Thursday, May 30, 2013


Oprah Winfrey received her fake birth certificate diploma from Barack Obama's Harvard Thursday. You can see it in her brown eyes at: ~ ~ In confirmation of Mr Jennifer Garner also getting a fake birth certificate from Emma Watson's Brown Univeristy only a few days earlier. ~ ~ In other words, reformed born-again homosexuality and reformed born-again fascism is the new born-again Big Lie. Per REV.13's prophecy about how the 666 beast will die, and then be miraculously resurrected, just like Jesus. ~ ~ Sure is hard to keep a good man down. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAKE REBORN IDENTITY DRIVER'S LICENSE ID FOR MATT DAMON INFO: ~ ~ Ya follow? ~ ~ Oprah is wearing the red robes of the devil in her fake diploma ceremony that represent that negro train wreck explosion in the single red rose landmark of Rosedale, Mary-Land, next to the Red House River. Now that the White House has become the new Red House. ~ ~ PLAIN AND SIMPLE NOTES: It was my African born sidekick darkie who leaned on the IRS to hassle today's apostate gay ass Christians. Good for him. Keep it up dog. And it was Joe Biden who leaned on his attorney general son in Delaware to hassle that whistle blower from Chicago, Larry Sinclair. ~ ~ SUPER BAD FAKE HAWAII DL ID NOTES: Could be nothing, but Barack Obama's counterfeit identification ID card in the prophetic movie expires in June 3rd. Plus my good fly-fishing buddy at ALASKA, who now regularly flies those DOUGLAS jets to Hawaii, assured me yesterday at STARBUCKS that he is going to be feeling a lot better in the few short days after that date. When he is scheduled to take more of those 666 computer similator exercises on those new 666 machines at their Sea Tac headquarters; which can miraculously hear and talk like a man does. In order to become a 777 born-again jet pilot for Jesus again. If that is WHATEVER IT TAKES to make Glenn Beck and Michael Medved feel any safer again. ~ ~ Oh yeah, Oprah et al are really going to get it this time.

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