Friday, May 3, 2013


LL finally checked into BETTY FORD's famous clinic for crazy neo con Republican Jews in confirmation of my prophetic pirate figure in DON JUAN DE MARCO meets THE FRESHMAN. ~ ~ [My future Jewish wife Teri Rutherford lives on Republican Street in Madison, Seattle, etc.] ~ ~ Ergo, the medicated Senator John McCain from Arizona actually thinks that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. And so does the medicated Pope; and those two medicated German presidents of the Mormon church; and that medicated retro anti-communist American German pirate radio star Glenn Beck; and those medicated Jewish eastern european pro-communist immigrants who are now running the decadent NYT into the ground. And that old rich FDR faggot named Warren Buffet, who is also on medication, still believes in the abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12, etc. ~ ~ In other words, today's George C/looney style 666 lunatics are now in charge of the new 666 insane asylum, that is supposed to cure Lindsay Lohan of her addiction to lying. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW 1990s WAG THE DOG NOTES: The 4th sequel to that surprise-sleeper Hollywood art house theater blockbuster, called WAG THE DOG:1-2-3, etc. is definitely now in pre-production, per: PS: They filmed my own private MR IMPERIUM prophecy about today's royal Lone Ranger, with that prophetic Lindsay Lohan 16 year-old virgin, outside of Palm Springs, CA, back in 1951. Co-starring the Italian film's Steven Fresh look alike.

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