Monday, December 5, 2016


The new Posh Spice look alike flew directly down to the American southern peninsula from her VICTORIA'S [Beckham] SECRET gig and relaxed in the beach sand wearing some GOLDEN DONNA 100% SILK number, at: ~ And the only thing that the aging Madonna could say was, "Women are so mean to each other." ~ Fake news warning! ~ I would much rather fuck the 20-something spice girl than the 60-something spice girl. ~ Money isn't everything. ~ Just ask Mel Gibson. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FRANCOFILE NOTES: It was my young French virgin exwife who introduced me to the 1970s era of white veal medallions in a heavy mushroom cream sauce. ~ Back before eating veal was not such an evil thing. ~ And they were still making movies using offensive words that the new and improved 666 EU beast is now trying to criminalize. ~ "Daddy's from Belgium..." says Dr.Evil to his re-cloned Mini Me son in AUSTIN POWERS:III. ~ "I had them all terminated." Dr.Evil, AP:II. ~ "OK, that's enough." Elizabeth Hurley in AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY. ~ Who deposits a couple $billion$ of his left-over tax free currency in the Bahamas: and voila; suddenly he is a natural born adopted son of the British Common Wealth nation; complete with a diplomat passport from the Secrety of State himself; including a completely legal status immigrant drivers license. ~ Imagine THUNDERBALL meets GOLDFINGER meets LIVE AND LET DIE meets A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ For when Eric Schmidt was around the same age when Roger Moore made the latter OCTOPUSSY movie, per: ~

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