Friday, August 31, 2012

CHARLIZE THERON IS PROBABLY ONE OF HARRISON FORD'S TWO LINE LEADERS? ~ Back on July 15 God said "Amber Heard!" at 8:46 AM. Which was during the time when the RUM DIARY signs and wonders were rolling out on the Internet about all those African masks in the Casa Blanca, and all those white women in red who were dirty dancing with polite well bred South African 1950s negros. ~ Most of my really warm and fuzzy dreams about me looking into the eyes of a very friendly Charlize Theron MILF now seem to be about me making love to her after her husband had suddenly died while down in Mexico on vacation. Who was my Ken McLeod type brother who had to go back to college in Ireland, Heaven. ~ Therefore, there was a very powerful 7.6 earthquake off of Quentin Tarantino's fantasy filmmaker islands in the Philippines. ~ You kick the shit out of some older guy like Clint Eastwood, or Larry Sinclair. I drop-kick the shit out of you like in some NBC NFL football game opener during the DNC summit in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: That white USA flag bikini bitch who loves guns in the opening of 1997's light-skin JACKIE BROWN prophecy is a 5' 6" confirmation of Joseph Smith's 5.6 White Ho Prophecy. Today's new 666 beast definitely calls for a new anti-American anti-hero who is going to rip your balls in half. ~ Dear Ms Heard; for now don't worry your pretty little heart about whether or not Harrison Ford is your husband in the long term. Just give him a little fucky sucky therapy for now with the promise in mind that I AM will make it worth it for you in the future to the tune of $10,000,000 in real time hard currency. ~ You give it up to me. I will give it up to you in spades.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


The reason why I AM is still standing behind my PULP FICTION antihero John Travolta, is because as a life-time Republican, who is obviously way better than you, especially from a racial point of view, I have nowhere else to go at this 666 latter-day saints point in time. ~ BELIEVE IT OR NOT, yours truly is still a pretty damn good 1970s disco dancer swinger. Who is all dressed up in his Mormon temple whites suite when he hits the NEON HITCH floor in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER meets Quentin Tarantino's new Clint Eastwood movie remake, circa 2012. ~ Which leads to the fact that Sienna Miller has now made at least two hippie love bus movies that we know about; not to mention her new belly-dancer movie. ~ When you have the kind of Divine Branch Davidian talent and fuck-you money that me and my half-jew wives have, you can make full-length feature films for as long as you want. And who gives a shit if anyone sees them. ~ In other words, Clint Eastwood's surprise speach at the Republican's Isaac hurricane convention represents Tarantino's upcoming surprise ending to his spaghetti western about America's wild at heart niggers who hate the church lady whore in REV.17. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Seems like I have been waiting forever to launch into Travolta's original GREASE movie prophecy about the physical hot rod car transmission that will turn the goody two-shoes Taylor Swift into some kind of a Nicole Kidman fuck buddy from Australia in my own private TO DIE FOR prophecy. ~ You ask me to swallow it, I ask you to swallow it. ~ At the very end of JACKIE BROWN, Max indicates to her in so many words that he is just a little bit better than her. ~ Dirty Harry doesn't want your forgiveness either, at: ~,0,4300194.story

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We don't see my prophetic INVISIBLE MAN figure standing next to Sienna Miller in JACKIE BROWN right before she asks her 'getting old' TAXI DRIVER man, who has a huge MAGNUM P.I. Hawaii S&W .44, " wanna fuck?". So then my nigger's sidekick fucks her in the butt. And then she miraculously becomes knocked up twice later; which leads to her being born again, along with her two pairs of sugar babies; Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Aniston; and Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. ~ Because in the above prophetic "FAST AND FURIOUS" gun runner sting operation, circa 2008-2012, Sienna has a hard time understanding what the guy is saying in the phantom photograph that is taped to her wall. But it still is a lot of fun to fuck him anyway. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: ~ ~ The House of Israel in BLUES BROTHERS II meets HOUSE OF BLUES is going to be rebuilt whether you like it or not. Hence, that rare double mind fuck Blue Moon on the look alike funeral of Mr Armstrong meets AUSTIN POWERS: 2, circa 1969. ~ You don't get to have a Branch Davidian Messianic complex like Quentin Tarantino unless you are like I AM.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NEW BEVERLY CINEMA'S PHYSICAL TRANSFIGURATION ~ My Afro-can Tarzan ape sidekick in the JACKIE BROWN prophecy gets on the phone with me [Mr Walker] at 2:11... minutes into the movie's special edition DVD, to remind yours truly that "...If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have that mother fucking boat!" off the coast of Jen Aniston's Greek Islands. [Calm down; think Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, meets PRACTICAL MAGIC, yada yada...] ~ In the opening act of JACKIE BROWN, DeNiro makes a "4... 4..." time-line prison captivity figure who stands for the 44 year-old Jackie Brown who stands for the future's no.44 transsexual murderer from Chicago, Illinois, circa 2008 meets 2012. ~ Remember, MLK Jr was assassinated by a crazy white deer hunter on 4.04 in Memphis, Egypt, USA; who was standing inside a bathtub at some cheap COCKATOO INN motel in some now bankrupted city in California. ~ In JACKIE BROWN, Bridget Fonda role plays my future blond fuck buddy Sienna Miller. Who tried to do a double mind fuck on me by getting pregnant by some younger actor who was her theater co-star in A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE meets ALFIE again in THE INVISIBLE MAN's original movie prophecy. ~ Therefore, in JACKIE BROWN, Robert DeNiro and Bridget Fonda are constantly sucking on that smoking hot big black Barack Obama cock pipe that Larry Sinclair was talking about way back in 2008 and 2009. Before all those I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS faggots in DC beat the shit out of him. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: All those envelopes full of money in JACKIE BROWN were the GSR/TWN envelopes that I sent to Hollywood in the 1990s. ~ Sienna Fonda was shot twice by my TAXI DRIVER stand-in right after she walked by my beige 924. ~ You mock me. I knock you up. ~ I probably will bankroll Steven Fresh's lung cancer technology start-up enterprise from the U.U. If that is what it will take to get his attention about the physical transfiguration. Since my trout lips wife Scarlett Johansson is still smoking fags. And I would probably do just about anything to get her onboard my love boat mentioned in JACKIE BROWN.

Monday, August 27, 2012


The sudden new series of earthquakes in Imperial County was all about the prophetic shit in 1997's JACKIE BROWN Chocolate Mountains prophecy that happens along the Mexicano borderline, circa 2012. ~ Where I take ten percent of every 500k that you make in easy Hollywood money; which God had given to you in the first place. ~ Here is how it will go down. You make a movie about some Donald Young church choir look alike that Barack Obama had murdered, because he was a blabbering threat, I get ten percent of your symbolic 500k in almost worthless civil war money. For you being made into a public example for all to see. ~ For example: If you have a 100 million dollar bank account, you owe me ten big ones. Payable in the kind of cash money that the IRS can't do shit about because their central Wash, DC offices no longer exist. Like some local bankrupt city municipality in California that pops up on the screen in JACKIE BROWN, every time before some nigger is about to get what he has coming. ~ We know that the above 1997 prophecy is about today's niggers in the White House who were caught running guns and money across the border, because it is a Quentin Tarantino movie; produced by those two fat pig Jew fucks in Jew York City, USA. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: The illegal alien nigger in JACKIE BROWN always puts on his way too tight O.J. gloves before he kills the next nigger bitch with a light hair job who might fink on him to the ATF Feds. ~ In JACKIE BROWN, Max retires and goes on vacation after being in the DOMINO style bounty hunter business for 19 years. [Think Miley Montana goes trout lips fishing next-door in the Dakotas.] ~ At the very end of JACKIE BROWN, Robert DeNiro dies like a gut-shot dog in a hippie Love Bus in Oregon because of his involvement with Barack Obama et al.~ I see that this posting has a time-stamp confirmation of that 11:22 birthday earthquake confirmation of my Scarlett Johansson three-way post about [Ellen] Page, Arizona. Which was featured in Neil LaBute's NURSE BETTY prophecy about me fucking Renee Zellwegger after those two father and son niggers were riding her ass for 42 months. Looking back, I now see that my French ex-wife was fixing to dump me after only 42 months, Utah time. ~ That Steven Fresh type boss who was shot dead in front of NYC's Empire State Building was a physically transfigured metaphorical 'Steve' look alike. Who looked like the Naomi Watts father of my blond children by my first-marriage wife, who is now his second wife. Per this image of Steven Fresh posing with her sister Donatella Greco look alike who was once 'MARRIED TO THE MOB', at: ~ At the end of JACKIE BROWN, Robert DeNiro was still in denial, and never saw it coming, when his 666 nigger in the White House threw him under his 19666 Love Bus' tire treads. ~ Think Sandra Bullock meets Jesse James. Think Laurence Relf meets Steven Hughes.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


All of today's niggers are in on my LIVE AND LET DIE meets the BLUES BROTHERS II prophecy about Barack Obama murdering anybody who threatened their third world mob rule in Chicago, USA, circa 2012. And that is the way I like it for now. ~ Who cares about the decadent Jewish world view about international democratic homosexualist Marxism? That led to the death of 6,666,666 filthy family values Jews who hated the more straight-shooting white sons of the Kingdom of Israel. ~ You behave like some weird looking Hitler figure. Your 666 white face African masked nigger slaves will do the same thing. ~ In A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE the women are crazy, and the men are way too weak to deal with them. After 2000 years of homogaysexual Catholicism and a century of reformed RLDS Mormonism. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: You moon me, I moon you, like at: ~ An asshole for an asshole. ~ Barack Obama's brown shit anal sex Chocolate Mtns along Rt.111 started shaking again on Sunday. Which look like the surface of some lifeless arid planet in outer space. ~ When you look like my physically restored co-star in DON JUAN DeMARCO meets A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE, you can have whatever your heart desires.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Neil Armstrong's passing at 82 was Providential [8.2] timing that confirmed the inspired messages in 1971's DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER prophecy. ~ Wherein 007 breaks through the fake homogaysexual stonewalling in Sodom and Egypt, circa 2012, using a moon buggy. Since we can put a man on the moon, but cannot see the physical birth certificate of the illegal day 1290 abomination of desolation. Who is a well known homosexual that everybody knows was born in the movie's African continent. ~ DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER's first act features the two homosexuals of Judah and Ephraim dropping a REV.9 scorpion butt stinger down the dentist's backside, as he says 'open wide', and then dies with an oral sex orgasm on his face. Then the African AIDS joke about getting bitten by the bug comes years before anyone ever heard about the latter-day AIDS plague from Africa. ~ Bond gets put into the butt hole pipeline metaphor by the two homos working for the masked homo in THE WHYTE HOUSE after he had landed on the shitter. In reference to the 50k [50 states] in diamonds being smuggled inside the stiff's anal cavity. Hence the shit brown car that the two fags use when they stuff Bond inside the rear end of it. When their diamond-cut glass fragrance bottle shatters. ~ Armstrong landed on the moon on Gisele Bundchen's future 32nd birthday. As confirmed by the SUPER BOWL ring jackpots that Q achieves starting with slot machine number 10032. ~ The black Obama kid wins the squirt gun boner prize at CIRCUC CIRCUS before the little Jewish kid complains that the game is a fraud. ~ Then we see the 450lb ape woman from Africa burst out of her cage and scare all the children off. ~ Therefore the Republican Party elephant icon in the 1971 film hits the slot machine jackpot, when the town is still being run by Senator Reid. ~ When 007 kills Peter Franks, a.k.a. Mr Boners, we see his PLAYBOY CLUB card number 40401, which was based in Chicago, USA at the time. ~ Diamonds are a girl's best friend because they represent eternal marriage. ~ GSR/TWN

DECISIONS... DECISIONS... ~ Do I buy the above kinky Danish princess fuck boat in KING RALF, named after 'Anna' or do I opt for something a bit more grandiose? It's a rather dicey decision because the new King of England, named King David, is not supposed to behave like some over-the-top billionaire who thinks that he is better than my humble STARBUCKS barista subjects. ~ On the other hand, I need to outfit myself with the kind of sexy FOR YOUR EYES ONLY gear that will get their attention. ~ After all, even the most tight-ass minimum wage babe above would never suck on my cock in a million years; if she was not invited to go on vacation with me on my restored million dollar boat in the listings above. ~ Plus, she gets to buy whatever she wants at Liz' beachware boutique in London before we set sail. ~ I'm guessing that the minimum wage for a 20-something blow job for a man of my age is around 100k per hour. Plus tips. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Don't be ridiculous, of course Scarlett et al will get paid in the amount due above in the form of some kind of Woody Allen indie film movie role. Probably produced and financed by a Drew Barrymore or a Sandra Bullock. Directed by a Jennifer Aniston or a Ms Coppola, for all I know.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Now that it has been proven beyond a doubt by Arizona's TRUE GRIT mormon sheriff that the government in Washington, DC is not legitimate; all we swingers get to do whatever we want with all of our "underaged" wives. ~ You lie about my hot as hell sexy bitch Lindsay Lohan. I get to fuck Hailee Steinfeld and Chloe Moretz at the same time while LL watches us on my 91' IN LIKE FLINT yacht off the coast of Greece. And you get to die and go to hell just thinking and obsessing about it. ~ Having sex on my full sail boat with two sixteen year-olds at the same time is nice. Having sex with my older wives Lindsay Lohan and Scarlett Johansson at the same time is twice as nice. Today's women in their 20s are like the women in their late 30s in the 1950s and 1960s. Before all those New Deal Democrat Party liberals thought that democratic fascism was the new 'do your own thing man' religion for the masses. ~ GSR/TWN. ~ NOTE: After logging the above post, Granny Grass suddenly invited me out for double decker tacos at TACO BELL. Then we went over to GOODWILL where I found a used DVD movie about Kevin Costner fucking a couple hotties half his age, called THE UPSIDE OF ANGER.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Isaac is the same storm in my CAPTAIN RON prophecy. ~ Q wins multiple orgasm 777 jackpots using the same NFL royal princess SUPER BOWL ring featured in the KING RALPH Las Vegas meets London prophecy, circa 91. ~ The butt fucker ending to DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER was confirmed by the prophetic movie's attack helicopter ending that corresponded with England's royal prince Harry APACHE pilot. ~ Liz Hurley's new East Indian LOVE BOAT pictorial is a KILL CRUISE statement. ~ The Baked Alaska Surprise cake that Woody Allen owes me is Scarlett Johansson. You either turn her over to me in your next double mind-fuck movie, metaphorically speaking, or else, metaphorically speaking. I AM is not joking now. The end of DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER was a miraculous prelude to the amazing success of THE LOVE BOAT television series. ~ It is no coincidence that Mr W W looks like my good Key West, Florida fishing buddy in I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS; who is a captain at ALASKA AIRLINES. ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I LIKE TO WATCH OLD MOVIES ON TV IN WOODY ALLEN FILMS ~ Looks like one of my SAILOR DOG yacht wives has another hot missionary position boyfriend. ~ I do hope and pray that the good looking guy finally comes around like I do in LAST TANGO IN PARIS. I'm not just in this for myself you know. Per the prophetic look alike Marlon Brando picture that featured my ex-wife Laurence Pierson fucking Steven Hughes in an upstairs apartment. ~ Hey, whatever it takes to get the job done. ~ One never wishes to see anyone suffer more than is necessary; life is hard enough as it is. ~ It's not my job to fuck people in the ass. That's why we have Jesus. Who I dreamed was basically fucking Mel Gibson in the butt on some private Catholic school prison bus the other night; while I AM held him in a I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS headlock position. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Note that British PHILIP MORRIS fag below Scarlette's left index finger ring. ~ She knows who will be buttering up her pussy when it's all said and done. Since it's so obvious now that the D&C 86 son of perdition is running the Catholic Church, the Mormon church, the Church of England, and the "church" in Dallas, Texas; and even the Jewish liberal news media's "synagog of Satan" in REVELATION 666. ~ Jimmy has a decent chance of beating Jay and David at 11:35 pm PST because the younger guy from Las Vegas is less shady. ~ The most remarkable thing about all the new anal sex position pix confirmations of Prince Harry in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, 2012, is how much he resembles Steven Fresh; circa 1976, BYU Provo, Utah. ~ In confirmation of that prophetic scene in KING RALPH, Las Vegas, where yours truly confronts all the royal palace kiss ass butt fuckers in London; next to a pool table. ~ [My royal Scandinavian princess forerunner to Renee Zellwegger in KING RALPH likes to be watched; a.k.a. MS JONES' DIARY III upcoming three-way sequel.] ~ At the end of the 1991 KING RALPH prophecy, yours truly shows up at Sienna Miller's clothing boutique to take care of his three wives who have been getting the royal shaft from Prince Charles' homosexual infested Church of England. ~ When I become the King of England, I will protect the faith from all of those filthy sodomites in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, circa 1971 meets 2012.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The cream de la creme always rises to the top. Like when Dan Aykroyd came out with his straight-talking talk-radio prophecy entitled, THE COUCH TRIP, at the exact same time when Rush Limbaugh suddenly exploded in Jew York City, circa 1988. ~ And all those crazy neurotic Woody Allen Jews were sent to a concentration baseball camp stadium on prisoner buses, [Think Kansas City, ROYALS.] for the painful medicine wheel therapy that they so desperately needed. ~ Which ends up with my SAILOR DOG protagonist riding off on top of his Davidian motorcycle in Malibu, manufactured in Wisconsin, with an off-shore Spanish built motor. [Thank you Ronald Reagan, circa 1985-1986.] While on his way to hijack the film's yacht at Marina Del Rey, and sail away to Monte Carlo, with a boat load of underaged teenage girls. ~ Because all those stupid Beverly Hills Jews had hired some crazy nobody from Chicago to take over one of the most important positions in America without even once confirming his credentials. Just because they wanted to stick it to the white men of Israel. Who they have never liked ever since the ten tribes of the northern kingdom told them to fuck off. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Mr Shady jokes about Rock Hudson's Body of Christ that was killed by the REV.9 AIDS plague of black African scorpions in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, 1971. ~ The neo fascist director of TOP GUN jumped off a Golden Gate look alike bridge that means 'victorious Tom' in Americano. ~ Hopefully, Obama and Akins are going to hang in there and stay in the horse race. Personally, I prefer to spend my limited amount of leisure drinking time with only real niggers and real white men. Everyone else just bores me to no end. ~ "Be ye therefore either hot or cold..." [Megan Fox is eventually going to dump Mr Green because he doesn't know if he is afoot or horseback; just like Justin Theroux, Justin Timberlake, Ben Afflect, and Tom Cruise, for starters...

Monday, August 20, 2012


DIAMONDS ARE FOR HOMOS ends with James Bond shoving a baked Alaska bomb surprise up the butt of one of Barack Obama's homosexual henchmen; who was probably Jewish. Aren't they all? ~ Because the above 007 prophecy came out at the very same time that yours truly was starring in my own private Idaho movie about some LDS missionary extra in the background of Federico Fellini's ROMA prophecy. ~ [Remember, Fellini was a right-winger, just like me.] ~ Hence the WORLD'S GREATEST MARCHES music "coded-tape" that is going to lead to the destruction of Washington, DC at the end of the I CAN FUCK YOU BETTER statement that just came out on the eve of Keira Knightley's last birthday. My Jack boot niggers have now completed their divine calling from above for 42 months. So now it's time for the white men of Israel to get back in the saddle. [Think Justin riding Jen's BMW motocross saddle seat metaphor around the East Village. Where Jim Carrey just bought himself that really sweet art studio.] ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: The 1971 satellite that was launched by the homosexual faker in the Whyte House was a REV.9 butt stinger scorpion metaphor about the AIDS plague among the sodomites of the new Sodom and Egypt; Perrr the movie's opening about that black African scorpion who kills the black Egyptian BEATLES god in southern Utah. Which was just washed out by a sudden flood in [Lebanon's] Cedar City, Utah this weekend, during their famous Nyle [River] Smith style Shakespear festival. ~ That red sphere on the Mars rover in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER was a prophecy about the new sand dune buggy that landed on the Red Planet in 2012. ~ The two witnesses' flight '112' number is mentioned in the above movie when the nigger grabs Charlize Theron's South African diamonds at LAX. And then we see Judah's day-after 1260 days date number '9-17'. DIAMONDS ARE FOR HOMOS' stand-up comedian con-man in Vegas was the future stand-in for today's shady Jay Leno; playing every night at Barack Obama's Lincoln Lounge at the WHYTE HOUSE casino hotel. ~ DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER opens with a tub full of butt fuckers shit; where they are making all of Barack Obama's sodomite masks of the future. Hence, that southern white Bible Belt golf club just let the black 'W W' administration's 450lb ape lady Ms Rice become a member of their club for apostate homosexual Christians. ~ "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man in the Whyte House shall be revealed... [2 THESS. 2:3]

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The only reason why my sidekick beer hall buddy Barack Obama has to go is because both of us have been so faithful to our word in the past 42 months. You would have to have been driving the new Mars rover around Los Vegas for the past few years if you believe that my beloved fuck buddy in I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS did not do exactly what he said he was going to do. [Remember, NEWSWEEK is still claiming that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.] ~ Therefore, NEWSWEEK's new phony WND style magazine cover was just confirmed by my viewing of DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER last night. Wherein the new "Whyte House", now based in Senator Reid's Las Vegas, has now been taken over by a gang of Hollywood homosexual impersonators who look like a bunch of Christian Jimmy Dean pork sausage Gentiles. And apparently, NEWSWEEK knows nothing about it. ~ Therefore, London's hotels and diamonds magnet named 'Sir Donald' [Trump] asks the government to investigate just what the hell is going on at the "Whyte House", circa 2012. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Blowfeld's oil platform lair was a big part of the inspiration behind Neon Hitch's three-way video called I CAN FUCK U BETTA. Per the 1971 007 movie's three-way poster. ~ The above movie's prophetic 'Whyte House' was owned by a certain mysterious 'W W' figure, in confirmation of the two 'W' Bush presidents from Texas. Both of whom thought that the abomination of desolation was the cat's meow back on 1.20.09 meets 7.20.12. In the campy DIAMONDS ARE FOR HOMOS James Bond movie, a Republican Party elephant hits the 777 jackpot at the slot machines. ~ Because the beautiful black woman at CIRCUS CIRCUS transformed into an African born ape right before the children's eyes.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

OCTOPUSSY GALORE NOW ~ The foolish and naive KENNY THE CLOWN balloon blower was caught with the dead Steven Jobs' GSR4 iPAD that was stolen by some Egyptian LDS priesthood templar nigger in the Gay Area. Where they made THE WOMAN IN RED prophecy shortly after the devil told Spencer that the sons of Ham could now start the latter-day 1290 temple desecration. ~ Which was my cue to watch Neon Hitch's 1983 prophecy about her circus mother in Europe and India who prepared her to fight back against the 007 film about her sister wives cutting her up like some gay ass knife thrower. ~ As confirmed by her I CAN FUCK U BETTA video's Ornella Fresh look alike singer, circa 1983. ~ And for a second witness, the PUSSY RIOT babes in the new and improved Soviet Union were sentenced to two years in jail. Based upon OCTOPUSSY's egomaniac President Putin look alike general who tries to fuck the west because the stupid assholes in their military had jailed some officer who had dared asked to see Obama's birth certificate. ~ Therefore, in the opening sequence above, the British 009 clown gets killed while trying to prove that the new third wayer in the occupied CASA BLANCA is actually an art object counterfeiter double-crosser. Thanks to George Bush, Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney, and all of their golf club fuck-buddies down in Texas. ~ At the end of the OCTOPUSSY prelude to the Gay Area's VIEW TO A KILL prophecy, 007 himself has to dress up as a white face goatee beard clown in order to convince the old men who are running the military that they are being pick-pocketed and conned; in more ways than one. ~ GSR/TWN ~ OCTOPUSSY ends with my Tarzan 007 figure fucking a boat load of beautiful wives in Southern Utah's polygamy country. ~ The stupid military general who is still serving the NYT illegal alien leader, Barack Obama, like some queer ass Jew butt fucker leader of today's new lesbian generals army, is the end of OCTOPUSSY meets don't ask don't tell my PUSSY RIOT bitch that she is going to get two years in a Russian jail for picking his pocket. Which of course is just a Big Lie propaganda joke.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I CAN FUCK YOU BETTER ~ Neon Hitch's prophetic response to my foolish wives who think that they are getting hitched cuts both ways. The mind is the body's most potent sex organ. ~ Because with Jesus, everything is spiritual first, and temporal second. ~ In the above three-way ADAMS FAMILY VALUES video look alike portrait of Keira Knightley, Ms Hitch's other lover sister wife is as frozen as an oily white cod fish with big lips from Alaska. ~ The above metaphor even gets stronger in the context of one of my foolish wives who actually believes that she is already hitched. ~ Sometimes you have to hit bottom, FOOL'S GOLD style, before you can come back up for air. ~ Like when Phillip Morris starts choking my protagonist sidekick in I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS meets HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. ~ Therefore, that reformed Jewish 36 year-old [666 beast] actress in the BIG BANG THEORY banged her VO/VO real hard into Mr McGregor's rental car full of alien tourists from Chile, and severely injured the new and improved 666 mark of the beast in her left hand in L.A. ~ You fist fuck America, America is going to fist fuck you back, four ways to Wednesday. You only get 999 tries when you get stuck in some kind of a middle east Arab sand trap on some country club golf course in Oilsville, Texas. ~ Where all the real white men among the lost tribes of Israel are making jokes about Jew queers and niggers in I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS, circa 2012. ~ GSR\TWN ~ NOTES: When it comes to the many wives of Don Juan DeMarco, "The first shall be last, and the last shall be first." Since the last ones are younger in spirit and have more faith in Jesus. ~ The sudden miraculous appearance of Neon Hitch means that the political circus act 007 prophecy called OCTOPUSSY is now here. [The one where James Bond looks like he is in his late 50s.] ~ October is the season of the witch. ~ In I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS, the old fat black exploitation actor is laying in his cell, still screeching about how "MY WORD IS MY BOND!!" You better believe it bitch. ~ Neon Hitch's J2 video exclusive was my final cue to delete my J2 bookmark. The period of grace and "moderation" has now ended.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


America's greatest whistle blower since Wisconsin's Joseph Smith White Horse Prophecy senator, who blew the whistle on all those Marxist Jew fags from Brooklyn, was the inspiration behind I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS; i.e. the former con man queer named Larry Sinclair. ~ Because the inpired movie ends with my protagonist sidekick escaping the barbed wire fortress with guard towers that represents today's modern state of Israel; while the incoming rockets warning sirens are blaring that represented the foolish and naive rocket man who let him into the White House. And then the butt fucker cooked the books and robbed all the dumb fuck country club Christians of everything they had left. [Most of whom still believe that the Israel with no fences or walls in EZE.38 has nothing to do with the lost tribes of Israel living in Europe and North America.] ~ So the homogaysexual con man protagonist gets real excited at the deli checkout when he tells El Wood that his boyfriend will be getting out of jail on 8.22.12. And that will cost her 2.99, per the Jewish bagels boner bread basket next to the REY brand long neck bottle right in front of her nose in the prophetic blow me movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Mr McGregor's early release was even a big surprise to him. ~ The HMO space man has MY FAVORITE MARTIAN's antenna coming out of him when he signs on my queer sidekick to be in charge of his company's budget. ~ Larry Sinclair is the night screecher who gets the shit beat out of him by the paid liberal thugs in DC et al in I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS, circa 2009. ~ That is Bonnie Lake's Bro. Gillespie who gives my sidekick a ride in his orange Texas taxi when he gets out of Judah's day 1290 666 prison in 2012.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'M JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. YET.'s_Just_Not_That_into_You_(film) ~ When you are a filthy rich middle aged man who has two pairs of teenager hotties sucking on your below-deck cock at the same time, you can afford to be patient enough to gracefully wait for your older wives to come around in their own due time. Per those awful cheap jug wine commercials in the 70s by Orson Welles, that went, "We will sell no wine before it's time..." I.e. Until Michael Savage et al overcome the wimpy 1960s culture that is still doing a double mind fuck on their heads. ~ Hence, my original gay lover in I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS is a Ken McLeod look alike who dies from the latter-day AIDS plague in REV.999... ~ And then the film's amazing white homogaysexual con man sidekick pretends to die and be born again with a new Florida islands, meets Hawaii islands, birth certificate. ~ Until all of his down low lying and cheating ways finally catch up with him, circa 2012. ~ When there is just as much cock sucking going on in the White House as in the made in 2009 Jimmy Carey movie. ~ GSR/TWN

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MR JOSEPH SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON ~ The new 42 year-old latitude line figure [Gospel of Paul] Ryan looks like the prophetic star of the MR SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON prophecy. ~ Which was made back in the days when even the Jews who ran Hollywood were white men, and proud of it. ~ As confirmed by the Lamanite looking Johnny Depp playing a white man in THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE, who has an illegal alien baby in 2012 who represents her illicit political involvement with Barack Obama, circa 2012. ~ This is that white African mask that burns down Matthew MacCon's false gold boat off the coast of Obama's new world run by niggers and queers in FOOL'S GOLD. ~ GSRTWN ~ NOTES: An historic fire burned down a royal recycling [liberal newspaper] factory on 'Checkers Road' in London during their big illegal aliens parade finale; featuring a host of orange cone heads on medicine wheel bicycles before some of England's most famous Marxist homosexuals took to the stage. ~ For an inspired setting that would help the masses understand better what that checker board therapy session is all about in DON JUAN DeMARCO. ~ Spencer's alien twins in THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE represented the Egyptian priesthood being given to the sons of Ham by Spencer W. Kimball in David Lynch's 1970s ERASERHEAD baby prophecy. ~ Which is the kind of thing that Kenny Kemp or Nyle Smith would do. Since they are both too gay to even pick up a copy of the 2BC down in Salem, Utah and read it. ~ Hopefully, Trump is going to announce during the Republican Party convention that he is the new White Horse Prophecy candidate who is going to take over America and the Mormon church too. ~ "...why not?" [DONALD JUAN DeMARCO] ~ I just found out that Megan Fox will be waiting for me on the beach in Clearwater, Florida, but that's another blog for another day. ~ 1939's MR SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON runs 129 minutes. ~ If Trump goes third party, the queers and the fakers and the Jew boy nigger pigs in the media will jump all over his birther press conferences. And I mean that in a good way.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Though I am completely indifferent in Italian, people still tell me that I speak the tongue of the angels with a strangely beautiful Germanic Scandinavian accent. [Think Mr VOLVO in Charlize Theron's PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA remake of THE ITALIAN JOB.] ~ Since just to pass the time last night, I watched George Clooney's THE AMERICAN prophecy about my northern Italian sidekick who likes to govern by FIAT. And who sports some kind of a USA military sword tattoo of the new and improved 666 military of Sodom and Egypt on his right shoulder. While he loves to fuck his Irish catholic Shenae Grimes look alike whore with big tits. ~ One may recall that Jesus has told his prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in D&C 133 that they are going to be shocked by the new leaders of the Mormon church. ~ Not since MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO meets KILL CRUISE meets NAPOLEON DYNAMITE have I ever seen a more haunting movie on a personal level. ~ Just for starters, watch the 2010 movie where George Clooney is killing everyone off and nobody in the small 7-hills town is anywhere to be seen. ~ They have not made these kind of personal movies on a full size budget since at least the mid 70s. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: All my hot bitches in THE AMERICAN call me 'Mr Farfala' for the butterfly man of Alcatraz in THE BIRD MAN OF ALCATRAZ remake meets BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR remake starring Ashley Greene. [Don't fret darling, we'll be paying you your full rate, plus the customary generous increase per film gig. Just as long as you put out when the camera starts rolling.] ~ Michael Savage's twin VOLVO cabin cruiser yacht that is tied up in Marin County, Cali was the inspiration behind the "TWIN..." finance company credit that so oddly appears above the finale credits of THE AMERICAN. ~ Hey dude, I AM is offering my wife from Wisconsin, and her girlfriend too, in THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE prophecy, if that is what it will take to revive you like my masked hero does in DON JUAN DeMARCO.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


There were the two REV.16ish powerful shallow earthquakes of Judah and Ephraim in Iran at the same time Mr Mitt chose that sausage eater from Charlize Theron's home state of Wisconsin to be his mate. As confirmed by Michael Savage finally coming out of the closet and admitting that he is, in fact, that same older Daddy Rich car wash figure in FOOL'S GOLD who owns the same twin VOLVO yacht. Where I get to fuck both Miley Cyrus and the odd looking Kate Hudson at the same time. Just as long as all of us promise to pay our 744,000,000 in tithing that we own to the Davidian Crown of England in THE TOURIST. [You have to pay to play.] ~ Imagine the typical hysterical CNN NBC NYT screaming and wailing when Mr Ryan dumps all those Democrat Party HEBREW brand hot dog rats into his meat grinder. ~ Talk about California, Nevada, and Utah's 42 months latitude line prophecy that runs over to New York State in REV.11-13. The guy looks kind of 42ish to me. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Don Juan's black mask is the same one that his White Horse Prophecy sidekick wears in his upcoming sidekick movie based on my many Alone Ranger posts, starting back in 1995. ~ My mother looks like Sandra Bullock in my DON JUAN DeMARCO Queens, NY prophecy. Who was forced to take over her father's STARBUCKS coffee plantation after her mother died in Washington, DC, Virginia. Hence the movie's opera singer themes. The huge masked "SPAIN" billboard in the above movie's first act was a prophetic time frame about Kobe [Japan earthquake] playing Big Foot ball against Don Juan's Spanish players for the gold on 8.12 in London's O2 arena. Which are the same black giants mentioned in THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE. Since Kenny Kemp et al in SLC, Utah are just too old and gay to even Twitter about these days. ~ I found out at the end of the London Olympics that Saoirse Una Ronan is my 4th teenager wife in my two pairs of teen wives dream. That were promised unto me by Granny Grass if I would clean up my captain's cabin bedroom down below the deck. You can google her if you don't believe me. ~ The Johnny Depp movie poster for DON JUAN DeMARCO features him posing as my Orson Welles forerunner on the movie poster for IT'S ALL TRUE. You can google that too, bitch. ~ That is Howard Stern standing in the NYC crowd below, after my half Italian Jew Spanish sidekick says, "Oh well, now I must die."

Friday, August 10, 2012


They shot my own private Idaho movie called DON JUAN DeMARCO right as I introduced my GSR/TWN newsletter in SLC, Utah in the summer of 1994. Wherein I suddenly appear out of the blue as the devoted loyal husband of Cameron Diaz and Annalynne McCord. And I could never cheat on both of them, even if I wanted to, because even the King of England is bound by the same laws as his subjects. "I the Lord am bound when you do what I say... Otherwise. You have no promise." ~ Therefore in the movie, Don Juan returns to the same beach where all of his VICTORIA'S SECRET models shot all their SPORTS ILLUSTRATED swim suit pictorials. ~ Hence, Don Juan tells his fat middle-aged psychiatrist in the ONE FLEW OVER THE COOCO'S NEST sequel that he is going to need the blood transfusions of the physical transfiguration if he ever wants to look like that handsome [A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE] dude in his future iPAD picture frames, yet again. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: My masked sidekick authority figure who sets my future masked figure free in DON JUAN DeMARCO is a masked black Barack Obama figure. Even though it so upsets all the Jew doctors at the 666 statism camp that resembles the re-education institutions of the first 1930s beast in REV.13. Where some 6,666,666 Jews were exterminated because they voted for MARK 13:14's homosexual abomination of desolation in DANIEL. ~ Therefore all the LOST island wife scenes in DON JUAN DeMARCO were filmed in Obama's Hawaii Islands. Where my masked one would be born again in BLUES BROTHERS: 2000, after he was born in Kenya, Africa. At least that is what his royal Queens, NY grandmother claimed in that recorded phone call in the 1994-1995 movie. Wherein she stated quite clearly that the baby Obama "...passed through my hands" in the third world hospital where he was born on 8.4 in 1961. If we are to believe those genuine Hawaii state replacement birth records that the officials there claim to have on file. ~ That is a painting of Diamond Head, Hawaii in Jack's office, hanging next to Barack Obama's golden Olympics medal mask. In confirmation of the string of Olympic medals on Don Juan DeMarco's vest costume. When Don Juan picks up his REV.19 sword, we see the White Horse Prophecy. The black big foot nurse named Rocko eventually moved to Spain, just like my black exploitation 70s movies sidekick David Broadnax did before he died. DON JUAN DeMARCO's Woodhaven state hospital setting was confirmed around 1994 by my black Obama look alike sidekick Dennis Wood, who was fucking that hot black trim and fit nurse in Venice, Cali. While yours truly was wearing out my welcome drinking all of his MILLER beers on his sofa and watching TV.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Heads up. I AM about to watch Johnny Depp's 1995 prophecy entitled DON JUAN for the first time ever; co-starring the star of the LAST TANGO IN PARIS. Because last night I watched THE TOURIST prophecy about Angelina Jolie falling in love with two men who are the same man. ~ Per my famous dream about fucking her and Hilary Swank at the same time. Since the 2010 movie filmed in Venezia ends with me and her on my 35' SAILOR DOG yacht headed out to the Greek Islands of Jennifer Aniston and Chloe Moretz et al. As in my FOR YOUR EYES ONLY James Bond Timothy Dalton movie sequel. ~ These are the 7 kids that Ms Jolie has in New Orleans, that BB KING sings about in the New Orleans battle of the bands finale in BLUES BROTHERS: 2000. ~ Every time I grow a goatee, Brad Pitt grows a goatee. Every time I let my hair grow out as long as Johnny Depp's hair in THE TOURIST, etc. Brad Pitt grows his hair out just as long. Talk about A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT in Montana, directed by Sundance's Robert Redford. ~ The first trout that I ever caught on a fly was at Jade Lake in the Necklace Valley. Using a McLeod 'Montana Buck Hair' while standing on top of a symbolic Jacob's Stone at the highland lake's crystal clear inlet creek. At the end of an excruciating 9 mile hike, carrying a 40 lb TRAPPER NELSON backpack load. ~ Sadly, I never hear from him anymore. Ever since the Lord told me in a very vivid dream that "...Ken has gone away to college in Ireland." ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: My REV.19 year-old wife in FOOL'S GOLD comes to my rescue in 2012 because she doesn't need the money. When you have her kind of fuck-you money, you can do whoever you want.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PLAN B SEX IS THE BEST ~ One way or the other, all of my older wives with middle age spread are going to hand over half of their money. And since I AM talking about the Kingdom of God here, whichever way you want to do it is up to you. There is no progressive 666 taxation by force in the land of freedom. ~ Jesus Christ is not a Marxist; unlike Tom Criuse or Tom Hanks, or Conan O'Brien, or Berry Obama, or Jessica Alba, or Jessica Biel, Scarlette Johannson, or Mr MacCon, or Jerry Seignfeld, or David Letterman, or yada yada's Tom Brady. ~ Therefore, if Miley Cyrus is just too dumb to accept the female lead in LAST TANGO IN PARIS TWO, the new debut film director Jennifer Anistion may just have to cast Chloe Moretz. Who I had recommended to her earlier, before the star of MEET THE MILLERS was ever considering putting half of her United Order money into some kind of an indie film that would help introduce the Kingdom of God, circa 2012-2013. [You have to spend money to make money.] ~ Why wait for a job from the Hollywood studios that are run by the Jews? When you can go into business for yourself with a hot as hell hard R property that you can take to market after Israel gets fucked in the ass four ways to Wednesday. ~ You make my double mind fuck full nudity movie starring Chloe Moretz and Hailee Stienfeld for under 35 big ones, and I AM will return your investment four fold, minus my 10%. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: That David Lynch look alike country music christian crashed in north Texas because my Branch Davidian brothers are still not listening to the Word. Think Miley Cyrus' watermelon farm father in Tennessee; where Nicole Kidman is now living with her short husband from down under. ~ If you leave me, another sexy tall blond who lives in the same Nashville area will replace you; who is way younger than you, and has even more money than you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The fattest ANIMAL FARM Jew pig figure in Hollywood told his fellow Jew boys Monday evening in Conn that Obama is like that half Jew shorty sidekick of the even shorter Rob Redford, before anybody knew that the Hollywood Jew who wrote the music for BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID collapsed and died at the same time he was speaking to his MLK cult that is no longer in charge of the white house Aryan nation of the promised land in the Book of Mormon. ~ Because later that night, I finally got around to watching Miley Montana's FOOL'S GOLD prophecy from 2007 that was about today's Big Foot African ape gangsta rapper who thinks that he is now running everything in the new world. Hence, the movie's last shot of that symbolic stone of Jacob that was lying on top of the Book of Mormoms's gold plates. ~ Right after Miley's [Gemma's] new crystal gem treasure cover for MARIE CLAIRE appeared at the DAILY MAIL in London. ~ And then the newS broke about that little girl who was found floating on her dead parent in some Jew York lake in confirmation about how much of a little girl the manly looking Matthew MacCon is in real life. Who is not even enough of a man to fuck two women at the same time aboard the inspired film's SAILOR DOG yacht called PRECIOUS GEM. Back when Miley was still just a 15 year-old PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN virgin hottie known as Hanna Montana. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: The little girl who was role playing 'Finn' in FOOL'S GOLD was under the care of a Ms Brewster, for Milwaukee's famous brewers scene in WAYNES WORLD. ~ When Ms Clinton visited Mandela, there were the two rather unusual 5.1 earthquakes of Judah and Ephraim to the south of the African continent. Which represented the same prison island colony of THE PLANET OF THE APES meets FOOL'S GOLD, 2008. [Think LOST BOYS, South Africa meets today's California scene.] ~ Originally, I was thinking the Olsen Twins in some kind of a new mind fuck seeing double remake of LAST TANGO IN PARIS. But in the wake of Miley Cyrus's critically acclaimed Janis Joplin docudrama, it is now quite obvious that the only one who could relax and get into my role that requires me to fuck her in the ass is Miley herself. ~ Bottom line, you would have to be around 19, 20, to pull something like that off. And the director would probably have to be a much older artist like a Woody Allen, or a David Lynch, maybe even Jennifer Aniston.~ Seems like my wives always suddenly come in pairs. Like my wife Nicole did at Bonnie Lake's STARBUCKS off 195, and then a second one appears with an ass that is even just as high and tight as the first one at Bonnie Lake's second three-way location off of 211.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Hey dude. That barely 18 year-old blond hottie who lives near you is soon going to be walking her new black dog along your sidewalk in the hills. For a FOOLS RUSH IN Bubba Ho-Tep Masonic temple sign from above that it is OK with her mother, and her best friend too, to stop by one of your three-way side-by-side houses in the neighborhood for a little cookies and milk session. ~ When this amazing miracle happens, you will know that it is a sign from God to get back to work. And you will be amazed at your new found 29 year-old inspiration and energy. ~ Maybe even just for the fun of having two incredibly hot blonds sucking on your cock at the same time, you might want to pull out your old 16mm camera and record the inspirational born again ROMA missionary position experience. ~ In other words, I'll give you your two neighbors Charlize Theron and Drew Barrymore, if you give me a lead role in your next masterpiece. ~ Nothing is free in this world, except salvation in Jesus Christ of course. ~GSR/TWN ~ OK: I exagerate for legal purposes. Those two blond hotties who live on the block above are probably only about 15, 16, tops; all the better.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Miley Montana put on that blond wig in MULHOLLAND DRIVE, and her FFer lover in the prophetic movie's coffee shop booth did a new pictorial at... meets THE DAILY MAIL in London; since my deteriorating July 20 iPAD system no longer allows me to cut-and-paste any more links. ~ Oh well. I watched my BEING THERE prophecy about Mr Relf's 1979 message for my CHICK-A-FILET Burger King sidekick homosexual nigger named 'Rafael' on Barack Obama's 51ish birthday. ~ You born again apostate Christians at WND/Glenn Beck piss all over Larry Sinclair, and my good buddy's genuine Kenyan hospital birth certificate, and I will drop such a huge turd bomb on top of you that you will think that you are still in some 1980s Chuck Norris fantasy revenge movie. ~ In confirmation of BEING THERE's aging Gwyneth Palrow look alike who suddenly got on a private jet and flew to Dallas, Texas for safety on 9.11. ~ And then at the end of the British Peter Sellers movie, everybody on the film crew can not stop laughing about the left-wing movie's ridiculously naive simple minded anti-white LDS Masonite temple man point of view. ~ GSR/TWN ~ In 1979's BEING THERE prophecy, the future gay day 1290 abomination of desolation in the Casa Blanca, is no respecter of women's desires. A winner's British gold medal Olympics TRIUMPH drives by right before the future BURGER KING of England asks my niggers where he can find a job as a gardener in the vineyard of the Lord at 2BC:91 meets that arrogant dead prince in D&C 86. Just like that black kid on the gang infested sidewalks of DC, where 83% of the fascistic street smart thugs and punks still support the illegal alien abomination of desolation at the WASHINGTON POST, who can not believe that the old David Letterman FDR man is actually dead.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Believe or not, even yours truly, the greatest mother fucker of them all, who is the future King of England, yada yada, is going to be obligated by some kind of a 'pay it forward' deal if I ever expect Sandra Bullock to be sucking on my cock on one of her many sofa thrones, while Dakota Fanning is out in the kitchen fixing us a nice smoked salmon cheese plate with toasted whole wheat crackers. ~ Reportedly, Kristen Stewart has finally hit bottom, and is just now coming up for air, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY style; per my prophetic James Bond movie about hot make-up sex revenge. ~ You lie about my skinny wives being just a flock of skinny bitches, and they will pull their cut off jeans down right in front of your eyes, so that you can watch and learn and become alarmed about what is going down right in front of you, at: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~ GSR/TWN

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Case in point: ~ Never trust any non white half Jew over 30; including Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, or Michael Medved. ~ Because last night I watched CROCODILE DUNDEE III's morality tale about that monkey nigger scene right before we discover that the Chicago Russian mob is making cheap counterfeit birth certificate art works for the day 1290 abomination of desolation, and all the loud mouthed right-wing Christian fagots on talk Radio are just too pussy whipped to even mention it out loud. ~ GSR/GSR ~ NOTES: Paul Hogan was about my same age when he finally made CROC 3: LA. But he still looked quite fuckable. ~ Hence, the true grit alligator hunter from down under bailed Mel Gibson out of jail two times in his prophetic third LETHAL WEAPON 3, 2001 movie sequel. ~ No wonder the white hunter from down under with such a nice big pocket knife was so obsessed by the L.A. earthquake in REV.16, circa 2012.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The revival tent church choir singers in BLUES BROTHERS: 2000 represented Barack Obama's church choir leader, Don Young, who was murdered by the new Danite mob because he blabbed on his phone bill records to Larry Sinclair about how no.404 likes it both ways; i.e. today's gay ass queers better shut the fuck up if they know what is good for them. As confirmed in the above movie's scene where my Elwood Blues figure grabs his childish sidekick's fag and tosses it out of his old 1980ish CAR 54 [computer] window, circa 2012. ~ In the scene in BB: 2000 where Elwood does Danite vodka shots with the new White House mobsters from Chicago, they sing about being frozen out by Gisele Bundche et al. In confirmation of her 32nd birthday when the shooter suddenly started killing people inside of Willis's no.16 movie theater's no.9 screen in the Rockie Mountain high elevations of his Soldier Mountain, Idaho ski resort for all those weak ass ski-bum DUMBER AND DUMBER shits who stopped listening to the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, just because it just bummed them out too much, and were spoiling their high. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Larry Sinclair spent the best years of his life inside of a private Colorado state prison prophecy. Where he was released right around the same time that they made BLUES BROTHERS: 2000. ~ Here is a pretty good Bible study sex education video about my hard 211 stainless steel rod stem of Jesse in ISAIAH 11 etc. at: