Sunday, December 25, 2016


Father Eddie is an unemployed nuclear fallout test subject in CHRISTMAS VACATION:II; who had lost his job after the sneaky Tarzan monkey made so many military R&D cutbacks. ~ Ergo, the great white rogue shark from JAWS takes the crazy mixed family to a new place; where there are no Babylon bank mortgages and real estate taxes on houses; nor any inheritance taxes.. ~ As just confirmed by the death of STATUS QUO's legendary [King Island] icon who looks like the movie's married Ausie seaplane pilot with 5 children, at: ~ In other words, gasy ass apostate christian monogamy and currupt Jewish usery will also become a thingy of the past. ~ And no good woman will have to live alone anymore without the long lost love of her life. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DUSTIN HOFFMAN: BACHELOR PARTY ends with the crazy bride and groom kids riding away in that same yellow bus in THE GRADUATE. ~ After we see an older you, still in your transgender TOOTSIE character at the wedding. ~ BB NOTES: The abomination of desolation stabbed Israel in the back on the eve of Hanukkah because those Jewish nigger lovers at the NYT fucked straight white christian America in the ass for 42 months. ~ Ergo, that desecrated temple arc crate of the covenant people in the opening of the REVENGE OF THE NERDS prophecy. ~ Think PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED meets the "explosive word of mouth" Chinatown movie called GOODBYE MR.LOSER, at: ~ AND: ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: If things start to get a little tight financially, don't forget my very generous HANNIBAL:III offer to co-star with me in my born again debut acting role shot in Siena, Italia and Yellowstone, Montana. ~

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