Friday, November 28, 2008


Back on the 18th, God woke me up from a nap at 8:40 pm with the simple clear word "Checkmate". So I made a point to swing by our local temple mount's CHECKMATE location. For cashing in all those checks that MLK talked about in his famous "I have a check to cash dream" speech.

A '431...' sterling silver MITZ triple-diamond coup zoomed by. Then I saw my identical former 70s powder-blue OLDS parked there at the curb, bearing '268...' plates. Hey, whatever. Since then, the checkmate signs and wonders have been popping up all over the place.

The latest was an adorable 26 year-old Sienna out and about doing the FFing thing, in a cute retro 60s diamond mini number, with some local "Woody Allen" in the background at:

That was immediately confirmed by the new batch of Woody Allen WHATEVER WORKS chess pix featuring your old father's OLDSMOBILE theme; now on the verge of check-cashing bankrupcy. Including a nice threesome Sienna Miller hug alike pose, with limestone diamond pattern window shade in the background, at:

I'm also having some interesting Barack Obama dreams. One of the latest featured DANIEL's prophetic day 1290 figurehead giving a passionate speech about the evils of child sex abuse. No doubt, we will soon learn that the historic con man from Africa was busted on the eve of DUMB AND DUMBERER's Thanksgiving Day parade, by the recorded words of Kenya's ambassador. Whatever works.

Speaking of threesomes. Last Monday Tuesday overnight, I found my lucky fake-gold 1989 Canadian dollar coin lying around. I noticed that the marred coin's date actually looks like it says '1984', due to a peculiar disfigurement of the year's scarred number '9'.

Having seen a sudden run of 1984 signs surrounding Scarlett Johansson, completely out of the blue, I put the potmarked token in my pocket for the first time this year. It reminds me of Bill Murray's potted face in Scarlett's LOST IN TRANSLATION marriage movie. Like in this golden threesome shot of Bill at:

Back on 10.02 at 6:21 am, an angel informed me that Sienna Miller would be "...a glass I love to fuck, no matter what." Divinely demonstrated on the same day, when I discovered an old retro 60s glass vagina icon perched on Granny Grass' kitchen window, next to a great Sienna look alike clothing store coupon. Which she had purchased in a set at Rainier's secondhand shop.

Last Tuesday afternoon, my golden Canada loonie/queen coin in pocket, I opened the NYT to a piece about the new rising-sun $20 Double Eagle gold dollar coin; that they just started minting Monday. Right after an EAGLE transport truck drove through the 211th light out on Hwy.410. You can see the report's Chinatown badminton player at:

Whatever works.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: They have 80 check cashing locations at:

NOTE: Here's a look at Scarlett's coin shaped rising-sun tattoo at:

NOTE: I just logged onto the Synchronicity site, and found exactly 486 new messages there in a Divine confirmation of the D&C 86 reason that the REV.17 beasts went after the REV.17 whores, at:

The full Steven King horror story is at:

NOTE: Woody's WHATEVER WORKS is his 42nd film.

NOTE: MLK died on 4.4 in 1968.

NOTE: My Canadian loonie/queen coin now stands for Scarlett's recent hippie wedding in Tofino, BC, north of 52 PICKUP's Long Beach on Vancouver Island, at:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Did Bruce Springsteen sing BORN IN THE USA during any of his free campaign concerts for Obama? 'The Boss's lyrical prophecy about the abomination of desolation fraud starts like this:

Born down in a dead man's town [Mombasa, Kenya]
The first kick I took was when I hit the ground
You end up like a dog that's been beat too much
'Til you spend half your life just covering up [Where you were born]
Born in the U.S.A.
Born in the U.S.A.
Born in the U.S.A.
Born in the U.S.A.
I got in a little hometown jam
And so they put a rifle in my hands
Sent me off to Vietnam [protests]
To go and kill the yellow [coward white] man...

Bruce's 1984 album of the same name, depicts the traditional secret back pocket queer hankie sign. Often worn in the 60s and 70s by closet homogaysexuals who didn't want to end up like Harvey in MILK; seen here in Bruce's gay butt shot at:

Mom/basa refers to Nicole Kidman's personal mom prophecy in the adoption of her anima figure mulatto son named Connor. Who came to symbolize the future mulatto con man from Hawaii named Obama.

AUSTRALIA's outback native son actress appeared on Letterman Monday. The same day Dave announced the JFK letter man assasination anniverary death, on 11.22, of his show's long time electrician Tom, at age 50/50. He had been with the show since 1993.

Are the banana nutbread republic jokes flying left and right yet on the late night shows? Kenyan Ambassador Peter N.R.O. Ogego slipped up recently when some Howard Stern style morning radio jocks called him up. For the kind of brave radio interview that a polite society Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity would never do at:

The prophetic latter-day surname of 'Ogego' stands for EZE.38's gog invaders of lost Israel in Kidman's 2007 INVASION prophecy.

For today's perverted Spirit of 76, 76 people were injured Monday when three school buses pulled a homosexual rear-ender near Hillary's IT TAKES A VILLAGE PEOPLE, Ark at:

To the south of this Jennie, Ark children's sex abuse sign, on Liz' Rt.65, is a small place named India. Now confirmed by the beasts going after the whores in Liz' adopted land of Mumbai, [Bombay] India. Mum being the common British word for the natural born USA's word mom. Elton John being the Godfather of her small son.

Bombay is for those cluster quakes around Bombay Beach, CA on Rt.111, the same day Jenny's divorce from Brad became final at the 111 court house in L.A, and El Wood and I visited the Bellevue Mall art shop BOMBAY .

Obama's local Chocolate Mountains, full of triple fudge brownie peaks, refer to his nearby North Shore [San Francisco] context on Rt.111 in the new MILK movie. Michael Savage visited some high end mall in the Bay Area Monday. He got so pissed off by the rap music, that it sounded like he was ready to shoot up the place.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, November 24, 2008


The SEATTLE TIMES printed a news photo of Saturday's DAWN OF THE DEAD black gang shooting at Southcenter Mall; near BJs restaurant. Indicating that Donald Young's gangland hit was a homogaysexual Obama coverup. Based on BJs' triple GHIRARDELLI San Francisco chocolate fudge deserts, that were confirmed by Larry Sinclair overhearing some college party kids while dining at PERKINS, talking about one of them getting DPed Saturday night, at:

BJs' two scoop-balls of chocolate icecream on a brownie, with fudge sauce, can be seen on their menu link at:

I didn't mention that an open umbrella was lying on the bed in my prophetic Michelle Rodriguez BJ dream. It didn't connect with anything. But I figured out later that it was about the rain forecast for "next week"s BJ for Brad Pitt. Because it started raining here the same night that AG Mukasey collapsed at the MARRIOTT WARDMAN HOTEL in Washington, DC.

Think Paris HILTON hotel blowjob video. Think Larry and Barry blowjob in the Gurnee, Illinois' COMFORT INN hotel. Think...

They are forecasting about 2" of rain around the L.A.R.I.P. region Monday Tuesday. That could cause some serious chocolate fudge sauce mudslides in Oprah's prophetic Tea Fire zone for college student parties and THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING orgies, at:,0,2751149.story?track=rss

Little Leo establishes himself as the future Larry Sinclair in 1998's final LETHAL WEAPON 4 Chinatown prophecy. When it starts with a dangerous shark flashing it's teeth onboard Roger's fishing ark, and Larry/Leo shouts he'll "pump your fuck'n ass!" like a true sailor.

Leo is a P.I. in the last movie, doing the same Chinatown detective work as the future Larry Sinclair. Who is dealing with funny money federal mortgage counterfeiters. While Roger's black wife is writing cheap DNC sex novels based in the Colorado Rocky Mtns.

Chinatown's Uncle Benny gangland guy stands for such BACK TO THE FUTURE Obama 666-triad supporters as Ben Affleck and Ben Stiller.

The hidden plot's encoded "4-fathers" represented our own forefathers, like Moses, who had many wives, and was sleeping with his wife's two sisters; in a manner of speaking. The lost tribes of Israel are about to remember this again when God slaps them all down into his great Divine dentist chair.

As today's funny money gets exposed, like right now, all the involved parties break out into the gang warfare prophecy in the Book of Mormon. When the great and abominable church of the abomination of desolation would go at each other's throat.

Riggs ends up at his first wife Victoria's "SINCLAIR" tombstone graveyard, to ask her if he can have a second wife. Then the nosey Larry/Leo snoop appears and tells him that it's OK, as long as they are all friends. So today's half Judah and half Ephraim Mel Gibson, finally gets married to his new pregnant REV.12 wife by a Jewish Rabbi, while holding onto his rod/stem of Jesse cane in ISAIAH 11.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Yesterday evening at 11:39 pm, I dreamed that Larry Sinclair was beating an entire Chinatown team, single-handedly, at bad/mint/on. I noticed that the gym's lighting was bad. Which somehow seemed to give little Larry an advantage, as he drove the birdie into their faces again and again. Then the game dream was interrupted by Granny Grass shouting loudly "IT'S NOTHING!", i.e. the whole Sinclair affaire is nothing, etc. at:

NOTE: I found a used copy of Nicole Kidman's recent pre-Obama INVASION zombie movie for 3.99 Saturday at HOLLYWOOD VIDEO, co-starring today's 007 agent Daniel Craig. Having read that they expect about 5,000,0000 zombies to invade Washington, DC for the prophetic incendiary wildfire inauguration of the fudging liar Barack Obama; if it happens. Outside HOLLYWOOD VIDEO, there was a very rare, for around here, MERCEDES 4MATIC from Illinois parked at the curb, bearing personalized '44 JJ' Obama plates.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


US Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed Thursday night during some blow job speech about terrorism protection, at the famous LDS Washington, DC landmark named MARRIOTT WARDMAN PARK. Because today's middle of the road Republicans are letting a known closet homosexual, involved in crack and murder, take over the White House with no official demands that he prove his US citizenship birth requirement in the US Constitution. Nor are they demanding that Obama et al respond to Larry Sinclair's completely legitimate police affidavit, etc. at:

Why should God protect America, the modern Sodom&Egypt, when it's pussy whipped leaders are not defending her own Constitution? That's why Mukasey's Providential surname stands for 'muck assy'.

Last Monday morning, I was awaken by the loud voice of FOX's chat host, the LDS Glenn Beck. All of his words were very clear except one, in a spoken sentence that went, "Yah know, I used to love my country sooo much, I would (garbled) it!.." I thought I was awake when I quickly hit the 770 am button to see if he was on, but the radio gave me some gay music station from San Francisco, and then I woke up for real.

So I checked the clock, which read 6:07 am, the exact minute when Beck's show starts on KTTH in Seattle. Almost immediately he started into a serious warning about reading extremist [GSR/TWN] email reports from places like "" etc. At some some point, he talked about his new warm and fuzzy Christmas book at:

The DAWN OF THE DEAD sunrise timing of my Glenn Beck message from God was a VAMPIRE HAPPENING now thing.

Here's an image of Bush's rather gay looking AG at:

This connects my spider web closet homosexual dream about Brad Pitt and the lovely transsexual Michelle Rodriguez. Does anyone know if that SPIDERMAN 3 actor is gay?.. In or out of the closet? The Jewish 67 year-old Mukasey reminds me of the Jewish 68 year-old James Cromwell, as tall as a basketball player, at:

27 Big Brown type race horses died in a DAWN OF THE DEAD stable fire Thursday morning, near George Clooney's 409' Henderson, Kentucky. Nearby are thematically related towns like Cairo, Zion, Newman, Niagara, and Baskett [ball]. For a timely Washington, DC reference to Detroit's auto makers, the horse breeding area's [Black] Panther River flows down from Fordsville on Hwy.54.

"Car 54 where are you?" says the little Larry Sinclair state witness figure, with an 80s criminal past, in LETHAL WEAPON 3. That starts with a ticking time bomb that reads '9:44', and clicks to the 4.4 Rainbow Ridge earthquake time of '9:43' before the camera cuts away to a pussy cat on the car roof. The movie's ICSI building explosion actually happened in O/rland/o, Florida. I watched the blazing California real estate ending, that featured a fire engine no.151, on the same day the DOW closed up 151.29.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: It's become clear, in a transsexual REV.17 lady way, that Nicole Kidman's adopted mulatto son was a prophetic reference to her own natural birth in Hawaii, before moving back to Australia. They all report that Kidman has just signed up to do some transsexual husband and wife movie with Charlize Theron.

NOTE: Turned out the apocalyptic Oprah Tea Fire was started by typical college party student supporters of Obama. They were up there fucking and sucking around a campfire until dawn. The same ones who have created the embers of a fierce REV.16 wildfire with their mindless vote for the latter-day abomination of desolation. Look for the usual signs when Jenny's NYT magazine comes out at dawn this Sunday. She often has dinner with her lovers at the SUNSET twilight vampire hotel in LA, before a night of hot missionary position FFing for Jesus.

Monday, November 17, 2008


A 4.4 quake struck off the California coast's Rainbow Ridge, due west of Capetown, [i.e. South Africa] during Saturday evening's wildfire confirmations of the 44th president earthquake in REV.16. A powerful remote 7.5 quake hit Obama's native homeland of Indonesia, the same day he appeared on 60 MINUTES ticking time-bomb show, via NYC.

My own private earthquake happened Sunday morning. When I suddenly felt moved to watch 1986's 52 PICKUP steel shop prophecy, that ended with a surprise bang in Sandra Bullock's Long Beach location. Her being the inspired object of the cool movie's restored 1964 JAGUAR transfiguration line, that refers to the then 44ish Ann-Margret;

"You got a fine bitch there. There's a lot of milage on her, but she still cooks!"

A prophetic reference to the star's current restaurant business. And Jesse Jame's history with cool sexy cars and fast bike idols. Especially since my last post was about the physical and spiritual restoration of 44 year-old Courtney Love, at:

The film's black porno figure, involved in murder, is nicknamed "Slick" for today's BACK TO THE 666 FUTURE times. When a slick black hustler from the hood would be elected as CHINATOWN's 44th boss. Corroborating Obama's CHINATOWN water supply message in the new 007 movie, that opened on the 29th birthday of it's Bond babe O/lga Kurylenk/o.

It's no coincidence that all of 52 PICKUP's bomb metaphors involve the prophetic use of Oaklahoma City style nitrite fertilizer. My old sticky VHS tape from VIDEO UPDATE ended Sunday morning at 4:43 am. In confirmation of Saturday's 4.4 quake with a royal 9:43:15 Charlize Theron time-stamp.

Roy's 22 year-old hooker stood in for today's 22 year-old Lindsay Lohan. Because I had just watched her amazing prophetic look alike vampire in 1971's THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING the day before. Wherein Obama's rising sun campaign kills off all the transsexual vampires except Lindsay. Who escapes to Los Angeles on a 727 symbol, by hiding inside of a wood bomb crate marked "LOS ANGELES R.I.P."

You will be amazed at how much the royal vampiresse looks like LL, even though it's not that evident on this DVD image at:

Just in time for next week's new rising sun vampire movie, TWILIGHT, at:

1971's bisexual LA lady prophecy takes place around the Obama nation themes of this election year's Christmas season. Showing a fine performance by my own BRIDES OF DRACULA figure, who has four wives, not counting the film's amazingly eatable jello breasted Kate Holmes. Who wishes well for anyone afflicted with the AIDS virus, in the proper prophetic line to make his grand entrance to the vampire happening:

"I wish you now an increased blood count."

Shortly before my DVD viewing ended at exactly 4:22 am Saturday. About when I watch most all of my movies in the twilight DAWN OF THE DEAD hours.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Keep an eye out for "The new Jay Leno [car] show!" I heard about some years ago, while napping inside Granny Grass' Caddy at the EVERGREEN eye clinic's Federal Way parking lot.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Oprah Winfrey's 'Tea Fire' in California erupted in between Jenny's pre-taped tea chat with Oprah Thursday, and her appearance on 30 ROCK that evening.

The apocalyptic blaze started around that Christian college, within minutes of me talking to an older Christian couple inside ALs. Who were scoffing at their son-in-law's comment that the Barack Obama election will lead to "the apocalypse" [His words].

In fact, you can see that [George] Romero Canyon Rd is near Oprah's prophetic 42 acre third world presidential palace out there. Not far from the flash point that confirmed the day's S&P 500 civil war warning-close at 911.29.

Yet another court petition was filed in California Friday against Schwarzenegger and his wife et al, to find out if Obama, the constitutional professor, was actually born in the USA; as required for the office by the US Constitution, at:

California's governor has purchased acreage in Montecito for his own retirement estate.

The court action riot act was confirmation of my own personal DAWN OF THE DEAD premier Friday morning; co-starring the prophetic 1978 Courtney Love look alike 'Fran', who escapes the 666 Obama zoombies in the end by helicopter. Court was married in Fran Farmer's wedding dress, and named her daughter after the legendary brain-shocked zoombie actress from Seattle.

Hillary Clinton was in the Obama news Friday. Because the doctor at WGON television news states that the dead zoombies " their victims", right before a screen credit for "Zilla Clinton" flashes on the screen.

Speaking of rockers, fiery Friday was Travis Barker's 33rd birthday reminder of the [Liz] Lemmon female [sitcom] pilot who died in the flames of his 60th EMMYS jet crash. What a shocker, THE CHECKOUT just got in some more cases of that bloody red DANCING BULL plane crash wine for their big 20% sale this weekend. [See my 9.22 blog post introduction.]

In BURN AFTER READING, Brad Pitt hides inside George Clooney's closet, for a pre-Obama election confirmation of Obama's closet homosexual status. Before the film's defacto shooting of Donald Young is hushed up by his media/government buddies in Washington, DC. In DAWN OF THE DEAD, they cross out Young's muder date of [December] '23' on the calendar. Then they go after more braindead mall rat zoombies.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


South Africa's famous fat 'Mama Africa' died during her last singing performance in [Chicago] mob infested Naples, Italy Sunday/Monday. The same date I watched LETHAL WEAPON 2's two hour propaganda film about the marxist black exploitation thugs who took over South Africa and destroyed it. Handng it over to Oprah's fat lady icon at:

Throughout the entire movie, Mel keeps telling the clean cut wholesome looking civilized white guys from South Africa, that he is going to "fuck" them. The exact same word that he used for that white clean cut law&order cop in Malibu. Who pulled Mel's Rocky Mtn High ass over for believing in various right-wing socialist conspiracy theories.

Note to Mel: The REV.17 Nazi beasts murdered millions of the 666 beast loving Jews, [Probably less than 6,000,000, maybe more, if you can believe the Jewish left-wing socialist estimates.] because they were too much like their pagan enemies; i.e. they were too much like you Pagan Roman Catholics. Who had their 666 Vatican statehood restored by Mussolini after exactly 1260 years.

This is why today's Jews sold out to the whore of Sarah Silverman, and overwhelmingly voted for their natural ememy Barack Hussein Obama. Thereby stabbing Jesus' promised land of America and Israel in the back, just like they stabbed Jesus of old in the back for 30 pieces of Silverman.

Therefore, when you see the new WWII Japanese Nazi rising sun of the latter-day abomination of desolation zombies, you will also see big trouble in Judea; and in the modern Sodom&Egypt of REV.11 and 1NEPHI.

Sunday night's AFI premier of the prophetic Jewish resistence movie DEFIANCE, was abruptly stopped by a fire alarm and flashing lights. The Polish film is about Barack Hussein Obama's Chicagoland INLAND EMPIRE prophecy made in Poland by David Lynch [Heights]. Confirmed by that curious security incident at Brad Pitt's curious movie premier.

Stop listening to Hollywood's blow job experts, like Paris Hilton and Ben Stiller. They are both full of shit at:

So is Lindsay Lohan at:

Last night, I dreamed that some fine young teenage daughters of Israel were stomping on a nasty broken nest of creepy black hornet stingers, out in front of my LDS church in Seattle; located beside I-5. Note that the hot young ladies were not the fine, aging, older daughters of Israel in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

These are the same special spirits that God promised us were coming, in revelations to his School of Prophets back in the 1980s.

The alternate ending rainbow to THE BREAKUP is the same rainbow used to describe yours truly in REV.10. I see that the new sweet&sour pork mayor of Jerusalem was elected to office with the exact same percentage total as Obama.

Yours, GST/TWN

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The day Obama visited the Oval Office for the first time, 6 people were killed instantly from a head on collision. In the 'be aware' state of Delaware, that tried to silence Larry Sinclair's press conference with the abuse of their legal system; on behalf of local loony Senator Biden.

Three of the young dead kids had the timely symbolic black surname of 'Crow'. They died on the same day that Michelle Obama was touring Wash DC schools for her own children. Michelle knows everthing about Barack cruising for gay sex and drugs, and the murder of his former sex partner Donald Yound.

These collision signs, and my own collision visions, often remind me of football players ramming into each other. The one on Monday happened in Frederica, Del, south of Obama's Rising Sun, Del logo, north of Lynch Heights, Del, northeast of Killen's Pound, on my R/M map. The breaking up details are at:

Looks like it's time for me to watch 1978's DAWN OF THE DEAD prophecy for the first time. Based on the classic horror movie's prophetic Mussolini style bald head, for Obama's rising sun political logo, and it's 666 beast resurrection themes; depicting a 1776 Philadelphia full of braindead zombie cult voters, at:

The enclosed link states that the story begins at WGON television. Where the 666 liberals did their best to have 'W' gone and "change" the Oval vagina office with their own morning TWILIGHT ZONE leader.

Speaking of 1978. Monday morning around 11:30 am, I had a curious dream about laying in a bed somewhere with Michelle Rodriguez. Without saying a word, she went under the covers and started giving me a nice and tight BJ. While that was going on, I looked over and saw Brad Pitt standing nearby, inside the same closet that he hides in during BURN AFTER READING.

The closet was full of creepy spider webs, etc. Among which Brad was tapping a nail into the wall, as if fixing to hang a picture there or something. Oddly enough, I was quite pleased to tell him that Michelle would like to give him a BJ "next week", and then I woke up.

Later, I googled for any Brad Pitt news, and read that he and Angelina will be seen on Oprah next week, Tuesday the 18th. Reportedly, one audience member said that he looked rather secretive and nervous in the pre-taped segment, at:

Their MsO appearance was part of Pitt's promotion for THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. The strange story of a man who grows younger and younger.

Over the weekend, SPIDERMAN 3 actor James Cromwell was involved in a medicine wheel get well sign in LA Canyon, at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

A long and hard Navy SEALS sub caught fire in Pearl Harbor Sunday/Monday at:

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Local readers can link to my latest Obama omen post, currently listed as #356, at:

Here's a cute shot of Jenny arriving at THE IVY to make a counter-GSR/TWN statement, using unblack%white gray colors and sporting her latest Buddhist pendant, at:

Apparently she immediately exited out the restaurant's rear door.

Personal note to Eva Longoria: Time to stock up on KLEENEX. There is much weeping and sobbing in your future. When I walked up to STARBUCKS on election day, a Texas limestone convertible SAAB was at the take-out window, bearing your '315...' birth date plates.

A couple months ago, I dreamed that Gisele Bunchen was riding on the roof of Obama's speeding campaign train. Dressed in a smart black men's shirt, she got all excited and jumped into the air, thinking that she could fly. But she fell like a stone and broke her left leg, in the same place where Tom Brady broke his own leg during a football game. Then we walked over to a beach, or we were standing beside a beach, where mama turtles were having baby turtles.


Here is my 11.9.08 African post, if the above link is out, at:

Dear Old Lady in Oregon, at 3:49,

Did you notice that all those beautiful black kids were crushed [pressed] to death in Haiti on the same day Barack Obama gave his first [press] conference? Reportedly, the elementary school’s second floor fell. When you elect a known sex pervert to the highest office in the world, thereby harming the spiritual well being of the world’s children, you can expect to see many more of these Divine omens from God. And you will…



At the end of THE BREAKUP, you may have noticed that Gary's prophetic [First Lady] tourist boat captain is an Oprah look alike, if it's not actually her. The Christmas season ending to LETHAL WEAPON reminds me of that pre-Obama tabloid report about Oprah flying to Hawaii on a private jet with her then running breakup-makeup-breakup boyfriend. But the plane was forced to make a U-Turn over the Pacific due to a cracked window pane. Causing Oprah to fly into a chanting prayer filled panic.

The Russian sub '20' sign was confirmation of THE BREAKUP's alternate ending about rainbows that have nothing to hide; "...da da... da... da..." means yes yes yes yes... in Russian. Their choir number mentions the "young sailors" of Obama's former choir lover, Donald Young. Larry Sinclair met with Obama in Gurnee for some hot coked-out sexual perversions with strange meat, because Sin/clair was there for a sailor's graduation ceremony.

A rather meaty Gary invites his Chicago tourist boat guests to hit the bar early, and "make some bad decisions..." in the infamous early voting of the 2008 election for Obama.

THE BREAKUP's first ending has Brooke in a Dr Goldfoot trenchcoat, making some GSR/TWN reference on her cell phone to my well known HECKLER&KOCH dream, scheduled in for 6:45.

When the end music plays "...gone are the dark [MLK] clouds..." we see that 80 year-old homosexual Catholic priest icon who got his coat stuck in a TAXI DRIVER door. You can see his look alike image over a shot of THE BREAKUP's Grant Park location at:

In confirmation of my Egyptian Lake Crescent Olympics post, the famous black "Mighty Burner" Olympics runner died on his birthday Thursday, at the age of Rt.61, from highly symbolic Upheaval Dome cancer of the colon [Powell] asshole area, at:,0,7397739.story

According to Obama's African grandmother, his surprised mother gave birth to him earlier than expected in Kenya. Just like many Bible believers will be surprised that the abomination of desolation came earlier than they expected.

Those 440 Chinese squirrels were dumped into a meat grinder.


Saturday, November 8, 2008


Now is the time to find and watch a rare copy of the 1991 cult prophecy, GUILTY AS CHARGED, at:

Going by memory, the first Texas style execution in the prophetic film's underground Chicago meat market basement throne, happened to a black man who definitely deserved it. Who begged for his life just like Obama's former gay lover did before he got shot execution style in his second floor condo.

What do you stupid fucks expect? On the day of Obama's first perverted press conference, scores of sexually abused kids were crushed to death, like bloody wine grapes, inside a [Oprah] kiddie school collapse in the Voodoo Jesus capital of LIVE OR LET DIE Haiti. So don't miss this month's 007 opening.

In fact, the same day Obama talked to Russia's leader, it was reported that about 20 Lake Crescent sailors died in some long and hard Russian sub full of seaman; out somewhere in Obama's Pacific Ocean.

Paloma [Picasso] smashed into Obama's marxist Cuba Saturday, headed for the lost paradise of Michael Douglas et al. I guess she got tired of being fucked in the ass by Europe's democratic fascist supporters of Obama.

Friday afternoon around 3:30 in Chicago, the famous old Catholic kiddie porn priest, Andrew Greeley, celebrated the great American Obama con job in Rose/mont. Then the Old Man of the Mountain New Hampshire figure got his coat tails stuck in the door of a prophetic TAXI DRIVER metaphor. That dragged his old FDR ass down and smashed in the left side of his marxist skull. I can hardly wait... I am so god damn fucking pissed off.

I should probably relax. That house of the whore in LETHAL WEAPON, exploded on 111th and Large, just as a prophetic 911 jet airliner flew overhead. And then they talked to that little Obama mulatto boy, who kept telling his friends in the hood to keep their mouth shut. But it didn't work.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: I got my eye out for a used copy of Gibson's 1996 RANSON prophecy.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


A review of Washington's Lake Crescent prophecies along Hwy.101, explains the clear lake's unique species of cutthroat trout. Many of which are half cutthroat and half rainbow trout. Like it says in the alternate ending to THE BREAKUP, real rainbows have nothing to hide.

In my Washington State Atlas, the body of water is shaped more like a Loc Ness sea creature with horns head. Resting at the base of Sodom&Egypt's Pyramid Mtn and Devil Point. Sledge Hammer Point is located on the beast's deap throat. Mt Storm King rises to the east looking towards Seattle.

A few weeks ago, I dreamed that Jerry Seinfeld had lost most of his hair. Probably for nearby Baldy Mountain above Indian Creek, north of Lizard Head Peak in the Happy Lake Ridge area. His Greek federal government park Olympic Mtns line the entire south side. Jerry's dark hair was covering the entire floor, like in some haircut scene from YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN.

During WW II, my father attended high school in Inglewood, CA, before finishing his senior year at Seattle's Roosevelt H.S. Then he became a B-25 bomber pilot based in Texas; the same plane featured in Mel Gibson's FOREVER YOUNG movie. In flight school testings, dad scored the best nigh vision numbers that the US Army instructors had ever seen. Back then, he could see in the dark like a cat.

Before leaving for Texas, dad dated a 19ish babe from Port Angeles, who liked the small park beach at remote Lake Crescent. Once they were sitting there when a group of sailors arrived and sat down next to them. Dad noticed that one man's white sox had the same surname stitched on the hem as his high school buddy down in California; which is now mostly a black neighborhood. They got to talking, and it turned out that the sailor had borrowed the sox from his same friend down in California, but never gave them back.

Now I see that it was a Pearl Harbor based prophecy about the infamous "Black Sox" WHITE SOX scandal inside the 1919 World Series. When the corrupt CHINATOWN media would throw the 2008 election by whitewashing Barack Hussein Obama's black background; in favor of George Clooney's REDS team from Cincinnati, Ohio.

REV.13:1's Hwy.101 coast route ends at Tumwater Falls, beside Olympia's divided ten virgins I-5 landmark, that also runs down to California.

RETURN OF THE SECAUCUS 7 director, John Sayles, made a film about the WHITE SOX' Black Sox scandal in 1988, based on the 1963 book EIGHT MEN OUT. No doubt, it should contain some very inspired prophetic elements. Like the alien numbered '20' Jackson bill on this movie poster, at:

Walking up behind St Vincent de Paul on my PASSENGER 57 birthday, I found a 1988 FDR dime lying in the gravel.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: When my prophetic PASSENGER 57 birthday info rolled out about ATLANTIC airlines, they found a wildcat cheeta loose in a 757 cargo hold in Atlanta, according to:

NOTE: Here's the future defrosted after "53 years" dope on Mel's physical transfiguration movie at:

The 30ish physical transfiguration period is about a 50 year extension to this mortality. Designed to give the repentant a second chance in this life, to get it right; and then move on to the fullness of eternal life. It involves the blood cleansing prophecies in BRIDES OF DRACULA, and other British HAMMER horror films about living forever. That beach at Lake Crescent is around Sledge Hammer Point.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


In accordance with God's eternal screenplay, Barack Hussein Obama was elected by a defrauded public on the night of an Islamic Crescent Moon.

Obama has clearly and plainly declared that various core elements of the US Constitution are wrong. And cannot therefore swear an oath to defend the Constitution without lying. Like he is lying about most everything in his past, including the murder of his former gay lover Donald Young.

The 44th president title connects the abomination of desolation prophecy with the inspired prophecies in the Dirty Harry .44 movies. This is why his campaign director in O.J.'s Vegas suddenly died at age 44 of a massive [heart] attack. Who had a Dirty Harry banner on the wall of his Harlem headquarters that read, "GO AHEAD, MAKE MY PORKCHOP" You may recall those dead 440 Chinese squirrels at KLM/MLK airlines, for a Divine reference to the marxist beast at work in the ACORN gang.

The first pre-Obama ending of THE BREAKUP prophecy starts with Gary giving a boat tour. With another boat in the background named "...FISRT LADY" Right before the movie cuts to a black woman at the wheel of his own Chicago tourist boat.

At the film's final winter snow scene, prophetic lyrics start playing that confirm the 'seeing is believing' message in MARK 13:14, i.e. "But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation..." Then the more righteous and wise five virgins will begin to get the song's word picture:

"I can see clearly now, the rain is gone... I can see all obstacles in my way..." [As a black man walks across the screen.]

"Gone are the dark [MLK] clouds that had me blind..."

Gary's tour guide says Chicago is called "The Second City" because it was rebuilt after a devastating city-wide fire.

Jennifer Aniston's character in THE BREAKUP is named Brooke Meyers in the credits. For the prophetic Mike Meyers themes in HALLOWEEN, like the whore movie's prophetic "SINCLAIR" cemetery omen, carved in stone. That we see right before the girls lite up a Hempstead, Long Island joint in their car.

LETHAL WEAPON's black cop Roger lives at street number 1444. In real life, Danny Glover is a typical left-wing Upheaval Dome style asshole marxist racist.

In the climax of LETHAL WEAPON, you can see Tom DeLay's "EXTERMINATOR CO." sign down in McCain's Texas.

Riggs eats homogaysexual Obama hot dogs throughout LETHAL WEAPON. One of the first famous Chicago meat traditions that Vince introduced to Jenny during their 2006 production. I'm sure that she returned the favor.

LETHAL WEAPON opens with an elementary school UZI oral sex shooter. Where Riggs brings up today's latter-day Sodom and Egypt context with the line, "I'm still here asshole!.. Or do you only do kids?"

Yours, GSR/TWN

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For years and years, the lost tribes of Israel have been thumbing their nose at the latter-day prophecies about the restoration of the House of Israel. Therefore, God let Paris' filthy little gentile TACO BELL dog shit on the carpet inside their house. In order to rub their noses in the Dr King poop and pee, and learn a lesson or two about the Bible.

We'll see another 45 days spread from the 11.4 election set-up, marking off Obama's abomination of desolation day 1290 count up to the day 1335 blessing, happening on 12.19.

Meanwhile, the DUMB AND DUMBERER Thanksgiving Day parade, featuring his corrupt Hawaiin Groucho Marx pirate float, will play out according to Rachel Nichol's prophetic reporter role in the film. Confirmed by the freak waves that hit her home state's image of a cut-off dog's head last Tuesday, at:

For months now, I had been keeping an eye out for Mel Gibson's original LETHAL WEAPON movie at the secondhand shops. There were always plenty of LW2, and LW3 tapes, but never the first one.

Finally on my PASSENGER 57 birthday, I spotted a brand new one sitting on the shelf behind a golden Virgin Mother Mary figurine, with REV.12 baby, at the Catholic St Vincent de Paul shop in South Hill. So I picked it up immediately and read the first line on back, that said "Happy birthday, man..."

Jesus Fucking Christ. No wonder I felt inspired to watch it on election day 2008.

The 1987 prophecy opens the first act with Mel busting a Tom Green look alike druggie at some evergreen Christmas tree lot. But Tom's Jewish Obama backer buddy, Ben Stiller, grabs Mel and holds a gun to his head. Like we have right now as the Christmas football season approaches. When the CAR 54 guys get there, Mel screams;


Tuesday's early snow storm in Obama's High Sierra California mountains was confirmed by the movie's running cans of Colorado COORS being swilled. And the TV football game in the snow, after the bad druggie guy gets shot at some high elevation mansion overlooking LA. At his black partner's house, Mel crushs a COORS can with his hands, and tells his police partner about how he shot an enemy target from 1000 yards in Loas.

[Roger's "SHAMROCK" fishing boat represents the prophetic curses in LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD, one and two.]

Mel's physically transfigured cop sports a David Koresh haircut. Informing us that the MAD MAX actor is a Branch Davidian descendant of the genealogy tree of Jesus. He even lives in a one room RV situation, much like yours truly. Plus, he has three future wives who were, are, or will be, VICTORIA SECRET models.

The running Yosemite Sam cartoon on his TV represents John McCain's campaign description by Rush Limbaugh, at:

Yoyrs, GSR/TWN

NOTE: All you guys at 570 KVI radio should know that it's now 5700 block time. LETHAL WEAPON runs 1:57 minutes. REV.13's 42 months calendar countdown started with the beast's return election in 2006. When I exited the polling gym at Bonney Lake's elementary school, for sexy little boys and girls, right there at the doors was a man in Hawaii beach shorts. Who was unloading voting supplies from his SONOMA pickup truck with 'A66666W' plates. He laughed when I told him that I had just voted in the 666 beast's election. Then a nearby MONARCH motor home started up it's engine, bearing Paris' '217 SNM' birth date on it's Sienna Miller plates.

In LW's famous suicide jump scene, there is a "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS" sign on the window. And someone jokes "What happened?.. Did the stock market crash?"

Notice how the red Republican states map resembles the 42 months boot shape of Louisiana's civil war prophecy. Where Port Gibson, MISS is located along the Rt.61 reference to Obama's birth year.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


A chubby black SNL look alike trick-or-treater was gunned down in a flurry of 29 .22 slugs from an AK-47. When he rang the doorbell at 215 Wise Dr and Evergreen Cemetery in Sumter, SC; off Liz Hurley's running I-95 landmark. By that time, SNL's Kenan [Kenyan] Thompson had probably already taped his basement GSR/TWN sex video, using Granny Grass' royal gold vibrating model 757 NIAGARA therapy massage throne.

Cat napping before the show, I saw the roaring flames artwork on the SNL skit's 911 jet airliner DVD in a flash vision at 11.13 pm. Then I fell back to sleep and dreamed that I was looking for coins in the front parking lot of a fire-pit pizza oven place in South Hill, Puyallup. Where I found a Lincoln, Illinois civil war penny lying between two parked cars.

The tragic glass front door shooting represented the Whitehouse vagina door glass at Jennifer Hudson's place in southside Chicago.

The cemetery location was a HALLOWEEN movie confirmation of Larry's "SINCLAIR" surname carved in stone. When the doctor finds out that the grave of Mike Meyers' REV.17 mother is missing. The former cast member of SNL of course.

The first kid at our door on Halloween was a she-devil holding that same pitchfork in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. Starting on Halloween, there have been rare clusters of earthquakes around Dallas' Bear Creek airport landmarks; felt in Dallas' Denton County location for the film's little church of the whore in Denton.

There have also been quake clusters around Obama's Ocotillo Wells, CA mountains location, with his signature letter 'O' homosexual anus theme. So I googled the small place on Rt.78 and found it sitting on Split Mountain Rd and Sodom&Egypt's Cairo Ln.

California's transsexuals are rushing to get married in the little Denton, Ohio church this weekend, that looks like a white house, before Tuesday's vote on Prop.8. Wearing a Red Ridinghood Halloween costume, Nicolette She/rid/an told Jimmy Kimmel that she was attending some big gay wedding Saturday. Right before or after her bird dog peed on a stage pumkin. In confirmation of the Ms Pee mother context in the Wise Dr house report linked below.

When Kimmel showed pix of the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES actress in a black bikini, her hunting dog started barking at a stuffed black crow, perched atop all the Halloween decor.

The day before Halloween, investigators reported that they had found the Illinois driver's license of Steve Fossett; high up in the mountains near John 911 Ritter's Dead Man's Pass, etc. At the end of PASSENGER 57, Stevie Wonder sings "Too high..." over the movie credits. You just know that Ritter, the family man, would have been a big time Obama supporter.

Yours, GSR/TWN


Illinois Senator Dick Durbin's 40 year-old daughter for Obama just died. Sending us a Halloween weekend message from God about the Bible's latter-day abomination of desolation prophecy.

You can probably find SNL's basement sex DVD skit eventually at: