Sunday, May 5, 2013


PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED was an inspired BIRD MAN OF ALCATRAZ [Gay Area] co-production by Francis Ford Coppola, and his vampire actor nephew named Nick Cage. Ergo, five dumb virgins died in that rear-end limo inferno on the same day that Keira did her Janis Joplin hippie wedding thing in the south of France. ~ ~ Where Angelina Jolie meets Brad Pitt in the same French cheese paradise. Because the skinny bitch stole Jennifer's fiscal wedding cliff husband in the very same way that Julia Roberts stole her current surfer dude BEACH BOYS husband, when she was down in Mexico making THE MEXICAN meets NACHO LIBRE. And now they both live in sin on a cliff above the beach in Malibu. ~ ~ Just as depicted in my latest porno clip, wherein Nacho pins Kristen Stewart down on the mat; using his famous uncircumcised burrito move. And then we see the expressions on the faces of those five bitches who burned to death on the bridge that leads to the Gay Area's main muddy [Republican Kentucky] horse race track. ~ ~ In other words, the warm and fuzzy values of today's christian mormon Republicans are muddy; and the values of the new 666 beast are now quite clear. ~ ~ Therefore, we don't hear anything at all on the new RLDS Glenn Beck show from Dallas, Texas about that illegal alien with the fake ID in his pocket; who is now sitting in the new Casablanca in DC, thanks to his chronic spineless surgery ilk. ~ ~ "There is no push back." [Rush Limbaugh] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PUT UP OR SHUT UP NOTES: ~ ~ END TIME NOTES: After reading that LL ended up at the BETTY FORD insane asylum off Rt.111, I decided to have yet another look at my own private career prophecy called DON JUAN DeMARCO. Wherein yours truly actually believes that he is Keira Knightley's secret pizza sauce pirate lover, Jack Sparrow. Who ends up on the beach in Hawaii with his divorced VICTORIA'S SECRET tv co-star wife from that smash hit called LOST. Per Ryan Adams's love song over the end credits, who also is from the Vancouver, BC, area, and all that lovey dovey Ellen Page stuff. ~ ~ ANDY WARHOL VAMPIRE NOTES: Here is Carey in a great vampire cape, out and about in NYC, at: ~ ~ WAG THE DOG SHIT: The foggy mist surrounding that Jewish house of Israel mansion in the WAG THE DOG prophecy now looks like some kind of a chemical weapons cloud. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Have those two virgin teen hottie sluts from the neighborhood rang your doorbell yet? Whatever, here's the deal, take it or leave it. I send Charlize over to your place for a little midnight basement video flirty-fucking action. You pay for it out of your own pocket. Because I AM wants you to feel young again. And if you happen to need any more money for the project, I will personally scent Megan Fox over with a cigar box full of cash. You can't lose on this one. You're gonna like the way you look, I promise.

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