Monday, September 29, 2008


"What we got here is a failure to communicate"

The day before COOL HAND LUKE star Paul Newman passed away in Con/necticut, the NYT's Patrick Healy asked online, "...Is Obama Too Cool?" at:

This is the classic 1967 Newman role. Where his 666 prison guards force him to dig a pit of captivity, then fill it up, over and over. Before he escapes one last time and flees into a great church of the devil prison, where he gets shot in the vampire neck.

Presidential debates are supposed to be great clarifying moments in communication. Not tag-team confirmations of the $100k con man prophecies and queer guy jokes in DUMB AND DUMBERER. Held on the prophetic 9.26 date in Larry Sinclair's Fucking A Man blog at:

Harry calls Lloyd "ass face" in various tag scenes related to the giant red 'A' convenience store gas station sign. Where they buy double frozen slurpy drinks for the 25 Florida electoral votes number of $2.50.

The prophetic 2003 plot centers around the school principle's treasure chest bank holdings of REV.13's seven hills beast at Providence Hills H.S. That also contains crucial documents, showing a long history of Judah's Groucho Marxist financial fraud. Including a revealing tape recording by the school's con man, a.k.a. "Monkey", voice-dated September 23rd. When McCain decided last week to call off the 9.26 debate and attend Bush's national treasure chest crisis talks in the Whitehouse principle's office.

At the Thanksgiving Day parade climax, George Washington's Delaware River float, that amazingly bears John McCain's face, is changed into the image of Groucho Marx. Then someone asks "What did you morons do?.!.. Where is George Washington?..!"

Newman also starred in THE STING's phony casino rip-off story. Wherein Barack Obama's Big Brown race horse shocks and shames everyone in the end. Thereby bringing down the civil rights fascism bank that MLK started in the 19666s.

However, THE SUNDANCE KID is still alive and well, hanging out with the Hole In The Wall gang in Park City, Utah. Just remember, Cool Hand Luke was originally busted for sawing off the heads of parking meters.

For a '411' information confirmation of Paul Newman's numerous V FOR VICTORY style checkered racing-flag tattoos, some guys from the IRS center in 'O'gden, Utah, and the 666 beast's Great Falls, Montana [mountains] broke the piston speed record on the day Newman died. Hitting the IRS's 4.15 payment date deadline of 415 mph out on the Bonne/ville salt flats, at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: For Gwyneth Paltrow's 36th birthday, I watched the 1934 sequel TARZAN AND HIS MATE [from London] survive the British ivory tusk thieves. I sometimes wonder if my ex Laurence still has that sterling silver and walrus ivory tusk bracelet I bought for her in Park City.
NOTE: As part of the HERSHEYS gay shit treasure chest prophecy, co-star Rachel Nichols graduated in economics at NYC's Columbia University. When she gets kidnapped by the Hawaiian principle, he demands "Where's my chest?" at:
NOTE: Of course, Paul Newman starred in THE HUSTLER. That's why he passed away on the same day of the 2008 high school debates.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Leading up to Friday night's debate at 'O'le Miss, four special needs kids were killed in a Twin Lakes school bus collision in Fucking A Letterman's Cass [see ass] County, Indiana. Setting the stage for DUMB AND DUMBERER's prophetic Hawaii paradise special-ed class scam involving the same amounts of money that Steven Spielberg and Brad Pitt each donated to 'O'bama's transsexual church membership in California.

Right there in Fucking A County is Obama's transsexual Dykeman Park Golf Course, located off Hwy.17. The nearby blood sucking Eel River starts up in Allen County, Indiana, north of 767' Fort Wayne, where most of the crash victims were taken.

McCain would be the dumb mainline Christian populist. And Obama would be the dumberer religious liberation marxist. Who speeks in the slow and dopey manner of some skinny guy who has been smoking pot and crack most of his adult life.

Where is the serious debate about whether a married man who has been cruising for gay sex with strange men, most all of his adult life, has the moral character to hold the highest office in America?

Especially if he is still lying about it. And his former gay lover, who couldn't keep his mouth shut in several surprise phone calls to Larry Sinclair, was murdered inside his Renee style second floor condo in the MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY IN CHICAGO prophecy.

By the hand of God, the most visible politician at the center of Sodom's financial crisis, is the open homogaysexual Barney Frankenfurter. Obviously the southerner Clay Aiken's closet homosexual PEOPLE cover hit the racks on the same day of the Ole Miss Obama debate for a major coming out revelation from God.

The horrific Cass County crash near Dykeman Park was confirmation of Larry Sinclair's new position as a reporter. See his new wirey ass reports and links at:

Those special needs kids died violently Friday for a subplot to the 1960s horror movie directed by Seth Green's dying "Make a Wish" kid, in the southerner sitcom MY NAME IS EARL Thursday. Wherein the Whitehouse is attacked by a financial 666 octopus monster; who's tentacles reach everywhere.

In recent years, God has told his prophets among the lost tribes of Israel that he is preparing a pit of captivity for those who worship the 666 beast. Looks like $700,000,000,000 of new government spending will become a large part of such a financial hole.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I was reading about DANIEL 2's Jacob pillow stone last night, when Granny Grass' toes started ache'n and cramping up; while sitting on her golden model 757 electronic NIAGARA therapy chair. Because Clay Aiken had come out of the closet on the same day I saw Pitt's gay gym trainer get shot in the head, hiding inside BLUE VELVET's prophetic 2008 closet homosexual election in BURN AFTER READING. And the next day, family man Steven Spielberg gave 100k to the bankrupt latter-day Sodom and Egypt cause in chapter 11.

It was the same day that a children's school bus was rammed in the ass near Reddick, Florida; north of 'O'prah's 'O'cala, Florida penis stump reference to the closet homosexual 'O'bama. Both family men, Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg, are directly contributing to their childen being sodomized spiritually and culturally by religious perverts like Oprah.

South Africa's goverment fell INSYNC with the opening of Charlize' BATTLE IN SEATTLE movie about all those wild rock'n roll cock sucking tattoo jungle warrior savages in Seattle.

That mouthy highschool kid showed up at the library Wednesday afternoon, while I was looking over the fresh news links at So I immediately switched over to a fake nudes search at goojelly.cum.

First off, I checked for any fake Gwyneth Paltrow results, because I had a dream about her last night. Wherein Alec Baldwin showed up at our house, on his way down to LA, offering us a free ride to Hollywood in the black mini 757 jet that he was piloting alone, with no co-pilot. The only problem was, he was in a great hurry, and could only wait a few moments for us to get ready.

While I quickly threw on my grey steel HUGO BOSS from the 80s, that was hanging in my closet forever, and a white shirt and burgundy tie, a completely naked Gwyneth bent over by me to put on her shoes. Taking a breath, I said, "...wish we had time to make love..." Making a frustrated "that sucks" smile, she said, "You should have done that last night." Which is exactly what the loud dude shouted when I saw this identical "That sucks!!" expression on her face at:

The guy was sitting directly across from me this time. Allowing for a better look at his younger blonde FFing A Ben Affleck look alike face. Then another guy's cell phone rang next to me. It was "Jenny" wanting him to come over. So I looked up Jenny Garner and found out who it was who pushed Sandra Bullock onto a WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING commuter train in Obama's Chicago at:

In this flash dream last night, a hesitant Sandy was standing at the open doors of a commuter train, holding her luggage, seemingly too affraid to step onto the train. So a [secret spy] woman came up from behind and pushed her forward inside.

I read that Queen Elizabeth's coronation was performed atop Jacob's pillow stone on June 2, 1953. The same date that princess Jenny's Big Lebowsky rug movie called THE BREAKUP opened decades later.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, September 22, 2008


After seeing photos from 259' Columbia, SC of the burning LEARJET 60 confirmation of my V for victory racing-flag tattoos on Travis Barker's vampire neck, I went and saw BURN AFTER READING, i.e:

In the opening sequence, the British Liz Hurley ice lady asks my Mr Cox figure if he picked up those four British blue blood V-wedged 'King of the cheeses'. For their wine and cheese party that evening, where we meet my other side's Harry Potter figure. Who is fucking four women throughout the story.

At THE CHECKOUT [airport counter] Granny Grass bought four close-out STILTON packs for me at 2.59 each. Because I had told her that they were over $6 apiece up at the wine shop across from FREDDYS.

Witnesses said that the lit up Barker and DJ AM looked like they were fire dancing. When cars began stopping on Hwy.302, and the miraculous two finger V-sign symbols were shouting "Oh my God!.. Oh my God!.." Like Brad Pitt's Chad fishman dude does in that second story condo scene with his partner in crime Linda Litzky.

THE CHECKOUT had just gotten in a shipment of bloody red DANCING BULL wines, at a super price of 2.99. Click on their over 18 entro for a look at the Coen brothers' NYC location at:

Judging by Barker's famous Voodoo Jesus tattoos on his left arm. There is little doubt that he is a major supporter of all the MTV Obama bullshitters out there trying to con America with one of their own day 1290 types. The dead 31 year-old female pilot of that LEARJET 60 was named Sarah Lemmon. For Liz Lemmon's top honors in 30 ROCK at the 60th EMMYS on 9.21.

Both my Judah and Ephraim figures in BURN AFTER READING operate from their basements. My Mr Cox side actually lives in a mason townhouse, very similar to the one in MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY, where Sarah Palin lives.

Cox's "You fuckers!.. I'm back!" physical transfiguration prophecy in BURN AFTER READING was just confirmed by my 9.17 viewing of 1943's THE APE MAN. Wherein yours truly works feverishly in his basement on "the physical change" potion made from 1984's THIS IS SPINAL TAP extractions taken from rock'n roll vampires and monsters.

The last line in BURN AFTER READING is the same as the last line in my LATE NIGHT BLOW JOB ONE LINERS posting, about the 'Fucking A Man' letter man show global warming hoax. It's worth reading again. Because the Coens' movie starts and ends with a long camera shot through the atmosphere that is being warmed up by Jesus.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: This news link mentions that the two V-fingers men were taken to the Joseph Still Burn Center in Georgia, at:

Friday, September 19, 2008


All week long, I felt inspired for some reason to do a thorough examination of any fake 'O' ring oyster images out there of my wives. Meanwhile, they busted both Redmond 'O'Neal and his LOVE STORY star father, Ryan, for possession of illegal rock salt, right as my 'O'bama meat market post was taking off. It was the morning after that big Hollywood floor show for the transsexual alien traitor in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy.

That same Barbara Streisand Tuesday, the vehicle of 80 year-old ex-congressman Eligio "Kika" De la Garza, a big civil rights fascism Democrat, was hit head on, Conan 'O'Brien style, in McAllen, Texas; located by the flooding Rio Grande border. Which Woody Allen scientifically confirmed by Friday with his endorsement of 'O'bama at some Spanish speaking film festival in Spain.

An ad for MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL played on the SNL premier with Tina Fey. That showed Dane Cook eating a sloppy 'O' taco, over the line, "This Friday, someone's going down!" [9.19] So right there above McAllen is McCook, Faysville, and Red Gate.

Thursday morning, I was awaken at 7:57 by the accented voice of Adriana Lima, who said, "I found it at 10:56 in my parking lot. I know a come back when I see one."

AL's words came back to me Friday when I found SEATTLE WEEKLY's naked back cover issue at ALs, depicting Alison Roth role playing Tine Fey's impression of Sarah Palin, with two arrows pointing downward, at:

After I picked up a copy, I almost ran head on into an elderly FDR lady in red. Who was arriving atop her motorized FDR wheelchair statement for this week's passage of the broadened 'O'rwellian 666 law called the Americans With Disabilities Act, at:

Sexy Kate Holmes [Read ate 'O' hole.] opened her production of the classic FDR era WWII play ALL MY SONS at NYC's MUSIC BOX theater, on Kate Hudson's [River] Friday opening of MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL. When Holmes' fake pic popped up in my computer peek hole at the library, some high school dude on the other side yelled to his buddy "That's a V..!"

Note the five virgins number '5' tag under Kate's medicine wheel chair. When I came back to ALs a little later, the old lady in red was there again. This time on foot, having forgotten to pick up her medicine. In the parking lot, a navy blue Love Bug drove by with Sarah Palin's Alaskan husky puppy dog sticking it's head out the window; looking like a baby wolf.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Here's a old lady photo of Bush Sr flashing the V sign, who signed the first original insane AWD Act at:

NOTE: Speaking of going down:

NOTE: When this Paris Hilton shot appeared, that same guy shouted, "Just eat it!" at:

NOTE: When this fake portrait of Salma Hayek sitting on my throne downloaded, a loud ticked-off tweeny babe, with a pissy attitude, standing across the room, said to someone sarcastically "Yeah, We're gonna go to your house.. That'll be real fun." at:

Back at the closed library Friday afternoon, [For "Teach Me Tonight" SW staff training.] Granny Grass pulled up with a pair of clear plastic lavender slip-on shoes. That she had just bought used for a couple bucks at the Rainier School secondhand shop. Which look identical to the bracelet material on Salma Hayek's arm. Then we went back to THE CHECKOUT store and got four packs of their discounted [2.59 each] British STILTON brand blue cheese, "The traditional king of cheeses."

NOTE: I take AL's "come back" REAR WINDOW message very seriuosly, like at:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


LEHMAN BROS filed for chapter 11 on the 12th anniversary of Judah's day 1260 in REV.11. Many of the involved parties and finance experts that I have seen interviewed on TV are Jewish; i.e. Democrats. Who ramped up the current no-accountability with OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY investment mentality at FREDDIE/FANNIE during the Clinton administration, and now work for Obama. The 1991 [Chicago] mob movie with the down low DeVito was directed by Norman Jewison, at:

Left-wing INFINITE JEST writer, and David Lynch filmographist, David Foster Wallace, 46, lynched himself right before the demise of MERRILL LYNCH on Judah's day 1260 anniversary.

Obama supporter Anne Hathaway was conned by a charming young high finance dude for a message from God unto the 2NEPHI 8 daughters of Israel; that they are being conned by the closet homosexual crack pipe huckster from Chicago.

Will Ferrell was at Bab's Obama concert Tuesday. Does the jester really not know, or care, that Obama has been cruising Chicago's down low meat market with rock salt ever since he got to town?

Family man Steven Spielberg was there too, confirming the passing of famous JAWS hunter, Frank Munus, at the obamanation of desolation age of 82, in Obama's Hawaii last SEE YOU WEDNESDAY.

Obama's multi-billion dollar plan for a new federal college education entitlement is backed by the same liberals on his economic team who started the risky easy loans for everyone culture at FREDDIE/FANNIE. Easy and free government backed universal tuition will do the same thing to college prices, that easy credit did to raise housing prices. Already, at places like the University of Washington, there are about 3 students for every school employee. Where tuition has skyrocketed as more and more financial aid is poured into the government system.

I read that the INFINITE JEST author was a highly paid university professor-for-life. Who taught one or two very small group-classes a semester.

Think Social Security and Medicare, when you read stories about banks failing.

Looks like nobody is sending money for Larry Sinclair's car stalker campaign tour. In the MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY prophecy, Woody jokes about how lucky he is to not live in Duluth, wherever that is.

Right after my TARZAN THE APE MAN post rolled, I found out that Renee will be co-staring in a second story romance with Forest Whitaker, called MY OWN LOVE SONG.

Jenny was certainly inspired to name her dog Norman. Looks like she has been doing some gym squats here. Perhaps in preparation for a new Woody Allen project, at:

You can see Michael Phelps' timely monkey ears in this photo at:

The day this pearl ring shot of 26 year-old Sienna appeared, back on 9.9, the news came out from Lebanon that restaurant chef Amal Salha, 50, found 26 pearls in an oyster that she opened for the table at:


Saturday, September 13, 2008


Before "all the way" Obama supporter Eva Mendes came out to promote THE WOMEN on Conan O'Brien Friday, he conducted a celebrity "Douche Bag Collision" experiment, by having toy trains on a circle track collide head on. Then some NBC news celeb came out.

The fiery chat show experiment was a great success. Having been scientifically confirmed arround the same time [7:40 pm EST] when two trains collided head on in Chatsworth, CA, killing at least 15 people at:

Conan's experiment was witnessed by various celebs like Geraldo Rivera, the KISS guy, and Paris Hilton. Who were all immediately impacted by the collision.

I would include Lindsay Lohan in the results column. Because I found a used copy of 1932's classic 'one mighty and strong' prophecy, TARZAN THE APE MAN, at the library Thursday; co-starring the Olympic swimmer Johny Weissmuller. Then I read Friday's tabloid report about LL trying to hook up with Michael P/helps and make monkey love.

Tarzan comes to the rescue when Linsay shouts 'Tarzan!.. Help me!.. Save Me!' etc. from the wild jungle Big Foot beasts. Before he leads a stampeed of gray [middle of the road] GOP elephants against the nasty black Mini Me tribesmen. The GOP mascots use their huge uncircumcised penis noses to lash the filthy little naked cock sucking savages. So says the head white hunter;

"Whether they're white or not... Those [down low dwarf] people... living like that..." have no civilized humanity.

Last week, I dreamed that Eva showed up unannounced at Granny Grass' front door, wearing only a champagne colored lingerie nightie. Then somehow, we were kissing inside the front door of our 1960s Seattle home, at 5717 16th N.E. [Which usually represents my 57th year in various dreams and visions.] But her same lingerie outfit was now black, a bit like the one at:

Eva played a lingerie shopping clip from THE WOMEN on Conan. That featured her buying a sexy black lingerie number with her married lover's credit card, while his wife listens in from a nearby dressing room.

Eva had asked the sales lady for a second one in champagne. Making a VICTORIA'S SECRET threesome joke about my secret wives. Thereby corroborating the black and white ending of TARZAN THE APE MAN. Which depicts yours truly holding two wives, one of them a monkey, for Eva Lilly's tree climbing "Monkey" nickname on the jungle set of LOST.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER BLOW JOB went out right before Letterman went on a hysterical GSR/TWN rant that flushed him out about the global warming hoax at:

The grumpy old talk show host knew that the king would be watching since Princess Keira was waiting in the wings of his creepy cold Manhattan theater off 53rd.

Before the Princess came out, the show featured some famous saxotelephone player band guest blowing on his Woody style phallic shaped horn; featured in Sienna Miller's LOST HIGHWAY prophecy.

Almost immediately, Keira mentioned that she has been squatting beside her personal trainer recently, while he shouts out loud at her.

Then she asked De Niro's prophetic KING OF COMEDY host David, if he would like to squat with her sometime.

In case Dave didn't get it... Keyira mentioned that she likes to drink the gym's healthy cucumber water.

The next night, Princess Keira was on Conan, trying to respond politiely to his compliments about her famous sexy lips.

Speaking of lips, here's Jessica Alba with prophetic black Barack Obama tape over her mouth. The kind Obama puts on people who try to speak out and tell the truth about him. You just know that Mr O would support reviving the O/rwellian "fairness doctrine" at:

Wednesday afternoon at the library, I saw something about Obama being on the letter O man show. Back at the house, Granny Grass had just taken a hot batch of banana nutbread out of the oven. Made with fresh ground red winter whole wheat.

Blogging about royalty. When are the mostly pro Obama left-wing papparazzi nazis going to give Sienna Miller back some of her human rights and dignity? The attack dogs keep shouting "Slut! Home wrecker! Slut!" OK, we get it. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, September 8, 2008


Obama supporter, and Gustav hurricane denier, Eva Longoria, was on ET et al Monday, warning the nation about Sarah Palin not being too good for the country. Later, I noticed that hurricane Ike is now projecting directly towards her Corpus Christi home town in Texas at:

Could be why I was awaken on the eve of Gustav by a voice that said "Mexican border!" at 9:59 pm, that Labor Day weekend Sunday; while dreaming about the storm's Labor Day omens. The first thing that came to mind was Dolly's BORDERLINE confirmation of the Olsen twins' volcano island mystery prophecy. Whatever, have some more of it Eva. Right there is Kingsville, Texas, and all that Brownsville jazz.

Yeah I know, Palin has some goofy liberal notions, like McCain, about reforming the Republican party; but Barack Obama fulfills the day 1290 obamanation of desolation thing at:

I noticed that the Hanna storm blew into Mahattan and drenched the city as my MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY IN CHICAGO rolled into town. And in Chicago's southside Burnside district, A&M MEATS burned down on the season opener day for OPRAH's no-Palin policy promotion of the down low meat market in Obama's home town.

That 4.23 per hour parking sign by a pay-phone in Manhattan confirmed the murder of Obama's gay lover, and telephone caller, Donald Young, on the 23rd of December, 2007. That 28 year-old werewolf killer in Alger, Washington confirmed the 2.80 L ticket price for London's werewolf porno theater.

You get what you pay for.

At the TIFF Sunday, famous FFing star Jennifer Aniston showed up wearing physical transfiguration boob job nipple bandages under her low cut black dress. Confirming a hot young 20 something Jenny look alike, who pulled up to the order post Saturday in a black BMW 330i, bearing '651...' plates. Right after I saw that black African king who collects wives and BMWs on the front page of NYT 54,425.

ET et al showed clips of the TIFF screened MANAGEMENT scene, wherein Jenny lets me cop a feel of her ass. Filmed well before my dream about feeling her 29ish nipple scars confirmation of that fake tabloid boob job report.

Back at the house Saturday, I encountered our freakish 49 year-old halfbreed native American neighborhood Jenny figure, Claire. Who looks about 39, tops. Dressed in an "I LOVE MY DOG" Tee, she was holding out a red pen and paper pad, while talking to Granny Grass. Then she asked us both to write a personal note to the dog catcher, testifying that we have never seen her Pitbull dog named Kaos [chaos] act aggressively, which is true.

Apparently the transsexual tennis ball chewing male beast, whom she has always affectionately called "Naughty Nazi", had escaped and eaten some pussy cats over by the US post office on Buckley. Here's the red marker pen that she was holding at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: This link has the prophetically symbolic nipple boob job bandages at:

Friday, September 5, 2008


The obviously not so unsolved murder mystery of Barack Obama's former gay lover, Donald Young, is a metaphor of the murder in plain sight that Manhattan media liberals have been getting away with for years.

So I found out. After finding a secondhand copy of Woody Allen's MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY for $1 Wednesday. That the Rainier shop clerk sold me for half off, because the cassette had "holes" in it, he joked, standing next to Sarah Palin's down syndrome offspring.

The 1993 movie's prophetic message is revealed by a sudden telephone call role for the plot's Sarah Palin look atype. Standing at a pay-phone next to a '4.23 per hour' parking sign that was confirmed the same day I watched it by the issue of NYT No.54,423; bearing Mrs Palin on the front page. When I finished viewing my old 50CENT tape Thursday morning, that came with a 6:51 time-stamped receipt, I noticed that it was 6:51.

"I heard just about enough of this!" bullshit media bias and stonewalling, says one actress, before the gang of snoops put together Palin's bold accusations against the 666 machine. That includes recording lines that address today's new US magazine cover headline "BABIES LIES AND SCANDAL" Lines like: "Hello Joe... [Biden] I say it's a fake..." regarding Obama's half whitewashed media portrait.

Their simple plan is this: Confront the cunning suspect who has "...gotten away with murder" and provoke him to come out after you, drawing him out into the light of day. As Anjelica Huston explains, "He comes after you, we nab him."

Thereby revealing his heretofore secret combinations. Which we are now seeing break out so openly in the media's hysterical reaction to Gov Palin. Manifested in the new US cover, published by a known financial supporter of Barack Obama, who also publishes the day 1290 ROLLING STONE, etc.

Even John McCain is beginning to get it.

Woody Allen and Marshall Brickman wrote their chocolate mousse 'bluff' plot long before anyone ever heard of Relf's Bluff, Arkansas; at Mt Zion Rd in Lincoln County. Who's GSR/TWN is driving the liberal establishment into an irrational panic mode, and exposing the truth about their hidden fascistic nature.

It's the same plot that played out at Larry Sinclair's Washington, DC press conference. Which flushed out Barack Obama and Joe Biden's willingness to abuse the legal system to shut down a completely legit Leprechaun whistle blower. Like in the media driven Valerie Plame case that tried to stonewall her husband's phony left-wing CIA report on Iraq's WMD nuke contacts.

Woody's prophetic 'Larry' character is very keen to watch a Bob Hope movie in the opening scenes of MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY's introduction of the liberal art house theater murderer named [St.] Paul. This establishes the prophetic time frame at Obama's 2008 presidential campaign for "HOPE". Filmed only months before everyone started wondering about the Clintons' murderous connections to Hope, Arkansas.

Bob Hope impersonator Robbin Williams was on Letterman Thursday, wearing a jacket with "hope" on it in French, the same night of McCain's nomination acceptance speech at DANIEL 12's riverside River Center Plaza. You could see the hidden red souls on the bottom of Williams' whitewashed sneakers. Then BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star Shannon Doherty came out, also wearing black shoes with red souls, for a second witness.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Original LEPRECHAUN star, the always tan Jennifer Aniston, just shot some Man/hat/tan sidewalk scene for 30 ROCK; stalking Alex Baldwin's NBC boss character in a Leprechaun hat.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Labor Day's left-wing hurricane blasted through Elton's Bundick Lake, Louisiana area. So I watched AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON Tuesday morning; made in 1981, the year Sienna was born.

If you recall, it's the 'powerful wolf' [Relf] movie co-starring a great Elizabeth Hurley nurse figure. Wherein yours truly, the future King David of England, walks by carrying his napsack as the GSR figure David calls home from inside a red phonebooth; across from a REV.17 porno theater; where John Landis' SEE YOU NEXT WEDNESDAY is playing.

Later Tuedsay, I dreamed that a mean black dog was blocking my door, not letting me open it and leave the house. Therefore, I reached through a hole in the outer screen door and grabbed it's collar, pulling it against the screen tight so it couldn't move. Then I cut it's throat with the movie's same SWISS ARMY knife.

Later Tuesday, a crazy werewolf man living in the woods near Alger, Washington, killed the same six party people that David killed, after he turned into a beast in the full moon. BLUE MOON plays throughout the movie, confirmed by that drunk guy who got beat up outside Seattle's BLUE MOON tavern on 45th last weekend, because some jackasses said he looked ugly.

Alger being a REV.17 plot reference to EZE.38's Algerian North African invaders of England's lost Israelites in the latter-days.

Wednesday morning I saw the exact same black dog in my dream at the bottom of this link, at:

I watched LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD Wednesday morning. Given the new context of the film's transsexual Barack Obama prophecy. Where everyone is chasing after Obama's gold flute penis symbol of the classic PIED PIPER rat catcher story in Hamlen at:

The year 2000 movie's Mack Daddy character is an inspired prophetic representation of today's "VOTE OR DIE" producer P Diddy. It was probably filmed in Larry Leprechaun's fatal year of 1999. Like little Larry, no matter how many times they try to kill him, he keeps coming back.

In one scene, Larry the Lep sucks the transsexual blonde black man to death, while looking for his gold flute. At another point, the rap guys even join the Rev Wright's gay church choir, before sucking on his flute again. The same choir that was once directed by Obama's former gang-murdered lover Donald Young.

"We really fuck'n suck!.. Shit!!" says Postman P [for penis], before he puts the magic negro flute to his mouth.

Yours, GSR/TWN