Sunday, May 26, 2013


I was already thinking about watching the 1977 HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO prophecy, which opens with Martin Scorsese officiating, for the weekend ending of the Cannes Film Festival. Since the inspired family movie also ends with Mr Applegate finally winning the heart of Meryl Streep. ~ ~ And then something in the news reminded me that it was also the INDY 500 race car weekend. ~ ~ So then I saw HERBIE make his big come-back after 12 years, wherein he wins the heart of that sexy Italian baby blue babe car named 'Gisele'. Which was then confirmed only a few hours later, when the Brazilian race car driver finally won his 12th race at the legendary Masonite brick yard oval track. And then he chugs down one of those same milk bottles that my bad boy hero does in BLACKBALL. ~ ~ Put that in your pipe and smoke it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 66TH CANNES NOTES: The black no.66 PANTERA in HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO was driven by Will Ferrel, if you remember anything. ~ ~ Long time TWNers will note that HERBIE was driven by my future 0014 ROD STEELE hero in Lindsay Lohan's upcoming indie film sequel project entitled, THE CANYONS. [Lots of mountain canyons etc in HGTMC.] ~ ~ Me winning 6 big ones from Sandy, the original look alike star in THE LOVE BUG, was just confirmed by FAST & FURIOUS 6 winning at the box office on the INDY 500 weekend. [Think Sandra Bullocks likes guys in fast cars etc. like Jesse James et al.] ~ ~ The Rockview, MO train wreck and bridge collapse on State Highway M was for the precious 6M rock themes in HERBIE GOES BANANAS' prophecy about Adriana Lima. Based upon the nearby BofM treasure map signs surrounding Lima, Ohio. ~ ~ The company bus that crashed south of Bowling Green, Ohio was shuttling midnight shift workers back home from a cookie factory, according to: ~ ~ EPIPHANIES: I heard Senator Lindsay [Lohan] Graham on FOX radio Sunday, [from tobacco country] and was shocked! Just shocked! How much he sounded exactly like Jim Carey's queer R.I.N.O. lover cell mate in his con job movie called I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS. ~ ~ Obama's Risingsun logo landmark on your treasure map of Judah and Ephraim is located near Bowling Green, Ohio. ~ ~ ART FILM NOTES: Here is the prophetic artwork on the HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO movie poster, regarding today's pending fiscal cliff reality, at: ~ ~ Generally speaking, people who think that Obama's obvious birth certificate forgery is real, tend to believe that the world is in a real economic recovery.

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