Thursday, May 23, 2013


"I hope there's a search involved..." says Austin Powers when he gets busted for being too sexy in AP:III. And then we see that future butt fucking Barack Obama monkey fall out of his African born genealogy tree on an APPLE laptop. ~ ~ No wonder the movie's opening sequence was filmed in Southern Utah. ~ ~ See what I'm talking about at: ~ ~ Speaking about getting rammed in the rear-end. About 50 Boy Scout age kids were injured in a multiple rear-ender in north Indiana right before the Boy Scouts of the new Sodom and Egypt voted along I-35 to get fucked by the latter day Sodom and Egypt movement prophesied of in REV.11. Now come the 35 longitude line treasure map confirmations in Israel. ~ ~ Big WOW revelation; young virgin boys with short haircuts who are asked to march around in spiffy military uniforms, is kind of gay. ~ ~ [Think that the Christian mormon Glenn Beck in Dallas, Texas actually thinks that there is nothing wrong with having a legally married homosexual in the new 666 Casablanca; who is not even a US citizen.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LIKES: Love those gold plate Book of Mormon finger nails in these new tight ass pix, at: ~ ~ That GREASE2 school bus crash sign is at: ~ ~ QUEEN ELIZABETH II NOTES: I found the BLACKBALLER prophecy at GOODWILL right after that bus crash happened south of Bowling Green, Ohio on I-75; wherein 29 people were injured in Wood County. Per those black ball "woods" with the biased behavior at: ~ ~ Whenever you let the Third World's darkies with false IDs and false prophet doctrines and traditions take over your beloved country, which was given to you by the God of Abraham, you get what you deserve, in spades. ~ ~ Talk about false black idols made of wood. ~ ~ NOT THAT COMPLICATED NOTES: "The sex is more sexy." in the plural marriage movie called IT'S COMPLICATED, wink wink. Hence, by the simple Hand of God, Alec Baldwin is now having a fertility clinic baby with his much younger wife. ~ ~ FLASH NOTES: Back on 4.6 at 10:45 pm, exactly, I had a flash vision of a young 29ish Roger Moore 007 actor flashing me the pistol gun finger exactly like the nigger with a license to kill at: [Think that Branch Davidian look alike from Waco, Texas flashing his pistol shooter hand at Elizabeth Hurley's young son in PASSENGER 57.]

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