Sunday, May 19, 2013


Sunday was a pretty good day for TWNers. Per: ~ ~ Ergo, Mr.FFer's favorite beverage at the PLAYBOY mansion has always been PEPSI; for those who think young. Now being served up in spirit on a regular basis at Sandy's look alike Tudor mansion compound, per: ~ ~ Hence, the "midnight toker" shooting of that twin Hempstead college co-ed, just before the abomination of desolation joker spoke at Morehouse. [Nobody loves a good inside joke more than the Jews.] ~ ~ You mess with the bull in SOME KIND OF WONDEFUL, you get the horns. ~ ~ Take for example the Coen brothers' wondrous TRUE GRIT sequel; that is now being reborn again, over and over, at: ~ ~ What? You don't like having sex with two hot underaged teenager babes at the same time? ~ ~ You must be gay or something. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS NOTES: Karp's girlfriend looks just like Mena Suvari. Who I was surprised to see smiling at me in a lucid dream about two months ago, up in Provo Canyon. Note the funny night time ["Look into my owls."] bird man pose in the above DM link from London. ~ ~ That deadly mile-wide tornado in Texas struck just west of Sara Palin's Godley, Texas Bible Belt landmark. Remember, you use the pages of the Book of Mormon for toilet paper, you're in a shit load of trouble. ~ ~ Just because the half Jewish Branch Davidian one in D&C 85 meets ISAIAH 11 is half Jesse and half Joseph, it does not mean that he is half joking. Most of the time.

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