Friday, May 31, 2013


Naturally, I grabbed 18 AGAIN when I saw a used copy of it at PISTOL ANNIE'S, for the first time in decades. But the fact that it turned out to be a Chinatown, Chicago bootleg copy is what made it such a special confirmation of Oprah getting her phony copy diploma at Harvard. Complete with today's muddled talk radio dialogue, that is too often not clear, and often fluctuates in volume, and the lip sync audio is just a little bit off at times. ~ ~ [Think Red Capitalism is where it's at right now.] ~ ~ So. 18 AGAIN opens with the repeated White Horse Prophecy reference number "4:56" that we see when the Jewish George Burns crashes his [PHONY 1] Rolls into a shop full of old secondhand DVDs and VHS tape movies from the 1980s. ~ ~ Later, we see Obama's African ape mask at the punk rockers club. Then we see the GREAT GATSBE party that comes before the stock market crash in 1929 meets 2013. ~ ~ After yours truly goes to today's Playboy Mansion and finds my 7.20 iPAD image that reveals those Harry Potter glasses of the near future. Juxtaposed to all those Holy Grails sitting there on the shelf, above my own private sofa throne of England. ~ ~ Think Greek Student President White House frat party in ANIMAL HOUSE meets BLUES BROTHERS meets Speilberg's gay ass LINCOLN film student term paper. ~ ~ Ergo, the counterfeit political science term paper that got an A grade at Harvard gets tossed into the big BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES stock mark crash in the end. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TOP TEN NOTES: My counterfeit birth certificate bootleg pirate copy of 18 AGAIN was made by "TOP TEN NEW MEDIA", based in the former British Hong Kong. Since David Letterman has been a long time supporter of 666 government thievery; like most of the Jews in show biz. ~ ~ At Sandy's newly remodeled Playboy Tudor mansion in 18 AGAIN, meets ROD STEELE 0014, yours truly says that my Hugh Hefner forerunner looks exactly like I looked 20 years ago. ~ ~ There was the usual 2.7 quake near Page, Arizona on the same day that Ellen Page appeared on the CBS Craig Ferguson Show. Naturally, he role played the usual dumb ass jerk from Scotland who knows Jack about the Bible.

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