Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Believe it or not, I have never seen any of the above incrediblely inspired three things. ~ ~ Therefore, it's now time to make some kind of a PEPSI sponsored commercial based Broadway musical indie film project starring Miley Cyrus as Hanna Montana Madonna meets HANNA AND HER SISTERS: II; better late than never. And if you don't like that idea, then we will get someone else to replace you, plain and simple. ~ ~ Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ I'm thinking Miley Cyrus plays a physically transfigured Madonna in all those rejected screenplays that her [very talented] ex-husband was just not ready to understand. Partially because he knew in his heart of hearts that his wife was also not ready for that kind of Biblical era glory. ~ ~ So what in the world would I ever call this guaranteed smash hit billion dollar box office thing? Duh, PEPSI, THE MUSICAL!! ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HERE'S HOW I SEE IT NOTES: The indie film musical opens the next Sundance Film Festival in SLC, Utah with that iconic PEPSI commercial starring Britney Spears, now replayed by Miley Cyrus in skin tight white denims. Which actually are only a really thick white body-paint job on her completely nude shaved pussy. Because about the only thing left in this life for Robert Redford is the idea of him making Broadway musical feature length videos on the cheap. Going back full circle to the time in his life when he dropped out of college in Boulder, Colorado; and then hitch-hiked to NYC in order to paint all of those prophetic background-backdrop theater stage signs that we can now see in today's Latter-Day Saints movies. ~ ~ I found a used SUPERBAD Wednesday at GOODWILL. Saw something on the back of the scratched case about Obama's fake BYU Hawaii student ID. Noticed that the movie came out before anybody ever even heard about my helicopter flying nigger in MAGNUM P.I. ~ ~ In other words, Brown University represents today's new Rocky Mountain High brown shirt fascists, like at: ~ ~ [Then they signed the new law in Colorado that made it legal to have an illegal alien Mormon leader like the light skin one in the White House, at: ]

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