Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I never saw 2008's prophecy about the marred servant in the BOOK OF MORMON, who gets stapled. Who much earlier had made his big time come back in DOMINO; well before all those foolish virgin faggots in the media got so excited about his jock-strap performance in THE WRESTLER. ~ ~ So I grabbed it Tuesday evening at WAL*MART, for 5 bucks, after eating a plate of greasy chicken and shrimp with saucy pussy noodles at PANDA. Wherein my Branch Davidian protagonist cuts his thumb to the bone at the deli meat counter, while we see a sign in the background for their 5.99 chicken basket special. [Deep fried in a Boston bomber style pressure cooker pot the size of an A-bomb.] ~ ~ Which reminds me of the vivid dream I had back on February 6, at 5:42 am; wherein I was admiring two fly fisherman oil paintings, by the same artist, hanging above my friend's fireplace mantle. And then the doorbell rang, and the paperboy at the door told us that his newspaper bill would be due on "May 9". ~ ~ Who knows? Is a helicopter going to land on that Lady Liberty statue in Marion, Ohio and detonate an atomic bomb? Or is a bipolar newspaper boy going to pull out his WEST SIDE STORY switchblade and start cutting up half of his 7th-grade school mates? Better yet; is a rocket going to land in a school yard in northern Israel? Or is a white man going to take a shot at, and miss, my masked sidekick instigator Barack Obama? Leaving only a symbolic superficial dark-skin scar on his head? ~ And then the white skin hating darkies have an excuse to start rioting in the new world, and in the old world. And it doesn't stop from there. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MONEY NOTES: The Donald was finally inspired to come out with his full page NYT ad for after reading about Steven Fresh's groundbreaking lung cancer technology start-up on my own private INVISIBLE MAN blog. Talk about my kind of insider-trading based on some tax-haven paradise island that is owned by me, but is registered in Mel Gibson's name.

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