Thursday, December 1, 2016


Even Lady Gaga is starting to take a second hard sideways look at what I got going on right now, at: ~ Don't laugh. ~ Chicks dig guys who have $billions$ in the BANK OF CANADA's tax free offshore branches, and are willing to pay them $millions$ in after taxes up-front child support to have their babies. ~ Hey, he who pays the fiddler, gets to fuck the fiddler. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS VV: You lucky son of a bitch. ~ Looks like it is now going to be BLACKBALL 24/7 for the next three days at least, at: ~ PS BRIT: Hang in there baby. ~ It will be worth the wait. ~ I will be mowing your grass like that guy in Stephen King's LAWNMOWER MAN movie-novel does before you know it. ~ Think THE WEIGHT OF WATER:II meets KILL CRIUSE:II. ~ Both of which never really had a very satisfying ending that made sense. ~ PS LL: I like you. I get a kick out of you. And you make me so horny whenever you show me your yuuge luscious freckled tits on your latest pix. ~ But I still can not fuck you and make babies with you until the current currupt legal establishment crashes and burns up to a crisp. ~ So don't take it personally if it takes me a few more years to get around to you. ~ All is well that well. ~ Kisses. ~

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