Friday, December 30, 2016


Putin and the boys are getting a big kick out of Obama's childish negro Jew boy reaction to my own prophetic ZERO EFFECT interpretation of the 2016 election. ~ Hence, THE INVISIBLE MAN actually does take place in the future dead of winter, Russian style; circa 2017. ~ After Donald Trump's trumpets blast open the 1964 movie trailer at: ~ When everyone from every direction [left eye, right eye] starts to turn on the prince who had screwed both of them in the ass so royally for 8 straight years. ~ Like at: ~ Which was all about Dr.Evil's crazy ideas about rockets in space and [same day delivery] microwave ovens that could cook a [NATO] Turkey in just under 15 minutes. ~ Which made Nikita Khrush/chev [CHEVY] so mad that he took off his London taylored wingtip shoe and started to bang it on his desk at the UN. ~ And then he was casted as a look alike golf club owner in GOLDFINGER meets PUSSY GALORE. ~ Hey, you head fake me, I head fake you. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ALEC BALDWIN: For the life of me, I still don't understand how you can put up with those old Jewish homos at NBC/SNL who continue to rip you off financially; week after week. ~ No wonder that Steve Martin never agreed to join the SNL cast because Mel Brooks' Jewish New York Nazis in THE PRODUCERS etc. were trying to screw him in the wallet. ~ Why you are not on a full budget production set of some Elvis Presley born again blond Jesus comedy satire about a failed Elvis impersonator who gets a second chance with his born again Donald Trump act at some less expensive hotel casino on the strip in VIVA LAS VEGAS:II is way beyond my understanding about how things work today in Hollywood. ~ "The mind boggles." Steven Soderberg. ~ Then again, nobody in Hollywood had the brass trumpet balls to make my Janis Joplin Las Vegas movie happen, co-starring Miley Cyrus. ~ PS ENGLAND: I AM is already your king. ~ And I don't really care if you believe that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God or not. ~ Me Tarzan, you Jane. ~

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