Saturday, May 25, 2013


Glenn Beck's latter-day I-5 landmark was just cut off in confirmation of the ten virgins' 5.9 "cutting time" prophecy that is now dividing the House of Israel in half, per EZE.38-39. ~ ~ Which means that now the pirate radio bad boy anti-hero in BLACKBALL needs to get his Texas style mojo back. Before all those UK Labor Party, USA Jews, queers, lesbians, niggers, and illegal aliens, completely take over the island. ~ ~ If you want to live free, you are going to half to kill off all of them. One way or the other, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAMOUS REAGAN THATCHER ERA MOVIE QUOTES: "I'll be back..." BLACKBALL NOTES: Gibsonburg, Ohio is located near Rollersville because Mel's ICON unit was a co-producer of BLACKBALL. Jodie Foster's Fostoria marker on the treasure map is located just south of there; for basically the same reason. ~ ~ Nearby Millersville, Ohio is for the movie's future Sienna Miller look alike love interest. ~ ~ REALLY QUEER NOTES: Men who have a problem understanding why military men tend to rape the bitches, and the lesbians, and the flat out whores among them, are not real men of understanding. ~ ~ That PASSENGER 57 earthquake near the headwaters of the Butte River occurred in a very popular BSA camping area.

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