Friday, May 31, 2013


Naturally, I grabbed 18 AGAIN when I saw a used copy of it at PISTOL ANNIE'S, for the first time in decades. But the fact that it turned out to be a Chinatown, Chicago bootleg copy is what made it such a special confirmation of Oprah getting her phony copy diploma at Harvard. Complete with today's muddled talk radio dialogue, that is too often not clear, and often fluctuates in volume, and the lip sync audio is just a little bit off at times. ~ ~ [Think Red Capitalism is where it's at right now.] ~ ~ So. 18 AGAIN opens with the repeated White Horse Prophecy reference number "4:56" that we see when the Jewish George Burns crashes his [PHONY 1] Rolls into a shop full of old secondhand DVDs and VHS tape movies from the 1980s. ~ ~ Later, we see Obama's African ape mask at the punk rockers club. Then we see the GREAT GATSBE party that comes before the stock market crash in 1929 meets 2013. ~ ~ After yours truly goes to today's Playboy Mansion and finds my 7.20 iPAD image that reveals those Harry Potter glasses of the near future. Juxtaposed to all those Holy Grails sitting there on the shelf, above my own private sofa throne of England. ~ ~ Think Greek Student President White House frat party in ANIMAL HOUSE meets BLUES BROTHERS meets Speilberg's gay ass LINCOLN film student term paper. ~ ~ Ergo, the counterfeit political science term paper that got an A grade at Harvard gets tossed into the big BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES stock mark crash in the end. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TOP TEN NOTES: My counterfeit birth certificate bootleg pirate copy of 18 AGAIN was made by "TOP TEN NEW MEDIA", based in the former British Hong Kong. Since David Letterman has been a long time supporter of 666 government thievery; like most of the Jews in show biz. ~ ~ At Sandy's newly remodeled Playboy Tudor mansion in 18 AGAIN, meets ROD STEELE 0014, yours truly says that my Hugh Hefner forerunner looks exactly like I looked 20 years ago. ~ ~ There was the usual 2.7 quake near Page, Arizona on the same day that Ellen Page appeared on the CBS Craig Ferguson Show. Naturally, he role played the usual dumb ass jerk from Scotland who knows Jack about the Bible.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Oprah Winfrey received her fake birth certificate diploma from Barack Obama's Harvard Thursday. You can see it in her brown eyes at: ~ ~ In confirmation of Mr Jennifer Garner also getting a fake birth certificate from Emma Watson's Brown Univeristy only a few days earlier. ~ ~ In other words, reformed born-again homosexuality and reformed born-again fascism is the new born-again Big Lie. Per REV.13's prophecy about how the 666 beast will die, and then be miraculously resurrected, just like Jesus. ~ ~ Sure is hard to keep a good man down. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAKE REBORN IDENTITY DRIVER'S LICENSE ID FOR MATT DAMON INFO: ~ ~ Ya follow? ~ ~ Oprah is wearing the red robes of the devil in her fake diploma ceremony that represent that negro train wreck explosion in the single red rose landmark of Rosedale, Mary-Land, next to the Red House River. Now that the White House has become the new Red House. ~ ~ PLAIN AND SIMPLE NOTES: It was my African born sidekick darkie who leaned on the IRS to hassle today's apostate gay ass Christians. Good for him. Keep it up dog. And it was Joe Biden who leaned on his attorney general son in Delaware to hassle that whistle blower from Chicago, Larry Sinclair. ~ ~ SUPER BAD FAKE HAWAII DL ID NOTES: Could be nothing, but Barack Obama's counterfeit identification ID card in the prophetic movie expires in June 3rd. Plus my good fly-fishing buddy at ALASKA, who now regularly flies those DOUGLAS jets to Hawaii, assured me yesterday at STARBUCKS that he is going to be feeling a lot better in the few short days after that date. When he is scheduled to take more of those 666 computer similator exercises on those new 666 machines at their Sea Tac headquarters; which can miraculously hear and talk like a man does. In order to become a 777 born-again jet pilot for Jesus again. If that is WHATEVER IT TAKES to make Glenn Beck and Michael Medved feel any safer again. ~ ~ Oh yeah, Oprah et al are really going to get it this time.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Believe it or not, I have never seen any of the above incrediblely inspired three things. ~ ~ Therefore, it's now time to make some kind of a PEPSI sponsored commercial based Broadway musical indie film project starring Miley Cyrus as Hanna Montana Madonna meets HANNA AND HER SISTERS: II; better late than never. And if you don't like that idea, then we will get someone else to replace you, plain and simple. ~ ~ Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ I'm thinking Miley Cyrus plays a physically transfigured Madonna in all those rejected screenplays that her [very talented] ex-husband was just not ready to understand. Partially because he knew in his heart of hearts that his wife was also not ready for that kind of Biblical era glory. ~ ~ So what in the world would I ever call this guaranteed smash hit billion dollar box office thing? Duh, PEPSI, THE MUSICAL!! ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HERE'S HOW I SEE IT NOTES: The indie film musical opens the next Sundance Film Festival in SLC, Utah with that iconic PEPSI commercial starring Britney Spears, now replayed by Miley Cyrus in skin tight white denims. Which actually are only a really thick white body-paint job on her completely nude shaved pussy. Because about the only thing left in this life for Robert Redford is the idea of him making Broadway musical feature length videos on the cheap. Going back full circle to the time in his life when he dropped out of college in Boulder, Colorado; and then hitch-hiked to NYC in order to paint all of those prophetic background-backdrop theater stage signs that we can now see in today's Latter-Day Saints movies. ~ ~ I found a used SUPERBAD Wednesday at GOODWILL. Saw something on the back of the scratched case about Obama's fake BYU Hawaii student ID. Noticed that the movie came out before anybody ever even heard about my helicopter flying nigger in MAGNUM P.I. ~ ~ In other words, Brown University represents today's new Rocky Mountain High brown shirt fascists, like at: ~ ~ [Then they signed the new law in Colorado that made it legal to have an illegal alien Mormon leader like the light skin one in the White House, at: ]

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


They just discovered a remarkable lost copy of the Jewish torah in Boloney, Italy. In confirmation of the false traditions and false doctrines that make up all of the factions of modern Judaism. Including the Jews for Jesus Jews who don't want anything to do with that newly unveiled ROMANCING THE STONE treasure map; written down on ancient paper. ~ ~ See what I'm looking at, at: ~ ~ Reportedly, the above scroll even includes that sealed section of the Book of Morman, which was previously prohibited. Because God knew that today's RLDS Mormons could not handle such powerful truths; until the one mighty and strong came along. Who would explain the plain truth to them in common terms. ~ ~ For example, Barack Obama's birth certificate is a simple and plain forgery. But even such wise men as Michael Medved and Glenn Beck are still too weak to even speak about it. ~ ~ Therefore, I have to have a couple of underaged virgins sucking on my cock and giving me hand jobs in my latest production travel trailer. Just to get them to take a peek at this miraculous image of Chloe Moretz trying to save one of their kindred spirit latter-day saint gay ass 666 Jews, and apostate Christians, who have fainted in 2NEPHI 8, etc. at: ~ ~ Otherwise, I would just wait until Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld were at least 19 years-old, and save myself the legal hassles. Fortunately for me, I AM is above the law, when the law is no longer legal. ~ ~ No wonder the hot chicks always like the bad boys. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1290 DAYS NOTES: All the dirty money exchanging Jews who would not convert to Jesus were run out of England in 1290 AD. For a latter-day prophecy about when all of the illegal alien niggers, queers, and cutthroat Jews would be run out of the UK; who persist in believing that my sidekick Barack Obama is Jesus. Instead of bowing down on one knee and confessing that I AM is the new King of England forerunner. ~ ~ MIDNIGHT TOKER NOTES: Never saw VAN WILDER's inspired portrait of yours truly, circa 2001, until last night. Wherein that virginal East Indian dude becomes so hot that he catches on fire when he starts fucking the movie's future Scarlett Johansson look alike wife of Ryan Reynolds. Which was then confirmed by my Hawaii Loo-au mulatto party time nigger sidekick with the blond hair, putting WILD ORCHID leis on all of the hot bikini babes who voted for him in the future. Who had become the student president at today's phony baloney Brown University.

Monday, May 27, 2013


There was a rare 3-way triangle manifestation in the heavens on Sunday. That was Providentially formed in the pre-existance by Venus, Jupitor, and the multiple-vagina ringed Saturn, as explained at: ~ ~ Talk about MY FAVORITE MARTIAN meets FLASH GORDON meets BARBARELLA meets Sandy in her new anti-gravity movie in spiffy skin-tight 1958 space-sex rocket jump suits that are now all the rage. Per my dreams about rescuing Sandra Bullock; who was as light as a feather in my arms. ~ ~ Wherein the underaged Madonna virgin in her 1958 black&white GSR/TWN prophecy sucks my pipe dry at: ~ ~ Oh yeah; I'm young, and hungry, and dangerous. ~ ~ Plus, I got plenty of cash, and my own private G6 harem too; to back up any and all of my recent Bermuda Triangle threats. ~ ~ Think ROD STEELE 0014 meets THUNDERBALL meets BLACKBALL. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW BIBLE PROPHECY STUDY NOTES: Mamma mia! Today's leading gay ass Gospel of Paul figure in D&C 76 just showed up at the new desecrated [Greek temple pillars] Memphis, Tenn White House, at: ~ ~ Notice that he too has just recently stopped using JUST FOR MEN. ~ ~ Here is the latest HERBIE GOES BANANAS love boat confirmation, at: ~ ~ I ain't ever gonna get to first base with Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen until someone lights the night on fire. ~ ~ PEPSI TASTING NOTES: Wow! Madonna looks just like Miley Cyrus in her 1989 PEPSI video for those who think young. ~ ~ REALLY WACKO NOTES: What was Arizona's Sen. John McCain doing in anti-Israel Syria on Memorial Day? Looks like anti-Semite right-wing racial profiling to me. ~ ~ MAMMA MIA WEDDING NOTES: This one is for that scene in MAMA MIA where all the stags get baptized, at:


Back in 1989 PEPSI made an extraordinary two minute commercial video based on Madonna's LIKE A PRAYER, at: ~ ~ In the born again birthday party video, Madonna is seen as an 8 year-old girl holding an Israelite plaid doll at the proper age of baptism. About the same age as all the other girls in the video's School of Prophets scenes who attend classes separate from the boys. ~ ~ The physically transfigured Madonna kicks off the video with her trademark dancing in front of a restored 1958 CONVERTIBLE GIRL car. Then she moves throughout various shots of my royal Crown of England and leather sofa throne, while sporting the two crucifixes of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ All those gold records on her wall represent the gold plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated. ~ ~ Turn up the volume. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Sunday, May 26, 2013


I was already thinking about watching the 1977 HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO prophecy, which opens with Martin Scorsese officiating, for the weekend ending of the Cannes Film Festival. Since the inspired family movie also ends with Mr Applegate finally winning the heart of Meryl Streep. ~ ~ And then something in the news reminded me that it was also the INDY 500 race car weekend. ~ ~ So then I saw HERBIE make his big come-back after 12 years, wherein he wins the heart of that sexy Italian baby blue babe car named 'Gisele'. Which was then confirmed only a few hours later, when the Brazilian race car driver finally won his 12th race at the legendary Masonite brick yard oval track. And then he chugs down one of those same milk bottles that my bad boy hero does in BLACKBALL. ~ ~ Put that in your pipe and smoke it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 66TH CANNES NOTES: The black no.66 PANTERA in HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO was driven by Will Ferrel, if you remember anything. ~ ~ Long time TWNers will note that HERBIE was driven by my future 0014 ROD STEELE hero in Lindsay Lohan's upcoming indie film sequel project entitled, THE CANYONS. [Lots of mountain canyons etc in HGTMC.] ~ ~ Me winning 6 big ones from Sandy, the original look alike star in THE LOVE BUG, was just confirmed by FAST & FURIOUS 6 winning at the box office on the INDY 500 weekend. [Think Sandra Bullocks likes guys in fast cars etc. like Jesse James et al.] ~ ~ The Rockview, MO train wreck and bridge collapse on State Highway M was for the precious 6M rock themes in HERBIE GOES BANANAS' prophecy about Adriana Lima. Based upon the nearby BofM treasure map signs surrounding Lima, Ohio. ~ ~ The company bus that crashed south of Bowling Green, Ohio was shuttling midnight shift workers back home from a cookie factory, according to: ~ ~ EPIPHANIES: I heard Senator Lindsay [Lohan] Graham on FOX radio Sunday, [from tobacco country] and was shocked! Just shocked! How much he sounded exactly like Jim Carey's queer R.I.N.O. lover cell mate in his con job movie called I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS. ~ ~ Obama's Risingsun logo landmark on your treasure map of Judah and Ephraim is located near Bowling Green, Ohio. ~ ~ ART FILM NOTES: Here is the prophetic artwork on the HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO movie poster, regarding today's pending fiscal cliff reality, at: ~ ~ Generally speaking, people who think that Obama's obvious birth certificate forgery is real, tend to believe that the world is in a real economic recovery.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Glenn Beck's latter-day I-5 landmark was just cut off in confirmation of the ten virgins' 5.9 "cutting time" prophecy that is now dividing the House of Israel in half, per EZE.38-39. ~ ~ Which means that now the pirate radio bad boy anti-hero in BLACKBALL needs to get his Texas style mojo back. Before all those UK Labor Party, USA Jews, queers, lesbians, niggers, and illegal aliens, completely take over the island. ~ ~ If you want to live free, you are going to half to kill off all of them. One way or the other, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAMOUS REAGAN THATCHER ERA MOVIE QUOTES: "I'll be back..." BLACKBALL NOTES: Gibsonburg, Ohio is located near Rollersville because Mel's ICON unit was a co-producer of BLACKBALL. Jodie Foster's Fostoria marker on the treasure map is located just south of there; for basically the same reason. ~ ~ Nearby Millersville, Ohio is for the movie's future Sienna Miller look alike love interest. ~ ~ REALLY QUEER NOTES: Men who have a problem understanding why military men tend to rape the bitches, and the lesbians, and the flat out whores among them, are not real men of understanding. ~ ~ That PASSENGER 57 earthquake near the headwaters of the Butte River occurred in a very popular BSA camping area.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Glenn Beck's old aging steel bridge on the north side of his home town of Mount Vernon, Washington collapsed into one of the best king salmon rivers in the world; in confirmation of the Dallas, Texas Boy Scouts of America finally admitting that apostate mormon Christianity is as gay as Christian protestant monogamy. ~ ~ You use the pages of the Bible for toilet paper, you are in a shit load of trouble. ~ ~ Because there was a 5.7 treasure map earthquake near the headwaters of the Butte River in northern California on the same day that they voted for having anal sex with cute uniformed virgin boys in I-35 Texas. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~GAY ASS ANTIMORMON NOTES: Clean up your own filthy houses before you church ladies start yacking about Joseph Smith fucking two hot young underaged teenagers at the same time. ~ ~ Here is the Harry Potter lightening bolt confirmation on Glenn Beck's Book of Mormon treasure map location in ROMANCING THE STONE, called Glen Rock, New Jersey; per all those new pix of the proverbial fat R.I.N.O Gov. Christie hanging out with the day 1290 abomination of desolation from Africa in MARK 13:14, at: ~ ~ BLACKBALL NOTES: Vince Vaughn is going to make Glenn Beck as big as his sports agent client in the Bowling Green, Ohio prophecy, located on your BofM treasure map in Wood County. Due east of there is a small place on Hwy.6 called Rollersville. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Nobody is going to be born again until the big REV.16 earthquake happens in Obama's Chinatown, Chicago. Wherein ten percent of the city is destroyed, and 7000 people die. At least that is what Warren Jeffs is always ranting about in the middle of the night from his BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ prison cell in San Francisco, Texas. ~ ~ MAP SIGNS: That 'Portage' landmark south of Bowling Green, Ohio represents the Portage Bay landmarks in Seattle.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


"I hope there's a search involved..." says Austin Powers when he gets busted for being too sexy in AP:III. And then we see that future butt fucking Barack Obama monkey fall out of his African born genealogy tree on an APPLE laptop. ~ ~ No wonder the movie's opening sequence was filmed in Southern Utah. ~ ~ See what I'm talking about at: ~ ~ Speaking about getting rammed in the rear-end. About 50 Boy Scout age kids were injured in a multiple rear-ender in north Indiana right before the Boy Scouts of the new Sodom and Egypt voted along I-35 to get fucked by the latter day Sodom and Egypt movement prophesied of in REV.11. Now come the 35 longitude line treasure map confirmations in Israel. ~ ~ Big WOW revelation; young virgin boys with short haircuts who are asked to march around in spiffy military uniforms, is kind of gay. ~ ~ [Think that the Christian mormon Glenn Beck in Dallas, Texas actually thinks that there is nothing wrong with having a legally married homosexual in the new 666 Casablanca; who is not even a US citizen.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LIKES: Love those gold plate Book of Mormon finger nails in these new tight ass pix, at: ~ ~ That GREASE2 school bus crash sign is at: ~ ~ QUEEN ELIZABETH II NOTES: I found the BLACKBALLER prophecy at GOODWILL right after that bus crash happened south of Bowling Green, Ohio on I-75; wherein 29 people were injured in Wood County. Per those black ball "woods" with the biased behavior at: ~ ~ Whenever you let the Third World's darkies with false IDs and false prophet doctrines and traditions take over your beloved country, which was given to you by the God of Abraham, you get what you deserve, in spades. ~ ~ Talk about false black idols made of wood. ~ ~ NOT THAT COMPLICATED NOTES: "The sex is more sexy." in the plural marriage movie called IT'S COMPLICATED, wink wink. Hence, by the simple Hand of God, Alec Baldwin is now having a fertility clinic baby with his much younger wife. ~ ~ FLASH NOTES: Back on 4.6 at 10:45 pm, exactly, I had a flash vision of a young 29ish Roger Moore 007 actor flashing me the pistol gun finger exactly like the nigger with a license to kill at: [Think that Branch Davidian look alike from Waco, Texas flashing his pistol shooter hand at Elizabeth Hurley's young son in PASSENGER 57.]

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Who cares. I'm only interested in hanging out with really young hot chicks right now anyway, like at: ~ ~ Since I will be taking care of the poor and needy orphans and widows who you are still fucking in the ass at the same time. Per last month's dream about me hiking up to the old FDR era forest fire lookout on top of Mt Pilchuck, Washington this next summer; via the Bear Lake trek through the Bathtub Lakes with Kristen Stewart and Cameron Diaz. And KS was wearing the same skin-tight white denims that Donatella Greco was wearing when I first laid eyes on her tight little pussy in Steven Fresh's basement apartment in Provo, Utah, off 7th East. ~ ~ Then years later, they made a movie about us two getting back together on a romantic no-tell-hotel island in Greece called, MAMMA MIA meets WILD ORCHID meets IT'S COMPLICATED. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SUGGESTIVE NOTES: Here is newlywed Keira Knightley with her amazing look alike groom in MAMMA MIA, at: ~ ~ Does this mean that Amanda Seyfried was Keira's prophetic sister wife in the 2008 movie? Was HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO a true prophecy? ~ ~ Was Tom Selleck the star of MAGNUM PI, who had a flying helicopter nigger for a sidekick in Hawaii? ~ ~ NOTES FOR BIBLE BELT MORMON MORONS WHO STILL BELIEVE THAT OBAMA WAS BORN IN HAWAII: Those two niggers who chopped up a white man in England used a ["cutting time"] meat cleaver that was shaped like the Red River state of Oklahoma, per: ~ ~ OFF HAND NOTES: For a look at those tight white denims in my Kristen Stewart dream, see Elizabeth Hurley in MY FAVORITE MARTIAN meets DOUBLE WHAMMY meets THREE'S COMPANY. ~ ~ I first saw Donatella Greco spreading her legs for me when she was a 17 year-old angel. In order to give me a Divine Hand of God in my later pre transfiguration years. When I see the bridesmaid virgins singing about my two future 17 year-old wives who I get to fuck on my sailboat in MAMMA MIA meets BLAME IT ON RIO.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Cara Delevigne's new 'CJD' tattoo on her right hand stands for Bonney Lake's CJ's DELI take-out, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ Located on your treasure map next-door to GORDON'S keys&locks shop that features the 1260 days phone number of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim printed boldly on their front window; right below the former LA DOLCE VITA days spa. Where every day has a happy ending. ~ ~ Oh yeah, CJD delivers, and then some. ~ ~ Check out CJ's egg salad sandwich on wheat, with a side of hand-made potato salad to go, if you doubt me. ~ ~ Meanwhile, I'll do my best to put something together for CJD out in LA; that will include a three-picture deal and full room and board with luxury kitchen privileges. ~ ~ The above look alike update of my wife in TWIN PEAKS' original physical transfiguration temple veil scenario deserves to be rewarded in spades. Especially since I still have not heard a thing from Annalynne McCord, not to mention David Lynch. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS DAVID: Let me know if you need a few more big ones for this off-market Cannes film festival project. ~ ~ I have just enough sleazy low budget international movie friends in the Jew business to make it happen. Don't doubt me on this. You call me. I cut you a check made out to "cash" on a bank located somewhere inside of the Bahamas' International Bermuda Triangle bankers syndicate. ~ ~ In my own private new world order, everybody uses everybody. And the personal hand-written checks are always as good as gold. ~ ~ CJD's eyebrows remind me of your actress-model exwife in WILD AT HEART; ten years earlier. Makes me think prequel. Plus, I'll let her give you all the hand jobs you want during production. Whatever it takes to inspire you to start thinking young again.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Hopefully, all those new born again 666 beast media reports about APPLE not paying any taxes on their off-shore operations are true. Could be, Rush Limbaugh's completely free-of-charge billion dollar promotions for them are starting to pay off; WHATEVER WORKS, count me in. ~ ~ I.e. we are all saved by the grace of Jesus for free, no matter what we do. ~ ~ [Just ask Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and or even Taylor Swift; for that matter.] ~ ~ By the way, all those Godley, Texas Christians out there who are saved for free by the grace of Jesus do not get to fuck forever. ~ ~ Sorry about that. First class reservations always cost more, a lot more. ~ ~ As confirmed by that woman who was saved in Jesus, but still had to die by fire at a cheap faith&food convenience store at: ~ ~ Think Glenn Beck meets Kenny Kemp meets the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE NOTES: Demi Moore has new Malibu baptism pool pix out there. ~ ~ Moore, Oklahoma is a treasure map reference to my sidekick's speech at Morehouse. How could anyone possibly believe that the first Negro college president of America is actually legit? Based on what? ~ ~ All of the day 1290 abomination's forged ID papers are now sitting on Judge Moore's desk, again at: ~ ~ COMPLICATED NOTES: I forgot to mention that Meryl Streep was laying in bed with the sheets pulled up in my strange dream about her; like at:'s_Complicated_(film) ~ ~ So I found the 2009 movie at PISTOL ANNIES today.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Sunday was a pretty good day for TWNers. Per: ~ ~ Ergo, Mr.FFer's favorite beverage at the PLAYBOY mansion has always been PEPSI; for those who think young. Now being served up in spirit on a regular basis at Sandy's look alike Tudor mansion compound, per: ~ ~ Hence, the "midnight toker" shooting of that twin Hempstead college co-ed, just before the abomination of desolation joker spoke at Morehouse. [Nobody loves a good inside joke more than the Jews.] ~ ~ You mess with the bull in SOME KIND OF WONDEFUL, you get the horns. ~ ~ Take for example the Coen brothers' wondrous TRUE GRIT sequel; that is now being reborn again, over and over, at: ~ ~ What? You don't like having sex with two hot underaged teenager babes at the same time? ~ ~ You must be gay or something. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS NOTES: Karp's girlfriend looks just like Mena Suvari. Who I was surprised to see smiling at me in a lucid dream about two months ago, up in Provo Canyon. Note the funny night time ["Look into my owls."] bird man pose in the above DM link from London. ~ ~ That deadly mile-wide tornado in Texas struck just west of Sara Palin's Godley, Texas Bible Belt landmark. Remember, you use the pages of the Book of Mormon for toilet paper, you're in a shit load of trouble. ~ ~ Just because the half Jewish Branch Davidian one in D&C 85 meets ISAIAH 11 is half Jesse and half Joseph, it does not mean that he is half joking. Most of the time.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Saturday morning's 4.4 shaker at 6:46 was about all those Ape-ril 4 MLK assassination landmarks at Rainbow Ridge, California, and South Africa's Capetown; off REV.13:1's Hwy.101 meets Hwy.666 at the Four Corners of America on your own prive R/M map book of Judah and Ephraim. In other words, Glenn Beck et al are about to be killed, and then be born again, Barack Obama style. ~ ~ Complete with a totally new birth certificate; miraculously created by G-d out of thin air. ~ ~ As confirmed by that old FDR Letterman who just ran over all those dumb ass Bible Belt hillbillies in Damascus, Virginia, Washington County. [Think second woe earthquake in Chicagoland, USA meets SLC, Utah. No longer a part of the USA.] ~ ~ Hence, the Uniondale civil war hostage situation that happened on Long Island. ~ ~ Isn't life full of surprises? Like my dream last night about inviting Meryl Streep out to dinner at some reasonably priced restaurant. And she replys, how about I take you out to the most expensive place in town? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RELEVANT LINKS:,_Virginia ~ ~ In Jen Aniston's lost pure waters bed sex tape, she starts shaking after she becomes baptized by the fire and waters in 3NEPHI 9 at my FFer baptism shag pad up in the hills, at:

Friday, May 17, 2013


We see a hunter's duck caller decoy when my future sidekick nigger, Mr Cutter, roughs up the Branch Davidian look alike from London in PASSENGER 57. During the same scenario where we see the Southern Cross of the upcoming civil war flying over the Lake Lucille carnival in [5.7 00:57] Wasilla, Alaska. ~ ~ They say that about 60% of the white men in Texas know about Obama's fake ID. But up in Alaska, the number is more like 90%. ~ ~ Like they say in White Russia; 'It's hard to keep a good man down.' ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ANGELINA NOTES: A month ago, God told me that cancer would become a "friend" of the tall Jewish Angelina Jolie. Per that 'ANGELINA' sailboat at the end of ROMANCING THE STONE. When the G-d of Israel would start to collect his precious Emerald City, Seattle, Lake Washington, Mercer Island, Africa "gems". The accompanying [Song of Solomon] lyrics can be heard at; ~ ~ D&C 87 NOTES: Most of today's Glenn Beck type Mormons have no idea about the KKK prophecy that says; "And it shall come to pass also that the remnants who are left of the [civil war] land will marshall themselves, and shall become exceedingly angry, and shall vex the [Jewish DNC] Gentiles with a sore vexation." [D&C 87:5] ~ ~ Think TARZAN THE ELEPHANT MAN meets THE BIRTH OF A NATION's inspired sequel entitled, THE FALL OF A NATION, linked at: AND: ~ ~ GAY ASS CHRISTIAN MORMAN BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Better duck, here is the latest report about the tribe of Dan bringing down all of today's butt fuckers who are riding tall in the saddle on their high-horses, at: ~ ~ TRAIN WRECK NOTES: This report is about the star of BRIDGET JONES DIARY recently selling her compound in Connecti/cut and making other arraignments out west, at:

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Steven Miller moved to Washington state during the Reaganite 80s because he got so sick and tired of California's fascistic income tax rates. Which was just confirmed by my FLY LIKE AN EAGLE... TO THE FUTURE... sidekick joker in the Greek White House who flies around the world on the prophetic Eagle One featured in 1992's PASSENGER 57. And who now claims that he fired the head of the illegal REV.16 IRS; because of his code name Steven Miller. ~ ~ Who knows where the dude is living these days? Maybe he is based in the Bahamas now, considering his personal background info at: ~ ~ Might this be the same ROLLING STONE charter plane full of legal pot from Obama's Rocky Mountain High State of Colorado that we see in ROMANCING THE STONED? Does the Pope shit in the woods? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWN NOTES: That brown 8x11 envelope that Joan receives in RTS is one of my early 1990s GSR/TWN newsletters full of treasure map signs and wonders. [Hand delivered to her by Granny Grass.] ~ ~ After watching PASSENGER 57's prophetic Lake Lucille carnival location in Louisiana, I googled it, and discovered that the southern bible belt figure Sara Palin also lives on Lake Lucille in Alaska. Which is located inside the city limits of Wasilla; last updated at wiki on 5.7 at 00:57 London time. Don't miss the movie's White Horse Prophecy merry-go-round scene, circa 2013. ~ ~ DECODER RING NOTES: Mr.FFer was so inspired by all those PLAYBOY magazines in the back of the bird-man's wrecked 1960s LAND ROVER in ROMANCING THE STONE, that he went ahead and bought me my own private shag pad up in the hills. Just so I could have a place on the west coast whenever I need to fly in there and take care of business. Note the cool baptismal font, etc. at: ~ ~ SECRET MODEL NOTES: As per the prophetic Malibu beach house model laid out in AMERICAN GIGOLO, all of my shag pads will be headed up by a more mature and wiser good-looker; who makes sure that my virgin teenage hottie wives also get the proper care that they need, and the light bill gets paid on time. ~ ~ RELATED NOTES: Since Sandy and Jen already have their own Kingdom of God size Branch Davidian compounds to worry about, I'll probably make Renee Zellweger the head mistress of my own private WESTSIDE STORY hideout. Besides, the half Jewish Scandinavian actress from Texas, with the amazing blue eyes, is much more white looking than the others. ~ ~ That little blond boy in PASSENGER 57 was Elizabeth Hurley's future son, who would be sired on Steven Bingo's own private jet to Hawaii. ~ ~ GHOSTBUSTERS NOTE: This Jew looks like one of the you-know-who co-stars of the Chicago based 1980s GHOSTBUSTERS series, at:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The prophetic 16th amendment was never legally ratified for a prophecy about when the REV.16 prophecy would be fulfilled by an illegal alien who sees himself as the future Jewish tyrant from Illinois, i.e. Abrahama Lincoln. Who talked out of both sides of his mouth, like a good Tom Hanks type Jew boy. ~ ~ Ergo, one of my best niggers was let out of tax prison just before the truth about the IRS came out of the closet. ~ ~ In other words, if you are one of those naive apostate Christian mormon RINOs who believes that Westley Snipes deserved to go to jail, like Orin Hatch, then you probably still believe that Obama was actually born in Hawaii. And that Social Security and Medicare are a completely constitutional concept that was created out of thin air by FDR and his clean-looking third way sympathizers who were a part of his Jewish Eastern European inner circle of [red state] REDS from Brooklyn, NY and Portland, Ore. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WATCH AND LEARN NOTES: This new image depicts Gisele Buns running down the football field, while looking over her soft shoulder for the next long pass from her guru quarterback team leader, even yours truly, at: ~ ~ Here is a look at the 1992 poster art, at: ~ ~ COLLECTOR CAR NOTES: Older guys like to drive their sexy restored sports cars for a Divinely inspired reason.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Now that the cutting time is upon us, people of good faith are going to be screaming and wailing as they drop to their knees and ask God, "WHY?.. WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS?" According to the revealed word of God in the [Hard copy only.] ~ ~ Which is basically the same thing as crying about how you never knew that Barack Obama was an illegal alien who was born in Africa. ~ ~ Oh well, time to grow up. Better late than never. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRAGIC GREEK FARCE NOTES: The Jewish Pentecost starts tonight. When we remember the time when g-d gave the Israelites the Book of Mormon. ~ ~ Talk about visionary dreams. On Mothers Day, I dreamed that one of those jerks in the singles bar scene in ROMANCING THE STONE gave me the keys to his red 1965 VELOCE GT, seen at: ~ ~ Obviously, the guy was either role playing Jay Leno or Jerry Signfeld, since the sexy physically transfigured like-new car was a part of their Santa Monica airport hanger warehouse collection. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. I AM is not really into car collecting idolatry. But I probably could go for a mint 2000 GT VELOCE just for the 'watch and learn' shits and giggles. ~ ~ AND FUCK YOU TOO: Who doesn't know that it won't last forever? That's not the point. [That's like stating the obvious DUMB AND DUMBER meets FARGO points about how Internet porno is as filthy and dirty as homosexual marriage. And now all those polite high-society half-jew German Lutheran church lady politicians in the Twin Cities area are going to die. Big wow.] ~ ~ Note the above 92 car plate reference to Miley Cyrus' shaved off [Shav/uot] pussy at: ~ ~ ROMANCING THE WET PUSSY NOTES: I doubt it. But it could actually happen. All the 666 gossip mongers on the XXX Internet are reporting that Kristen Stewart, and her unshaved vampire blood-sucker lover, are going to skip out of the Cannes Film Festival and go on some kind of a hot and sweaty SIDEWAYS walkabout through the wine tasting vineyards in southern France meets northern California. ~ ~ Whatever. The only thing that I would have to say about this is; grilled French-German brown trout goes best with a white Burgundy, just as long as it is smothered in enough rosemary and basil garlic butter, and the skin is really crispy brown. Otherwise, wait until the Alaska sockeye run in late August, and just order the crispy roast veal, or maybe the young lamb tenderloin. ~ ~ [You will have to fly into any one of those legendary Alaskan lakes on a rather bumpy small private plane of course. But it will be worth it. I promise you.] ~ ~ [Prince Charles prefers those sockeye lakes on the Charlotte Islands. That is if by then you just feel like ditching the boyfriend, and hanging out around the underaged girl scout hippie-chick campfire with Ellen Page and Angeline Lilly.] ~ ~ In my dream about Miley Cyrus' sexy red state VELOCE GT sports car ride, I was amazed that I had just found a pinky ring in my movie theater popcorn box that had the same car's green snake logo; holding a bird in his mouth at: ~ ~ Plus, the above car crest image also depicts the blood red crucifixion-cross flag of the blood of Israel in England. Think Moses holding up his ten commandments snake medicine on the Royal crown cross of the lamb staff, etc. etc. ~ ~ TWN NOTES: Reportedly, they let my light skin O.J. sidekick keep one hand tied behind his back in his new court appearance, just to make it fair.

Monday, May 13, 2013


The four Brown family kids and their father died in a Mothers Day fire in Obama's Rt.61 Pottsville. In confirmation of that deadly snake that appears in ROMANCING THE STONE when Jack and Joan are burning keys of pot inside of that crashed ROLLING STONE magazine cargo plane, at: ~ ~ Right there on your Book of Mormon treasure map are the Sharp Mountains. In confirmation of all those May 9 cutting time knife signs in the 1984 movie. Which I watched on Mothers Day for the first time in a decade. ~ ~ This is today's leadership of the new and improved Book of Mormon church. Who are as high as a kite; but not with marijuana; more like oxycontin and demerol. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIRD LADY NOTES: I still don't have THE BIRD MAN OF ALCATRAZ meets KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN. So maybe tonight, I'll just have to close my eyes and pretend, while I watch my own private copy of I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS meets DEATH TRAP meets CABLE GUY.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


One of the best scenes in 1984's ROMANCING THE STONE prophecy is when Jack and Joan run into Sacha Baron Cohen down in Book of Mormon country. Since the B&M was originally brought forth as a tool to convert the Jews. Per the inspired Tarzan elephant man stampede art work at: ~ ~ Talk about jungle love. ~ ~ "Jesus Christ! We're in a lot of trouble!" says the half Jewish bird-man adventurer named Jack, once he suddenly realizes that Jesus is actually the Jews' long awaited messiah. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TREASURE MAP NOTES: That girls softball team bus crash near Birdsville, Kentucky was about the bus crash in ROMANCING THE STONE that sets all those birds free, to say the least, at: ~ ~ ROMANCING THE STONE's wiki page was last updated on 5.2 at 11:58. ~ ~ Hence, Michael Douglas' prophetic physical transfiguration image in the 1984 movie poster art at: ~ ~ The big square emerald in WILD ORCHID represents the restored four-square gospel through Joseph Smith. Which is; the only true LDS church on the earth, the United Order credit union, the School of Prophets' endowment houses, and the Kingdom of God political Party. ~ ~ In other words, never believe any corrupt high society Mormon leader who says that his political views shall forever remain a REV.17 MOTHER OF WHORES MYSTERY. Even though we can all see that the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14, etc. etc. is now usurping the White Horse Prophecy's Greek White House in DC. ~ ~ ROMANCING THE STONE takes place in Columbia. Therefore, 4 people were just shot to death in Rt.46's Colum/bus Indian/a at: ~ ~ PIRATE RADIO NOTES: More and more, it's looking like the British Bahamas are going to be my main base of operations; until I can make my final move on London. Per that scene in ROMANCING THE STORE where we see Capt Jack's [sparrow birds] pirate ship birdhouse. ~ ~ The nice thing about owning your own private G6, registered in some other actor's name, is that you can pop in-and-out anywhere in the world at a moment's notice; like Vancouver, BC, or Rhode Island, or even Provo, Utah; before anyone else is all the wiser. Not to mention Rio. [Think Paul Garrison ends up on my own private pilot payroll. After Alaska leaves the union and becomes a great place to register all of your private yachts and jets.] ~ ~ Watch and learn at: AND: Also see Jen Aniston's long lost sex tape too, at:

Saturday, May 11, 2013


The last movie that I ever rented at HOLLYWOOD VIDEO was that wild horses Megan Fox prophecy entitled THE MISFITS. However, when I went back there to return it, the shop was closed down, and the returns-slot was taped shut. Then a few years later, the next-door ALBERTSONS also closed it's doors. ~ ~ Nowadays, every October they rent the empty space out for a month or so to a temporary place that sells Halloween masks. ~ ~ Just like the ones we can now see on DVD in 1989's WILD ORCHID prophecy. That is about Gisele's future concubine lover, Tom Brady, standing there by a stonewall after Claudia tells Adriana Lima about how much money she is going to be making. And how much Tom will "...sweat alot..." and " alot..." on the football field. ~ ~ Now I understand why God arranged for me to meet my future sister wife Donatella Grecco out on Hwy.9 in the Boston suburbs during the 1980s. While she was fucking some Italian stud named Guido at a prophetic SHAMPOO movie location. ~ ~ Sometimes in this life, you just have to "watch and learn" quote the late great Zalman King, per: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ QUICK IN AND OUT NOTES: Nice pirate lady look here at: ~ ~ At about 57:30 into my uncensored DVD copy of WILD ORCHID, that American Republican plural wife dude flashes the GSR index finger while he holds up the key to that GOLDMEMBER bottle icon sitting on the bar. Then he and Adriana go up to a private room that is decorated with all kinds of D&C 86 church icons. Wherein she tries to get away from me, but I catch her, and she likes it.

Friday, May 10, 2013


I stopped using JUST FOR MEN around last Christmas. And now my symbolic pre-transfiguration SHAMPOO movie hair-job looks like the fulfilment of my own private Johnny-come-lately figure; as depicted at: ~ ~ Since that is a younger and darker Barack Obama himself who opens the blue taxi door for Adriana Lima when she arrives in the big city in Brazil, USA in WILD ORCHID, circa 1989. ~ ~ In other words, am I actually in love with Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima? I don't know, but I sure do like them. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BORN AGAIN REMAKE NOTES: When I remake SHAMPOO, co-starring me, I will bring in Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift for the prophetic three-way JUST FOR MEN scenes. ~ ~ 1960s PSYCHO HOTEL NOTES: Portland's own private Gus Van Sant paved the way for me to start making feature length video remakes based on existing screenplays. Since I don't plan on having the time to do any re-write screenplays anyway. For example; I remake some Alfred Hitchcock movie rip-off like THE BIRDS meets THE LADY IN RED. But I fill the 91 minute project so full of hot celeb sex scenes that we are absolutely guaranteed to get our money back, plus ten percent. ~ ~ For example, I remake the above iconic shower scene to be about two hot young blonds getting it on at a cheap no-tell hotel outside Moses Lake, Washington. Then I cast myself as the hotel clerk who sneaks into their room; stuff like that. Wherein Miley plays the butch, and Taylor plays the girl. ~ ~ [Using secret off-shore tax-free British tax-haven insider-trading money of course. In order that nobody knows that my prophetic Michael Douglas movie star figure is the one behind the masonic plot to overthrow the Crown of England. And have sex with the local under-age girls on his private fishing boat.]

Thursday, May 9, 2013


For May 9 I watched 1989's WILD ORCHID prophecy about the married German Gisele and the married Adriana Lima having a three-way with me in the back seat of a five virgins limo in BLAME IT ON RIO meets KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN. Talk about the ten virgins cut prophecy in MATT 25. ~ ~ Then I saw those new confirmation pix in the afternoon from some paradise beach, via London, at; ~ ~ Wherein the film's Davidian motorcycle rider from 1776 Philadelphia finally gets laid; after he saves one of Adriana's beloved little Barack Obama orphan boys, and her sexy blond sister too. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTES FOR LATER: God told me last year that they were going to hang Barack Obama from the goal line posts at the end of a divided 50/50 yards [game changing] football field. Which at the time sounded like some kind of a huge white Nazi rally at a German style 1930s era sports stadium metaphor. Which would be the perfect symbolic image for today's lunatic media and pop culture getting killed off by a major terrorist attack. ~ ~ All those sexy masks in the WILD ORCHID prophecy represent the African masks that Obama's strangers are wearing. ~ ~ BELIEVE IT OR NOT NOTES: Most of those fast red retro WWI biplanes made in Star Valley, Wyoming today have rebuilt SEDAN DE VILLE 350 v-8s in them, like at: [Sold as build-it-yourself kit packages for insurance-liability reasons.] ~ ~ That small metal plate with the two holes in it for the two philips X screws of Judah and Ephraim, seen in this link, was designed and produced by my tool-designer father at BOEING in the 1960s, at: ~ ~

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I never saw 2008's prophecy about the marred servant in the BOOK OF MORMON, who gets stapled. Who much earlier had made his big time come back in DOMINO; well before all those foolish virgin faggots in the media got so excited about his jock-strap performance in THE WRESTLER. ~ ~ So I grabbed it Tuesday evening at WAL*MART, for 5 bucks, after eating a plate of greasy chicken and shrimp with saucy pussy noodles at PANDA. Wherein my Branch Davidian protagonist cuts his thumb to the bone at the deli meat counter, while we see a sign in the background for their 5.99 chicken basket special. [Deep fried in a Boston bomber style pressure cooker pot the size of an A-bomb.] ~ ~ Which reminds me of the vivid dream I had back on February 6, at 5:42 am; wherein I was admiring two fly fisherman oil paintings, by the same artist, hanging above my friend's fireplace mantle. And then the doorbell rang, and the paperboy at the door told us that his newspaper bill would be due on "May 9". ~ ~ Who knows? Is a helicopter going to land on that Lady Liberty statue in Marion, Ohio and detonate an atomic bomb? Or is a bipolar newspaper boy going to pull out his WEST SIDE STORY switchblade and start cutting up half of his 7th-grade school mates? Better yet; is a rocket going to land in a school yard in northern Israel? Or is a white man going to take a shot at, and miss, my masked sidekick instigator Barack Obama? Leaving only a symbolic superficial dark-skin scar on his head? ~ And then the white skin hating darkies have an excuse to start rioting in the new world, and in the old world. And it doesn't stop from there. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MONEY NOTES: The Donald was finally inspired to come out with his full page NYT ad for after reading about Steven Fresh's groundbreaking lung cancer technology start-up on my own private INVISIBLE MAN blog. Talk about my kind of insider-trading based on some tax-haven paradise island that is owned by me, but is registered in Mel Gibson's name.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Joseph Smith said that you will only find the Kingdom of God in a place where God's oracles are welcome. ~ ~ Therefore, Mr ORACLE himself has been secretly buying up much of Malibu in anticipation of that new endowment house of the Lord above Malibu being remodeled by his favorite FOREVER YOUNG star Mel Gibson. ~ ~ Makes total sense too; since after you make your first hundred billion, the only thing left that could possibly be of interest is the vampire blood-sucking process wherein you get to become 29 years-old again. ~ ~ No wonder I returned to BYU again in 1986 for my second 29ish chance in life. Right as they were shooting PEGGY SUE GOT married in Santa Rosa, California. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HOMEWORK READING: Study this new report from London about all those 70s and 80s shag pads being remodeled and restored again in Malibu, at; ~ ~ And then study this Big Brown HERSHEYS chocolate outfit on Ms Z that depicts the broken chain link fences at some 666 prison in the Gay Area, at: ~ ~ Think I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS meets BIRD MAN OF ALCATRAZ. ~ ~ Surprisingly, the new Taylor Swift bangs on Renee actually work. ~ ~ [Captain Jack Sparrow escaped from his prison island in THE FAT SPY prophecy by riding away on the backs of two sea turtles, after the three days of the two witnesses in REV.11, and all that lovey dovey shit.] ~ ~ JEW NOTES: East coast Jews, queers, and niggers, think that the way-out-west Mormons are really strange. Imagine how weird they must look to all those born again Christians living in Oklahoma and Texas. ~ ~ THE ODD NOTE: One of America's most odd ball mormons, Glenn Beck, showed up at the NRA convention last weekend and declared from the pulpit that Barack Obama was a natural born citizen heterosexual who was born in Hawaii.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Michelle Obama is going to appear at a DNC fund raiser with that giant NBA Big Foot figure who just came out in the name of his fellow brother on the down low, Barack Obama, at: AND: ~ ~ Hence those five dark skinned Lamanite brides, from the paradise islands of the 1776 Chocolate Hills, died in the back of Barack Obama's 1999 LINCOLN limo on ST MATTHEW 25's ten virgins bridge prophecy. ~ ~ Who were being driven over to the Gay Area's CROWNE PLAZA [castle] by a Big Brown figure named Mr Brown on the same day of George Clooney's own private KENTUCKY DURBEY. ~ ~ In confirmation of Larry Sinclair's well corroborated book about him sucking on Barry's long brown skinny cock in the back of a limo in 1999. ~ ~ And then for a second witness, true or false, doesn't matter anymore, the bird lady of Alcatraz was supposed to have dropped a little white powder [scrotum] baggie sack on the same day too; big wow. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWN NOTES: Those are the two lamps of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in that inspired NACHO LIBRE porno clip confirmation.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED was an inspired BIRD MAN OF ALCATRAZ [Gay Area] co-production by Francis Ford Coppola, and his vampire actor nephew named Nick Cage. Ergo, five dumb virgins died in that rear-end limo inferno on the same day that Keira did her Janis Joplin hippie wedding thing in the south of France. ~ ~ Where Angelina Jolie meets Brad Pitt in the same French cheese paradise. Because the skinny bitch stole Jennifer's fiscal wedding cliff husband in the very same way that Julia Roberts stole her current surfer dude BEACH BOYS husband, when she was down in Mexico making THE MEXICAN meets NACHO LIBRE. And now they both live in sin on a cliff above the beach in Malibu. ~ ~ Just as depicted in my latest porno clip, wherein Nacho pins Kristen Stewart down on the mat; using his famous uncircumcised burrito move. And then we see the expressions on the faces of those five bitches who burned to death on the bridge that leads to the Gay Area's main muddy [Republican Kentucky] horse race track. ~ ~ In other words, the warm and fuzzy values of today's christian mormon Republicans are muddy; and the values of the new 666 beast are now quite clear. ~ ~ Therefore, we don't hear anything at all on the new RLDS Glenn Beck show from Dallas, Texas about that illegal alien with the fake ID in his pocket; who is now sitting in the new Casablanca in DC, thanks to his chronic spineless surgery ilk. ~ ~ "There is no push back." [Rush Limbaugh] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PUT UP OR SHUT UP NOTES: ~ ~ END TIME NOTES: After reading that LL ended up at the BETTY FORD insane asylum off Rt.111, I decided to have yet another look at my own private career prophecy called DON JUAN DeMARCO. Wherein yours truly actually believes that he is Keira Knightley's secret pizza sauce pirate lover, Jack Sparrow. Who ends up on the beach in Hawaii with his divorced VICTORIA'S SECRET tv co-star wife from that smash hit called LOST. Per Ryan Adams's love song over the end credits, who also is from the Vancouver, BC, area, and all that lovey dovey Ellen Page stuff. ~ ~ ANDY WARHOL VAMPIRE NOTES: Here is Carey in a great vampire cape, out and about in NYC, at: ~ ~ WAG THE DOG SHIT: The foggy mist surrounding that Jewish house of Israel mansion in the WAG THE DOG prophecy now looks like some kind of a chemical weapons cloud. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Have those two virgin teen hottie sluts from the neighborhood rang your doorbell yet? Whatever, here's the deal, take it or leave it. I send Charlize over to your place for a little midnight basement video flirty-fucking action. You pay for it out of your own pocket. Because I AM wants you to feel young again. And if you happen to need any more money for the project, I will personally scent Megan Fox over with a cigar box full of cash. You can't lose on this one. You're gonna like the way you look, I promise.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


The above 1986 physical transfiguration [blood-letting time-transfer vampire wife] prophecy was about Keira Knightley's look alike girlfriend named Maddy. Who stood in for her Irish sister wife Carey Mulligan, who also got married to a cool rock band member. ~ ~ Because the real love of her life was an ON THE ROAD figure named Michael who wanted to take her out west to his Mormon polygamist wives farm outside Provo, Utah and raise hundreds of chickens. ~ ~ Which was just confirmed by the Internet's most famous porn fucker named Nacho. [That is his real name. And yes, he looks as big as a Mexican wrester.] Who I saw banging Kristen Stewart in the rear end right before I read about her second real-life rear-ender collision somewhere in LA, like at; ~ ~ Note how the enclosed porn clip ends with the same close-up expression on Kristen's face when she rear-ended that REV.17 MOTHER OF WHORES car. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PSGM STILLS: We first see the future King of England in the 1960s retro movie at Peggy's 25th high school reunion. Right before the endowment house blood sucking starts in Salem, Utah. E.G. all those restored mint condition 1958 cars in the prophetic movie's AMERICAN GRAFFITI companion movie. ~ ~ SECRET SAUCEY NOTES: Keira's inspired first name is a play on the thematic word 'key'. As depicted on the movie poster art for PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED, at: ~ ~ Of course, that is a 19 year-old Gisele Bundchen in the movie; but I'll get around to that after the next Adriana Lima signs and wonders come up. So many friends, so little time. Always remember, I never ever forget a face. WEDDING CRASHER AFTER THOUGHTS: I read somewhere that Keira and her Mormon missionary man still have to go back to London next week and sign the papers. ~ ~ ON THE ROAD's inspired movie poster art sets up the time-line for the next WAG THE DOG: 4+ sequel, circa 2013, at: ~ ~ MONEY NOTES: Steven Fresh claims to have access to the rights to some new groundbreaking lung cancer technology. That is if the dog-eat-dog money is right, and things go right up at his favorite place in the whole wide world, at: ~ ~ I recommend that you make a quick killing on this one; and then you suddenly cash out your funny money chips in solid gold bullion. Before anyone else knows what hit them. Jesus Christ Almighty! I'm only talking about like 4 big ones. ~ ~ Compare that lousy sum to your latest bullshit movie production. And then later you get to make like 100 cash-money movies or more thereafter. And not ever have to give a shit anymore if your own private art-film masterpieces will be so brilliant that you don't let yourself get distracted by any mundane distribution issues.

Friday, May 3, 2013


LL finally checked into BETTY FORD's famous clinic for crazy neo con Republican Jews in confirmation of my prophetic pirate figure in DON JUAN DE MARCO meets THE FRESHMAN. ~ ~ [My future Jewish wife Teri Rutherford lives on Republican Street in Madison, Seattle, etc.] ~ ~ Ergo, the medicated Senator John McCain from Arizona actually thinks that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. And so does the medicated Pope; and those two medicated German presidents of the Mormon church; and that medicated retro anti-communist American German pirate radio star Glenn Beck; and those medicated Jewish eastern european pro-communist immigrants who are now running the decadent NYT into the ground. And that old rich FDR faggot named Warren Buffet, who is also on medication, still believes in the abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12, etc. ~ ~ In other words, today's George C/looney style 666 lunatics are now in charge of the new 666 insane asylum, that is supposed to cure Lindsay Lohan of her addiction to lying. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW 1990s WAG THE DOG NOTES: The 4th sequel to that surprise-sleeper Hollywood art house theater blockbuster, called WAG THE DOG:1-2-3, etc. is definitely now in pre-production, per: PS: They filmed my own private MR IMPERIUM prophecy about today's royal Lone Ranger, with that prophetic Lindsay Lohan 16 year-old virgin, outside of Palm Springs, CA, back in 1951. Co-starring the Italian film's Steven Fresh look alike.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Right after that wet spring snow job in Obama's Denver, Colorado, America's well known illegal alien usurper went down to NACHO LIBRE land to pump up support for the other 11,000,000 illegal aliens who are living like he is in the USA; getting by on fake IDs, etc. Just as prophesied in EZE.38 and 3NEPHI; wherein the savage and murderous darkie invaders will hate the whities. Once today's white men finally wake up and figure out what the Jews, queers, and niggers have been up to for all these post FDR/LBJ/MLK years. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE POPCORN MOVIE NOTES: Right now, I'm half way through the 1954 gay ass prophecy called A STAR IS BORN. Wherein a future brunet Britney Spears sings her heart out about how, "IT'S A NEW WORLD". That then was immediately confirmed by my new secret sauce place located outside of New London; just off of Elizabeth Hurley's prophetic I-95 sailboat landmark in THE WEIGHT OF WATER, at: ~ ~ When my George Washington Masonite protagonist [George Mason] in A STAR IS BORN brings Britney to his shag pad on the studio lot, decorated with pirate pistols, we see the future King of England's royal palace guards. Talk about New London meets New Mexico somewhere around the New World's Casa Blanca [White House] located to the southeast of Mt Taylor, and a place called Milan. Because right now all the gossip websites are talking about Keira Knightley getting married on Cinco de Mayo, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN style. ~ ~ I am open to the idea of some kind of a trade deal with Sean Penn regarding Elizabeth Hurley, since he looks like such a pirate radio figure at: ~ ~ I would miss her, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Some of the best hard red wheat in the world is grown in Miley's Montana, ass per her new wheat bread buns pix at: ~ ~ Note the wheat fields harvest hairdo too. ~ ~ Where sometimes even wild lavender weeds grow up among the hardy wheat grass fields, as explained in D&C 86. ~ ~ And if you have some kind of a gluten-free digestion problem with this. Then I suggest that you just mix in a tablespoon of quality organic wheatgerm with your favorite nutty hippie chick granola dish, or nonfat unpastorized raw pussy yogurt. Like they do in Switzerland. ~ ~ Hey, whatever works. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TASTY NOTES: There is a place for white flour. Primarily as a flavoring and texturizing agent; that makes whole wheat pizza crust more delicate and tasty, and not so hard and crude and mealy.