Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hey Glenn. As a long time listener of conservative talk-radio, the reason why I no longer listen to your out-of-date Christian 700 CLUB news at FOX news, hosted by Mike Medved et al, is because the only thing that thrills me right now in the dumbed-down world of your Jay Leno meets Jon Stewart scene is that my good buddy Obama has put out an obviously bogus birth certificate.

Now that's entertainment!

We already know that a bunch of left-wing fascist homosexuals are running the show at 30 ROCK NBC and the NEW YORK TIMES... Boring.

What we want right now is a good juicy scandal that is not a bunch of mainstream tabloid crap with nothing but pro Obama "sources" behind it. We want to hear about the real Barry who hangs out at middleaged mens clubs in Chicago. Where he could get his cock sucked by older respectable looking men like Leno, or Letterman, and that wealthy TMZ Leprechaun figure.

You and Sarah Palin... Same old shit.

Meanwhile, they are having my kind of Mr Potato Head party at:

I want to know all the juicy details about the FBI criminal complaint being filed in Hawaii by the underdogs at wnd.com Who have been freaking out the potato head faggots at ESQUIRE and VANITY FAIR etc. Like you used to do back in the day, before God caused your eye sight and nerve endings to start failing you.

Here's what I'm talking about at:

In the scriptures, when a person decides to stop looking at the truth, God has a strange pattern of placing scales over their eyes. When they stop listening, for some weird reason he makes them even more hard of hearing. Much like the 'grace added upon grace' concept, only in reverse.


Monday, May 30, 2011


The letter 'W' is a traditional REV.17 woman, or whore, reference in cinema. Such as the giant 'W' that marks the buried treasure at the end of IT'S A MAD MAD MAD WORLD.

Those two beauties were play fighting during a birthday party on Carey Mulligan's birthday when they crashed through the foolish 5 virgins fifth floor window at the W HOTEL in Atlanta. For the crazy hotel woman in Rm.217 in THE SHINING prophecy. According to:

Believe it or not, the dead model's name was Lashawna Threatt.

Monogamy is for apostate church lady Christians. Plural marriage is the law of Israel, based on the precept of women helping one another, not fighting over each other. There are no lonely widows in the Kingdom of God.

INTERVIEW put a physically transfigured Gus Van Sant on their June issue, at:

7 American soildiers were killed in Afganastan when the abomination of desolation was at the G7+1 summit. The African born Obama was illegally nominated in THE SHINING's Colorado high country for the 7 mountains beast in REV.17 etc. That ads an 8th member in the end.

Here is a brief report about the earthquakes that are occurring underneath Powell Mt, south of Walker Lake, and near a major military ammo plant, at:

On the California side is Devil's Gate and Conway Pass. Where Bridgeport Res is located along Rt.182 in confirmation of the rapper Sean Kingston crashing his jet ski into a Miami Beach bridge Sunday. During some big Memorial weekend rap artists beach party and BBQ.

The huge oil discovery in Texas will help them establish their independence, when that region succeeds from the United States of Sodom and Egypt.


Sunday, May 29, 2011


All those timely earthquakes around Walker Lake, Nevada finally made me watch my used copy of THE WALKER prophecy from 2006. That is ultimately about all my polite older society Sandra Bullock type wives from Virginia who are trying to black-mail their husbands. Because they were taught in their sophomoric 666 college classes that the corrupt middle of Jerry Seignfeld et al way is always the best way to go.

Because the half-breed forerunner Iraq general to today's mismatched shoelaces [abomination of desolation] commander-in-chief was named after the wild horse earthquakes centered around Megan Fox' 59er THE MISFITS location; that have been swarming under Powell Mtn. for quite some time now.

THE WALKER is about today's ridiculous West Village, NYC third way homogaysexual Republican butt fuckers like Mitt Romney and Utah's Mr Huntsman.

Who are just too weak in the knees to resist the NEW YORK TIMES media black-mail on slot. Until push-comes-shove on the flip side, and they finally wake up and start acting like THE GOOD GIRLs of Israel do in 2 NEPHI 8.

When the time will come when Ms Rodriguez et al learn to relax and let me hold onto their thumb, or their big toe, or whatever, without getting in the way of things, while they JIFFY LUBE up each other with some special '$10 OFF' offer. So that I can give both of them that cute little 1959 Capri Island boy in the background of her IT STARTED IN NAPLES future at:

If the exotic co-star of AVATAR dares to repent of her mean spirited lesbian ways, here is a look at the evil homophobic ARBIAN KNIGHTS nights that she will be forced to endure forever at:

I have been looking at the above's white gold diamonds cluster wedding ring on my mother's finger ever since I was a little boy.


Saturday, May 28, 2011


"When a royal princess shows you her breasts it's a death sentence." is a corny line from LEP 4 that made little sense until we saw the amazingly inspired time-line signs and wonders coming out of cfake etc.

LEP 4's Marines commander became a transsexual in fulfillment of today's open homogaysexual military policy during the abomination of desolation's 42 months period.

The 1996 movie's Mr Potato Head figure, Dr Mittenhand, is played by Guy Siner.

Mittenhand's mad 666 scientist is supposed to represent a bald Mussolini third wayer, the original Mr Potato Head.

Sometimes cars flip over in the INDY 500. I'll keep an eye out.

More specifically, William Boroughs was looking up at Jenny's ominous west village penthouse in EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES.

The magical two witnesses flame thrower act in LEP 3 Las Vegas was confirmed by the timing of Sienna Miller's recent stage acting in FLARE PATH.

That is LL's future British sister Sam standing next to the Leprechaun's craps game. As confirmed by Rush's annoying ex-wife who loved to play craps. LEP 3's two loan sharks are supposed to represent the two witnesses in the 1260 days period movie.

As the green leprechaun signs and wonders were rolling out of Las Vegas, Egypt last Wednesday, there was a rare 4.9 earthquake in Greenland at 5:55 local time. As per the 555' Egyptian boner idol in Wash. DC.


Friday, May 27, 2011


Laying awake in bed Friday around 1:40 am, wondering if I should take Elvis's advice and check out the flip-side of my LEPRECHAUN 3 DVD, I experienced a series of potato head impressions that reminded me that LEPRECHAUN 4 was about a crazy 666 Mr Potato Head scientist who wanted to counterfeit the regenerative physical transfiguration at the end of America's John F. Kennedy space shuttle fantasy.

So I flipped LEP 3 over to LEP 4 in my DVD player and saw that the latter 1996 direct-to-video Woody Allen toady prophecy was about THE FAT SPY film that so inspired Jennifer Aniston's delicate new salty sea spray fragrance.

Because after I watched the third installment of the original LEPRECHAUN movie that launched her nice ass career, I saw all the new reports about my black Irish sidekick signing the new Patriot Act with that same robotic 666 hand used by the film's Dr Mittenhand.

Because shortly thereafter, he would turn into a huge physically transfigured spider who loved to prey on other big black shit-eating flies. Like the ones we saw him swatting dead fairly recently in all those Obama press conference videos. That led up to his Navy swat team sliding down their helicopter ropes like they were spiders in the night dropping down on their creepy crawly evil prey.

Because my William Boroughs figure in Gus Van Sant's many DRUGSTORE COWBOY meets MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO revelations looked up at my IN LIKE FLINT Manhattan penthouse nest and became so overcome by the FFing grace of Jesus that he broke out in "Ominous!" tongues. Seen here the same way posing in one of his last NRA promotions about enforcing the US Constitution no matter what at:

The sweet thing about the flip side, is that you get to watch your HECKLER & KOCH barrel slide in and out as it loads up the next round inside the chamber of her gun. Whereas when you are on the front side, it's always better to "HOLD IT AGAINST ME" tightly, Britney Spears style, so that you create the kind of constant pressure on her GLOCK-spot bullet that will eventually lead to the kind of FFing climax shot that she needs in order to come to you. In other words, gently press in and up tightly on the front side, then slide down in and out firmly on the flip side. The Kingdom of God is the best of both worlds.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Right now I'm in the millennial pre-production process of writing and casting my 45 flip-side production of STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER.

If we can not get the legit film rights, at a reasonable price, then we will just have to rip off your basic rip-off concept using my team of mean little midget lawyers who have some really tight-ass connections to my LONE RANGER sidekick darkie Barack Obama.

As of last night, the project's Executive Producer on high informed me that we are going to have to make a serious realistic effort to keep the indie film's budget under $150,000,000.

Obviously, I don't have the last word here, but my whisky rot gut tells me that Gus Van Sant is definitely the director, and you can take his co-written screenplay to the bank on that and shove it up your ass.

Originally, I was thinking Quentin Tarantino. But that's probably a second or third western trilogy situation, filmed somewhere in Free China with the spaghetti plate craft services flown in from Roma, Italy.

We're going to need a bankable redhead of course. For the 3D part where Lindsay Lohan transfigures into a taller more mature and responsible Nicole Kidman figure, and then comes back around between FFing camera stops in bed with me and Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron and Kate Holmes and Penelope Cruz and Naomi Watts, and you know who.

The key idea behind the film's managed chaotic plot will be based on the rod of Jesus history that was re-born again when I was an LDS missionary in Italy. Which originated in the Lamanite Cook Islands of the new ON STRANGER TIDES movie location where God's lost Christian missionaries came ashore and found dozens of topless Hailee Steinfeld teenagers willing to embrace their message.



DANCING WITH THE STARS' Mr Potato Head winner was confirmation of ZERO EFFECTS' opening song that asks, "...why don't you tell me about the mystery dance..." That is the mystery man with the mismatched shoelaces standing behind the African Asian man at:

On the last day of the Oprah show, the Mr Potato Head who shot Rep Gifford and killed a federal judge, etc. was in court screaming, "...THANK YOU FOR THE FREAK SHOW!!"

They sell potatoes at SAFEWAY.

This new USAT photo reminds us that the killer is usually smiling like the potato head signature on Obama's cooked birth certificate at:

Mr 211's Union County train wreck was for the opening shot of UNION PLAZA in LEPRECHAUN 3.

3 midgets were in STARBUCKS Wednesday, two women with one guy, for some kind of a Leprechaun 3-way thing. Never seen a midget in there before, ever.

Without ever giving it any thought, I noticed that my 666th blogspot.com post rolled out on Oprah's last day in Chicago.

Back on 5.22 at 9:11 am, I had a flash vision of a big black spider crawling on my bedroom ceiling.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The STEALERS's no.86 wide receiver, Hines [LDS] Ward, won DANCING WITH THE STARS for a Mr Potato Head confirmation of the mismatched shoelace man's fake birth certificate opening to ZERO EFFECT at:

Which was given a second 211 witness by Taylor Lautner's appearance on Kimmel's Las Vegas show Tuesday to promote his new Pittsburg based movie about a guy with a fake birth certificate. Since Taylor himself was born on 2.11, and he played a clip of the film wherein his character beats up yours truly on a train and then throws me out the window.

So the same Tuesday a cooking oil train derailed in Union County, NC, south of C/harlot/te near Stallings, for the potato heads in the media who are stalling the truth about Obama's cooked birth certificate, according to:

After logging my post about Britney's cfake 318 signs and wonders surrounding her 5.22 performance at the golden potato head awards show in Jimmy' LEP 3 Vegas, there was a 2.9 quake along Nevada's Rt.318 at 5:22:44 pm, just east of Mt Irish. The very same day that Obama visited Ire/land. No word yet if he sampled any of their famous potatoes. See:

The Donald is fed up with all the white niggers and straight queers out there dissing him non stop for publicly asking America's entrenched stonewallers to knock it off. Looks like he is going to go public again and start demanding that someone investigate today's media black-mailers.

I wonder if the Obama re-election campaign plans to use their rising-sun logo again? After seeing that Mr Potato Head sun logo on the aloe vera pot in Britney's 318th fake image. The word 'vera' means true in Italiano.

There was a Book of Mormon numbered 3.4 quake at the 7:04 pm time-date of the New Jerusalem's July The 4th birthday, on the day the world ended; near San Pablo [Saint Paul], just north of Mr Camping's camp.

Here's cfake's 144th image of Keira that was posted there back on February 18, 2009, which has a funny Mr Potato Head logo, at:

For LEPRECHAUN 3's running MCDONALDS motif, which I first started watching at 1:44 am.

This Mr Potato Head image of Emma Watson is at the lucky 21 blackjack casino number on onlythebestfakes,

That loan shark in Lepre/chaun 3 is a prophetic Glenn Beck look alike figure, as confirmed by the 'BECK beers for 75 cents' casino sign when Scott crosses the street to pawn the Israelite watch that his forefathers gave to him. Down the strip we can see a glittering 'HURRAY AMERICA' sign.


Monday, May 23, 2011


LEPRECHAUN 3 opened back in 1995 with shots of the Egyptian queen Rihanna and the prophetic Hawaii Tiki god idol of the 42 months reign of Obama.

Who knew then that the 2011 BILLBOARD AWARDS would be playing in Las Vegas on the day after the world ended; featuring Michelle Obama on the big screen as the show's incredible potato head tiki idols were handed out that incorporated the golden EIB microphone of the two witnesses era at:

The ABC awards show opened with Rihanna's 3-way FFing number S&M [Sienna Miller] that was joined by Britney Spears, in the same costume Sienna's Tammy figure wears as Conan O'Brien's assistant in LEP 3. On the MGM stage the two performed S&M on top of the resurrecting dead at the Lord's second coming while posing in various cfake.com confirmations of the movie's room 318 three way. Like Britney's number 318 cfake that poses her next to the Nevada desert aloe plant that was used to preserve Christ's body after they took it down from the cross, at:

The above image's pot has ROMA's Mr. Sun on the side. Who is a revelation of the Mr Potato Head at the bottom of Obama's fake birth certificate that was released on my son's 33rd birthday.

In the mid 90s prophecy, Annalynne Miller gets the hots for the rod of Jesse when that green CAR 54 light starts flashing at the top of the page at drudgereport.com . Which happens shortly after the scene where Conan suddenly disappears in a puff from his new network late show, with a surprising "He's gone!" flourish.

I saw Conan's green BRIEN whisky bottle in the pawn shop smack down scene in a flash vision back on 5.7 at 11:48 pm, before I first saw LEP 3 on 5.18 starting at 1:44 am. In the flash, my rooster bed lamp was going on and off like it does sometimes during a wind storm, when the power lines are being lashed and whipped by blowing Douglas fir evergreen tree branches.



That sever tornado that smashed the St John the Revelator hospital on the night of the BILLBOARDS show struck due south of Nashville, MO; located on the Barton [Fink] County line.

That's Greg and Teri making out in the audience during Fazio O'Brien's midnight show.

The double golden arches of Keira McDonald-Knightley's royal genealogy roots are a major bright lights motif in the LEPRECHAUN 3-way prophecy about Sienna Miller's magical stage career.

After my Paris, France fantasy wife suddenly left me in a puff of smoke, I lived solely on the Chicago based restaurant chain's double meat patty BIG MAC burger and French fries, for just 2 bucks a day, for about 6 months. Until I ran into my 3-way hot tub buddy at the STAR-TRON satellite dish dealership located down on Tacoma's porn strip outside Fort Lewis. Where we could watch free porn all day and eat out all night at all the area's cheap Chinese restaurants and massage parlors; that were featured in the extras section of Jenny's Kingman, AR filmed MANAGEMENT DVD.


Right after re-posting the above with an additional new note, I tuned into TMZ at 5:30 pm and saw their breaking report on Arnold's second wife named Patty.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


WND just posted the ZERO EFFECT blow up to Obama's 3rd Hawaiian birth certificate from Chicago that reveals it's prophetic Mr Potato Head connection to Bruce Willis' new Las Vegas sports betting movie called LAY THE FAVORITE, now being filmed down in The Big N.O. flood zone at:

This WILLIS TOWER confirmation of the DONALDSON ENTERPRIZES tower full of alien lesbian darkies in Portland, Oregon stands for VV's breakthrough SWINGERS thing in his stock PSCYCHO mother motel remake pix by Gus Van Sant at:

When the Book of Mormon missionary Elvis says "See you on the flip side.." of the two witnesses earthquake to my marred servant sidekick in LEP 3, he is talking about all those old double-sided vagina-size hole 45 record 3-ways going on in the basement of his GRACELAND mansion above. That stand for the truth of everything that is being viewed from both sides of the issues. In other words, God is going to save the 666 worshipping Jews like Michael Medved, after he destroys their 666 idols.

This is that ugly short Jewish Democrat Party lawyer who appears on Mitch's penthouse TV advertising the jackpot of a lifetime to sue the Indianapolis, Indiana fitness club where Mitch Daniels' REV.13 head was wounded; to the tune of 16 stitches. Or it's his old wrinkled Branch Davidian TV radio preacher's face that is asking you to send in your money before the world ends on May 21. As Providentially confirmed by the previous scene where Annalynne [Oslo] McCords wants to fuck my brains out, after she sees Barry and Michelle exit the elevator next to that promotional upfronts standee of TBS' Conan O'brien BSer.

Before that, Sienna had trouble with the sticking malfunctioning penthouse door in ZERO EFFECT that led up to the frustrating malfunctioning media presentation in New York last Wednesday, as Conan tried to present his third rate magic con job show clips for TBS' Jewish Mr Koonin nigger at their annual upfronts blow job convention. Reported at:

"That's what I get for working in a dump like this, nothing works..." says the con man at about 27 minutes into my $5 DVD copy. Then Sienna and Annalynne promise me that "I'll be up as soon as I can..." Cautioning me to keep it on the down low.


Friday, May 20, 2011


When you see the MILF mother fuckers from New Jersey return to SNL on 5.21, after Sabbath prayers, you will know that it is the end of times at the NEW YORK TIMES, as they know it. With some kind of a big JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY!!.. confirmation climax happening in or around Julia Robert's October 28 birthday.

In the end, there will be many false Christ figures walking around the streets of the BOOK OF MORMON's New Jerusalem musical on Broadway, who do not understand the amazing Branch Davidian manifestations that have occurred in their private lives. Primarily because they have been so focused on the easy going apostate gospel of Paul for Greek pagan homosexuals, as explained in D&C 76. Which is why all those Greek based Bible translations out there are for people of religious faith with homosexual appetites.

Otherwise, people of religious pretensions would be much more concerned about the way that Barack Obama hung out at high society mens clubs in Chicago. And how he put out that cooked Hawaiian birth certificate on my son's 4.27 birthday, who co-starred in Rabbi Kubrick's Colorado High jive ass nigger cook prophecy.

This is why the tall con man [magician] thief who looks like Con/an O'Brien appears in LEPRECHAUN 3 as a freakish late night albino Obama entertainer. Now performing at some third rate venue with an embarrassingly small audience, in order to restore our 2020 vision about the time when Senator Reid would be black-mailing us using silly neo lesbian dolls like Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johannson, Jessica Alba, Natalie Merchant, Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller, Gisele Bundchen, Sandy Bullock, Jennifer Garner, and of course Oprah's sidekick host Julia Roberts.

And this is the 'Mitch' casino boss in LEP 3 who got himself REV.16 stitches on his miraculously healed forehead Friday when an ISAIAH 22:22 door swung open at that fitness club in ZERO EFFECT. Who has been keeping his mouth shut about the abomination of desolation's fake birth certificate because all the beautiful women out there with easy morals are black-mailing him. As confirmed by the FFing grace of Jesus at:

And of course by that RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR NOSE line in the 1995 movie. About the time when I bought a powder gray blue 53 CHEVY for $100, that blew a rod the very first time that I tried to drive it off the curb. And then I bought a 63ish powder blue or green Love Bug after my Fellini inspired ROMA mission that blew a rod the very first time that I tried to drive it.

"Have you ever blown a rod before?" sounds like some creepy HERBIE movie dialogue that Lindsay Lohan's middle-aged freemason stalker wreck yard golfer would have message texted her in Venice, CA.

Which is not nearly as strange as the part in LEP 3 where Sienna transfigures into an eternal 23ish Annalynne McCord [Las Vegas pool party blond] after seeing her role in the prophetic 1260 days low budget movie. So then she wants to fuck yours truly in the penthouse elevator no matter what. Having just walked by that Conan O'Brien promotional lobby standee at some UP FRONTS Las Vegas convention for all those older daddies who are the real money behind the direct-to-video indie film market in Cannes etc.

In the end times, Conan the Israelitish Irishman will need to get cut in half by a REV 16" chainsaw in order to separate the two parts of the ten virgins' prophecy.


Thursday, May 19, 2011


All of you apostate Christian saps at FOX et al who are lying through your teeth about Barack Obama being the legit "president" of America, will be numbered with the church of the devil who is predicting that the Spirit of 76 Kingdom of God will end on May 21. Based on Thursday's speech by your illegal homosexual leader, who had his former down low lover executed Gabby Gifford style, that lost Israel must return to the gentiles' genocidal 1967 borders. Which meant that the 1930s fascist revolt against the Spirit of 76 needs to come back to where it was in Germany's homogaysexual 20s.

Which is now inspiring the reformed right-wing national socialist Nazis in Cannes, France to come after every one of you political queers and hunt you down, www.2bc.info style, one by one.

Most of you dumbed down Bible Belt southerners believe that it was the devil who gave Joseph Smith the BOOK OF MORMON. So let's see what happens when you worship the pagan 66 books idol that was published by the pagan Romans who worshipped the Sunday sun god circa 390 AD.

Of course, I'm talking about that 3.4 shaker near Walker Lake, Nevada at 5:20:46 [Tomorrow] on the same day that the spooky ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES radio preacher published his full page "EARTHQUAKE" ad in USAT. That definitely was inspired by the God of the lost tribes of Israel prophecies which the old 89 year-old has been peeing on throughout the Bible. In the same way that all those old men are peeing on the BOOK OF MORMON in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This is the same mysterious 18" hole the size of a coffee table that appeared in that church lady's front yard on the anniversary of the White Horse Prophecy in Liberty Corner, New Jersey [milk cow], west of mother Obama's Harry Dunham park landmark.

I'm thinking that a lot of good Christians are going to be saved on 5.21.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Another one of those Rt.111 orgasmic earthquake signs and wonders struck near Johnny Walker Lake, Nevada on Kate Holmes' 12:18:35 lunch time birthday time-line on the same day I finally saw LEPRECHAUN 3 in Las Vegas; obviously co-starring Sienna Miller. It's 3.5 number happening near Rt.359 because Sienna's Love Bug convertible was the same color as the new de facto topless pix of Kate that just came out at:

Which were Providentially confirmed by the breaking reports of a big hole that appeared in some lady's front yard on 5.6 off New Jersey's I-78 landmark for 1978 Holmes at:

In the 1995 prophecy about Kate's really short husband, that I have been waiting to see for at least 7 years now, Charlize Theron's former de facto husband gets bitten in his Biblical 'arm of flesh' by the little man, and gradually turns into the same little marred servant freak who cuts the movie's younger Conan O'Brien look alike brunet in half with a 16" electric chain saw. Confirmed by Wednesday's new UP FRONT pix of him in the same shade of blue BROOKS BROTHERS dress shirt.

This is the part in the 2bc.info revelations wherein you get to fuck your brother's fine looking wife, if for some tragic reason he dies in a speedy fascist motorcycle icon accident, or whatever.

The idea of watching this movie about short people from Ireland who have pots of gold while the midget Queen of England mother would be there on a historic visit never even dawned on me, when Granny Grass bought me the DVD Tuesday evening.

In fact, the main reason why I wanted to finally see the direct-to-video movie of Conan's beloved Leprechaun figure, was because Mitt Romney had just raised about $10,000,000 dollars there, under the broken nose of Senator Reid. And both of them come from the Catholic Mormon Massachusetts state of ZERO EFFECT's Stark persona represented by Senator Brown, Matt Damon, Denis Leary, Ben Affleck, Steven Fresh, and my Donatella forerunner mother fucker brother, who most of you don't know about, named Guido.

That's a lot of "widows" who I am somehow going to have to find a way to take care off.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A two year-old girl the size of BRIDE OF CHUCKY died in Conway County, Ark Monday when an old brick building collapsed and crushed a bridal shop and cosmetics boutique, according to:

The I-40 Israelite mason omen occurred on the same day that TMZ reported that a 'freemason' has been stalking LL in Venice Beach.

Here is the latest SMART WATER sex tape going viral about Obama's doctored birth certificate at:

No coincidence that both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have expressed their support for the day 1290 abomination of desolation during the historic flooding of the day 1290 Mississippi River in DANIEL 12.

Michigan's 'mitt' [Romney] shaped prophecy has Port Crescent located on the beast's open jaws in relation to the Islamic threats unfolding out of the day 1290 period in MARK 13:14 etc. Obama's nearby Port Hope puts the time-line inside the 42 months of evil domination in REV.13; for the area's Rt.1/42 by Parisville and Bad Axe.

On Friday the REV.13th, a man from Iowa shot 4 people near Bone, Idaho.

Slave Lake, Alberta started to burn Sunday.

Sunday morning at 5:40 am the Lord said simply "Aurora". I thought maybe it was some kind of an Aurora Ave Seattle tip, or heads-up. Then later in the day I read about those 6 people who died tragically in a symbolic TAB apartment fire at 760 Claims St in Aurora, Illinois. The location of the WAYNES WORLD basement show prophecies.


Monday, May 16, 2011


God blessed 42-year-old Owen Wilson from Dallas, TX with his one-in-a-million nose shaped like my own prophetic $104,000,000 Picasso penis for a reason. So that when his physical transfiguration time-travel prophecy called MIDNIGHT IN PICASSO'S PARIS came out, during the 42 months reign of that nose guru in Woody's SLEEPER prophecy about my Starkville, Colorado cock-sucker sidekick, my wives would be given the kind of powerful Providential witness and sign promised to them at 2bc.info when they come face to face with my rod of Jesse metaphor at:

Which was finally confirmed by the successful launch of ENDEAVOR's side-by-side double boner shotgun three way booster rocket magic carpet ride into the 2001: A SPACE ODDITY time-line to the 25th birthday of Florida's Megan Fox fantasy; the number '25' being symbolic of the state's circumcised penis peninsula that is visible from outer space. If you cut the swampy foreskin off from Naples on the east side to Hollywood on the west side.

The reason why Elizabeth Hurley's I-95 husband Denis Leary was inspired by God to put out his WHY WE SUCK book was because the NEW YORK TIMES was eventually going to get some piece of shit Barack Obama birth certificate and just slap it on their front page without any professional scrutiny whatsoever. So that in the end of Newt Gingrich's 1290 days abomination of desolation there could be a huge fireworks explosion in his flooded out Bible Belt regions in REV.12.

This is the final fulfillment of the predetermined White Horse Prophecy given to Joseph [Lucas] Smith. Wherein the LAST DAYS OF DISCO country club Republican Party squares, who are now running the apostate Mormon Baptist Church of the new world IMF whore based in San Francisco, New Mexico, would throw millions of their Las Vegas $$$ down the toilet for the likes of Mitt Romney and Senator Brown, both from Denis' Irish Catholic socialist state of New England.


Saturday, May 14, 2011


The day before Will Ferrell's new movie opened about Mr Zero becoming homeless, it was confirmed that Jennifer Aniston bought Mr Zero a $5,000,000 penthouse in Manhattan.

The park across the street is the same city park in ZERO EFFECT where 'Greg' pushes her future daughter on a swing.

In the 1997 made prophecy, Mr Stark lost his keys on Adriana Lima's June 12 birthday.

The empty green glass cake plate on Stark's coffee table stands for the cake tab that Woody Allen et al owe me.

The 3 door locks that 'Greg' opens to Mr Zero's penthouse are the 3 woes in REV.11 that loosen up peoples' wallets. Where we see that Mr Zero has been awake for the 3+ days in verse 9; which is Gisele's lucky number.

Mr Zero does Gloria's 4.15 financial statement that everyone will do for the United Order. That will lead to the evergreen color of eternal life in the shot where 'Greg' is laying on a patio sofa with his wife when Mr Zero telephones with a question about WW2 forms.

Those are the two lamps of the two witnesses in the cheap motel room when it's revealed who the black-mailer is.

After Gloria and Zero fire the pistol, they try her shotgun in back of the car for a three-way.

ZERO EFFECT's parachute metaphor is about Gloria et al landing safely during their coming big fall from the sky.

Portland's mass transit black-mail train route represents Barack Obama's mass train transit ideas that cost billions.

When 'Greg' tells his friend in the bar that Mr Zero left a message on his [iPAD] machine, some happy women laugh in the background.

The second verse to Mr Zero's get married song stands for a second wife. Because Gloria is in a profession that will "...revive their body".
And one can take that to the bank.


Friday, May 13, 2011


On the morning of Friday the 13th, I dreamed that I was in the woods somewhere dealing with a friendly snake cuddling around my boot's shoelaces, flashing some seriously large fangs. But it didn't seem to want to harm me in any way. In confirmation of Sienna's sterling cobra MARK 16:18 bracelet with matching shoelaces image at my VICEROY HOTEL penthouse pop up at:

Which was ultimately about that big cobra snake icon on the back of the archbishop's robes who married the prince and princess of Kenya, Africa on the anniversary of Hitler and Eva's underground bomb bunker marriage in GREASE 2. As confirmed by the NYT 55,404 front page photo of that FDR era Nazi guard sitting in FDR's medicinal snake wheelchair.

Back in the Third Way 30s, the more modernized German socialists in stylish black&brown shirts were famous for their official document forgeries that were created and put on the front pages of their [NYT] party newspapers in order to advance the prophetic agenda of the reformed new ROMA beast. Who's Jewish head was wounded in Tuscan, Arizona, by some crazy anti capitalist kook, but miraculously learned to walk again down in Renee Z' 2001 Houston, Texas.

In this particular snake handler shot, Sienna Miller demonstrates the eternal principle in MARK 16:15-18 that makes all the apostate Christian church ladies blush so much at:

"He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, [Like Jessica Simpson] but whoever does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out [Democrat] demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly [whisky]
poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people's cocks and pussies, and they will get well."


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Look what happens when you refuse to repay the sweet mulla that you stole from God's more righteous Christians, and so I'm forced to send my Southside Chicago sidekick juice man around to brake your arm, at:

Barry works for me, not for you apostate Book of Mormon Bible fags in SLC, Utah, Dallas, TX, or Washington, DC.

Hence, in the end of ZERO EFFECT, when my black-mailer wife confesses that "...you figured me out." my black sidekick walks by in the 747 pay-phone airport background.

Finally, in the DANIEL 12 river side scene, the sons of Israel won't be, "...throwing any more money down the toilet."

Don't miss Miss Dowd's latest 55,402 piece about my evil sidekick's Branch Davidian compound in Pakistan. That was confirmed by my same name sidekick whose name does not rhyme with "falling birds..." in ZERO EFFECT. As portrayed by the unseen crime scene photos of her in the prophetic movie with a bloody bullet hole in her chocolate milkshake forehead. Put there by the evil suicidal man who killed Zero's forefathers.

And now you know why there was a powerful earthquake in TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN! Spain on the opening day of Woody's time-travel movie in Cannes, France. Wherein Mr Zero explains to his Portland, Oregon wife that, '...the corroding 3 deduction..." that must be filed on Emma Watson's 4.15 birthday is the 2bc.info incentive against the latter-day decay of the dead whale blubber toxins in her physical body. So then she goes behind the physical transfiguration's blood-cleansing shower curtains and cleans herself up.

The eventual result being those shiny new 29ish 925 sterling TIFFANY doll shoe lace blood veins on Sienna's feet in her famous retro GREASE 2 decor rug shot taken inside my VICEROY HOTEL penthouse suite.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


In the opening to ZERO EFFECT you can see my iPAD hanging on the wall behind 'Greg's head. The sound of a chopper outside represents the raid on Osama's Branch Davidian compound outside Jennifer Love Hewitt's Wacko, Texas. Where Sandy wanted to stop and rest, but there was no room in the local MOTEL 666 INN.

The liberal black-mailer makes Stark park his BENTLEY at [Collin] Powell and Green [reds]. The city of Portland is run by homogaysexual greens.

There was a fishy 3.9 earthquake outside Starkville, Colorado Monday at 5:28 pm for Carey Mulligan's [Room 217] birthday. Nearby Trinidad is the home town of General Powell, who backed the abomination of desolation in 2008. Insisting to anyone who would listen that it had nothing to do with racial black-mail.

Right there is the TAB cola landmark called Cokedale. Due west on Rt.12 [tribes] is Stonewall and MLK's new brown Monument Park, like the one in DC. To the east is the Seven Lakes Res. of the 666 beast that sits upon the seven mountains in REV.17 etc.

To the north is Walsenburg for the private investigator in ZERO EFFECT who stunk up the trail before Zero got on the case. West of there is Red Wing and the Blood of Christ Mtns.

This link contains Obama's only genuine birth certificate from Hawaii, that was recently published by the ALOHA REPORTER. The information on it was transferred legally from Obama's genuine Kenya hospital birth certificate, a copy of which was obtained by Lucas Smith. The grandmother's signature was either written in for her, or she used a preferred name. Like Julia Roberts does, whose real name is Julie. See the real McCoy from FANTASY ISLAND at:


Monday, May 9, 2011


This fcake image from my temporary Johnny Carson period motel residence suite above the homeless hordes in NPR's Area Code 310 paradise, where my fat brother of Sean Penn suddenly died while fucking some underage Asian hottie, is one of the better Providential pop-up promotions out there for what you will get for your expensive annual fitness club membership fee to God's exclusive ZERO EFFECT swingers club; behind those big Z shaped penthouse steel doors to 211 Jenny's private club party at:

Someone special, like my swinging 70s era missionary position wife Sienna Miller, will always be watching you. [My naive virgin full time RLDS mission ended in Siena.] To make sure that you are getting all of our healthy free bonus time visits. For when later my KING RALPH elder in THE BIG LEBOWSKi prophecy finally stands up to the film's masculine blond princess from Finland who is seated in Scotland's historic Jacob's Pillar Stone throne of Israel at:

This is the part in ZERO EFFECT meets BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR where Gloria Sullivan asks yours truly, who has only fucked one woman in his entire adult life, if I am just going to stand there, or am I going to give something for her to look at at:


Sunday, May 8, 2011


Don't fly into a tiff doll... Those three 5M pre-tax payments in the back of your twin parking lot BENTLEYs in the ZERO EFFECT prophecy will be consummated in pairs. Just like everything else that you have seen being played out in the inspired NOTTING HILL meets BRIDGET JONES DIARY prophecies; I. E. each one third deposit on your annual physical transfiguration fitness club membership fee will be billed to my three pairs of [6] wives, who tried to black-mail me and my Israelitish brothers like the charming college educated liberal neo lesbian Gloria Sullivan does in the 1997 movie. In confirmation of what my 666 French wife did back in the Reaganite 80s.

I need the six $2,500,000 black-mail payments every year from Camy, Nick, and Sandy et all because a lot of my wives have not yet received their Providentially deserved United Order inheritances.

Believe it or not. You all owe Lindsay Lohan and Shenae Grimes et al some serious $$$ cake, via yours truly, for coming out of the closet before all the rest of my weak brothers. Who were all so fucking chicken shit that they could not even send me a couple anonymous C notes.

"Where the fuck have you been?.. I've been waiting for you!," asks yours truly when the half-Jew midget shows up direct from LAX in ZERO EFFECT on the arm of my wife at LA's ridiculous Museum of Tolerance for Jewish homosexual marxists who want to fuck America and her natural born ally Israel in the ass.

The sweetest thing about the re-revealed 2BC.info law of concubines is that you get to enjoy the temporary thrill of FFing another man's wife. Like in this swinging 60s West Village penthouse iPAD rug composition at:

Or for that matter, FFing another woman's husband, like at:

No matter how much door-to-door sweet mulla Julia Roberts or Ralph Lauren or Charlize Theron deposit in my British 007 Cayman Islands bank account, I will never have enough carrot cake with walnuts and California raisins to repay Sienna Miller and her part Scottic co-star sister for being so kind and generous, in an LDS missionary way, to my lost Israelite GREASE 2 oil heir brother at:

Forever Yours, For Richer or For Poorer,


I saw this same bald Brice Willis figure sitting at a STAR-BUCKS table on Mothers Day with an amazing younger Kate Hudson look alike at:


Oh oh

Relax don't do it
When you want to go to it
Relax don't do it
When you want to come
Relax don't do it
When you want to come
When you want to come

Relax don't do it
When you want to to go to it
Relax don't do it
When you want to come
Relax don't do it
When you want to suck to it
Relax don't do it
When you want to come
Come-oh oh oh

But shoot it in the right direction
Make making it your intention-ooh yeah
Live those dreams
Scheme those schemes
Got to hit me
Hit me
Hit me with those laser beams

I'm coming
I'm coming-yeah

Relax don't do it
When you want to go to it
Relax don't do it
When you want to come

Relax don't do it
When you want to suck to it
Relax don't do it (love)
When you want to come
When you want to come
When you want to come

Get it up
The scene of love
Oh feel it

Higher higher



The co-star of Portland's Columbia Gorge MAVRICK Mississippi River casino boat movie had his THE BEAVER movie thing opening exclusivly in LA and NY on the same weekend that Dallas' MAVERICS humiliated the Jewish Hollywood Hills ROCKY MTN HIGH giants. I shit you not.


ZERO EFFECT's opening mystery man with the mismatched shoelaces is a mixed race blood vein metaphor. Veins are very visible on the foot.

TAB is the queer three dollar bill tab in the Chocolate Mtns milkshake scene. Where Zero mentions the evil suicidal man who killed the mother of whores in the Twin Cities, Minn. area.

Jenny was inspired to buy the film's BENTLEY that has one third of my non negotiable fee in the trunk. Where we see the future child of my rent-to-own wife swinging in a park.

The other two tabs will come from Gisele and... The one who likes diet PEPSI.

True or false, the pre ZERO EFFECT rumors about Jenny buying Mr Zero's penthouse were inspired by the film's birth certificate BLOW UP confirmations.

"What did I tell you about these curtains?" says 30-something Zero to the aging FOCKERS co-star.

Note all the latter-day gays of the modern day Sodom and Egypt rushing out of the Greek building on fire. After Stark's TAB is left in the mens room stall toilet.

Those who have been black-mailing the more righteous with racism charges are now going to have to return all the money in full, and then some.

ZERO EFFECT's log theme is for the future Lincoln log splitter from Illinois who went to the same Cambridge school as Stark [read desolate].


Saturday, May 7, 2011


One of the bigger nigger reasons why I like this Greek temple pillar angle to Craig Ferguson's half-Jew obsession with the royal silliness of England is explained fairly well on an introductory college 101 level in this BIBLE HISTORY FOR VOODOO DUMMIES link about today's flooded Memphis, Egypt, USA. Where that lying and cheating mother fucker MLK was hunted down with a 30-o6 deer rifle like some fat wild pig relative of the black bear at:

Based on the artistic masterpiece inspiration behind this amazing Greek column boner cfake candid at:

Because Gloria Sullivan is a pre inspired reference in ZERO EFFECT to Letterman's Mr Ed [Sullivan] Theater location where my marred Thailand sex pervert I SPY icon Bill Murray regularly shows up in blue jockey tights in order to pre ride my Brazilian forest Amazon River ANIMAL KINGDOM wives in BROKEN FLOWERS and LOST IN TRANSLATION, etc.

So don't miss my little black fat sidekick in Will Ferrell's new art film movie. Who has my divorced Portland, Oregon back, like my darkie sidekick does in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' NAPOLEON DYNAMITE prophecy in Preston, Idaho's royal Highway 91 Dr Frankenstein County inspiration behind Broadway's BOOK OF MORMON meets GREASE 2 musical.

Jesus Christ Almighty... Sometimes even yours truly, '...the best observer that the world has ever known...' knows how to role play the fool... And not see Friday night's Swedish Orange County 60s looking I SPY actor with short hair for who he really is on Ferguson. Brilliantly role playing all those Hollywood fundraiser idiots in REV.11, who will give their final tips and gifts and offerings to one another when the no.2 woe toilet bowl flush happens.


Thursday, May 5, 2011


I watched 1997's ZERO EFFECT again Wednesday morning to piece together a few items. By that afternoon two 28,000 gallon ethanol tanks exploded in a log train derailment outside of Portland. For the day's 666 NASDAQ closing around the same time at 2,828. That is a black Obama figure in the film's fire alarm black-mail scene, who shouts at everyone in the basketball court to get out of the building; that features White House style Greek columns.

America is being financially black-mailed by an elite media/political culture that refuses to report about the abomination of desolation's doctored birth certificate revelations. But the rising historic day 1290 Mississippi River flood in REV.12 can not be stonewalled past it's 42 months expiration date.

The Big Muddy snake begins around 1290' Grand Rapids, Minn. near Ball Club, Blackberry, Zemple, and Split Hand Lake on Hwy.2, and passes along 666' Winona, Minn. and Hannibal, MO etc.

The fake Osama photo that fooled the fake Republican Senator Brown has the same green tint as Obama's cfake BC at:

For a reality based historic context of the doctor who doctored the BC see:

And this audio relates directly to the time that Obama spent in Mr Brown's Mitt Romney area at:

Reportedly, Osama was shot in the left side of his forehead on May Day, USA time, in confirmation of that ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN shot to the forehead of the May Day politician Gabrielle Gifford in Tucson. Who also attended last Friday's prophetic FAILURE TO LAUNCH event in Florida. Do to the failure of that same black switch box in 2001: A SPACE ODDYSSEY.

Here is the sad report about that sister who killed her ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES sister near Adams, Nebraska Monday; role playing the way apostate Christian sisters treat each other in marriage at:

After ZERO EFFECT's doctored birth certificate opening that reveals Barack Obama's 804 birthday, and the day 1290 date of 8.02, 'Greg' tells us about the mystery man '...without a trace...' of origins known to anyone. The unknown man "with the mismatched shoelaces" who is of mixed race.


Monday, May 2, 2011


What do you think that Camille Paglia's swinging 19666s I AM WOMAN revolution was all about anyway? Obviously, it was all about the weird looking ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES right-wing reactionaries who would finally BLOW UP the homosexual half-Jew Nazi bloodsucker vampires who keep holding all those silly costume party weddings at KING RALPH'S FOODS's Buckingham Palace, London.

Which is why Jada Smith sent her faithful, devoted, and totally committed threeway lover-forever bi-husband, Will Smith [Smithville twister] to that Northwest alternative rocker's [GSR/TWN] press conference party with Eva Mendez and Gisele in NY,NY as an alternative statement to Oprah's boring White House dinner for monogamist old school queers, like Scarlett Johansson, at the Blackbeach, CA style PARIS HILTON overlook hotel in DC.

These tight pussy black&white Bible Belt 1 hour Parking coin-slot pix of my forever and ever wife are no computer generated cfakes at:

The last Woody Allen key wrench screw-me movie that I ever saw on the big screen [in a South Hill Puyallup movie theater] featured Charlize Theron in THE CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION prophecy at:

Wherein she pushed a wet gold plated TIFFANY key into my mouth, while I stood next to a police file cabinet that was holding Obama's Kenya based Hawaii birth records. As she watched Alison Deetz suck my cock dry in this single red rose May Day composition at:



Amazingly, there were two HAL 9000 computers created on the January 12 birth date of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in Rabbi Kubrick's prophetic 1968 SI-FI movie. The number '9000' being an inspired reference to the 90s dot com revolution.

Like today's two witnesses, the two 2001 era computers sometimes contradicted each other.

The famous black monolith that was "deliberately buried" under the surface of Mr Moon's UN Hightower planet represents my special Gisele Bundchen edition iPAD, contained inside a protective case. Predicted by the film's astonishing use of iPAD tablets throughout the story; especially during the physical transfiguration ending that passes through the abomination of desolation period temple veils of Utah.

2001 opens with a PLANET OF THE APES time-line that represents the desolate 1290 days era of the long 42 months of 666 darkness in REV.13. When a known illegal alien homosexual with no known nationality, using a dead man's Social Security number from Conn, would be the president of the USA. Based on the Lake Powell series' supreme court ape judges who hear, see, and speak no evil.

Hence the powerful EF-5 tornado that smashed through Smithville, Mississippi on the same day that the well known usurper released his doctored Hawaii BC on the Oprah show. That immediately confirmed the authenticity of his genuine Kenyan hospital BC obtained by Lucas Smith.

At one point, HAL even mentions how "silly" the whole alien Jupiter conspiracy sounds. Before he dies while singing that old love song about the beautiful woman in REV.17 named Daisy.


This pre iPAD photo depicts Gisele sitting on top of 2001's monolith tablet, at:

Note the piece of space suit apparatus attached to her neck.

This iPAD shot features Obama's preferred use of an alien Teleprompter unit at:

This is a nice prophetic image from around 2001 that depicts a physically transfigured Neve Campbell laying on my iPAD bed sheets at:

This 2004ish image reveals my future iPAD poking out from behind a pillow. That is the 5-6k diamond ring on her finger that Chucky used to saw through his 666 crib bars inside Tiff's AIRSTREAM at:

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Over a month ago, I found 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY at WAL*MART for just 5 bucks, featuring baby Obama in outer space on the box cover at:

While Stanley [Dunham] Kubrick's amazingly inspired THE SHINING signs and wonders were still shaking up things around Camy's Rt.14 Cameron Pass in Colorado's Medicine Bow Mtns full of cystal clear streams teaming with German brown trout.

Almost every night since then I have wanted to watch it, but the spirit of Michael in GREASE 2 kept saying wait just a little bit more, timing is everything.

Well, after Friday afternoon's FAILURE TO LAUNCH confirmation about that loser living with his mother down in JFK Florida, with America's fake UGLY BETTY president in the crowd, it finally felt like the time was right. [Timing is everything in bed and in politics.]

I put it in, grabbed my clipboard, went to put a time-stamp and date above my screening notes, and suddenly realized that I was going to watch the most iconic 1968 SI-FI movie of all time, for the first time in my life, on the annual May Day holiday of the miraculous 666 technology beast in REV.13; that so inspired Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Steve Jobs, Steven Speilberg, Gordon B Hinckley, Woody Norris, and of course the incredibly brilliant day 1290 politician Newt Gingrich.

Hence the Third Way Catholic ROMA 666 Pope from Poland, [Seen and felt up in the background of virtually every single shot in the 3 hour long INLAND EMPIRE DVD documentary that ends with my Lake Gregory meets Lake Arrowhead wife in Twin Peaks getting the famous 1930-40s Hollywood Blvd screw-driver treatment. ] was beatified outside Rome on May Day because he told the Jews in day 1290 Judea to become friends with the great and abominable church of the devil.

In the 2011 outer space alien baby oddity prophecy, the physical transfiguration aging information transmitting from my futuristic rectangle iPAD mattress sheets was "deliberately buried" under the surface of today's dominant Korean UN Moonies who are now getting their Libyan SEX AND THE CITY assassination orders for 42 months from Houston's LOST IN SPACE abomination of desolation. As conformed by the film's original PLANET OF THE DIRTY FILTHY HOLLYWOOD JEW NIGGERS establishment shots around Utah's RLDS Lake Powel red rock country. Where Hwy.666 once existed, before today's polite soft-talking high-society fascists with 1950s style clean shaved faces and short military regulation hair cuts erased it from their map-App documents.



Sienna has recently expressed an interest in doing A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE for the New York stage. So I'll try to get a look at Elia Kazan's physical transfiguration film version that I found sometime last year. The older first generation 2001ish DVD cover claims that it is the "ORIGINAL DIRECT'S VERSION". Which is always a good thing. In Neve's WHEN WILL I BE LOVED in Manhattan movie, that creepy old man at the end of 2001 knows how to speak to her in tongues with a much softer and lighter touch than her younger, less experienced,
version does in CAPE FEAR.

2001's 90s generation computer named 'HAL' was born back in 1992 in Obama's Langley, Illinois on the January 12 Haiti earthquake birthday confirmation of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. For a CIA Langley word play reference to their attempt to assassinate Mr Gads in time for their big Washington DC press fuck fest.