Monday, December 31, 2012


The only way that you can kill a white zombie in most zombie movies is to blow it's brains out, per SHAUN OF THE DEAD meets DAWN OF THE DEAD. ~ The way to make low budget movie blood and gore is to mix HEINZ catsup with corn syrup and a little bit of black boot polish. That way, the fake blood is still pretty runny, but with patches of blackish red clotting. ~ Works every time it's tried. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TIPS: Always switch to black pepper when making an old fashion 1970s Denver omelet with chopped ham and green bell peppers. ~ Reportedly, the political North Korean look alike rapper version of Barack Obama will be performing on Broadway for New Years Eve. In confirmation of his transsexual he/she name 'Kim'. ~ Barry is a homosexual who is not even a US citizen. Which is something that you would never know if you only listened to right-wing talk radio.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Kristen Stewart's Portland strip club T was just confirmed by the free-money bus that went over that frozen Israelites cliff in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. Because the same morning, I watched THE PERFECT STRANGER prophecy about the seductive liberal media mulatto who conned Bruce Willis into voting for Barack Obama back in 2008. And then he got what he deserved for betraying yours truly, a.k.a. 'TRUBLUE' the film's basement apartment sex pervert Internet stalker who was telling the plain truth all along. ~ Ergo, Oliver Stone said America has replaced the Spirit of 76 with the Spirit of I-84 in George Orwell's 1984 prophecy. ~ That now has been double-downed, Las Vegas style, by those back-stabbing Democrat Party Jews in New York who are publishing the names and addresses of all the white people in the next county. ~ And then some lady with a French surname stabbed her lover in the kitchen with a knife at and tried to blame it on me. ~ Talk about the end of the world. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SYNCHRONISMS: I found a rare copy of THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY at PISTOL ANNIE'S Sunday afternoon. Then I found this report about Ben flying over central Africa in a small airplane at: ~ Because Ben Afflect et al want to steal your money in order to pay the niggers in the classic 1930s TARZAN THE APE MAN movies; that were so popular during the FDR era. ~ I also found a copy of THE DARK KNIGHT at PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop on Sunday afternoon. Which was made well before anybody would have imagined that an illegal alien darkie, with an Arab name, would ever be allowed to be elected in 2008 by the likes of Glenn Beck, Michael Medved, and Shaun Hannity. And to this day, they are still protecting the nigger. ~ The slippery Jewish downward sliding winding highway off Oregon's Dead Man Pass is a SIX DEGREES OF HELTER SKELTER fun ride thing. ~ The Mi Joo T&T bus crash above is the crude Mexicano "Me Jew" two witnesses dialogue by Mongo in BLAZING SADDLES, per: ~ 9 people are dead in the original report because the number 9 is symbolic of the end of things as they are. Of course, more are probably going to die in the hospital. ~ You have to go to to see the absurd Barack Obama look alike on the DVD cover of THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY, at:

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Kristen Stewart was snapped getting on a plane to [think Paris] in order that the snaps would come out INSYNC with the breaking news about France's high court rejecting the abomination of desolation's tax increases in DANIEL's day 1290 Davidian code prophecies. No wonder the new 666 loving French don't really like the new 666 self loathing Jews that much. ~ Which is the fake birth certificate people in that fake town in BLAZING SADDLES that gets destroyed by today's media fakers at the NYT and NBC et al. ~ "It's a fake!.. We've been suckered in!" shouts the B-52 cowboy co-star of HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE THE BOMB meets 52 PICK-UP. ~ GSR/TWN ~ I LIKES: I like this snap of Kristen Stewart at LAX juxtapositioned to a Dakota Fanning type, at: ~ Note to the police officers in Lincoln, Nebraska: The reason why the naive white Christian people are mocking you, is because they still believe in the black beetle Jesus quarterback of the Washington, DC REDSKINS, a.k.a. Martin Lucifer King. Per: ~ Basically, BLAZING SADDLES was a prophetic REV.17 theme about this Sunday's COWBOYS VS. REDSKINS game in Washington, DC; week 17.

Friday, December 28, 2012


I'm half way through updating BLAZING SADDLES, 1974, meets DJANGO UNCHAINED, 2012. Just after that half-pint Jew in the iconic movie appoints a half Jew nigger from Hawaii to be the leader of America's born again Christian 666 beast. ~ I'm at the point where the half Jewish Branch Davidian called the Waco Kid, and the new nigger in the White House, feel the coming REV.11 earthquake when the big Ephaimite cigar smoker rides into town on his white bull in 2NEPHI 8. ~ Shortly after that shady Jewish A.G. concocted a plan to chase all of the apostate Christians out of today's Sodom and Egypt in Barack Obama's Colorado Rockies "city" called Rock Ridge. [Those 'cities' in the B&M are what we would call towns, or settlements today.] ~ Hence, the Yiddish speaking chief of the lost tribes of Israel, who gives Obama's future Negro child a pass, without even asking to see his identification papers. ~ Which started, "...back in 56." Where we see the two White Horse Prophecies of Judah and Ephraim pulling that band wagon in front of them. ~ The scene where the half Jewish "Deputy Spade" and the holy city's new nigger boss smoke a joint together, is the future time when pot would become legal in the 'Rocky Mountain High' state of the late John Denver, et al. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THEATER NOTES: Norbert Leo Butz' Broadway play was just suddenly cancelled, like a thief in the night, in confirmation of that crappy butt hole portal into the mind of John Malkovich. ~ The artistic inspiration behind Tarantino's new re-imagining of Mel Brooks' BLAZING SADDLES prophecy, about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, can be crudely explained at sites like; ~ I also recommend watching his last Nazi nigger movie, co-starring today's big time Third Way pot head star Brad Pitt. ~ "Be happy, not crappy." [Nyle Smith] ~ This link contains some inspired words from Paul McCartney regarding his prophetic middle-of-the-road song. When THE MONKEES would be rising in THE PLANET OF THE APES, circa 1968, filmed in Utah. And Obama is squatting in the Oval Office, taking a crap on the sacred temple's Persian vagina rug of Israel, at: http://'t-We-Do-It-In-The-Road-lyrics-The-Beatles/227F867F13B62A0248256BC200210D99 ~ Here is a new photo that depicts the two thirds who are about to die in ZECH.13 etc, at: [Some of this two parts prophecy may actually include a part of those two thirds who flee Israel.]

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hawaii's aging big kahuna governor made the shady Jewish Schatz their next 666 nexus senator. In order that we might not find out about the shit going on with Barack Obama, at: ~ Therefore, Gen Schwarzkoft died on the same day. The same one who didn't have the coconuts to go in and take care of America's future Barack Hussien Obama problem, once and for all. ~ Ergo, Gov Schwarzenegger failed to cut off the head of the snake in California, because he listened too much to his gay-rights wife from Romney's Massachusetts. Ergo, the Schwartz in BEING JOHN MALKOVICH ends up in the body of a little Jewish princess girl in 1999 meets 2012. ~ One can see all the movie's surname look alikes at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ DICTIONARY NOTES: The word shit means crap.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


BEING JOHN MALKOVICH is about how much Cameron Diaz loves a great three-way; loves to watch her girlfriend getting fucked royally; loves to come when she comes; etc. Therefore, the head of STARBUCKS, with the look alike surname of my protagonist named Greg in the above 1999 movie, declared today that all the cups that I love to fuck in the Washington, DC area must have "Come together" written on the side of them, per: ~ Meanwhile, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH is about all those old Social Security cult followers of FDR and MLK who finally enter into the asshole of today's transsexual in the Oval Orifice on his no.44 birthday. After his amazing puppet show at Barack Obama's Lincoln Center for all of his high society puppets in the Jewish media. ~ Ergo, the film's Barack Obama monkey time-line character is named Elijah; and you know what that means. ~ Barack Obama's stolen Social Security number is about America's old forgetful folks stealing from their grandchildren's future bank accounts. In order to be able to live a little bit longer than they are supposed to live according to the word of God. ~ In other words, the motto "Live free or die." is about as meaningless as today's US Constitution that is being fucked in the ass on a daily bases by the new and improved supreme courts of America. ~ GSR/TWN ~ OH YEAHS: Greg finds the great anal sex portal to eternal life in the above Larry Sinclair era 1999 movie at the born again 2:23 birth date time for Dakota Fanning, per: ~ This fuck 100 sign happened when Naomi Watts' new earthquake movie happened to come out, at ~ In the BEING THERE meets BEING JOHN MALKOVICH prophecy, Charlie Sheen is relaxing on my royal Branch Davidian sofa throne when he asks me if he can have Lindsay Lohan after I AM is done with her. The answer is yes; but only if you take care of her in the long run. ~ His former crazy BRIDES OF DRACULA look alike wife with the big boobs was a 1969 sign from the God of Fuck; "There are many mansions in the House of my Father..."

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


BEING JOHN MALKOVICH fucking Cameron Diaz is what they were trying to spoof in their faux sequel entitled THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD MIND FUCK; called "...the best film of 1999." by Chicago's Roger Ebert. ~ Now looking at my old dusty VHS box art shorty scenes, there must be something to it. Given the latest quotes from Spike Lee about Quentin Tarantino's new remake of the Mel Brooks spaghetti western classic, BLAZING SADDLES. ~ I'm pretty sure that the last time I saw BEING JOHN MALKOVICH I had never heard of that white nigger from Chicago; who is now living in the above-floor basement of the White House in DC. ~ Whatever, anything that is some kind of a prophetic artistic inspiration about me fucking a 1999ish looking Camy, I'm there, with both guns blazing. Based upon the movie poster's tag line that reads, "Ever want to be someone else? Now you can." ~ GSR/TWN ~ EXAMPLES: Here is the latest report about REV.11's New York Jews stabbing and shooting the white Jesus Christ believers in the back at: ~ They found a copy of THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS' "Straight Shooter" song on the baby grand piano next to that shorty's dead mama, according to SIX DEGREES OF HELTER SKELTER.


The new amazing Jay Leno manifestations are Providential context for the prophetic account in SIX DEGREES OF HELTER SKELTER regarding Leno La Bianca. Who had the word "WAR" carved on his dead body that was stabbed 51 times in Silver Lake, LA. The top date on his wife's death certificate was incorrectly typed in with Barack Obama's August 4 birth date; since she was murdered the day after the 8.8 murders of Sharon Tate et al on Cielo Drive. [Heaven Dr.] ~ John Kerry's nomination is a gory HEINZ ketchup Hollywood makeup omen. His marriage to the HEINZ 57 steak sauce heir is a number '57' end of the line confirmation. Like in the frequent Jewish line-crossing themes in Larry David's CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM series for HBO. [Per D&C 57.] ~ THE MONKEYS played their first live show in Barack Obama's Hawaii. Their last and final reunion tour started last month when the illegal alien from Africa was re-elected by the Jews. ~ TAKE A GIANT STEP was the prophetic hidden [MOSES 7:15, 8:18] backside song on their debut hit LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE; which is about a soldier going off to war. This is the righteous being threatened by the giant big foot NBA icons who are behind the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. ~ Leno's killers left watermelon rhines in the sink for a prophecy about the day when Obama's [Al Gore] eco-fascists will be green on the outside and red on the inside. ~ In ZECH.13 only one third of the population of modern Israel is going to survive the Messianic MARK 13 prophecy about the day 1290 abomination. ~ The good news is, they will not have to worry about the false prophet in REV.16 anymore. ~ GSR/TWN

Monday, December 24, 2012


In the wee hours of Sunday, I watched the deleted extras on my DVD copy of THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD. Wherein Buck argues with a lady about how evil Jay Leno is, repeating in take after take, "I CRAP JAY LENO!" Later Sunday, I read that the Leno look alike Senator Crapo, from Mr Potato Head's Idaho, was arrested early Sunday morning in [Egypt's] Alexandria, Virginia for drunk driving. Leno being a big driving enthusiast, etc. At: ~ Sunday night, I googled Jay Leno and discovered that the political centrist gave the centrist Katherine Heigle a Jay Leno pooper-scooper for Christmas at: ~ Ergo, the spiritually drunk Republicans are not fulfilling their sacred oath to uphold the US Constitution by asking to see Barack Obama's birth certificate. ~ Here are the " do..." lyrics for HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN, at: ~ In my Jennifer Aniston porno clip, she holds up my traditional index finger icon for a royal sire statement. Regarding the revelation that a properly grown whole wheat diet is required to prevent making mentally defective children. ~ In 2004's ANCHORMAN prophecy, the anchor-woman declares that the future REV.13 black and white panda bear beast in the Oval Office is the "...biggest story of my career!" ~ In 1981's WOLFEN prophecy about the one mighty and strong named 'Relf' which means 'powerful wolf' there is a sign on the protagonist's wall that reads, "GOD, GUNS, AND GUTS, MADE AMERICA; Let's keep all three."

Sunday, December 23, 2012


The Jewish John [Oh no!!] Lennon was shot in the back with a warm gun in Jewish New York during Christmas season. Get the picture at: ~ The Egyptian black beetle god is a traditional shit eating omen of death; like in Sandy and Nick's PRACTICAL MAGIC prophecy about the sudden deaths of their bad-boy marriages to Tom Cruise and Jesse James. ~ The Central Park location was God's inspired day 1290 time-line. For when the futurist forces of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11 would be believing that now is the time to centralize all of their hard-fought powers for full employment 666 government. Backed up by their legions of freed African American slaves, and newly liberated out-of-the-closet homosexuals and drug addicts; curtesy of the 1964 Civil Rights Act of the devil. ~ Which is what Truman Capote's ANSWERED PRAYERS underground-city prophecy was all about in the first place. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PORNO PROPHECY: Here is a new clip from my dream about going up to the 55th floor penthouse of a physically transfigured Jennifer Aniston wife in an elevator, at: ~ Note the traditional GSR/TWN index finger flash sign, the nice little 1990s tight ass, etc. ~ My LUCKY U ICON prisoner-of-love tattoo can be seen in this Paris street shot at: ~ Demi Moore is asking for half of their money earned together during their fake birth certificate [marriage certificate] years. In order to give her bad-boy lover an FFing lesson about the dangers of marrying someone just to spite yours truly, the Great Grandson of God. Naturally, today's media con men are saying that she wants to get just as much money from Ashton as she got from her first bad-boy marriage.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Barack Obama just arrived in Hawaii, where he was born again after being born in Kenya, right in time to mark the 12.23 anniversary of when Donald Young was murdered in south Chicago for blabbing so much about his secret gay marriage to then Senator Obama. ~ Even the same Donald Young look alike who had a mulatto baby with that white whore in the BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy. ~ Therefore, those two network weather-man news anchors just got married in confirmation of that dumb and dumber weatherman in ANCHORMAN's sailor dog prophecy. Which featured POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN [who lives in a garbage can] flexing his one-mighty-and-strong "guns" that are now going to control the out-of-control Jewish princesses in Hollywood. Note the bald light skin transsexual figure in their wedding photo at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ CHECK OUTS: This clip reveals the 144 days connection between THE DARK KNIGHT RISES shooting in Obama's Aurora, CO and the Sandy storm shooting in Conn. Posted by some dumb Protestant anti-Mormon conspiracy nut job at:

Friday, December 21, 2012


Scarlett Johansson's "LUCKY YOU" tattoo was inspired by her "I LOVE NEW YORK" Jew tattoo horseshoe landmark at: ~ Because those Jew killers to the northeast will fire off several conventional warhead scuds at the same time that they launch a couple sarin gas missiles at Israel. Thereby deflecting the Patriot rockets of today's modern Jesus killers with a decoy strategy that will guarantee that at least half of their vapor bombs will make it to their pre-designated day 1290 targets. ~ You go on the radio and lie, you die. ~ GSR/TWN ~ EARTHQUAKES: This island paradise sex-on-the-beach orgasm sign happened as Providential publicity for Naomi's new movie, at: ~ Right before she dumps that lying NYC Jew that she got involved with after her KING KONG movie. ~ STOP THE CRAZINESS!!: Barack Obama is not a communist. He is a born again birth certificate fascist, per: ~ Please stop it with your blind worship of the Civil Rights Act of 19666. Niggers and neo con Jews and queers and drug addicts are the main problem; not god-fearing white people who vote Republican. ~ Long live the Republic of France, and the British Monarchy; not to mention the State of British Columbia.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Idaho's MR POTATO HEAD arrived in Rome in confirmation of the 'When in Rome' subplot in ANCHORMAN 2004. Wherein the Hollywood media of satan was the primary force behind the birth of the movie's black and white panda bear baby from Barack Obama's Catholic San Diego, which has now been completely taken over by illegal alien LAmanite spicks. Where every day the temperature is an even 82 degrees sign of the future day 1290 abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. ~ Even the city that is most famous for their black and white killer whales show over at SEA WORLD meets REV.13:1. ~ Meanwhile, the Jewish pot head Seth Rogue arrived at the FDR/JFK/LBJ/MLK letter-man show at the exact same time when that fiery pile-up happened on the LIE. Out where that typical Jewish liar Jerry Signfeld lives in his gigantic beach house; complete with White House press corps softball thrower's FIELD OF DREAMS. ~ In other words, you're smoking something if you are dreaming that Obama is the president of the white people who made America what it is today. ~ Because whether or not you are in the left-wing media, or the right-wing media, if you do not tell us the truth about Barack Obama, your gay ass career has come to an end. ~ GSSR/TTWN ~ Right now, I am in the middle of watching WOLFEN's 1981 prophecy about Scarlett Johansson's new "LUCKY YOU" horseshoe tattoo prophecy on her ribs. Which starts out with that ancient crucifix nail tattoo on her wrist at the Castle Clinton park's White Horse Prophecy crucifix flag pole landmark. ~ The gory Al Gore setting at the clean energy windmill park establishes the prophetic Barack Obama time-line. Here she is in all her beautiful woman REV.17 glory at: ~ That older woman who burned to death on the LIE represented Seth Rogue's co-star in his new highway road movie; who was the same age as Malibu's Streisand icon. ~ Speaking of the big white lie going down at NBC et al right now, see this WHITE-OUT Newtown, Conn job report, at: ~ The synagog of Satan sinners will be destroyed by gog magog. Sorry about that.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD did the Johnny Carson show 61 times. For a solid confirmation done by my road manager, Michael Medved; playing clips on his two witnesses radio show of Michael Moore saying that there have been 61 mass-murder shootings in America since he came out with his code-word killer documentary that; that was filmed in Barack Obama's Colorado before there was a Barack Obama in the White House temple of God. ~ In other words, the great Buck Howard always killed when he appeared on the pre Jay Leno show; produced by today's evil "synagog of Satan" Jews in REVELATION. ~ GSR/TWN - ADS: Here is one of my most favorite hypnotized wives in the Death Valley documentary, at: ~ I'll probably be fucking her, and her sister Kristen Stewart, at least twice as often as any of my other wives; until the physical transfiguration kicks in, and the pressure of age is no longer a factor. ~ Ergo, that piano in Bakersfield, Cal is the same piano that Jennifer Garner was playing in my repaired POLAROID camera dream about, "...not this fall, but next fall." The one in the movie's Ornella Fresh prophecy, that started and ended in Bakersfield, Ca. Where her DANIEL 2 feet of Babylon were crushed in an accident at ROSS' discount close-out dresses shop. ~ This report is about the great Buck Howard causing the dead in Ohio to rise up out of their graves in Death Valley, CA, at:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Depardieu moved out of Paris. ~ Because at exactly 3:00, terrorists are going to detonate an atomic bomb in the heart of France's capital; thank you Barack Obama, per: ~ In other words, if you don't like the New Jerusalem of the Branch Davidian made Statue of Liberty from France, then you can leave it. Thank you Barack Obama. And thank you Jesus too. ~ In other words, last week I dreamed that I gathered a gunny sack full of those huge Idaho potatoes in LAST TANGO IN PARIS, like at: ~ Then I saw that shady Jew Jerry Signfeld complaining to his father that his new [Barack Obama] tv sitcom was tanking in the ratings. ~ As just confirmed by that shady NYC Jew who just cancelled the LA premier of Tarantino's new Lincoln Log Cabin Republicans movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ VIEWER NOTES: Watch what is going to happen in this 66 movie about 44 at: ~ PREVIEW: I found a used scratched copy of 2008's prophecy about THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD at GOODWILL Tuesday, at: ~ Basically, the movie's subplot is about Michael Medved quitting law school and moving to Venice Beach, LA to become a failed screenwriter. ~ Meanwhile, he makes a pretty decent living acting as my local two witnesses radio broadcaster spinmeister manager at etc.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Still trying to buy some time before Dr Hannibal Lecter catches up with all those rich homosexual Jews at the NYT, and out in Hollywood, I dusted off an old 1997 VHS copy of AMERICAN VAMPIRE. That was a prophecy about the white LAmanite redskin 'Kahuna' from Hawaii who helps me rid the House of Israel from today's hip vampires. ~ The underground film's beach party plot was confirmed by the same-day sudden-death of the 88 year-old Roman senator from Hawaii. Who had been suffering from the mainstream media's Alzheimer decease regarding the thought that the president of America should actually be an American citizen. ~ Therefore, whenever you read the new born-again Nazi propaganda about "gun control", think about how it is going to take a lot of guns to control the out-of-control Jews and niggers in DJANGO UNCHAINED. ~ GSR/TWN ~ VIEWER NOTES: AMERICAN VAMPIRE was filmed in an upper Malibu beach pad that resembled the various BEACH BOYS ranch houses where Charles Manson suddenly arrived with all his sexy wives. ~ The big kahuna from Hawaii in the above Malibu movie killed a flying vampire bat-rat while hang-gliding down on Mel Gibson's horse ranch in Costa Rica; John Denver style. Hence the movie's White Horse Prophecy opening logo icon. [Think BATMAN BEGINS meets BATMAN RISING's shooter in Obama's Aurora, Colorado on 7.20.]

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Still trying to buy some time for my Dr Hannibal Lecter cult readers, I watched THE SIX DEGREES OF HELTER SKELTER. Which turned out to be a prophecy about the murder of that Polish Jew shorty's wife; that miraculously happened on the very same day that the fab 4 got photographed crossing the street at ABBEY ROAD studios in London. ~ All four of the BEATLES were full blooded Jews of course. Hence, the famous white-marked sidewalk street crosswalk crucifixion image confirmation of the [Jay] Leno LaBianca [the whites] murder in Silver Lake, LA. ~ Charles Manson was right of course. There really is an underground GSR/TWN city underneath the latter-day EZE.37 landmark of Death Valley, CA. ~ At least that is what the above documentary film producer who was born on Barack Obama's 8.4 birth date says in the 2009 movie. ~ Because 'Helter Skelter' was Manson's term for the race war that would be started by the illegal alien nigger in the White House who finally wakes up the white people. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Greg King is one of the major Manson experts quoted in SIX DEGREES OF HELTER SKELTER. ~ The New Jerusalem killer in Conn. looked like a younger BEATLE, like at: ~ They found Manson hiding under a wash sink at Barker Ranch. For a cleansing of the hands prophecy about the Roman governor pilot who correctly said that the Jewish Judases killed Jesus, not him. ~ Roman's pierced REV.12 wife with child was found laying in a pool of blood in front of a sofa that had an upside-down USA flag draped over it. ~ The future Barack Obama time-line abomination was confirmed by that Islamic temple mount dome mansion near the film's future race riot lamb slaughter. That was then compared to today's defiled Islamic temple dome city hall [USA] Capitol of Beverly Hills. ~ In other words, all the dead bodies that were laying around the black and white zebra rug in the documentary were a prophecy about when there would be a mulatto bastard-child, who was born in Africa, sitting inside the new Casa Blanca remake, circa 2012. ~ Wiki's image of Sienna Miller's future Prince Charles, based in London, reveals his composite D&C 85 meets 5.6 number at: ~ Charles' favorite cold pick-up line with the ladies was, "I am the God of fuck." ~ They found the word "PIG" written on Ms Tate's white door, in her own blood; for when there would be a no.44 caliber style 'Son of Ham' defiling the temple's white house of the Lord in Washington, DC and SLC, Utah. ~ THE LAST TANGO IN PARIS anybody? I'll drink to that, at:

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Looking to buy a little more time that would allow my readers to catch up with the Dr Hannibal Lecter kid killer prophecies, I went through my stack of used $1 tapes from GOODWILL and found something called DRACULA 2000. ~ It's about a vampire named after that shooter in Conn. Who is called 'Adam' by Dr Van Hellsinger. Who ends up getting hanged just like the Jewish Judas figure in HANNIBAL 2000-2001. ~ The one who can only be killed in the future when the real men of Israel with sterling character, like in 2NEPHI 8, have the guts to start hanging any nigger out there who tries to rape one of their white VIRGIN RECORDS daughters. ~ Per the prophetic scene in HANNIBAL where that rich Jew queer in an FDR wheelchair gets pushed off a cliff at the end; and fed to all those wild Chicago mafia pigs imported from Mussolini's Italy. Who are now feeding at the trough of the new 666 fascism going down in Washington, DC. ~ In the 2000 vampire movie above, the new nigger rich blood sucking leeches can only be killed by lynching. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Like in any good Scorsese mob movie, the Chicago mob's Hillary Clinton consigliere suddenly fell sick and went to the hospital, once Congress had summoned her to testify before them about Barack Obama's fake citizenship documents. ~ Most niggers don't deserve a legal trial by their slave masters in the new Tarantino movie because they do not believe in the rule of law.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Nobody loves virgin children more than the childish Jews. Therefore, 20 kids or so were murdered around the New Jerusalem's Newtown, and Sandy Hook, Conn. landmarks. Since they have been dodging the truth and conning the entire world about the immature and wild nature of democratic fascism, and warm and fuzzy homosexual child abuse, etc. ~ Right there is Shady Rest, Conn. For that shady Jerry Signfeld comedian in the Jewish DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER 007 prophecy. ~ You sleep with the high society opera devil in HANNIBULL, you get the horns, and so do your kids. All you dirty-filthy-arrogant-atheist Jews ain't seen nothing yet. ~ [[Think about the new ten virgins movie out on Friday from the mother-earth-worshipper's gigantic divided 50/50 islands landmark of New Zealand.]] ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: When a scud missile is hit by a Patriot rocket, most of it's sarin nerve gas warhead will just break up and disperse into the air; it's toxic vapors drifting down to earth like in the TICKER prophecy, starring Alfred Hitchcock's beloved San Francisco. Where Woody Allen has reportedly been filming his next secret movie, true or false, doesn't matter anymore. ~ After this happens, perhaps a hundred times or so, I suggest that you go ahead and drop a clean eco-neutron bomb on Damascus. That's what I would do anyway. ~ Check out Gwyneth Paltrow's best come-hither leather pants from HANNIBAL, 2001, at: ~ Here is a great image of all the media Jews who are conning us, including FOX's Catholic Bill O'Rielly and the neo con Jew Michael Medved, at: ~ This report is a cue for us, from Obama's Colorado, to review the BUBBA HO-TEP prophecy about how Obama's new Sodom and Egypt is going to be completely consumed by fire, at: ~ This is just the latest NIGGA RICH porno confirmation about MLK, and his Jewish backers at the Southern Poverty Law Center; steeling from the Christian white people of the Kingdom of Ephraim in ISAIAH 11 etc. at: ~ All those children were shot dead near Taunton Pound, Conn. off of George Orwell's I-84, because the white people who are generally better than most people have finally had enough of the race-baiting taunts from the Jews, niggers, Catholics, and queers at the NYT and NBC etc. ~ Those innocent kid lambs were slaughtered on Friday's Sabbath eve like in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS at the 3NEPHI end of the BOOK OF MORMON's Rt.34 landmark sign.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hannibal gives the married Miranda Kerr look alike an ancient prophecy about their royal birthrights to the throne of England at 1:05:... minutes on my HANNIBAL DVD. ~ As in, "I eat the pussy." in ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO; [Miri, or Mira, is short for Miranda, or Amanda.] ~ At 35:55 or so, Starling sees H's typical FFing missionary position sketch of her about to get royally fucked by Jesus. ~ All the dog muzzle masks in the Hannibal movies are about the masked man in my alone ranger sidekick movie; co-starring Johnny Depp as the day 1290 half-breed black&white abomination in MARK 13:14, even Barack Obama. ~ Check out this inspired Hannibal Lecter look alike pseudo-science psychiatrist link; complete with the context of Clarice Starling's southern accent, at: ~ Note the hands reaching for the throat. ~ Scuds full of sarin gas are about to rain down on Israel because they don't believe in the Book of Mormon. ~ Kate Holmes appeared in a sexy SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL meets BLUE VELVET meets STAR WHORES meets CAN'T HARDLY WAIT number last night, at: ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I found the 2001 HANNIBAL sequel about the Jewish Judases who betrayed America in the 2012 election on Tuesday at Bill and Hillary's Arkansas based WAl*MART Tuesday. Then I watched it for the first time Wednesday morning, and woke up later when Medved was talking on the two witnesses radio about that Jewish traitor who they hung in Damascus, Fiorenza, Italia style. ~ Who had arrived in Syria by way of Agentina. And therefore the gay ass EVITA musical on Broadway was canceled on the same day. Because the Jewish Mr Medved has been stonewalling the truth about the abomination of desolation of the defiled Hanukkah temple for the past four years. Even though he could have destroyed the anti-American homosexual with only two or three broadcasts about his born again birth certificate and down low background. ~ Hence, that Hawaiian killer in Portland who worked at the Greek president's BIG BERTHA gyro sandwich joint; which represented Obama's big fat lie birth certificate. ~ GSR/TWN - LINKS: Ms Hathaway's pussy was exposed as a confirmation of Jude Law's porno movie dialogue that read, "You have a beautiful pussy." ~ Hannibal tips us off about the [Donald] trumpet blow job nigger in Washington, DC at about 1:36:... minutes on my DVD. Then he tells Ms Starbucks that the FBI is no longer protecting America from any kind of obvious illegal alien usurper in the White House. Because they have become more interested in their fat pay checks and cushy day 1290 medical benefits. Besides, almost half of today's FBI men are a bunch of niggers anyway. So what would you expect? ~ Therefore, the stupid white Boehner look alike gets his head circumcised at the end of the FBI agency prophecy. And then everything comes to a 44 teeth finale in front of the film's various White Horse Prophecy images. ~ HANNIBAL's main screenwriter also wrote the WAG THE DOG prophecy. ~ The end is near, at:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I got around to watching the deleted "GANG BANG" scenes on my DVD copy of ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO last night. Wherein Carey Mulligan's boyish look alike character wants Jesus to be present when she is getting fucked. While holding onto Traci Lords' hand of God for emphasis. ~ Because in the deleted STEELERS NFL fan scenes, the scarf dude asks his look alike; "Do you believe in Jesus?" Right before the Lord and Savior shots of Jesus' great grandson fucking the film's Carey Mulligan character from behind on my royal iPAD sofa throne at STARBUCKS. Which was just confirmed by that 5.1 sweet 16 earthquake orgasm sign among the Divine Prince of God sex cult islands at: ~ The name 'Car Rey' referring to Chloe's sweet 16 CARRIE remake of a Steve King movie, etc. etc. ~ Therefore, the Barack Obama era prophecy ends with a "NIGGA RICH" promo time-line about the time when a nigger would be put in the White House; and who would start spending all the white people's funny money with a vengeance, like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ LINKS: This clip of Jude Law fucking a blond teenage Billy Piper was confirmed by the Dutch-boy look alike co-star in ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO, at: ~ AND: ~ Listen for the low budget film TICKER time-line syncretism in the above Jude Law porno. ~ This orgasmic HAWAII 5.0 sign from Mel Gibson's private island region represents the reality tv references to LOST in ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO, at: ~ Could be, Mel gets Hailee, and I get Chloe, in some kind of a prophetic video movie scenario that was post produced at Gibson's new film studios located up in the hills of Malibu. And here is the best part; no taxes on his millions in funny money profits. ~ Nothing. Nulla. Nada. That's the great thing about living in a third world country. Like Costa Rica, Fiji, Panama, or the future post-Obama USA.

Monday, December 10, 2012


"This Sunday" at STARBUCKS' front windows, I sensed for sure that something was up, way up, when some dude in a pirate T-shirt hopped out of his England red 1993 PATHFINDER at the curb; bearing the birth date number of Ms 528... Who I saw later that night getting fucked in the ass while bending over my future King of England sofa throne covered in my future iPAD icons that suddenly appeared in my life back on 7.20, 2010. ~ I mean the scene at 57:... minutes into my ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO inside of Bonnie Lake, Washington's 19461 STARBUCKS location after closing time. Made with a very nice Sienna Miller look alike and shot around her father's Pittsburg, PA area. ~ The porno film's 2008 gay ass monogamy ending being confirmed for sure only hours later by all those monogamist homogaysexuals on the front page of the SEAHAWKS TIMES, and Tacoma's TNT newspaper. ~ No wonder that I like to fuck girls who look like boys. Since it is Traci Lords who role plays yours truly in the prophetic movie; as Divine confirmation of the Lord's Branch Davidian grandson who will be fucking Carey Mulligan when the time has come. ~ When I picked up the above DVD on "This Sunday" at Sienna Miller's PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop, the blue & green SEAHAWAKS were beating the red Catholic CARDINALS 58-0 on their big screen in the background. [The nigger producer gives me the money he was going to spend on a new flat-screen tv for his racist wife.] For today's ongoing '58' sign of the upcoming physical transfiguration. ~ Which was just confirmed by the confirmation that a 40ish Ben Afflect will be fucking a 23ish Kristen Stewart in their new FOCUS film production scheduled to start in April. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Nicole Kidman's royal Hollywood Grace Kelly character dies when she drives off a cliff in Monaco, at: ~ Today's Grace Kelly meets Nicole Kidman time-line can be seen in Scarlett Johansson's new Hitchcock movie, at: ~ [Note the physical transfiguration glasses on my GSR/TWN figure in SILENCE OF THE LAMB RIBS.] ~ Traci Lord's full name means that you can trace my royal genealogy line back to the Lord. That's right all you Jews, queers, spicks, and niggers, and you gay ass Christians too. Yours truly is the Grandson of God. Who is the future King of England by birthright. The same one who is going to humble all the gentiles of the world who hate the color white.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


This Sunday, I stopped by PISTOL ANNIE'S in-hock shop and found a used copy of the ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO prophecy; that was as good as new, for only two bucks. ~ Back at the iPAD later, I saw the new 'FI' report by NPR about how the public schools in California are a symbolic metaphor for the illegal federal government in Hollywood, DC at: ~ Here is the one about that Mercer Island Jew boy who was shot in the heart by his Jew boy father at: ~ The only thing more queer than a Jew nigger who hates America, is a Jew nigger who hates Israel. ~ About two weeks ago, a car drove off the steep mini cliff on Old Buckley and Angeline Road, smashing down a couple of evergreen Christmas trees that were wrapped around in blackberry vines that looked like strings of Christmas tree ornaments. ~ Therefore, a stone 4x4 drove by me there on Sunday bearing a full rear window size white 'FOX' decal. Then back at the house later, I saw Jamie Fox hugging the abomination of desolation and bragging about all the white homos he gets to kill in his next Jew boy movie, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: This latter-day wise virgin birther report about today's Catholic nigger worshipers of the new 666 beast that sits upon the seven hills in ROMA was just confirmed at, ~ AND: ~ Hailee turns sweet 16 on Tuesday. Oh yeah, she is ready for her close-up, per: ~ The very same day that I saw 2005's HOUSE OF WAX prophecy about how everything that looks so solid suddenly does a melt down, the Jewish queers at the NEW YORK TIMES published another propaganda piece about the "solid recovery" of the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Obviously, I just won the invisible man power-baller jackpot at: ~ AND: ~ You wanna hit that? You better start acting like a real man. Because, "IT'S MILLER TIME!!" ~ Wherein Sienna ends up looking like Bonnie Lake's Pistol Annie sign at the Niagara Falls ending to CAMILLE. ~ Hence, my Arizona jackpot fucker in Scottsdale kept his winning lottery ticket tucked in that three-way format front seat sun-visor scene in KS' Jack London movie due out in California on 12.21. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: On the Sabbath eve of Hanukkah, a 15ish babe told me in her best sexy doll voice, "This Sunday!" at 11:05 pm.

Friday, December 7, 2012


In the original 2000 CHARLIE'S ANGELS prophecy, the Barack Obama 'Thin Man' assassin plays a game of chicken with the red, white, and blue Republicans on that same high cliff bridge in Long Beach where the director of TOP GUN jumped to his death. Him driving a red capitalist logo INDIE 500 car, and all that shit. ~ Nicole Kidman got married to her next shortie hubby inside the great and abominable church of the devil, located on a cliff above the sea in Australia. ~ CHARLIE'S ANGELS 2000 comes to a climax at a castle located above a cliff in California. ~ The Thin Man's race car with a red star was black. ~ Some of my best memories are fishing for native rainbow trout on Crooked Lake at Cliff Eagle's Lincoln log cabin compound in British Columbia's caribou country. ~ The last time I was in Vancouver, I shared a double kingsize bed suite at the FOUR SEASONS on New Years Eve with Teri Kornblum/Rutherford and Ken and Susan. But I was too gay back then too even have the balls to make a righteous FFing missionary effort out of it. ~ I promise you. The next time that I AM is up there fucking Evangeline Lilly and Ellen Page at the same time, I will make it up to you. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CLIFF NOTES: 73% of all the new jobs in the past five months involve 666 union mattress-stuffing, according to: [Virtually every union job in America is a state sponsored government job in real terms.] ~ For all practical purposes, Barack Obama is no longer the president of Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Alabama, Montana, or Texas et al, just for starters, at: ~ For example, if you are not even a US citizen, you may not engage in arms reduction talks with Russia, and so on; on behalf of the legit citizens of America. It just ain't gonna happen. Sorry about that. ~ In SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, all the James Spader types in Hollywood make fun of me crying about my stewed peaches getting cold. But then a rather young looking yours truly ends up in the Bahamas hanging out at Catherine Zeta-Jones' estate.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Some of my best friends are Jessica Alba style half-breed darkies, like at: ~ So I'm not racist or anything, just because I believe that half Jewish white people are better than half Jewish niggers. ~ Have you ever seen a more beautiful pair of freaky Latina blue eyes than the ones on the tall blond Cameron Diaz? ~ Watch this and get back to me, at: ~ I have not seen the movie, that looks like some kind of a GSR/TWN mind-fuck, but Keira Knightley has just arrived in LA again, so there could be some new clarifications in the works. Keep in mind, Hollywood is now making a major look alike movie about when Buffalo Bill meets Michael Douglas, after they both voted for the day 1290 abomination of desolation at: ~ Just because you love the new 666 church of the devil, it does not mean that the same great and abominable church in the BOOK OF MORMON is going to love you back. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: That pirate eye patch on Anderson Cooper inspired DeMint to finally walk away from it all. For a sign about the new gold mine minted coins that will be used by the break-away states in REV.16. After the two witnesses' earthquake of course. ~ Speaking of fuck buddy darkies, check out this hilarious cartoon about the Chinese general from Chinatown, USA, who has already laid the groundwork for the illegal alien invasion of California, at: ~ They claim that sarin gas burns the eyes. ~ Today's red capitalist Chinese third-wayers are the ancient descendants who originally migrated from the northern regions of gog magog in EZE.38. ~ The best way to cop out of today's unconstitutional federal reserve debt is to declare that only minted gold and silver coins will be accepted by your respective state governments. This is the only way that you are going to be able to destroy the NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, and NBC et al. Not to mention apostate Christianity.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Anderson Cooper was blinded by the light in Portugal in confirmation of the eye doctor who is now loading sarin gas into his jet fighter planes and pickup truck rocket launchers. ~ One may recall, this is the Cameron Diaz prophecy about today's Hollywood Jews jumping off some church side cliff in the future bankrupt country of Portugal, meets California, at: ~ AND: ~ Talk about, "Jump'n Jack flash, it's a gas gas gas..." at: ~ Last night, I had a gas watching 1964's BIKINI BEACH prophecy about today's teen babes who were compared to the future abomination of desolation in a PLANET OF THE APES mask. ~ Who is owned by some rich California Jew landlord who runs a chain of Social Security funded retirement homes for old FDR supporters of the new 666 beast. ~ GSR/TWA ~ NOTES: Sienna Miller's husband kisses her on the forehead in CAMILLE, after he realizes that she is dead. Whereupon she says, "That was a handshake, not a kiss." ~ The polarizing POLAROID camera in CAMILLE was the same one that I saw in my Jennifer Garner dream about, " fall..." ~ In CAMILLE, Sienna's new Niagara Falls husband buys her a load of Santa Claus presents with Barack Obama's stolen ID credit card, at: ~ When the deputy in CAMILLE sees that her new husband has been fucking her stained dead body at the fancy G HOTEL, he calls him a "...sick bastard!" ~ My royal 'Potato Bugger' king forerunner in BIKINI BEACH, Malibu, CA, plays a double guitar shaft-boner three-way instrument that all the teenage bikini babes love. Who actually look like they are around the same 90210 age as Annalynne McCord or Emma Stone. Not to mention his sexy Austin Powers scar/f and Harry Potter glasses. ~ Hundreds of darkies died in a typhoon that slammed into the 1776 Chocolate Hills of the Philippines on the same day THE DARK KNIGHT RISES came out on DVD, etc. ~

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Sienna Miller's Camille [Jodie] Foster bride in CAMILLE has to die and go to heaven before she will let her husband fuck her body, BRIDE OF CHUCKY style, per: ~ Based upon the above Levite redhead wig from VANILLA SKY that is the invisible film's physical transfiguration give-away. ~ Plus, the 2008 invisible indie film features David Carradine as the King of the Cowboys who eventually gets to fuck both Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley at the same time, "...over my dead body." ~ Hence, most of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS was filmed around Sienna's adopted home town of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, 6-5000. ~ [Vampires only fuck their women after they have sucked them to death.] - Kind of like when THE CHIEFS' Belcher no.59 blew his much younger girlfriend's brains out, and was starting to kiss her before he was going to fuck her brains out again; but then her Hillary Clinton like REV.17 monster mother burst into the bedroom, all grossed out and everything. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: James Spader is my old Ken Keisler look alike friend from Seattle at the Christmas season ending to SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. [Bill's surname alias was also a 'Friend' in the 1991 GSR/TWA newsletter prophecy.] ~ Note to Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck; Communism never follows socialism. On the contrary, Jewish Communism is always followed by Jewish socialism, which is always followed by Jewish fascism. Which in real terms is Jewish liberalism, i.e. the Democrat Party. Which is now leading the old white men's Republican Party of the Jewish Abraham Lincoln around by the nose, like a dumb elephant in some zoo in Seattle, Washington. [Think Lake Washington's Jewish Mercer Island paradise.] ~ My brilliant half Jewish Dr Lecter figure explains how today's born again birth certificate leader from Asia's Chinatown, Chicago... "Wants to be reborn... And he will be reborn..." and that, "Our Billy [Carter] hates his own [fake] identity." in the deleted scene extras on my extremely marred copy of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS DVD. ~ In the deleted scenes of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, we see Bullalo Bill sewing together a pigskin football in his basement lair. ~ According to THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE, apostate Christians like Billy Carter will hate their own Israelite roots in the last days. Just like most of today's gay ass apostate Mormons in SLC, Utah.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Almost every one of my wives is going to have to die and be born again before I can fuck their bodies. ~ For example, Dr Lecter gives Jodie Foster's LL forerunner a stack of my TWN sheets, and then we cut to her returning to Washington County, Vermont on a TWA jet. And then we see her walking through the Ronald Reagan airport right next to yours truly, circa 1990, and Granny Grass on the other side of her. ~ Next, we see the prophetic film's Will Ferrell look alike cop getting his brains beat out of his skull. ~ As comfirmed by those Japs who just suddenly died in that underground tunnel of murder in HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES. ~ Ergo, Buffalo Bill wears a Japanese volcano jacket when he kidnaps the Miley Cyrus look alike who lives alone with her pets. ~ For that "death mask" moth from Asia who eventually invades the shores of California looking for a cute wife to sire. ~ Which is why the movie's Warren Jeffs look alike tells her that her "fullness of the father" in D&C 76 is so proud of her when they consummate the Masonic templre handshake at the end. ~ This being the Christmas holidays season ending of the above movie that happens on Bimini Island. [Think anthrax Island.] ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: This is Buffalo Bill at: ~ This is the area where they shot most of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, at: ~ This is the image about Dr Lecter fingering Jodie Foster when he gives her a stack of my GSR/TWN case file reports, at:

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I always had ADOLF'S amazing lamb ribs at his golf course restaurant on the green every time I attended the winter wonderland Sundance Film Festival Olympics during the WWIII Reagan Revolution in the 1980s. Therefore, I watched THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS Sunday morning, and then Sunday afternoon, I saw those new picks of Buffalo Bill and Barack Insane Obama on a golf course in Washington, County, DC, or wherever. See what I mean at: ~ Here are the film's Michigan Mitt map time codes at, 1:26, and 1:44, on my scratched up used DVD I found at Bonney Lake's new PISTOL ANNIE's landmark confirmation of the BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID prophecy. [Who both were gunned down by those LAmanites in Kenny Kemp's Bolivia.] ~ THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS ends with yours truly, circa 2012, walking down the streets of some African American tropical island paradise. ~ [Think Anthrax Island.] Right after Ms no.19 is reminded, "Don't forget your phone call." Regarding her temple handshake close-up with the Oscar movie's prophetic Warren Jeffs look alike who is now being held in a high security prison in Texas. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS' instant camera POLAROIDS taken in West Virginia were about my POLAROID camera repair dream co-starring Jennifer Gar/ner. Taken right after the GRIEG FUNERAL HOME scene. [Greg spelled with an 'i' of course.] ~ When we first see Dr Lecter transferred to Megan Fox's Tennessee, he is wearing her B 5160-8' born again birthday girl number. ~ The FBI boss in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, who looks exactly like Warren Jeffs, is called "the guru" by that same black woman from Obama's Colorado. Who had called the sheriff down in Texas and said all those lies about the abomination of desolation who was supposedly desecrating the FLDS temple. ~ Jodie Foster looks and sounds like the bisexual Lindsay Lohan in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. ~ Here is the tanker train wreck in the opening shots of HOUSE OF 10,000 CORPSES, at: ~ The transsexual Buffalo Bill [Clinton] Nazi forerunner in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS has a cool prison tattoo on his Adam's rib. Liberalism is the new black [shirt] Nazism. I.e. the word nigger means Nazi. Not the other way around. ~ The medicine wheel Indian chief's Mr Belcher wore '59' in confirmation of my "May 9 is the cutting time..." revelation. ~ Buffalo Bill Clinton is a prophetic transsexual figure in the modern day Sodom and Egypt of Memphis, Tenn etc. in the sense that both Bill and Hilary are basically the same person. Not to mention the gory movie's Al Gore themes. [Think LOVE STORY was actually based on Mitt Romney's BRIDE OF CHUCKY college romance prophecy. Wherein he would eventually reject the new third way RLDS politics of his wealthy polite society father.] ~ Check out this amazing WILLIS TOWER, Chicago look alike in DIE HARD meets whatever, at:

Saturday, December 1, 2012


When the Russians invaded Berlin at the end of WWII, it was a prophecy about today's new democratic fascist liberals at MSNBC et al, who are now hysterically in suicide mode. In confirmation of that big buck nigger named Belcher killing himself in front of his liberal media coaches, at: ~ For a double-down confirmation of that white zombie at MSNBC who suddenly "died" on air when he started to belch uncontrollably, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Here is the latest proof that today's crazy professor Jerry Lewis media is committing suicide at: ~ Southern Florida is now infested with old dying FDR era Jews from New York. ~ Ergo, a bus load of Old Testament oriented JWs crashed in Florida too, at: ~ One of the main reasons why the obviously superior white man from Michigan lost the 2012 election, was because the good folks at the Kingdom Halls across America think that the political Kingdom of God at etc. is a thing of naught. See: