Friday, December 16, 2016


Sheriff Joe Arpaio's conclusive real news conference about Obama's fake birth certificate got THE INVISIBLE MAN [freezing winter time] chopped liver treatment on Friday at FOX NEWS meets EIB. ~ Oh well, shit happens sometimes for a good reason. ~ Like in REVELATION 17, where the bipolar beast with a pathological WILD AT HEART nature goes after the fake masked [Seth Rich] polite society whores of Babylon in EYES WIDE SHUT. ~ Per that red state felt pool table scene with the two 25 year-old Scotch glasses. ~ Which get poured two times each. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READER NOTES: Jesus describes the evil gentile prince in DANIEL 9:26, who rules the world, as a "red fox" who preys upon the silly white feathered chickens' coup in his various spoken word revelations to the northern Idaho prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in D&C 133. ~ Think Truman Capote was living it up at some deluxe UN apartment on the alt east side way long before the TRUMP TOWER was ever built, at: ~ No, seriously. ~ Donald Trump is not as controversial as you make him out to be. ~

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