Thursday, May 9, 2013


For May 9 I watched 1989's WILD ORCHID prophecy about the married German Gisele and the married Adriana Lima having a three-way with me in the back seat of a five virgins limo in BLAME IT ON RIO meets KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN. Talk about the ten virgins cut prophecy in MATT 25. ~ ~ Then I saw those new confirmation pix in the afternoon from some paradise beach, via London, at; ~ ~ Wherein the film's Davidian motorcycle rider from 1776 Philadelphia finally gets laid; after he saves one of Adriana's beloved little Barack Obama orphan boys, and her sexy blond sister too. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTES FOR LATER: God told me last year that they were going to hang Barack Obama from the goal line posts at the end of a divided 50/50 yards [game changing] football field. Which at the time sounded like some kind of a huge white Nazi rally at a German style 1930s era sports stadium metaphor. Which would be the perfect symbolic image for today's lunatic media and pop culture getting killed off by a major terrorist attack. ~ ~ All those sexy masks in the WILD ORCHID prophecy represent the African masks that Obama's strangers are wearing. ~ ~ BELIEVE IT OR NOT NOTES: Most of those fast red retro WWI biplanes made in Star Valley, Wyoming today have rebuilt SEDAN DE VILLE 350 v-8s in them, like at: [Sold as build-it-yourself kit packages for insurance-liability reasons.] ~ ~ That small metal plate with the two holes in it for the two philips X screws of Judah and Ephraim, seen in this link, was designed and produced by my tool-designer father at BOEING in the 1960s, at: ~ ~

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