Thursday, December 15, 2016


Looks like all of those naive virgin girl scouts got screwed again at the NYT and WASHPO by the president in WAG THE DOG, according to: ~ One may remember that the Providentially produced fake news 97 minute movie came out on Christmas day in 97; during the special 2300 days period of the two witnesses in DANIEL. ~ And then when the movie finally unfolds completely in 2016, Miley Virus is role playing a Syrian civil war refugee living in a fancy LA mansion filled with happy wagging tail dogs of every size, stripe, and color. And a few pussy cats to boot. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: Tom Cruise and his wife Nicole Kidman were stuck in reshoot hell for years during the making, and remaking, over and over again, of EYES WIDE SHUT. ~ Which turned out to be a pretty respectable Woody Allen standard that took a few weeks longer to reshoot than expected. ~ That actually went into it's very prolonged and agonizing principle photography period right after the half hour of silence in Scorsese's new SILENCE movie began in REV.8:1. ~ IT'S BETTER WITH BUTTER NOTES: There is a reason why my barely legal underaged fuck interest in LAST TANGO IN SEATTLE:II looks like the engaged to be married Miley Cyrus look alike actress in the original movie made in Paris. ~ RICH FUCKER NOTES: The enclosed news about Seth Rich being the guy who gave wikileaky the Podesta emails rolled out at the same time that all of those rich guys from the west coast were being forced to put their cards on the table at the TRUMP TOWER in SIDEWAYS meets SMOKIN' ACES. ~ SERCRET SAUCE NOTES: In Redford's secret CIA cell prophecy, THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, we see photographs that were taken in late fall's November election period in 2016. ~ About when the polarized CIA was trying to do a political hit job on Donald Trump. ~ But the lone wolf hero in the typical 1970s political exploitation-agitation marxist politics movie stopped it from happening, at: ~

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