Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Last night, I decided to watch 1992's BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER prophecy for Halloween, 2012. Wherein I saw her finish off some blood sucking vampire with the same guitar that was used by Donald Young at Obama's church in Chicago. Even the same one that was used to kill that black Baptist preacher in Texas, who had also voted for the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14, at: ~ The above gentile mega church, that looks like an RLDS Mormon temple with Greek president pillars, represents the apostate Christian mega church where Glenn Beck has set up his multi media production headquarters. As confirmed in the end credits of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER; where that GREASE II high school kid said that the film's vampire invaders looked like middle of the road style Young Republicans. Shortly after all the film's Howard Stern wanna be vampires had invaded the school's TARZAN THE APE MAN theme dance about the ongoing elephant stampede. [Note the red monkey that represents Obama's wild-at-heart red capitalism.] ~ The time-line of the above prophetic teen movie is established by the auto repair shop's prominently displayed '56' reference to the 5.6 White Horse Prophecy, complete with the same MUSTANG in the frame at: ~ Which then we see depicted in the ROSE BOWL parade floats when the master vampire suddenly appears. Amid the movie's numerous PEPSI commercial placements, "For those who think young." And who love to fuck teenagers. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: The flooded subways in the down low gay area of Manhattan represent the underground REV.12 flood of evil in GHOSTBUSTERS II. In FORCES OF NATURE, Ben suggests at the end that they go get married like a couple of homosexuals under a waterfall in Hawaii. Ergo, latter-day monogamy is as gay and as meaningless as the Obamas' fake official government marriage certificate. [Think Megan Fox meets Brian Austin Green.]

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sandy was about Sandy's prophecy about plural marriage, entitled FORCES OF NATURE. Which comes to an end when her and I, and Ben's wife too, all go over to Hawaii for a three-way honeymoon, BRIDE OF CHUCKY style. ~ Last I heard, Sandy still has that love shack down on the beach outside of Savannah, Georgia. ~ Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't, doesn't matter. The original inspired idea is what counts in the long run in the last days. Everything is well that ends well. ~ Think Leonardo DiCaprio meets Richard Burton in some ROMEO AND JULIET remake meets THE TAMING OF THE SHREW remake; playing at some old re-run movie theater in some old small town in Montana, or Idaho, or Park City, Utah. ~ I'm thinking Chloe Moretz and her younger sister, the younger Ms Dakota, cast together in the virginal roles of Juliet and her half sister. ~ Obviously, we will have to return to Verona Beach, California to re-shoot the entire thing on video. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Sandy roared onto the sandy shores of New Jersey at the very southern end of Hwy.9. ~ My fallen birthday cake in FALL TIME is about Emma Stone's 24th birthday on November 6. The cake says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIME" when we see it lying in the grass, in between shots of my Young Republican GSR/TWN hair line scar on my forehead. I.e. the two parties get killed, and the odd man out "lone wolf" LDS missionary guy lives on to back the more conservative anti-communist third party in the White Horse Prophecy. Probably headed up by Mitt Romney et al. Which is why Courteney Cox dumped David Arquette, because he was acting like such an immature man child in FALL TIME, 1994.

Monday, October 29, 2012


The arrogant left never thought that the underground right would suddenly climb up out of their Love Shack basement and have the balls to rise up out of their EZE.37 graves and shoot them dead in 1994's FALL TIME prophecy about the year 2012. ~ Like in some kind of a JACK IN THE BOX commercial. Because after the King of the Cowboys' symbolic REV.17 mother figure tripped on my own private birth cake, covered with USA flags, which I saw for the first time on my 10.29.12 birthday, we see the anti-communist look atype [Mitt Romney] John Bircher Society conspiracy theory birther figure. ~ Then we cut to the international Masonite Temple blood cleansing conspiracy; the boiling pot of maple syrup that Joseph Smith compared to the gathering of the lost ten tribes; and the WILDE TURKEY CAFE; where everyday is a Thanksgiving football holiday season weekend. ~ THE BLUES BROTHERS movie is about today's Chicago thugs, who are forcing the naive college campus Young Republicans to rob the Bank of America, just like they have been doing ever since FDR. And who end up lying dead on the floor below a globe that is prophetically showing the African American MLK continent where Barack Obama was born in 1961. ~ FALL TIME is a prophecy about how the left in Madison, Wisconsin tried to strong arm the right, using the negro as their new 666 O.J. juice man, but it backfired on them. ~ In other words, Senator Joseph McCarthy was right; Barack Obama really was born in Africa. ~ And all the Jews, niggers, and queers in Hollywood were wrong all along. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: VOGUE ITALIA has a new full figure Fellini whore cover at: ~ For the mother's [Steven Bing] cherry up on top of the pie finale in FALL TIME. [Stephen Baldwin and Mickey Rourke play a pair of suicidal macho fags in FALL TIME. Who pose as 1950s style FBI homosexuals who are stonewalling the truth about today's homosexual in the Oval Office. Think 'Big Ed' Hoover meets today's Sodom and Egypt in REV.11, where also Jesus is being crucified.]

Sunday, October 28, 2012


The way that all the elite critics have fallen all a gaga over the new 007 movie, SKYFALL, makes me wonder if they are seeing something in the movie that is going to stab them in the back, FELLINI'S ROMA style. After all, yours truly was the first LDS missionary in Italy to ever wear a light colored Mediterranean weather suit. Like all the gentlemen used to do down in Haiti and Cuba, circa 1951. ~ Hence, Fellini's modern day 666 masterpiece about MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO FFing missionary tour in Italy, opens with everybody listening to the two witnesses' radio broadcasts back in 1939. Just like when the prophetic film physically transfigures into the fake birth certificate era of the born again Christian beast, starting in 1972. Where we see a new man who is also glued to his two witnesses radio broadcasts, coming from the new beast's 7 hills that surround Roma, circa REV.13. ~ It's no coincidence that the latest odd looking [Reformed Jewish rabbi.] James Bond actor looks like a handsome demon with piercing blue eys. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: The Roman gladiator OLYMPIC GAMES scene in FELLINI'S ROMA ends with yours truly, the destroyer of ancient Roman Christianity, getting back together forever and ever with my hot German Italian wife, at: ~ Think NFL football stadium gladiators, etc.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


ROMA's naive young LDS missionary arrives in Rome during the advent of the first beast in REV.13; when everyone was all 'Lady Gaga' about the new 666 technologies of the day. Wherein the prophetic Fellini film about my future FFing missionary work in the eternal city was established by his choice to sit down and eat out with Gisele Bundchen, the film's German Nazi show girl. As confirmed by that little brunet virgin in black and white who suddenly stood up and prophesied, "Everybody look!.. He's going to screw my sister!!" After she had made fun of those Roman fresco murals in the Steve Martin movie about Rihanna licking her pussy like a plate of raw buttered-down garlic snails. ~ Therefore, my RLDS Mormon missionary movie ends with my wolf-pack of Davidian riders in the night, roaring through Roma's streets that are filled with monuments to Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophecy. ~ In accordance with the film's opening declaration that, "The die is cast." ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: The last time that I had a nice outside pronzo in the square where ROMA was filmed, with Ken and Donatella et al, my spaghetti was served not fully cooked. Because at that time, I myself was still not ready to eat out at the same time with my two future wives; who were both at the table with me. ~ Saturday morning, I dreamed that I was fixing to fry up some of Sandy's tasty German sausages for breakfast, when in walked Emma Watson, a.k.a. No.7, [born on 4-15]. Who mentioned that the two gay coeds next to her dorm room at Brown really liked to get it on loud and hard in the mornings; as confirmed by this Miley Cyrus mile marker 15 report from Charlize's I-15 in Washington County, Utah, USA, at: ~ Which just confirmed that 6 rig crash on I-15 Las Vegas that sent the Jewish apostate Mormon, Harry Reid, to the new 666 beast's government run hospital. After those new picks rolled out about Puffy Comb's Secret Service 4x4 rig crash outside of Paris' BEVERLY HILLS HILTON. ~ When my RLDS missionary figure first arrives in ROMA, we immediately see Bill Clinton's teenage lover Monica Lewynski; because Bill was a great admirer of Il Duce's Third Way Marxism. I.e. the public-private partnership between socialism and capitalism, that today is sometimes refered to as "red capitalism". ~ PS LL: Do I ever get into any really detailed and personal requests for private favors from you? Well, when God presents you with your next own golden FFing missionary opportunity, I AM wants you to know that it is His will that you fuck Leo DiCaprio at this point in time. Even if he does drag along his latest girlfriend. I'm sure that you could take care of her too, and make everyone happy, in the long run. [Think of this somewhat intrusive idea as my own kind of private Lindsay Lohan intervention.] ~ I'm starting to see a few Evangeline Lilly flirty fishing signs and wonders again, just saying.

Friday, October 26, 2012

JEWS, QUEERS, AND NIGGERS BEWARE; ARNOLD IS BACK ~ Think that's bad? Turns out the guy has also become a polygamist nanny fucker who hates gay ass Mormons and ex-wife Catholics. ~ If you want to roll with the King of England and his royal Branch Davidian Knights of the Round Table, and his giant bodyguard niggers too, you're gonna have to man up. ~ You're dreaming if you think that you can slip a nigger a couple large bills and expect him to remain loyal to you. Because all my niggers in Tarantino's next western nigger slave sidekick movie not only get 40 acres and a stable of horses, but they also get a really nice looking mason brick house on their property. Like the ones that you would see in a n old fashion tourist post card from the Austrian Alps, like at;,%20austria.jpg ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Only yesterday, I found out that Sandy's new frankenstorm from Castro's red state Cuba was Divine confirmation of the HEBREW brand hot dog message between the lines in the new black&white FRANKENWEENIE clay/mation movie, at; ~ On Natalie Merchant's 10/26 birthday, Granny Grass picked up a Christmas fruitcake at WAL*MART for 3.50. I realize how bad that sounds. But I also remember all those fantastic filbert nut filled Christmas fruitcake tarts in the shop windows in Sienna, Italy. In confirmation of the small business boutique artist ads at: ~ The new PEOPLE is out with a piece about how much my Richard Burton forerunner loved to have eternal city style one night stands with Lindsay Lohan, [Think ROMAN HOLIDAY meets ROMA.] Even though she is as about as crazy as the divorced feminist Natalie Merchant. ~ The only reason why Leo DiCaprio has not been cast in any really groovy Richard Burton re-makes is because there are no Jewish men left in Hollywood, like at: ~ Plus his British accent is not that good. ~ However, Leo was born on the day after Richard Burton's birthday, so Leo just might want to do a remake of one of those Burton movies with the bad Americano accent, per: ~ The whole idea being that Leo DiCaprio is supposed to start acting like a prophetic physically transfigured Richard Burton.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE is such a shit load of liberal nonsense, directed by some Hollywood Jew homo, co-starring Steve Martin no less, that it took some darkie nanny on the upper Jewish west side for gay ass parents to kill two of their kids with a knife on the same day I saw it. In order that the high society liberals who made the movie back in 2003 would understand better what happens to them next. ~ Think Sandy gets an Oscar for her lying sack of shit movie called CRASH; then she gets publicly humiliated and spiritually raped when Jesse James fucks her in the ass royally. Because she had it coming. ~ Just like the Sandy storm that is now brewing off the coast of Washington, DC, where she was raised by her German opera mother. ~ Hence, just like in the movie, the nanny is not guilty. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Ms Allred's "October surprise" is definitely a bloody red omen. ~ Princess Taylor's new album is called RED. In confirmation of the upcoming breakup of Ms Allred's red state of Israel. ~ The secret society federal agency in Mel Gibson's 1997 White Horse Prophecy, entitled 'CONSPIRACY THEORY' now has the code name initials of the NYT, WP, and NBC. Where the agents of the secret abomination of desolation are trying to cover up Obama's known birth certificate forgery, his known Selective Service file forgery, his known use of a stolen SS number, his well known direct involvement in the murder of Donald Young et al, and his past history as an open homosexual who is not a citizen of the United States. All of which is being condoned by the likes of such apostate christians as Sean Hannity at FOX, and Glenn Beck in Dallas.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We see the future Mitt Romney Mormon look alike in his white temple lab-technician coat inside of the Masonic Egyptian temple in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, circa 1977. Because, when you see the mulatto Egyptian in the African Casablanca White House who represents the Masonite symbols on the one dollar bill; you will know that the final grand deception that is prophesied of in the Bible is now here. [Do not be deceived by any false prophet Christian on the radio in Dallas, Texas who does not believe that Barack Obama is the final great world-wide deception.] ~ In ACTS 2:17+ it says that everybody and his low-life dog will be full of the spirit of prophecy, except for the leaders of the RLDS church, and the Dallas, Texas style protestant Church of England. ~ Therefore, God Himself is going to make me the future King of England, the defender of Israel's noble Catholic Knights of Columbus templers; and Keira and Sienna will be my queens. And everyone who is opposed to us will be driven out of London, England just like the Jews in 1290 AD. ~ You hate the real Jesus. I hate your fake birth certificate Jesus. A dick for a dick. An asshole for an asshole. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS: Oh yeah, Princess Taylor and Princess Kristen and I are getting back together, like forever and ever, like at: ~ When I get around to Mel Gibson's BUBBA HO-TEP assassination theories in his inspired CONSPIRACY THEORY prophecy, you will know that the end is near; as far as you are concerned. ~ So stop your bitching and start making your 10% tithing payments to Mel Gibson's Branch Davidian temple mount facility up in the seven hills above Malibu. ~ Since now that everything can be shot on video, for one tenth the price, and edited on a laptop NOTEBOOK, Mel is going to turn his former religious monk bunkhouses into a very comfortable post-production facility. And don't fret about all that IRS tax-except status church bullshit. There is no more illegal IRS. There is no more illegal Civil Rights Act of 1964. There is no illegal Medicare, nor medicaid either. Just like there is no more 666 Social Security. In other words, there is no more Democrat Party. And soon there will be no Republican Party. Because there will only be the tea party that we see in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, shortly after the non Christian Masonite Mormon temple leader of the new and improved Greek Olympics gets his finger on the atomic bomb button in HOW I LOVED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB. ~ NOTE TO MEL: In the near future you may receive some kind of a strange phantom ghost phone call from the IRS on your messenger service. But when you call them back to find out what they wanted, the line on the other end will be as dead as a door nail. This will be your own private "Telephone call from Jesus" in your own private MIDNIGHT COWBOY Robert Redford film festival movie.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Turned out that when my FRENCH CONNECTION to THE DAY OF THE JACKAL wife met my sexy FIAT SPIDER sports car wife [Ornella] she started to turn into a double agent; sometime around the same time that THE SPY WHO LOVED ME came out in 1977. In order that I would come down to earth and finally get over my ridiculously self righteous high horse; and learn how to fuck two women at the same time. Here is the exact same way that I used to look at 1970s 3-way swingers back in the day; as depicted in this unfocused and ghostly background image of yours truly, at: ~ Therefore, Mitt Rommey is starting to look more and more like that elected Greek president in the George Albert Smith vision, because of his long time association with the Greek Olympics, and his support of homosexual marriage and 666 medicalism. ~ Which was confirmed last night when I tried to watch GHOST BUSTERS II again, but then my old 1990s VHS copy of THE SPY WHO LOVED ME started to star at me from my old wood bookcase style library book shelf. So I went ahead and watched that instead; wherein I saw Mitt Romney himself standing right next to 'Q' when the Tea Party of today chopped off that figurative head of high society. And then we cut to some Arab Muslim figure who gets removed from his seat of power, while we see an assassin's rifle in the b.g. That stands for tonight's PBS documentary about that Russian sub connection to JFK's Cuban missile crisis prophecy about the spiritual destruction of NYC and LA. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS: Here is a native BOOK OF MORMON prophecy about the future Israelite King of England's independent state in the heart of America, based upon the White Horse Prophecy about the restoration of the U.S. Constitution, at: ~ You'all want America to be dominated by a nation of lawless savage darkies?.. You got it. ~ NOTES: Mitt Romney appears in the same 0077 prophecy that featured the amazing George Bush look alike nuclear missile submarine commander, because the two presidents of the USA are basically the same two kind of moderate Third Way Republicans. ~ The above sexy as hell 3-way pix outside SUGAR FISH are confirmation of Dr Evil's fish logo in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME prophecy. ~ In the same way that this surfer dude was eaten by the same shark in JAWS meets THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, at: ~ These two savage male teens of Judah and Ephraim just got rid of that REV.17 girl in Clayton, at: ~ In confirmation of Ornella Fresh getting her two feet of clay destroyed in the San Francisco GIANTS baseball [DANIEL 2] prophecy about ROSS' discounted close-out stores for the discontinued designer clothing lines of Babylon. It took Ornella Fresh about 12 months to heal from her broken feet accident. In confirmation of the 12 months of grace that I AM will give to the apostate Christian wanna-be CARNIVAL OF SOULS mormons at ~ The reason why the new Greek Olympics games president will destroy the world is because all of the latest world-wide polls seem to indicate that most of the worldly want to see the abomination of desolation in America reelected in MARK 13:14. Even the same illegal alien homosexual who had at least three of his gay lovers murdered in Chinatown, Chicago meets Chinatown, Washington, DC. That's how they roll at the United Nations' Third World.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Just because we can now clearly see that Barack Obama is the anti-christ prophesied of in DANIAL 12 etc. It does not say that this same anti-Mormon apostate Christian is actually the one who will have his finger on the atomic bomb button in the White House. Per the inspired mass hysteria among the 666 third way Jews in Hollywood who thought that the Ronald Reagan wanna be look alike Mitt Romney was the one who was going to start WW III. ~ In other words, when everybody sees that the mainstream media is full of shit, and there is a big fresh brown dog turd lying on the rug in the middle of the Oval Office, the shit is going to hit the fan. Thank you Jesus!!.... Think I'll have another round; i.e. "No one pours them like you do..." [MONTANA, 1996.] ~ Which reminds me. Now that we know that the GHOSTBUSTERS III sequel could now be easily shot on video, with the very same overweight pre-physical transfiguration cast, who desperately need to feel young again, for about 25 M; why aren't you guys getting together with David Lynch to make it happen again? ~ Duh!!! It just would not be more of the same old tired thing. ~ Jesus Christ already! Who wants to fuck some old over-the-hill 65+ male director who lives somewhere up in the Beverly Hills canyons? Even if he is a genius. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: If an angel of light appears in the night and wants to suck your cock, you will know that she has been sent to you from God if you can actually physically feel her tongue. Otherwise, if her touch on the tongue is so soft and light that you hardly don't feel a thing, you will know that she is of the devil, like at: ~ Here is the latest confirmation of the our mother Mary from Barack Obama's suburbs speaking to that 666 Catholic nun named Hillary at: ~ That was just confirmed by the river of evil flood in Lord's France on the same day that I saw the underground flood in GHOSTBUSTERS II. ~ The reason why God has so often sent his mother Mary to heal his devout believers, is because his own church in Utah and Italy has become such a whore house.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Even though the skeletal Mr McGovernment just died, his ghost is alive and well and on the phone 24/7 in his top floor offices at the NYT, NBC, and NYP. ~ And that goes for the much younger, and just as spiritually dead, prophetic Hollywood STAR MAP icons Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Aniston. ~ Just because you are hopelessly in love with THE BIG LIE, does not mean that THE BIG LIE is going to love you back. ~ [Think Ted Casablanca suddenly discovering that his Hawaii bride was just another opportunistic selfish bitch, who liked to swing both ways in the STAR MAPS meets THE CANYONS prophecy.] ~ Last night, I dreamed that London's Ms MILF whispered into Paris Hilton's ear that she should at least let yours truly touch "...your nips..." Before she makes a final decision about what to do next. ~ Therefore, read this news report about that 15 year-old babe who just dug her own Sandy Bullock grave, MONTANA/UTAH style, in confirmation of the Holy Ghost Busters' first gig at the Keira SEDGEWICK HOTEL, owned by Nick the Jew, at; ~ In the last lucid dream I had about fucking Sandy, her vagina was full of sand. ~ GSR/TWN

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Lindsay Lohan's goodhearted God-father, named Michael, just tried to stage a GHOST BUSTERS intervention at that white house where she is currently living among the seven hills of Beverly Hills. That were depicted in the Holy Ghost inspired STAR MAPS prophecy in 1996-97. Which only ended up, once again, pointing out that the Protestant teetotaler based theology of most of today's rehab resorts are the same ones that I wrote about in my CITIZEN COCAINE screenplay treatment. ~ The only thing that is going to cure LL of her foolish girly ways, is to have Jesus' great, great, great... Grandson fuck her brains out like some poor illegal alien Mexican. Even the same one who Jennifer Aniston always asks for every time she vacations down in Cabo. ~ Getting back to reality. When my physical transfiguration figure who is in charge of restoring today's aging masterpiece art objects declares that Teri Rutherford is going to be my wife, GHOST BUSTERS II immediately cuts to a black and white image of Carey Mulligan on TV. Who looked like that female psychic psycho on the TV guru show hosted by Bill Murray. ~ You play the Irish Catholic sex pervert in real life, I play the Mormon polygamist sex pervert in real life from Washington County, Utah. Who loves to fuck two teenagers at the same time in Thailand meets thigh land. ~ GSR/TWN ~ That silver tour bus out of Kingman, Arizona crashed along the Black Mtns in confirmation of my Black Rock Desert post about the end of today's filthy Jew nigger politics. ~ In the greasy and slimy GREASE 2 meets GHOST BUSTERS II prophecy, we see the idiotic white people running out of a porn theater in MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets THE BLOB. After that arrogant corrupt NYC judge had declared that he did not want to hear anything in his PLANET OF THE APES court about some slimy, dirty, filthy, half Jewish, illegal alien nigger ape from Africa sitting in the oval office in DC. ~ The new 32 year-old time-stamp sign coming out of that 6.6 earthquake in Vanuatu is about how much Gisele Bundchen looks like a younger former Boston, Mass State Gov Mitt Rommey, at: ~ AND: ~ Cabo, Mexico's penis shaped [sire us] peninsula also looks like a giant thumb. Which was obviously the Providential inspiration behind JTJB going on a honeymoon yacht cruise among the Greek Islands of Jennifer Aniston. Hence, all those recent powerful earthquakes around the region's Holy Ghost Islands in the Gulf of California. [Think Persian Gulf] ~ Have faith Ms Cox, your poor little Mexican grass mower man child is also going to fuck your brains out, when the time is right.

Friday, October 19, 2012


I got GHOST BUSTERS I&II for an early 9.99 birthday present yesterday at WAL*MART. So I watched my first one Friday morning and saw that giant MR STAY PUFF marshmallow bone man get really hot at the end. Who represented Pyramid Lake's BURNING MAN confirmation at the Dallas, Texas state fair Friday morning. Who originally was a giant Christian Santa Claws promotion from Witchta, Kansas. ~ Which was about when the ghost busters hired the movie's new black Obama figure named Winston [think fag] without any kind of a constitutionally required background check into his citizenship. ~ Which led to that famous REV.7:12 quote about the 6th seal that was just confirmed by that 7:12 REV.16 earthquake in York County, Maine during the New York debate on Garfish Island. ~ So it turned out that the new iconic 1984 Jew in the movie, named Lewis, was a Mayor Bloomberg figure; who had just announced that he was putting up to $15,000,000 into a new superman hero PAC for the promotion of homosexual masculinity. ~ [The new VANILLA SKY meets SKYFALL 007 movie is named after the falling skies in D&C 77:7.] ~ [Read OPENING THE SEVEN SEALS by Richard D. Draper.] ~ Personally, the best part for me was in the end when we see that Keira Knightley is my own private goddess from the Egyptian Masonite temple that is now being desecrated by the wild at heart 666 dogs in SLC, UT, and Dallas, TX. ~ Especially when the nigger busters declare that, "IT'S MILLER TIME!!" when Sienna Miller's new three-way movie entitled THE BIRDS comes out on HBO. ~ GSR/TWN NOTES: JTJB just got hitched down on the iconic Catholic Church boot heel of Italy. Which looks much more like one of those giant thumbs in Gus Van Sant's prophetic masterpiece entitled EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES. In fact, yesterday morning I dreamed that I cut my left thumb to the bone, and then the Lord told me, "May 9... Is the cutting time..." Which was not the first "May 9th..." message that I had ever received from Jesus. [Note the 5.9 map sign in the opening to STAR MAPS.] Oops, it's now exactly 3:59 on my 1970s era red light digital bed clock. ~ In the 1984 GHOST BUSTERS prophecy, the 4 "nuclear accelerator" packs on the backs of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse is what gets the party started. ~ GHOST BUSTERS' short Jew who is possessed by the 22nd floor devil talks to the White Horse Prophecy in Central Park on familiar terms. ~ "Something big is coming..." in GHOST BUSTERS' 2012 Halloween prophecy. When today's "Chinatown Spook" nigger from Chicago gets busted in the headlines of THE NEW YORK POST. Who was represented by the dead spirit of the NEW YORK TIMES' old gray lady in the basement of NYC's Greek Temple looking public library for old dead liberals. ~ Reportedly, Mr McGovernment is no longer responding anymore to what is going on around him. ~ When my WEIGHT OF WATER meets KILL CRUISE post rolled out, there was a 3.6 quake on the border line of [Hugh] Grant County and [Bing] Cherry County in Nebraska. ~ Here are some shots of that 666 state fair pagan Christian idol who burned down like the hippie pagan idol that always goes up in flames every year in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, at: ~ Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck's Dallas style apostate Christianity is going to burn down to the ground and start over, at the end of the 6th seal.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


0014 starts with his agency's front mask branch office relocated on Vail Ave in L.A. In confirmation of my born again Christian Halloween mask sidekick alien Islamist who was illegally nominated for president in Colorado. ~ Generally speaking, neo RLDS homosexual Christians who ignore the Old Testament, tend to be the same kind of arrogant Christian Mormons who think that they are above the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim; i.e. Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. ~ Think Jon Stewart meets Scarlett Johansson meets Mayor Bloomberg. ~ All of whom are about to be spiritually assassinated by their spiritual stalkers, and then be born again spiritually by their own private REPLACEMENT KILLERS. ~ At the climax of ROD STEELE 0014, we discover that Arnold Schwarzennigger had made a secret sperm donation to Ms Tangerina's physical transfiguration lab. Which produced a scary masculine feminazi blond who looked like his ex-wife Maria Kennedy. ~ If you are not listening to Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern on a regular basis, you are not listening to the word of prophecy in REV.19. And your testimony of Jesus Christ is as phony as Barack Obama's born again birth certificate. ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Steve Fresh is going to love fucking my ex-wife, and her sexy half-sister too. Just as much as I AM is going to love fucking his exwife, and her sister too. And believe me you, he deserves it. [When one brother dies, the other brother takes over.] Because Fresh remained my only loyal friend up until the very end. When all the rest of my pussy-whipped friends like; Nyle Smith, Ken McLeod, Ken Keisler, Ken Kemp, Jennifer Aniston, and Bruce Willis, ran for the hills. Not to mention Charlize Theron, Neve Campbell, and David Lynch. ~ At the end of the STAR MAPS prophecy, Ornella Fresh moves in with her sister. In confirmation of the invisible film's big Steven Fresh brother to Maria meets Letti. Who always did love to mock and wink at the entire MOTHER OF WHORES' new RLDS church scenario in REV.17 meets SLC, UT. ~ Never forget that it was Michigan's Mitt forerunner figure who saved the Greek Mormon's Lamanite Olympics games. And the best damn coffee shop in America is run by a descendant of the Greek miners who immigrated to the area's amazing snow ski fantasy land canyons. Therefore, there was a 4.0 quake along Liz' I-95 at 7:12 during the Third-way debates in [New] York County, Maine, which were going on in Garfish Island, NY. ~ Therefore that new 666 neo-Nazi Austrian jumped off his high elevation [SKYFALL] balloon at the same time that I was watching Tom Cruise jump off of that extremely high elevation building at the end of VANILLA SKY. In confirmation of Rush Limbaugh's life long lucid dream about the sons of Israel finally coming down to earth. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: This 16th day of October REV.16 earthquake omen happened in the Celebs Sea region as a 42 months Aurora, Colorado reference to STAR MAPS' guide to the high hills homes of today's celebs, at: ~ Mel Gibson will be replacing Daniel Craig in the next 007 installment, playing against yours truly as the much more realistic Dr Evil villain. ~ Call it AUSTIN POWERS:4, if you need the 4M upfront that bad; co-starring Keira Knightley and Carey Mullingan as Mel's two anti-Bond girls. Who eventually square off against my own two Bond girls, off the coast of GREASE 2 meets FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, on the very same love boat yacht that was once sailed by Earl Flynn. This particular 007 Bond Girl shot really sucks my cock nice and hard at; ~ After the 3rd Third Way debate, 5 dumb ass Walt Disney virgins were sacrificed to the BOOK OF MORMON's pagan Lamanite volcano gods in a high elevation [Fero] bar at:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Last night at 11:40 pm, I had a surprise flash vision which indicated that I should update yet again Liz' MY FAVORITE MARTIAN prophecy, released in 1999. ~ Wherein I discovered that the film's ROTO ROOTER man, who goes after my illegal alien sidekick in the sewer drain, is an astonishing Mitt Romney root-of-Jesse Branch Davidian look alike. Hence that underground explosion in Sandra Bullock's newly adopted home state of Louisiana at 11:40 pm local time last night. ~ You bang me. I'll bang you. And we'll both like it in the long run. ~ Two people who get married and live happily together for 50 long years of matrimonial bliss are full of shit. ~ Therefore MY FAVORITE MARTIAN's dumb ass DISNEY movie ends with yours truly returning to LA with his 3-way tennis baller racket. Who interrupts Jeff Daniels before he makes a huge mistake and choses Daryl Hannah over Elizabeth Hurley; instead of working things out with both of them for the next thousand years or more. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Here is the latest example of the new G7 hills 666 beast that is not going to stop attacking your liberties until it has been killed off by the devil himself, at:

Monday, October 15, 2012


STAR MAPS' 1996-made prophecy opens with the Israelite folk music fiddles that refer to the BOOK OF MORMON's dark skin LA-man-ites who are now invading America, and fucking Jen and Ken in the ass. Even though both of them are too spiritually numb at this point in time to even feel it. ~ Per the following shots of all those filthy birds on top of that car which represents Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS prophecy; about the EZE.38 invasion of white America. That was designed by God to punish the more righteous among us who think that the book is as fake as Barack Obama's Kenyan hospital birth certificate. ~ In other words, there is no new 666 beast in the Bible in their eyes, for all practical purposes. Since they have no faith in the eternal principle of modern revelation. ~ God has warned us about false prophets and false Christs in the last days; so beware of anybody who claims that there will be no Jesus, or no prophet, in the last days. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Jen picks me up off the street and takes me to Sandra Bullock's British Tudor Branch Davidian compound in the hills, in her British JAGUAR, for a three-way in the STAR MAPS prophecy. After she understands that Carlos' quote from SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH was about the physical transfiguration at etc. etc. ~ STAR MAPS's Maria/Letti composite character role plays my future Ornella Fresh wife-swap figure who moved to California, right around the same time that the movie came out at Park City, Utah's Sundance Film Festival. Therefore, after we both fuck for the first time, we enjoy a plate of fresh grapes and cheese from Jen's vineyards up in the canyons, circa 2013. ~ Here is that wet-back Latino community report that confirmed Jen getting threatened with a cheap .22 pistol on her tv soap opera sitcom show in STAR MAPS, at: ~ Here is the latest proof that Ben and Jen and Justin and Jen and Justin and Jessica are not really ever going to be married, ever, at: ~ "...we're never getting back together... Ever." [Taylor Swift] ~ LL's father from Howard Stern's Long Island is a symbolic rough-cut version of the Holy Ghost who has been haunting her all of her life; whose name is "Michael" according to the 2BC. ~ Check out this royal coachman White River keeper at: ~ Cutthroat pirate trout tend to be just a little more thin than rainbow trout or German brown trout.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


In the STAR MAPS prophecy made in 1996-97, my brown illegal alien actor wanna-be is fucking Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Anistion at the same time, behind their husband's back. Think AMERICAN GIGOLO meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY, times two. ~ Wherein Jennifer just comes out and admits that her sex affair with Carlos is purely "political" . As confirmed by the fact that Carlos' first gig is with a Ted Casablanca look alike stand-in extra who stands for today's homosexual in the occupied Africa, CASABLANCA prophecy. ~ Then that butt fucker space shuttle icon arrived at the LA wax museum on the same day I saw STAR MAPS' crazy MOTHER OF WHORES put on her space suit at the end and fly to the moon. [Think C/looney means Luna means lunatic, etc. means Luna in Italiano.] ~ Naturally, the indie film's proverbial masked Obama figure is an overweight Mexican wrestler wanna-be sex pervert. ~ All of which comes to a violent day 1290 end shot of yours truly walking down the sidewalk, with nowhere to go. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: This link has some good words from LA's illegal alien mayor at: ~ No wonder that God has revealed to his prophets among the lost tribes of Israel that the more simple minded and righteous among us would be more safe if they moved away from both the west coast and the east coast. Whereas, his GSR/TWN polygamist sex pervett swingers up at Mel Gibson's newly restored endowment house in Malibu, can stick around for now. Since their faith and understanding is much stronger than the average bear. ~ For example; those of us Old Testament types who love to fuck two babes at a time on our own private sailboats, will have already gone over this report about Lizzie Hurley's prophetic invisible indie film entitled THE WEIGHT OF WATER meets KILL CRUISE, at: ~ The rest of you just better pack up the family and the dog and move to Montana as quickly as possible. ~ The death of the Jewish neo-con Arlen Specter at age 8.2 was about the shady underground SPECTRE organization in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE; who played the left against the right, for their own Third Way middle-of-the-road schemes to enhance and maintain their power and wealth. Ergo, my illegal alien mayor forerunner sidekick in STAR MAPS swings both ways. Kind of like; Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwartzennigger, Sylvester Stallone, and Jay Leno.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Don't feel overly guilty at this point in time if you think that I AM is full of it; I can bearly believe it myself. And I am the one who is cited in ISAIAH 11:1. Besides, half of Israel has not been destroyed yet. Therefore nobody really expects you Jewish mother fuckers to die and then be born again with your official Barack Obama birth certificates online at this point in time; maybe next week. ~ Jesus Christ already, stop being so hard on me. ~ Anyway, I finally finished my review of TWO FOR THE MONEY Saturday morning. ~ All is well that ends well. ~ And TWO FOR THE MONEY ends with yours truly winning the final 'all or nothing' bet about me fucking Ben Affleck's beautifully aging wife; because he had returned to his old loser gambling ways. ~ When you gamble with the eternal life of your wife and children, I AM will always win in the end, big time. ~ This is the part where we see that black Obama figure close-up when my NY GIANTS niggers take the ball to Kansas' swing state 44 yard line, around 1:51:... on my DVD. ~ In the final analysis, Jen and Ben's official government marriage certificate is as phony as Barack Obama's born again birth certificate. Which means in the eyes of God that I can fuck his so-called 'birther' wife any time I feel like it. And if he wants to take us both to court, the judges from on high will just laugh at him. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Turns out that the Bond girl named 'Liz' was murdered near Colorado's royal Westminster landmark in Obama's Colorado. Not too far from where Jessica Beil was raised. ~ Here is that NEPTUNE wine tasting sweet pussy confirmation of Lana Del Rey's new NEPTUNE THEATER video, at: ~ We parked near a Jacob's pillow stone colored ACCENT car, bearing AIM7037 plates, when we fished that White River stonewall bridge in the VANILLA SKY prophecy; for Liz' sexy Brit accent. Which eventually got her pregnant from fucking Steven Bing on his privat G6 jet from LAX to London.

Friday, October 12, 2012


The next new Bond girl will actually be two girls. And I mean girls, not some beautiful 35+ looker 16 year-old wanna-be. Age has it's own beauty, but so does a girl who has never been double gunned before. Hence, the new 007 now uses a MILLER LITE style GLOCK-19, calibrated for a clip full of middle-aged 45ish look alike bullets, at: ~ Per my last blog's sexy pix of Chloe Moretz who looks like a 15 year-old Daniel Craig. Which were then complimented by my older redhead temple mount Bond Girl star of that new 0014 LA canyons remake I SPY black&white MAD magazine movie at: ~ Since my 0014 middle-aged Rod Steel spy prophecy made in 1997 also opened in the canyons, and featured yours truly fucking a cheaper version of Jennifer Aniston in Amsterdam meets Monte Carlo. ~ GSR/TWN NOTES: Ever since everybody found out that Barack Obama is an illegal alien, the US government and their pretentious media allies have become a Joe Biden style laughing stock. Which is the inspiration behind Ben Affleck's new movie about my Branch Davidian Canadian Israelites rescuing my foolish Christian brothers in Iran, circa 1979 meets 2012, like at: ~ Elizabeth Hurley's 1989 sail boat [KILL CRUISE] prophecy is one of those invisible indie films that makes absolutely no sense in the end, much like 1997's MONTANA, unless and until you understand the future GSR/TWN code, which only came out years later. ~ One of my next invisible indie film projects will be STAR MAPS, once I finish my update reviews of TWO FOR THE MONEY, at: ~ When I hear Joe Biden et al laughing at Larry Sinclair, I hear Bill O'Reilly et al laughing at the so-called "'birthers'". It's all the same ball of ear wax.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

EYES WIDE OPEN, LEGS TOO... ~ Trying hard to get some shut-eye before my VANILLA SKY Hawaii pilot sidekick picked me up to go fly-fishing on the White River Thursday morning, I was jolted wide awake at exactly 6:10 am by my own voice shouting out "DAMN IT!!" ~ As confirmed by those new born-again wide eyed double climax pix above of Miley Sire-Us in that steel balls number. [The White River is white because it is fed by the same melting ice around the Balleny Islands that inspired her off-white double zipper top.] ~ But why 6:10? I wondered over and over all morning long. ~ Until I lost that really sweet 12" cutthroat trout keeper at the mouth of Huckleberry Creek, after it got hung up on one of the two bone-dry sticks of Judah and Ephraim in EZE.37, etc. Since I was using one of the only two royal coachman wet [no.10] flies that I had left, which Ken McLeod had tied for me back in the swinging 1970s. That represented my future "keeper" wife Elizabeth Hurley, who was born on 6.10. ~ Who turned out to be about the return of STARBUCKS' free white chocolate pumpkin spice latte samples, with free pumpkin flavored English scone pieces offered in their small 3oz. vagina size paper cups. ~ And you all thought that I was never gonna get a free taste of Chloe's sweet as sugar 16 year-old pussy at; ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: I AM is now 1:31... into my own private [2005] TWO FOR THE MONEY prophecy. Wherein I saw the boss exclaim on his tv sports guru channel that we are now starting the sixth week of the NFL. So I quickly grabbed my iPAD crystal ball icon and looked into it, and discovered that I was watching the rest of the movie on the very same day that week 6 was Thursday's STEELERS VS. TITANS game. I.e. the new and improved 666 titans are stealing your money.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE, THEY ALWAYS CALL BIG DADDY ~ I'm only 42:04 minutes into my DVD copy of 2005's TWO FOR THE MONEY three-way wife swapping swingers prophecy, and already my protagonist with the Bonney Lake [B.L.] initials has run into a bored Chloe Moretz blond sitting in some fancy restaurant with those two fascist 666 Jew pig icons from MIRAMAX, NYC; both of whom remind me of Hugo Chavez. ~ Because I had to go to bed at 3:26 am, Keira Knightley time, shortly after he had fucked her little titties all night long. And then he got promoted to the exact same position where yours truly is at now; circa 2012-2013-2014-2015 and beyond. ~ Does my hero from Malibu get to fuck Ben Affleck's sexy forerunner wife in the end? Or does Matthew McConaughey finally move on with his life in the movie and become a college football coach who loves to fuck young coeds who look like boys in the showers? ~ Be sure to watch Craig Ferguson's all new late night episodes next week to find out how it all ends, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Here is the latest Rt.111 earthquake confirmation about the upcoming new Britney, at: ~ While Taylor Swift is on the new ROLLING STONE cover looking like Britney Spears' BRIDE OF CHUCKY doll hero, at: ~ FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE opens with my masked sidekick getting metaphorically strangled. [As in lynched like some jive ass lying light skin nigger in a highly symbolic David Lynch movie.] ~ Therefore, Beyounce just niggered out on Clint Eastwood's next empty chairs movie. ~ I could never get away with blogging about niggers being wild at heart and childish, if some of my niggers didn't actually step up at the same time and show everybody just what the fuck I AM is talking about. ~ Rene Russo was cast as Ben Affleck's future wife in the above movie, because at the time it was made, he had a big losing gambler reputation.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Most of my lucid dreams about my way too young wives only involve some really sexy, and very satisfying, wet tongue kisses. But when it comes to Britney Spears, I'm usually just fucking her brains out, four ways to Wednesday. ~ Like last night, when I offered Mel Gibson the choice between her and a pretty cute paranoid schizophrenic nymphomaniac brunet, and he went with the nut job. While I got to go over to Matthew McConaughhey's AIRSTREAM travel-trailer that was parked in Malibu and put Britney up on his little fold-out table and fuck her spread-eagle, all night long. ~ In other words, you are going to have to put a little something on the table if you want I AM to give you a Britney Spears or an Amber Heard, in some kind of a 'two for the price of one' deal, per this Book of Mormon princess godess piece at: ~ Though I never saw 2005's TWO FOR THE MONEY movie about those two NFL fan guys who were betting on my TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER to lose, I might watch it tonight, and fold it into my latest FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE James Bond 007 movie updates. After all, I have always been a big Rene Russo fan; whose surname means 'Russian' in Italiano. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: After going to bed Tuesday morning and dreaming about licking and balling Britney Spears over and over, there was a Rt.111 style earthquake down around the frozen icy Balleny Islands, northeast of Drygalski Tongue, at: ~ Right there are the Victoria Land's mountains, east of the fridgid Hillary [Clinton] Coast.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Elizabethtown's Penn State coach named Sandusky just confirmed in a [Sandusky, Ohio] swing state court on Monday that Barack Obama's blatantly fake Hawaii birth certificate is a sex pervert media conspiracy, at: ~ Which is the same thing as saying that the government's new cooked unemployment numbers are as real as Mr Obama's cooked birth certificate that is still posted on an official government web site. Even though everybody and my SNOOP DOG nigger polygamist sidekick knows that the thing is a complete brown UPS package full of dog shit. ~ You lie, you die. That's all there is to it. Ain't that a bitch. ~ GSR\TWN ~ NOTES: In the final act of Cameron [Diaz] Crowe's prophetic ELIZABETHTOWN movie, circa 2005-2012, we see all those empty chairs at the Oklahoma City memorial for dead federal employee niggers; exactly like the one we saw at the Republican Party convention. That looked like the same one at the end of the MONTANA prophecy that my halfbreed sidekick sat down on once it was all over.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Without getting into any more time-wasting details at this point in time. There has been a rash of new spoken-word revelations received by the lost tribes of Israel prophets in D&C 133 regarding Turkey. ~ So hopefully, I'll get around to a new update of the FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE prophecy overnight. Since Drudge just posted that new pic of my Judo master sidekick riding on his horse in the new LONE RANGER movie; about how 20% of the women in Russia want to marry him. ~ Meanwhile, let me say at the end of this RLDS Conference weekend in SLC, Utah that the patriotic vanilla Republican father who died in Cameron Crowe's 2005 prophecy, entitled ELIZABETHTOWN, is a miraculously inspired [older] Mitt Romney look alike. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Cameron Crowe's 2005 movie about my Beverton, Oregon NIKE son Andrew Relf, feels like it is as bored as Barack Obama's second run election production. ~ I don't know about you, but the only thing that kept me interested in Crowe's boring vanilla flavored movie above, was the hope that I would see some kind of a confirmation about this Kirsten Dun/st look alike movie at: ~ Which never happened. ~ Millions of 'Rosenthals' are going to die in Israel and the New Jerusalem's Utah, USA. And are going to be born again with their new replacement Hawaii birth certificates; who once believed in everything that Glenn Beck and Mel Gibson believed in until the shit hit the fan. ~ In one of my more lucid Ornella Fresh dreams, we were both sitting in the back of a long Hollywood type limo that was parked on State Street in SLC, Utah, and she stated that her ex-husband is "sick". ~ People named 'Philip' are kind of shady, says Claire in ELIZABETHTOWN. So check out this Stanley Tucci look alike best-seller tv guru book at: ~ Talk about the 7 habits of the 7 hills beast in REV.13 by some Steven R Covey look alike.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Did I mention camel humper? Oh well. Only white people belong in the mormon White House temple of the Lord's Promised Land in the Book of Mormon. Therefore, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, all you vanilla Negros and vanilla Republicans. Because, "IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!" And half of you virgins out there, with your eyes wide open, are gonna love it. The rest of you, not so much, at least for now. ~ That crazy redhead Levite wanna-be who murdered all those kids at a temple theater in Aurora, Colorado, at the end of the 42 months prophecy in REV.11-13, was just doing what God told him to do. Right before millions and millions of people who believe in NBC and CNN and read the NYT are going to die. ~ Have you not ever seen THEY SHOOT HORSES DON'T THEY? ~ What the fuck are you waiting for? Take the step already, and get it over with for God's sake. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Here is the inspired movie poster about Kristen Stewart cheating on her gay ass vampire boyfriend inside of her car at: ~ IT'S ALL TRUE, girls tend to mature faster than boys. ~ So glad that I did not hesitate to bring up the BRIDE OF CHUCKY prophecy again, for the zillionth time, at: ~ Sometimes even yours truly needs to be reminded now and again that Jesus Christ is my literal bloodline Godfather.

Friday, October 5, 2012


That Nicole Kidman redhead at the end of the VANILLA SKY endowment house prophecy would never have happened in my WILDEST DREAMS [BYU student film] prophecy if not for the fact that I AM was caught on video going down on Kristen in her own private Taylor Swift type three-way MINI S suck&fuck-fest, GREASE one style. ~ You make a secret video about me and Kristen Stewart, I make a public Internet underground movie about you and me and Taylor Swift makes three. ~ When you look into the bathroom mirror, in the middle of the night, you will always see me looking back at you. ~ Which is why the Romans in Fellini's ROMA prophecy crucified my great, great, great... Grandfather in those three GODFATHER movies. ~ Because in the last days, almost everybody who goes to church on Sundays would believe that Jesus Christ was a 30 year-old homosexual who was never married and loved to fuck beautiful women. Because all you gay ass Christians believe that three-way sex is a dirty thing of naught. ~ In other words, if you are a typical sexually frigid church lady Christian Mormon, then you have been deceived by the false born-again birth certificate prophet in REV.16 meets Dallas, Texas. [Think George W Bush comes back to life as Mitt Romney in VANILLA SKY II, the sequel.] ~ Talk about bland vanilla Republicans. ~ No wonder that the only thing that really interests me right now is motoring around on my 91' IN LIKE FLINT yacht off the coast of Campbell, Vancouver with Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: When Tom Cruise takes his big fall in VANILLA SKY, and finally opens his eyes in 2012, we see Princess Keira and Princess Taylor flash before his eyes. While we also see my iPAD icon outline on the street below. After he finally comes to a realization that he had been brain-washed and seduced by the likes of Cameron Crowe, Nancy Wilson, and Paul McCartney. ~ Penelope Cruz role plays the serious minded no nonsense Ornella Fresh in VANILLA SKY. ~ Kind of like that Nicole Kidman Levite redhead at LIFE EXTENSION who has a giant iPAD for a desk at the end of the Cameron Diaz story.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Stanley Tucci's new MAMMA MIA cook book is a definite must have. The only thing that I would add is, make sure that you scrub your potatoes so hard that you can leave the soft nutritious [NUSKIN guru] under-skin on them when you make your gnocchi egg pasta. And be sure to bake all your crusty campagna bread with at least 69% unsweetened crude ground whole wheat. Just like the way that you should always make your Napolitano pizzas with vine ripe heirloom tomato sauces and margarita cheeses, topped with Scandinavian smoked herrings, in stead of those crappy tasting over-salted canned anchovies from Monterey Bay, California. That they always put on those otherwise pretty hasty tasty pizzaria joints that you will find located around every one of America's small town ivy league college lesbians and beer bottles hangouts. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: The 1960s Detroit SS muscle car that flew into the 911 stonewall in VANILLA SKY had a 409 motor inside of it. Which means that all those new mind-expanding psychedelic gossip reports that claim that I AM is still secretly eating out Kristen Stewart's pussy pizza cheese sauce icon are absolutely true. Never mind the Caucasian masks that both of them will be wearing during their next vampire movie tour. ~ The "cutthroat" trout Davidian Godfather [Jesus Fucking Christ Almighty] figure on the book called 'DEFENDING THE KINGDOM' in the 2012 VANILLA SKY prophecy remake depicts yours truly sporting my new below the eye-line mole. After that big black one on my left temple, the size of a quarter, suddenly disappeared back around the same time that Cameron Crowe made ELIZABETHTOWN in 2004 meets 2005; Pennsylvania [6-5000] being a major swing-state in the upcoming Emma Stone election.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Don't be confused by the fact I AM is having a ball right now with a couple of my teenager hottie wives onboard my restored [physically transfigured] vintage 91' sailboat tied up at Port Angeles, Washington meets Victoria, British Columbia. If there actually is an American election on Emma Stone's upcoming 24th birthday, you can count on me to vote Republican all the way. ~ Say what you will about Jews, queers, and niggers; yours truly has never been, nor ever will be, a full blown democratic party fascist. ~ Because fascism is neo-government 666 unionism and pro-666 media liberalism, CITIZEN KANE style, circa 1941. ~ I may like to fuck girls who look like boys. But I don't like to fuck boys who look like girls. Never have, never will. How disgusting. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: VANILLA SKY's Emma Stone style redheads at the upstairs LIFE EXTENSION temple lab in Manhattan, located next to the REV.16 Lincoln Center, [Think "Life, Part Two"] represent the Levite tribe's reheads who were the temple workers in the day of King David. Since the upcoming physical transfiguration sequel happens by way of the up coming blood cleansing work inside of the restored and cleansed LDS temples of the near future. Per Gwyneth Paltrow's look alike CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy that was filmed in Kansas and Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ The prophetic BOOK OF MORMON musical opera scene in CITIZEN KANE happens around the 1:30:... minutes mark on my special edition DVD copy. ~ Here is a report that may help some of the lost Israelite Christians out there understand better what the miraculously restored seven hills 666 beast is all about, at:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Terry Garner, 69, was eaten by his own ANIMAL FARM pig mother fuckers in Rt.42S' Riverton, Oregon on the same day my post rolled out about my two sidekicks of Judah and Ephraim fucking that white Republican pig from Atlanta in DELIVERANCE, along the banks of DANIEL's day 1290 river. ~ You support the blatantly [fake birth certificate] unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964, and me and my niggers will do everything in our power to make sure that the fine print in the mind expanding psychedelic law will allow us both to fuck you in the ass, like at:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/bet30n-3-web.jpg ~ What goes around comes around. ~ And that goes for Social 666 Security, Medicare, and Medicade, just for starters. ~ I realize how hard this is for many of you to understand at this point in time. ~ So for now, just imagine how much I AM is going to enjoy fucking Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Aniston at the same time once both of them hit the gym and lose 20lbs off their hips and thighs. Ergo, Cameron Crowe dumped his big fat rich wife in Seattle for the very same reason. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Check out that traditional white AMWAY pyramid marketing belt from Michigan on my nigger at:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/bet30n-3-web.jpg ~ Steve and Ornella Fresh lived in apt.415 North in Westboro, Mass; in confirmation of my future ivy league college wife who was born on 4.15, 1990.

Monday, October 1, 2012


My white-black-face African sidekick's mask in VANILLA SKY was created as a restorative 'tool' that would eventually regenerate the white skin on the Book of Mormon's marred servant. That was so severly damaged by the radical unAmerican Jewish 1964 Civil Rights Act. ~ If you are an X-hippie Gay Area Gov Brown type who wants to force homosexualality down the throats of my children, and brainwash them into thinking that the [Son of Sam] Negro has a right to the higher priesthood in SLC, Utah, then you are on the right track. ~ VANILLA SKY is basically about the son of Arthur 'Punch' Sulzberger, who inherited his father's media empire, and held the first ever title of 'Publisher' there. Who had later acquired his father's secret nickname 'Citizen Dildo'; just like that kid did in my own private MILEY MONTANA prophecy. ~ No wonder that the film's selfish second wife figure named Sofia was so obsessed with my 4 wives from England, that she felt compelled to draw out a caricature of me standing next to them in the 2001 movie. While yours truly was always portraying her, year after year, as the most beautiful woman in the world. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: In 2001's VANILLA SKY prophecy, the typical liberal college bred media analysis shrink tells King David that they do not have "power upheavals" in the swing state of Ohio. But yours truly tells him that he and his colleagues need to read between the lines. I.e. when you see me with both of my fuck buddies Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz at the same time, you better think twice. ~ VANILLA SKY's flying stonewall crash movie came out right after 9.11. Ohio's Kate Holmes suddenly dumped Tom Cruise for a surprise kitty 'power upheaval' thing. Like in this GOING TO MONTANA Kitty pictorial at: