Saturday, December 3, 2016


The Howard Stern look alike rebel figure gets blackballed from the old men's "tosser" club for 15 years in BLACKBALL after his shocking win down in England's southern peninsula region that represents Florida, USA in November, 16, and Donald Trump's inauguration as club president in 2017; some 15 years later. ~ When the politically correct establishment BBC media made him into a demonized 'Bad Boy' outsider hero of the common working man. ~ Who in this case, hangs wallpaper for a female college faculty elite. ~ Which depicts the stars of Israel with a snake constellation covering over her cracking whitewashed dry walls. ~ As just confirmed by THE OLD GREY LADY's latest piece about Trump not following traditional telephone protocol rules. ~ While they themselves continue to white out the fact that Barack Obama is not even a US citizen. ~ Tell me something that I don't already know next time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ REAL FAKE NEWS NOTES: According to dozens of eyewitnesses on the Internet, Barry liked to get his cock sucked off at that white middleaged gentleman's club in Chicago after a quicky pick-up game of B-ball. ~ However, he was never willing to recipicate the favor. ~ And who could blame him? ~ Yuck. ~ No. Really. I don't make this stuff up out of the blue. ~ It comes from somewhere else for sure. ~ For example, see: ~ Anyway. ~ Now that Paul Allen, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos er all no longer have a friend in the White House... How about me? ~ What am I, chopped liver? ~ "We're best friends." Says Napoleon Dynamite to the illegal alien's sainted sister in LOGAN'S RUN meets NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE, circa 2003. ~ Dude, call me. ~ I got this really sexy FLIRTY FISHING idea for a XXX remake of your own private Idaho breakout movie. ~ I'm thinking you playing the son of the dude in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II, and Brad Pitt plays your long lost father. ~ Where in the opening sequence hook, we see him fucking a pair of under-age-appropiate movie stars like Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart at the same time on my own private twin VOLVO cabin criuser yatch owned by Michael Savage. ~

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