporters. ~ The second witness Rushian mansion was closed down in the Brownsville, Maryland area, located off of HWY.301. ~ For Sheriff Joe's 3.01 press conference about Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen Social Security number. ~ See the picture at: ~ Happy Chanuka. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MOVIE NOTES: DeNiro's spinning politics game guy, during Chanuka 2016, kept calling their fake news operation a "pageant". ~ As an inspired future context about a pageant producer being elected President in the movie. ~ Circa: ~ Therefore, when we first see Dust/in Hoffman's Jewish Barack Obama Hollywood producer supporter, he is lying in his fake sunlight vampire crypt. ~ Most of these guy's kin came from Eastern Europe or White Russia of course; where all those 1950s 1960s cold war era blood sucking vampire movies happen. ~ Like in my own personal favorite THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING. ~ REAL NEWS NOTES: The inspired geniousness behind that Jewish made CIA movie called MOONWALKERS, was that the fake news turned out to be the real news, at: ~ AND: ~ In other words, Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A SPACE ODESSY was a futuristic [STAR WARS] prophecy about white guys discovering the true alien nature of the UN building in Manhattan full of dark strangers. ~ Which came out on the tails of my own private home town Seattle movie at: ~ "IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR [In King County] was the best movie I ever made." Elvis, a.k.a. The King. ~

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