Saturday, May 4, 2013


The above 1986 physical transfiguration [blood-letting time-transfer vampire wife] prophecy was about Keira Knightley's look alike girlfriend named Maddy. Who stood in for her Irish sister wife Carey Mulligan, who also got married to a cool rock band member. ~ ~ Because the real love of her life was an ON THE ROAD figure named Michael who wanted to take her out west to his Mormon polygamist wives farm outside Provo, Utah and raise hundreds of chickens. ~ ~ Which was just confirmed by the Internet's most famous porn fucker named Nacho. [That is his real name. And yes, he looks as big as a Mexican wrester.] Who I saw banging Kristen Stewart in the rear end right before I read about her second real-life rear-ender collision somewhere in LA, like at; ~ ~ Note how the enclosed porn clip ends with the same close-up expression on Kristen's face when she rear-ended that REV.17 MOTHER OF WHORES car. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PSGM STILLS: We first see the future King of England in the 1960s retro movie at Peggy's 25th high school reunion. Right before the endowment house blood sucking starts in Salem, Utah. E.G. all those restored mint condition 1958 cars in the prophetic movie's AMERICAN GRAFFITI companion movie. ~ ~ SECRET SAUCEY NOTES: Keira's inspired first name is a play on the thematic word 'key'. As depicted on the movie poster art for PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED, at: ~ ~ Of course, that is a 19 year-old Gisele Bundchen in the movie; but I'll get around to that after the next Adriana Lima signs and wonders come up. So many friends, so little time. Always remember, I never ever forget a face. WEDDING CRASHER AFTER THOUGHTS: I read somewhere that Keira and her Mormon missionary man still have to go back to London next week and sign the papers. ~ ~ ON THE ROAD's inspired movie poster art sets up the time-line for the next WAG THE DOG: 4+ sequel, circa 2013, at: ~ ~ MONEY NOTES: Steven Fresh claims to have access to the rights to some new groundbreaking lung cancer technology. That is if the dog-eat-dog money is right, and things go right up at his favorite place in the whole wide world, at: ~ ~ I recommend that you make a quick killing on this one; and then you suddenly cash out your funny money chips in solid gold bullion. Before anyone else knows what hit them. Jesus Christ Almighty! I'm only talking about like 4 big ones. ~ ~ Compare that lousy sum to your latest bullshit movie production. And then later you get to make like 100 cash-money movies or more thereafter. And not ever have to give a shit anymore if your own private art-film masterpieces will be so brilliant that you don't let yourself get distracted by any mundane distribution issues.

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