Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Jennifer Aniston's last free lover was the TRAVELING grip from Vancouver, BC. So now it's time for her big 50% OFF Mother's Day sale. If I had any money myself, I'd be the first guy in line waiting for the doors to open.

They say that Jenny was set up last week with the 30 year-old Sandman Huckster from Atlantis by Sheryl Crowe. In confirmation of last week's "stunning" lightening bolt twisters near her exfiance's Crowley, Texas landmark south of Dallas at:

Therefore those six tornados around Virginia's Dismal Swamp Monday were about the Super Tuesday tornado confirmations of Ms Crowe's NYT interview at her "Hits Ranch" in Al Gore's Tenn virgins state of LOGAN'S RUN.

You would have to think that John and 2.11 Jenny were making JJ burgers on the same day that chocolate-7 kid was hitting ladies with his grandmother's white 4x4 at a COSTCO parking lot in nearby Palm Beach Gardens.

The REV.13 beach sand man of Israel thing was backed up by three more JAWS attacks in Florida waters around New Smyrna Beach. During the same three days that John Mayer was surfing and jawing Rachel Green's nearby 'Green Mound Archaelogical Site'; located at the end of Emma Watson's Rt.415 in Volusia County at:

Just north of there is Barbarella's rocket ship launch site at Titusville; east of Rt.50% off Christmas sale, Florida.

Last Saturday at Bonney Lake's discount merchandise close-out store, I found a vagina canal shaped bottle of green STAR brand "queen martini olives", stuffed with gar/lick, for the cheap price of $1.99. That's about half of what you would pay at ALBERTSONS.

ET et al showed Jenny's new bikini robot no.18 pix from Miami Tuesday. Confirming my decision only hours earlier to announce that 18 year-old Emma's official bikini robot number is lucky '7'. Don't spend it all in one place darling.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Matt Lauer showed up Monday in Hillary Evita's prophetic home town capital of Argentina.
NOTE: At STARBUCKS Tuesday, I saw that full page Jewish Messianic birthday ad in the NYT. Then a cute 18ish Jennifer Garner look alike, sitting nearby with her boyfriend, exclaimed loudly "HOLY CRAP!!"
NOTE: Is there a hanging scrotum walnuts shot in VIVID's new Jimi Hendrix threesome sex tape ?
TABLOID BLUR: The ROCKY HORROR transsexual piece about Hillary and her Huma lover is in the GLOBE. The transsexual item in the ENQUIRE is about Cynthia Nixon.
NOTE: Sitting on STARBUCKS toilet Tuesday, the following sentence suddenly came into my mind vividly: "PS Pam Anderson, Your marriage to Ba/rack Obama will last about as long as your recent marriages."

Sunday, April 27, 2008


In a recent vivid dream, I was sitting at a picnic table under Granny Grass' hanging scrotum walnuts tree with the beautiful UFO face Uma Thurman. On top of the table was a photo album of various conservative icons. Which she declared were evil people, and then got up and left in a huff, walking directly across the path of the place where those two stoned teens crashed their 90s MITZ in our neighbor's front yard.

I found out later, the actress Uma Thur/man was role playing Hillary's side of the transsexual HBO leadership duo at the end of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. Where everone is sitting on Mel's folding patio Malibu beach chairs.

See what I mean, in the new ENQUIRER'S alien looking lesbian pics of H/uma Abebin on page 15; referencing the background info at:

So why are the leaders of the Mormon Baptist church, based in Rome, Italy, not telling us about the last days prophecies of Sodom and Egypt?

Because the Catholic Mormon talk show hosts like Glenn Beck just had multiple butt hole surgeries. That's why, for one thing.

Apparently, they're just too gay to say anything about the transsexual Obama and Hillary reports flooding in from Chinatown, USA. And it would imply that they acknowledge the latter-day prophecies of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Exposing how much their church lady concepts about monogamy are totally homogaycelibate.

Thus the Texas style gaping ass hole problem featured in Lynch's WILD AT HEART Big Tuna motel scenes. They say macho gay sex is way hotter that girly gay sex.

I tuned into KIRO Sunday night at 8:00 to catch the CBS headline news. But was surprised to hear Tim Russert moderating MEET THE PRESS. The audio only created a more clear sound of the faggoty Tim grilling a homogaysexual Dr Dean in favor of the transsexual Obama over the lesbianish Hillary transsexual. Looks like the tragic suicide of Glenn Beck's mother was a prophecy.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Friday, April 25, 2008


There were 15 new killings in Obama's Chicago land. In the time space leading up to Wednesday's headlines about the Hershey, PA primary; most of them in the hood. Followed up by the breaking news that Larry Sinclair's story about eating Obama's ROCKY ROAD chocolate bar in the back of a limo will now be looked at seriously by homicide investigators at:

Another pure cacao bullet for the new 666 beast, is the new candid ad linking Rev Wright's dark chocolate marxism with today's high society white chocolate flavors. Like Ted Kennedy and John McCain; i.e. Teddy openly supports the obamanation of desolation, and the useless McCain is too old and weak sighted to see it in the mirror.

The last Harry Potter movie no.5 was probably about Arizona Senator McCain's country club ORDER OF THE PHOENIX; located along America's prophetic I-10 landmark. No doubt, the 2008 elections will be instrumental in moving some of these bland old timers over to the wise five virgins camp.

Not too long ago, I found 'Volume 2' of the nostalgic McCain era LONE RANGER television series at WAL*MART on a $1 DVD; containing the 3rd prophetic episode entitled THE LEGEND OF OLD TIMERS. The show looks like it could have been shot in McCain's Arizona country. Where the Alone Ranger and Toronto two witnesses show some elderly has-been ranch dudes how to fight the younger bad guys.

Like Rush had to do on Thursday, regarding those painfully true Rev Wright Obama ads in North Carolina. Sometimes the masked man of Ephraim would stand behind an old geezer and fire at the villians. Then duck away quickly, letting his respected elderly friend think that his own shaky poor aim hit the target.

Just in case we missed the 'death by chocolate' target message from SNL. The media hacks keep reminding us that any criticism of Obama is purely racist cacaophobia.

Has anyone seen any headlines about the fake Obama delegate phone call that lead to the government snatching hundreds of children from their parents in Faker, Texas without due process? Talk about death by chocolate by not talking about the coming death by chocolate.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Here's a tragic five virgins omen from Hershey, PA country. It's about kids being born retarded because their parents ate too much chocolate, at:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


San Bernardino County spokesperson Cindy Beavers, said Rocky the grizzly bear actor in the basketball brain movie SEMI-PRO, killed a 39 year-old trainer, Stephan Miller, at his PREDATORS IN ACTION camp in Rt.18's Big Bear, CA. When the harry beast bit him on the neck like a Transylvania vampire during the Pennsylvania primaries. In Beaver County, PA, Big Beaver is located off Hwy.51, near Homewood, south of Rt.18's [Teddy] Koppel.

This is the bear fur space ship that carried Barbarella to Duran Duran on Planet 16 in 1968. Cat napping back on 4.13, a voice woke me up that said "Happy Birthday Burger!" The next week, I saw those 18th birthday party burger shots of Harry Potter's girlfriend, Emma Watson. While exiting the backseat of Granny Grass' ELDORADO mini limo in see-through longitude map line panties at:
http://www.idontlikeyouinthatway.com/2008/04/emma-watson-upskirt-time.html .

Emma's magic wrist watch says 10:15 pm in confirmation of her ten virgins status quo as of the beast's 15th of April payday. When Cameron Diaz' beloved BEACH BOYS father passed away around Long beach, CA.

Reportedly, Ms Watson was at London's coin-op theme AUTOMAT for her big 18th birthday bash. So when I went to the Bonney Lake library computers for a look at her web site http://www.emmawatsonofficial.com/ , I spotted a wise five virgins 1997 nickel in the coin-return slot of their automat copy machine.

You can drink at 18 in the UK. So here she is drinking from a royal crown pipe bottle; posing in her powerful-wolf Libby Ernst look alike Snoopy dog top at:

The spiral motif at her bird sanctuary web page confirmed a flash vision I had back on LUCKY DUCK's St Patrick's Day. When I saw the hand of the Lord drawing spiral patterns with a pen at 3:27 am. Then at 4:09 am, I had a flash of me sipping a fine glass of sweet female white wine as the Lord said "Good... Good... Good... Good... Good..." five times for the five beautiful virgins; who are over 18 years of age.

I read that Emma Watson is taking the place of Scarlett Johansson in the period film NAPOLEON AND BETSY. Where she falls in love with an older Napoleon Dynamite in exhile on the British island of Saint Helena; during the latter-day saints era of Joseph Smith. When a group of rebels from I-35 longitude Texas plotted to rescue him and start their own republic. Possibly using the same submarine featured in THE SAILOR DOG gold book childrens' prophesies.

Yours, GSR/TWN

See the two Davidian palm trees logo at California's http://www.in-n-out.com/default.asp , where they never serve frozen burgers.
NOTE: I have some recent updates at the http://www.nataliemerchant.com/ community boards; under her 'various ramblings' section. Search GSRiTWN.
NOTE: Speaking of bush pix, etc. Ms Bush is getting married at the McGregor area Texas ranch on 5.10. Where Rt.56 turns into Rt.317, near Bruceville-Eddy, north of Temple, Texas on I-35.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The Denton'd license plate 728 JES revelations on "I'm Mel Man" were about that ominous 2BC revelation from God. Which declared how the church of the lady in D&C 86 will be cleaned in one quick swipe. The same way that one would clean a dirty plate under their running sink water at home.

For this reason, America's own effeminate Pope 16, Jimmy Carter, was inspired to fornicate with Israel's enemies, leading up to Passover. While the pro Palestinian German Pope is in America screwing Hollywood's Catholic Matt Damon in the ass. As prophesied in ISAIAH 11, both these latter-day Ephraimites have a deep rooted problem with Judah.

I see that Carter's Plaines, GA is located on Hwy.280, near route .38 caliber, due west of the Latin Americus, in confirmation of Georgia's 28 year-old "I'm Mel Man" Masters winner. Who appeared in the NYT sports CAR 54,280 issue headlines with his total score of 280 strokes.

That same day, I watched 1968's surreal FUNNY GAMES forerunner film, BARBARELLA. Wherein the Texas Ranger look alike Chuck Norris rounds up all those evil spawn from the FLDS ranch, in freezing cold hearted Tom Green County, because they were giving his beloved REV.17 mystery lady such a hard time.

Washington DC is shaped like a baseball diamond. So look for any correlating signs and wonders from God when the Pope holds a Mass at the nation's baseball diamond on princess Jennifer Gar/ner's 36th birthday this 4.17. We have already seen how much the ALIAS actress loves the Ballina sport and is a big Boston RED SOX fan.

It is no stinking coininki dink that the great transsexual Madonna of Babylon leader is visiting the latter-day Sodom and Egypt at the same time the ANIMAL FARM pigs in Texas are moving the FLDS kids into filthy apostate Christian homes. Without ever interviewing the anonymous 911 phone caller from Faker, Texas. That the mainline media has accepted with absolutly no professional corrorboration standards. While ignoring the obviously legit evidence surrounding the death of Obama's gay choirmaster lover.

Meanwhile, the pussy whipped old LDS church leaders in SLC, Utah, who obviously dispise God's revealed plural marriage doctrines from their own Joseph Smith prophet, putt around on their USELESS BAY GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB shopping carts.

It's no coincidence that Thomas S Monson is the 16th Pope of the LDS church.

Wednesday, Michael Savage played a hilarious audio montage of FOX news' panicked church ladies going on and on about the creepy evils of Biblical plural marriage sex. The very same day ET et al covered the lavish wedding of Ivana Trump to her underaged Italian actor husband no.4 . Perhaps some of those poor abused FLDS children could be placed in the protection of her mainstream household. She's probaly about as Christian as Texas' Baptist celeb Jessica Simpson.

At the end of BARBARELLA, Lindsay Lohan and the reformed royal queen, Kate Beckinsale, triumph over Alicia Keyes 'Black Guard' beasts and fly away in a threesome with the mighty and strong ROCKY HORROR angel. Who suddenly went from being a 25 year-old stud pipe of 'male essence', to being the story's black&white GSR/TWN middle aged sex tormentor, Duran Duran, and back again to home plate in the final physical transfiguration.

Yours, GSR/TWN

THIS JUST IN: A girls softball team was on Wednesday's bus crash in Seattle's exotic Israelite genealogy tree park, off Teri's place on Republican Street. There have been many [Baptist Texas] bus crashes in the past few days. Over 40 kids died in that watery bus crash in Liz Hurley's western India. Most of them were permanently baptised in some canal.

Monday, April 14, 2008


A short South African golfer named 'I'm Mel Man' won the fabled Harlem, GA Masters green Leprechaun jacket. Confirming the great church's Mother Madonna icon standing next to South Africa on the cover of VANITY FAIR. The same day, 18 state prison workers were injured on a boat navagating the day 1290 Mississippi in Catholic Louisiana; downstream from Rt.18's Port Gibson at:

The FUNNY GAMES finale was marked by Alicia Keyes Rev. Wright style conspiracy theory that gangsta-rap was created by government whities to get black people killed; probably Jewish whities at that. So she religiously wears a Black Panther AK-47 icon around her neck for some black wildcat 666 beast protection magic.

Her theory was confirmed Saturday. When a political gansta figure named Ni/castro shot a REV.13.1 sea rooster named Gil/man down in the JAWS Tampa, Florida area with his BB gun and a .45. He was raised by a chick nick named Brit. Basically, the bird was killed the same way that gang rapper Tupac was murdered, or Obama's gay choirmaster rooster Mr Young, at:
http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/crime/article454619.ece .

Ms Keyes' Key West landmark is a major transsexual resort destination, located by the Great White Heron nature reserve. Corroborating my RITE AID reciept for those three CRANE LAKE sacrament wine bottles time-stamped at 4:50.

Speaking of the transsexually effeminate REV.16 Pope. He turns 81 on 4.16 in the prophetic context of those 416 children taken from the FLDS around Twin Buttes, Texas. Reportedly, he will be visiting the Casa Blanca on that same day. Pope 16 is also scheduled to hold a massive Mass on 4.20 in the shadow of Yankee Stadium's huge baseball bat prophecy.

There is also some big event set for the United Nations location where Judah's day 1290 obamanation of desolation was set up in 1996. Don't forget, Obama attended the Million Man army of Islam march.

Friday morning, Clinton's campaign office in Terre Haute, Indiana burned down. It was still burning when Bill stopped by on his way to a rally in Clinton, about 20 miles north of there; near Mecca in Vermillion County. I see the Big Raccoon River runs through there. Terre Haute means 'high ground' or land, as in high elevation Denver, Colorado.

Another FUNNY GAMES youth riot errupted at Ms Keyes' WET N' WILD fun park Sunday in Orlando at:

Confirming the British bus crash that killed 4 teenage girls on SMART PEOPLE's opening weekend. When a sands of Israel truck rammed them down in Book of Mormon country at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Flooding waters began falling over various levees upriver from Brad Pitt's below sea level pit project last weekend; for the first time since 1997.
NOTE: Here's a link to that timely 3.8 quake outside Rome at 1:44 EDT at:

One of my terrorist concerns is that some legit Islamic pilot, with a clean record, will turn his 747 into another 911 suicide bomb.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


There have been hundreds of quakes in the past 10 days off the coast of Oregon, due west of the left-wing ultra green 422' Eugene. Marking the upcoming 4.22 date for transsexual Transylvania's HBO primaries. The largest one so far showed a CAR 5.4 number. They think it could me magma stirring under the Juan de Fucka Plate at:http://apnews.myway.com/article/20080412/D9000MJ00.html

The Juan de Fuca Oregon landmark is a direct reference to the San Juan, Puerto Rico broadcast about Larry Sinclair and Barack Obama sucking and f_cking each other's organ in the back of a limo. And shooting their wads in a Rt.131 hotel room near Hwy.41's Wadsworth, Ill at:

Larry is thinking about posting all the juicy passionate details of their coked out sexual encounters. Since the liberal media is still stonewalling the obviously legit story about a major candidate having contracted political AIDS. This will play a big part in THE BREAKUP threeway earthquake prophesied of in REV.16.

Speaking of Texas flag threesomes. While stocking up with three $3.33 petite sarah and fume blanc CRANE LAKE bottles Friday at RITE AID, I saw the great church's transsexual Mother Madonna icon on VANITY FAIR's new 4.22 Earth Day cover. Later that night, I saw that Miss Black Texas had won the MISS CONGENIALITY USA crown at the PLANET HOLLYWOOD floor show Friday night. And read her obvious Obama plug quote; "I think the United States is coming together."

Obama's Pastor Wright [AID] is scheduled to be the key speaker later this month at Michigan's major NCAA Big Foot convention for the Marxist NAACP. Where apparently the state's democratic primaries have been dismissed like some third world African election.

In the spirit of unity for Judah's day 1290 Obamanation of desolation, the 2008 election season Chinese Olympic torch tour is being called the "Journey of Harmony". They don't buy that out in the vegan enclave of Eugene, Oregon. And they certainly don't buy it in meat eating Wyoming.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Thursday, April 10, 2008


For last monday's NCAA Tigers-Jayhawks '68' finale score, down in Naomi [1968] Watts' Sydney, Australia, five teenage boys walked up to a high school assembly and started clubbing people with baseball bats. I think the father gets wacked in the head with a golf club, by the Nazi youth, in one clip I saw of FUNNY GAMES. Whatever. An Aussie teacher got clubbed hard on the head Monday.

Tiger Obama Wood's Masters are playing out in Augusta, Georgia right now at some USELESS BAY GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB, along Washington Rd. The Super Bowl of golf I hear. So look for more FUNNY GAMES plot twists happening along the venue's alien I-20 landing mark.

There was also a pro NBA game going on when that CNN twister ravished the Lep's downtown Atlanta hood. Harlem, GA is due west of Augusta.

For the college female basketball championship in shark infested Tampa Tuesday, it was a JAWS bullshark attack off LORRAINE MOTEL's North Wall beach near Ballina, Australia, [little ball, baseball]. That killed a surfer dude who had gotten the day off from school due to a teacher's day event. Thereby representing public education's REV.13.1 bullshit sharks who are spiritually killing the sons and daughters of Israel. And the Twin Buttes stuff going down around Wall, Texas in Tom Green County.

Reportedly, they found a honeymoon suite inside the FLDS Alamo. Where teenage girls get married young, like in ancient Biblical times, or at least before we had a liberated MTV slut culture and widespread transsexual education. Too bad today's FLDS rejected the Israelite revelations sent to them by the School of Prophets.

It's another example of the 666 dogs going after the counterfeit religions of Babylon. Sadly, the naive flock needed a good shaking up. Look at it as a preview of coming events warning. The next time you see a group of teenage girls dressed up like little street walkers.

HBO's transsexual Transylvania primaries fall on Earth Day this year, April 22. So keep watching the sky for any strange UFO Gort robot signs and wonders.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Apparently, Fallingwaters' Brad Pitt appeared at some AMERICAN IDOL show to promote his noble New Orleans flood zone project below sea level. There was a rare EZE. 3.7 quake southeast of San Antonio, near Falls City, Texas on FUNNY GAMES Monday, at 4:51 am. The strongest Texas shaker in over ten years. EZE.37 is about a people's dead valley coming back to life.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Some Palestinians killed an endangered leatherback sea turtle Thursday night, cutting it's throat on the Gaza beach before a group of children. Because Hollywood's turtle cutie look alike Renee Zellweger was on Letterman Thursday night to promote LEATHERHEADS. Her being a big REV.13 seaside supporter of CNN's Palestinian spin over the years.

The object lesson came right after Duluth's invisible man, Larry Sinclair, posted his sworn affidavit regarding the murder of Obama's choirmaster lover Donald Young. Who was shot five times execution style inside his Chicago apartment after he started contacting I'M NOT THERE Sinclair.

It was by Providential design that the turtle story rolled out, on the 40th anniversary of the assasination of Mar/tin Luther King, from the Promised Land. Representing Israel's wandering in the I-40 wilderness of Palestine, ARK for 40 years. [The word 'mar' means REV.13:1 sea or ocean.] When MLK got hit, his jaw broke off, creating the image of a snapping turtle head. That matched Memphis' New Egypt town motel logo that looks like a REV.13 shark fin at:
http://www.sjyouth.com/images/096kingsite.jpg .

The kids in the above image are from St John's school for John McCain's MLK appearance Friday in the rain. Where he apologized to a pacified black mob for once not supporting an official Dr MLK Day. Just because the Marxist MLK's graduation thesis was about 40% plagiarized, and about half of the Civil Rights Act is blatantly unconstitutional.

When Renee exited Letterman's Mr Ed theater in New York Thursday, wearing a blood red dress, she made a strange 'power-to-the-people' strong-arm fist salute to the crowd. Maybe she was just showing them her wolf index finger ring at:
http://www.contactmusic.com/photos.nsf/main/renee_zellweger_5113052 .

Otherwise she looked gorgeous entering the royal lion CARLTON hotel at:
http://www.contactmusic.com/photos.nsf/main/renee_zellweger_5113064 .

The Palestinians claimed that drinking vampire blood, from transsexual turtles wearing leather, is a fantastic aphrodisiac. In confirmation of the Gov Spitzer style womanizer MLK being a serial adulterer.

I can believe it after seeing that amazing red soft shoulder dress. Besides, earlier Friday at Buckley's Reigner School secondhand shop, I had just found a used $1 tape of Mel Brooks' last movie DRACULA: Dead and Loving It.

I've never seen the 1995 horror spoof, co-starring Leslie Nielsen. But something tells me that I'm gonna eat it up. When I rode over there in the back of Granny Grass' limo Friday, she kept remarking how "nippy" it was. Check out this great shot of RZ walking from her limo to the bed bug free hotel, with some sidewalk dude carrying that thin book in last week's St John McCain Academy dream.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: I also found a copy of Tom Cruise's masterpiece RAIN MAN. Which I will review for any inspired birth defect messages. Like when Tom and his lover are planting their passionate seeds and Dustin's character starts going crazy.
NOTE: Severe storms ripped through the south on April 4, the real official MLK Day.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Another alien ROCKY HORROR castle steeple church was destroyed Wednesday in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. When an underground natural ass line exploded around 1:30 pm at;
http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/national/1110ap_church_explosion.html .

Over the Rock River there is Rt.109's dry cleaner sign for Jenny and Naomi's $1.09 mens shirts. The first star's FRIENDS sitcom was a CASTLE ROCK production. Making Rt.109's Watertown a SMARTWATER prophecy.

St John's Military Academy is there for my 6:25 PST interpretation of the 22 year-old's McCain academy dream at http://idreamofmccain.blogspot.com/ .

"The thin book is John's 22 chapter revelation at the end of the Bible. The cat that ate the bird was the beast [wildcat] that kills the lady [bird] in chapter 17, etc. It's the small [thin] book mentioned in chapter 10, and 1NEPHI in the Book of Mormon. GSR"

The explosion was directly related to Pat Robertsons' breaking endorsement of the Gort robot prophecy in 1951's THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. Now being re-made in Vancouver, BC with an earth liberation church angle. That was confirmed by yesterday's news that Obama wants to take Gore with him on their UFO ship to transsexual Transylvania.

Pat signed up with Gore, because otherwise, he would have had to heed the word of God revealed to Joseph Smith in D&C 133. About the melting ice flowing down in the latter-days, when the lost tribes of Israel would warm their hearts towards God, and reject the false doctrines and idols of apostate Christianity.

Wednesday was also the UN's first 'World Autism Awareness Day', launched by Ban Ki-Moon himself. To generate awareness that autism is caused by all those white bread pizza delivery boys in THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY. I had no idea that my post about Ted's scrotum baseball with stuck zipper-stitches, that drove Warren crazy in the womb, would roll out just before the official opening day of baseball.

Speaking of Mel Gibson's little Denton church in ROCKY HORROR. There is an 'IKON' truck in the background when Ted tells P.I. Healy in TSAM that he still wants to see the gross fat Mary metaphore in a wheelchair. Confirming the movie's various 'I con' characters who chase after Mel's Mother Mary film logo design.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Toronto's liberal blogger lady has censored my revelations about her Hillary dream posts. But I think she forgot to check her own McCain dream blog link.
NOTE: Paris fell down and bumped her chin in the eastern regions of old Transylvania.