Thursday, December 22, 2016


That Marlon Brando look alike terrorist in Berlin, [Vermont, USA] who once claimed that Hollywood is run by a tight ass clique of aiethist antichrist Jews, is obviously the same guy who role played me in LAST TAGO IN PARIS, 1972, at: ~ AND: ~ Wherein my French exwife cunt was fucking my older look alike brother upstairs behind my back. ~ So then I walked around Paris looking like some crazy Idaho potato head white man who wanted to relieve my anger towards her in some future tv reality show shot in 16mm, and then transfigurated into 2016 video, like at: ~ Say what you will about the 2016 election. ~ But in the old Jewish testament, the penalty for a fake birth certificate adulteration is a sudden quick death by a cut to the throat, OJ Simpson red SWISS ARMY knife style, like at: ~ No. Seriously. ~ I AM is no longer that interested in the production, screenwriter , director side of making movies in Hollywood. ~ I'm an actor, not a businessman. ~ I leave that kind of thing up to Donald Trump er all. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: I will give you the exact GPS numbers when you need them. ~ But it's gonna cost you. ~ I no longer work for free. ~ Like that naive white sucker at SNL who is carrying the entire Jewish produced NBC network show on his shoulders for just a niggerly $1,400 an episode. ~

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