Friday, December 9, 2016


Lasting happiness and hope comes from Jesus Christ; not from rockets, robots, and talking computers. ~ Therefore John Glenn died on the same day that Senator Reid stepped down. ~ For a double witness confirmation of the pathetic cowardliness of today's pussy-whipped political establishment. ~ For example; there was a 40 car pileup on Michigan's 1290 days two witnesses 96 landmark Thursday; near exit 129; near Mason, Danville, Gregory, and Fowlerville. ~ Even on the same day that the news was rolling out about Hillary's bird-brained election recount agitation propaganda [fake news] getting shut down by some Republican Party christian white male adult judge. ~ Because what goes around comes around. ~ Like in the scene where the nerd shows his new girlfriend how to create a fake birth certificate for the film's Mr. U.N. negro figure at around 23:... into it. ~ "If you're good, you can do something that no one has ever seen before... It's a definite [Colorado] high." ~ GSR/TWN ~ JOURALISM NOTES: Whoever that journalist was who started the false plot conspiracy concept called 'fake news' should receive a PULIZTER PRIZE; presented in person by nonother than Ann Coulter herself. ~ Talk about manna from heaven during Moses' Intersate 40 years in the wilderness. ~ PS BRAD PITT & WOODY ALLEN: You two might want to sit down together and scratch out a couple of 13" yellow legal pad pages of dialogue with a no.2 ERASERHEAD pencil for my much anticipated motion picture debut. ~ Which of course, I can then take to the bank and have them cashed in for a couple thousand big ones in tax free off shore money. ~ Naturally, they would have to make sure that the hand writing was real and authentic with that kind of money involved. ~ PS BILL GATES & PAUL ALLEN: The reason why I now own 10% of everything you two 1980s nerds got, is because you two kept your mouths shut for over 7 years about Obama's fake computer generated birth certificate. ~ "DO YOU HAVE NO LOVE FOR YOUR COUNTRY?!" Orson Welles. ~ Like they say in the west coast movie making business; "If you want to play you have to pay." ~ And like they say on the east coast; "You're gonna have to pay a little extra on the side, tax free, if you want regular weekly garbage pick up servive."

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