Sunday, December 11, 2016


The windy Seattle, King County, Washington rain is falling sideways against the MICROSOFT WINDOWS high up in the TRUMP TOWER opening to THE SWEETEST [PC] TABOO London spice girl video at: ~ Where that African negro man arrives late to the yuuge DC 58 CHEVY party. ~ In confirmation of Mr.Roof's roof falling down on all of those Bible study niggers at the new Bible Reign church in Nigeria; due south of Niger. ~ Who reject the BOOK OF MORMON's second witness for Jesus Christ and the physical transfiguration in 3NEPHI. ~ Just like all of those apostate christian anti-mormon white guys do at WND etc. etc. ~ Ergo, in the high above it all Sade video, "Every day is Christmas... and every night is New Years Eve." ~ After Donald Trump becomes the President of the real news America in 16. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ANGELINA JOLIE: More real news Mother Teresa, less fake news Hillary Clinton. ~ PS BRIAN WILLIAMS: More handsome man, less pretty wo/man. ~PS SIENNA MILLER: Why in the world would I ever get too depressed or too discouraged? ~ When all I have to do is pop in my copy of THE INTERVIEW, and start imaging me getting away with fucking you, and your sister too, at your high-floor artist loft in MANHATTAN meets MATCH POINT meets BANANAS. ~ And if that fails to do it for me; then I just plug in my very used and worn out DVD copy of HARD CANDY. ~ PS ELLEN PAGE: I only get to fuck you Old Testament Bible style when you let me; otherwise, it's 24/7 on my 91' restored vintage 1930s love boat in San Francisco Bay. ~ PERFECT PITCH NOTES: I see Brad Pitt fucking those two 16 year-olds up the street in David Lynch's opening sailboat shots of THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II. ~ Then we immediately sail up to Mel Gibson's own private hollowed-out volcano island lair in the south seas of REV.13:1; featured in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. ~ Where there is no such thing as underage appropriate sex norm laws and supposedly fair progressive income tax rates. ~ Not to mention western civilization's decadent non Biblical CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~

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