Thursday, May 16, 2013


Steven Miller moved to Washington state during the Reaganite 80s because he got so sick and tired of California's fascistic income tax rates. Which was just confirmed by my FLY LIKE AN EAGLE... TO THE FUTURE... sidekick joker in the Greek White House who flies around the world on the prophetic Eagle One featured in 1992's PASSENGER 57. And who now claims that he fired the head of the illegal REV.16 IRS; because of his code name Steven Miller. ~ ~ Who knows where the dude is living these days? Maybe he is based in the Bahamas now, considering his personal background info at: ~ ~ Might this be the same ROLLING STONE charter plane full of legal pot from Obama's Rocky Mountain High State of Colorado that we see in ROMANCING THE STONED? Does the Pope shit in the woods? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWN NOTES: That brown 8x11 envelope that Joan receives in RTS is one of my early 1990s GSR/TWN newsletters full of treasure map signs and wonders. [Hand delivered to her by Granny Grass.] ~ ~ After watching PASSENGER 57's prophetic Lake Lucille carnival location in Louisiana, I googled it, and discovered that the southern bible belt figure Sara Palin also lives on Lake Lucille in Alaska. Which is located inside the city limits of Wasilla; last updated at wiki on 5.7 at 00:57 London time. Don't miss the movie's White Horse Prophecy merry-go-round scene, circa 2013. ~ ~ DECODER RING NOTES: Mr.FFer was so inspired by all those PLAYBOY magazines in the back of the bird-man's wrecked 1960s LAND ROVER in ROMANCING THE STONE, that he went ahead and bought me my own private shag pad up in the hills. Just so I could have a place on the west coast whenever I need to fly in there and take care of business. Note the cool baptismal font, etc. at: ~ ~ SECRET MODEL NOTES: As per the prophetic Malibu beach house model laid out in AMERICAN GIGOLO, all of my shag pads will be headed up by a more mature and wiser good-looker; who makes sure that my virgin teenage hottie wives also get the proper care that they need, and the light bill gets paid on time. ~ ~ RELATED NOTES: Since Sandy and Jen already have their own Kingdom of God size Branch Davidian compounds to worry about, I'll probably make Renee Zellweger the head mistress of my own private WESTSIDE STORY hideout. Besides, the half Jewish Scandinavian actress from Texas, with the amazing blue eyes, is much more white looking than the others. ~ ~ That little blond boy in PASSENGER 57 was Elizabeth Hurley's future son, who would be sired on Steven Bingo's own private jet to Hawaii. ~ ~ GHOSTBUSTERS NOTE: This Jew looks like one of the you-know-who co-stars of the Chicago based 1980s GHOSTBUSTERS series, at:

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