Friday, December 16, 2016


The ginned up fake war news in the WAG THE DOG prophecy has just been confirmed by the fake president in AMERIKA declaring retaliation for the fake news about the Russians leaking his fake codename on the secret emails sent to Hillary's secret basement war room operation web server in some fancy private NYC golf club suburb residential area. ~ Imagine me fucking Miley Cyrus in the ass with real high quality French butter and you start to get the big picture. ~ And not the standard 1950s era fake yellow die job butter that they are still trying to pass off as the real thing in America; which is about 50% whipped up soybean oil from Minnesota, etc. ~ Which is why it tastes so bland and oily in comparison to the real 100% butters from France and Ireland; not to mention the cheeses. ~ Ergo, in the spoken word at, the secretive masonic Scottish rites mormon conspiracy underwear can be made out of any fabric of choice; cotton, linen, silk... Just as long as it is not some blended plastic nylon material, complete with fake rubber penis, like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: Calm down, sit back and relax and spread out your legs very apart for me. ~ Because I will be getting around to eating out with you, and your sister too, before you even know it. ~ You want to be in Woody Allen's next movie? ~ Who gives a flying fuck. ~ I get to have my way with you in my next production trailer set movie because I have the money. ~

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