Sunday, December 18, 2016


Neal Israel's movie poster for his oh-so-witty 1984 Reagan era comedy says it all, at: ~ Which was a prophecy about today's yuuge party at a TRUMP hotel before his Republican Party vows are taken on January 20, 2017. ~ Which I watched on SNL Saturday. ~ When that 100' genealogy tree of Israel crashed down on some LAmanite wedding party in Whittier's Penn Park, at: ~ Sometimes shit happens for a good reason. ~ "Whatever it takes." Larry David, in WHATEVER IT TAKES. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PARTY TIME NOTES: In the above typical Jewish Reagan era hysteria picture, Evangeline Lilly's white christian regular-society father tries to do anything to stop her from getting married to some Mormon polygamist BIG LOVE cult guy from SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. ~ PS BALDWIN: Donald Trump er all is going to squash you er all like a bug. ~ Meanwhile, I will be fucking your sexy daughter on my beautifully restored 91' sailboat in Lake Union, Seattle; whether she can act or not. ~ Talk about your standard 'pay or play' 1980s era movie contract deal. ~ Maybe she can act. ~ Maybe she can't act. ~ Maybe they leave her in the picture. ~ Maybe they cut her out of the picture. ~ Whatever, I leave those kind of artistic arty farty decisions up to my well paid directors; like Paul Nestor and David Lynch. ~ I don't have any time for your shit anymore. ~ Seriously dude; there comes a time when you have to put the welfare of your daughters ahead of your own interests. ~ Always remember, you are a Russian type white Caucasian with heterosexual tendacies; and not an African male buck nigger with homosexual tendacies. ~

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