Thursday, December 31, 2015


One of the very few guys who literally believes in everything that I say, and then he goes out there and actually does it, is Jerry [Lewis] Seinfeld, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ You don't find that so much on the female side of things. ~ ~ Unless and of course for some strange reason you are a middled man who is still interested in whatever Miley Cyrus and "Kennie" Jenner have been up to in the past 24 hours. ~ ~ I'm just guessing now. But was that 2NEPHI:8 1993-96 TAURUS [bulls] car that rammed into Obama's s.s. 4x4 on Rt.16 some kind of an insider joke about Seinfeld's new funny cars premier? ~ ~ It did happen while Bill Clinton's wife was speaking to a small coffee shop crowd in Berlin, New Hampshire. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GHOST BUSTERS:II NOTES: Admittedly, I did buy a copy of KILL BILL:2 at WAL*MART this morning only because I felt that it had something to do somehow with the world coming to an end on New Year's Eve. According to Bill Murray's scarred-servant-face [3NEPHI] character in the CADDYSHACK prophecy about Donald Trump becoming the new and improved next President of America in 16, yada yada. ~ ~ Wherein yours truly is fucking a boat load of underaged virgin teenagers in THE BIG LEWBOWSKI:II&III. ~ ~ And all of you middleaged Jewish Paul Nestor look alike fucks in Hollywood are still running around trying to figure out the cure for atomic bomb fallout premature male balding. ~ ~ PS PAUL: The other night I dreamed that you were that privilaged spoiled rat pack son with a hand-held video camera in my own private DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS prophecy. ~ ~ MY PREDICTIONS FO 16: The Democrat Party's primary vote up in New Hampshire will prove to be a ROSEMARY'S BABY look alike SON OF SAM .44 bullet prophecy, circa 1968 meets 2016. ~ ~ PS MEL GIBSON: Let me and the boys up in Seattle know when you want to flip any of your real estate properties in Malibu for about ten times the price that you originally paid. ~ ~ For a 10% tax free cash commission of course. ~ ~

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Far from me to suggest that one should not pay their fair [fake birth certificate] 16th Amendment progressive Jewish marxist income taxes to today's corrupt illegal alien 666 IRS. ~ ~ I don't like getting bitch slapped and soaped up the ass in some federal country club prison [concentration camp] gaseous chamber shower system any more than the next guy. ~ ~ All that I AM is saying is that you should -stall- paying anything, including child support, to your exwife feminist nazi sargent bitch in charge for as long as you legally can. ~ ~ As confirmed by that head on secret SS black ops 4x4 vehical collision on Rt.16 in New Hampshire. ~ ~ Which was a Divine Danite confirmation of the three-way break up of Union, New Ham in the REV.16 earthquake prophecy about the two witnesses' day 1290 period. ~ ~ When the muddy twin cities' river of Judah and Ephraim in FARGO meets BARTON FINK would be the cause of the latter-day flooding REV.12. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CATY ACTRESSES FROM TEXAS NOTES: That is Mily's dead blowfish pet named Pablow on the vender's cart at the opening of CAT PEOPLE, 42. ~ ~ The other woman in the last days RKO ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW is an Amber Heard look alike for a reason. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ ~ BREAKUP NOTES: The breaking Rt.16 signs and wonders are about Brad Pitt and Angelina breaking up in 16. Not to mention; Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, Jessica Beil and Justin Timberlake, yada yada. ~ ~

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Every new generation of rug rats needs to be reeducated by their fathers and mothers. ~ ~ Hence my directorial debut of my Janis Japlin look alike picture, starring Miley Cyrus. Set to take place during a magical [Jim Carrey] hollywood look alike stars/sidewalk/legends contest happening on the strip in Las Vegas. ~ ~ MCed by Paris Hilton herself of course. ~ ~ Talk about phoning it in. ~ ~ Please remember. I AM is actually not Jesus Christ himself; I just act like him in the movies. ~ ~ That said. I'm thinking we make our Miley Cyrus impersonator movie in the context of some climatic look alike mega convention that includes a series of Orson Welles, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley look alikes. And the winner gets 100 of those solid gold nazi bricks that James Bond suddenly drops on some private Donald Trump golf course in GOLDFINGER meets THUNDERBALL, Miami, Florida, just south of Palms. ~ ~ In case all of this sounds too silly and superficial. One of the 2016 contest rules will require that all of the contestants submit a 5 minutes video of them reenacting Burt Reynolds, Richard Burton, or whoever. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DREAMS OF MY FATHER'S BIOGRAPHY NOTES: Last night I dreamed that I ran into Nick Cage in the parking lot of FREDDYS. Wherein he told me that he too really wanted to be in my next LEAVING LAS VEGAS:II meets LEP:III movie. However, his tight ass cunt Korean Asian KILL BILL wife didn't want him to become involved with me in any way. ~ ~ So here is what you need to do dude. ~ ~ You divorce and sell out that short midget bitch from hell and give her half of your IRS tax liabilities.

Monday, December 28, 2015


Last night in a visionary dream, Jesus told me in a midnight cowboy telephone call that Charlize Theron was saving up all of her surplus monies just for me; but with only one catch. ~ ~ Much like the beautiful west end stage actress once said to Neil Simon's older brother in London, circa 1969; "I'll let you fuck me if the play is a success." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE MEANWHILE NOTES: The black PANTHERS lost it on Sunday, the day after 2000 wild at heart black nigger juvenile delinquents went on a wild rampage at a high end mall in Jennifer Lawrence's home town in white christian Bible Belt Kentucky. ~ ~ In confirmation of the black panther lady in the CAT PEOPLE prophecy. ~ ~ MAJOR MOTHER FUCKER NOTES: We just learned that that that... typical back-stabbing tall Jew Sacha Coen is financially backing the ongoing EZE.38 Muslim invasion of white Christian Europe; to the tune of $1,000,000. ~ ~ Because he doesn't like me. ~ ~ What's next? ~ Even more Muslims than ever continue to stab more Jews in the back in Jerusalem? ~ ~ Gonna have to go again with ME, MYSELF, & IRENE meets DEATH TRAP on this one. ~ ~ Both of which take place on Long Island, NY. ~ ~ PS SIR ELTON JOHN: It is far past high time that both of us need to pool our considerable resources, and forget about our mutual differences for now. ~ ~ In order to show all of those dirty easy money Jew fucks in [EZE.47:1] London that we are not going to take it up the ass anymore. ~ ~ Same thing goes for you too Captain Paul Garrison. ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: Last night I dreamed that you were getting all of your predatory RE.13 teeth and fangs pulled out and replaced with a set of [elephant ivory] free money AARP dentures. ~ ~ And then I dreamed that Jennifer Anniston said that the best movie that she ever did was called, SENTRA 2. Wherein Alison [Roth] Deetz gives me my first ever mind blowing blow job, back in 1987. ~ ~ But this I can promise you. ~ ~ And I do know how busy you are right now. ~ ~ However. You be patient and stand on the snowy sidewalk in front of the EGYPTIAN theater in Park City, Utah; Robert Redford himself will show up and give you and your latest FFing girlfriend two free tickets.

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Please don't call my 10% agent/wife/manager in Hollywood until you have already figured out about how much it is going to cost you in the short run. ~ ~ And therefore you have already transfered at least that much up-front cash into your [Paul Allen] checking account. ~ ~ For when the time Joan Rivers sent me a check for $115 for ten jokes back in 1984. ~ ~ But the lady at the check cashing joint on Denny in Capital Hill, Seattle thought that it said $115,000. So she called the bank in LA just to make sure, and they said 'no problem' with a chuckle. ~ ~ Look at it this way. On Boxing Day, at least 34 cats died in a cat house love shack fire in rural Niagra County, NY; due east of Saint Catharines, Canada. ~ ~ Settle down girls. There are 12 days of Christmas. ~ ~ BRIDE OF CHUCKY is a Catherine Zeta-Jones look alike crazy doll prophecy about me marrying each and every one of you. ~ ~ When the time is right. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TACKY NOTES: Hey. What can I say? I AM is feeling kind of nigger rich these days. ~ ~ PS TARATINO: That good looking JACKIE BROWN bitch drove her car onto the sidewalk in Las Vegas the day after you appeared with that nigger on the sidewalk on Hollywood Bulvd. ~ ~ Get it? ~ ~ BFD. Most black people like Barack Obama don't really like to hang out too much with white people. And most white people don't really like to hang out for too long with black folks like Barack Obama. ~ ~ It doesn't mean that everybody has to be a hater. ~ ~

Saturday, December 26, 2015


What the hell is this?! ~ ~ Last night I decided to watch some old DVD movie that I had recently bought on a whimsy called CAT PEOPLE. ~ ~ And when I became so obsessed with the movie's beautiful bipolar half wild cat lady, who looked exactly like Catherine Zeta-Jones, I checked out it's wiki page yet again during my usual intermission snack break. And I discovered that it was actually released in America on Christmas Day in 42. ~ ~ And then things got worse. When somewhere along the line I realized that I was watching a prophetic MILEY' DEAD PETZ prophecy, circa 2015. ~ ~ Wherein her handsome Michael Douglas actor husband thought that all of my future last days GSR/TWN signs and wonders were just a bunch of superstitious Jesus cult nonsense. ~ ~ Exactly like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IS IT JUST ME OR WHAT??? NOTES: Did I really see some new media release publicity pix for THE LOVE GURU's Republican Party pink elephant prophecy on the front page of some [OCTOPUSSY] morning newspaper on this Boxing Day? ~ ~ Or AM I getting too old and cross-eyed? ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: If you are still desparately scraping around the bottom of the rotten potatoes gunny sack in your own private Idaho mine for any last-movie career ideas; how about a remake of THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN? ~ ~ What's your problem bitch? ~ ~ I already have in place all of the hotest young underaged A list actresses in LA who want to fuck me to the max for free. ~ ~ Plus all of the money that you could possibly ever want to make it happen in the real world. ~ ~ And if you don't believe it yet. ~ ~ Call Paul Allen's offices in Hollywood. ~ ~ And see if my bitch Alison Roth does not return your lonely midnight telephone call from Jesus within, like, the next two days. ~ ~ Bullshit walks, money talks.

Friday, December 25, 2015


Personally, I prefer the hard grind to the fast in-and-out thing; more sustained contact with the clit that way. ~ ~ Plus it feels like your average size cock is about 4" in diameter. ~ ~ "It's not the size, it's how you use it." Paraphrasing Austin Power's southern Utah polygamist father in AP:III meets AP:II meets the first AP:INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY TIME NOTES: Donald Trump is the one who will put the Reformed Jewish communist homosexual 666ers at etc. into captivity in REV.13:10. You grind me under your kinky hot chick boots in THE FRENCH CONNECTION, I grind you under with my own big clunky Santa Claus boots. "These boots were made for walking... And I'm gonna walk all over you." CHER meets LADY GAGA. ~ ~ According to my crazy uncle figure in the WILD AT HEART prophecy; beginng in 2016 everyday will be Christmas. ~ ~ X-MASS NOTES: With all of the mysterious and confusing reports about THE HATEFUL 8 rolling out right now, it can get ptretty confusing at times. ~ ~ Political marxist "Passion is the enemy of precision." in my own private Idaho ZERO EFFECT movie meets the WAG THE DOG movie, yada yada. ~ ~ Is Tarantino's 9th movie opening today? ~ ~ Or does it get released next year? ~ ~ And is it actually only his 8th movie? ~ ~ Therefore in 2016 he plans to throw everybody off the scent with two back-to-back features like he did with his two KILL BILL films in the same year? ~ ~

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Fuck it, yeah. And why not? ~ ~ If not for Barry Obama being born in Africa, and then posting his fraudulent document PDF file birth certificate on America's official While House web site; where in the world would I ever be today? ~ ~ Certainly I would never be touching and fucking Chloe Moretz today with my metaphorical 10' pole boner, like at: . ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KING OF CALIFORNIA NOTES: In this particular Providentially made movie miracle about the last days; the big breakthrough happens when Michael Douglas discovers those three [woes] crucifixes carved in stone on the backside of a DANIEL 2 boulder at one of Donald Trump's [Scottish plaid 007] 18-hole golf courses. ~ ~ [Michael Douglas and my - SPLITTING HEIRS- movie wife Catherine Zeta-Jones are big time golfers.] ~ ~ PS KEN KEMP: This is you showing me all of those inscribed-in-stone scripture quotes in SLC,UT, located near that Masonic brick TROLLY SQUARE mall. ~ ~ See you at this year's film festival in Park City, Utah, circa January 20, 2016. ~ ~ PS MRS. FRESH: My visionary dream about you and me riding in the back seat of a limo on State Street happened in the winter time. ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT: If it is true that you actually like it in the ass; then your hard ass Christian father was probably right all along. ~ ~ I.e. homosexuality is an immoral free will lifestyle behavior choice; at least 90% of the time.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


"I've seen it!" is the other mighty line in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ ~ No wonder Donald Trump is going to be the next President of America. ~ ~ Most of America's decent white christian people now want to see Barack Obama's real birth certificate records that they know are on file in Hawaii; not to mention Harvard University. ~ ~ And not have to just read about it in the untrustworthy sneaky Jew media, at: ~ ~ You better start to believe it. ~ ~ Now that even Michael Moore has come out and admitted that he too is a follower of the Muslim false prophet in REV.2016. ~ ~ "That brown car is definitely dirty." Paraphrasing our white fascistic racist hero in THE FRENCH CONNECTION. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 42 MONTHS NOTES: There is a prophetic Providential reason why the MLB baseball bat is required to be 42" or shorter, like at: ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: You call me any time that you need me, day or night. That's what I'm here for 24/7\42, you big baby. ~ ~ If no one answers. Leave your midnight yeller phone call from Jesus message for me at Jim Carrey's place in the Village. ~ ~ If you get my drift. ~ ~ "You need to do what they say mama!!" [DOMINO] ~ ~ Yeah yeah I know. You're already thinking why bother, what's in it for me? ~ ~ At my age, and in my condition, I could drop dead any day by now anyway. ~ ~ Fucking Christ! This is getting so old. ~ ~ You give me 90%, I let you keep 10%. You get to look and feel like you are 39ish again. Because. Actually. You are now a for real 39 years-old born again Jesus Freak, circa 1973. ~ ~ Plus, now you get to keep the payed-for house and the kids. ~ ~ You now have 12 months to make your decision. ~ ~ Otherwise, I take my ball and go home. ~ ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Just a little Merry Christmas card note here to thank you in advance for all of your generous groundbreaking indie-tv-film financing support at next month/year's SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL. ~ ~ If not for you. None of this shit could already be happening in Seattle right now. ~ ~ If we had to wait for our money from that mad bald headed rocket scientist in LEP 4 at, or that short Woody Allen look alike half Jew at MICROSOFT; we would be forced to go elsewhere. ~ ~ And you don't want that. Believe me U. ~ ~ Call me a racist homogayphobic Nazi, whatever, just don't call me late for that huge last supper dinner feast at D&C 58.


"Move it!!" is one of the two most mighty lines in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. ~ ~ It coming out only a few years after THE FRENCH CONNECTION's new way of saying dialogue. ~ ~ Wherein Popeye and his partners bust all of those illegal alien car thieves at exactly 4:10 am; Donald Trump time, circa 2015/16 ~ ~ And if you don't like it. Then send a letter to your local congressman who is now living the highlife back in Washington, DC. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RELF'S MOVIE POPCORN TIPS: Some years ago, some people tried to make my famous Italian style deep fried olive oil popcorn recipe. ~ ~ But alas, they were disappointed with it. ~ ~ Probably because they tried to take the usual shortcuts. ~ ~ So try it again baby. ~ ~ Only this time use only my specific powdered oregano instructions; i.e. not those cheaper priced oregano leafs. Granulated garlic is still OK, but the powdered form is better because it has more sticking power. ~ ~ A little bit too salty is good too, but don't over do it. ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER NOTES: The number '42' is still on the windshield of the dirty brown skinned MARK III metaphor for Barack Obama in THE FRENCH CONNECTION prophecy because of the special 1260 days anniversary on 1:20, circa 1993-96. ~ ~ Which is why the Michael Savage look alike talk-radio bad guy in the above iconic Brooklyn, NY movie setting gets away with it in the end. ~ ~ Only to return again in the talk-radio future with a hotter, much younger, wife girlfriend. Having a boat load of his feel-young-again exotic extract herbs [drug money] cure to being too old and feeling unhappy.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The mightly line in SILVER LINING PLAYBOOK goes, "It took long enough!" ~ ~ For when Jennifer Lawrence sobbed for hours with her mother's little GSR/TWN pet puppy after she had learned that her VICTORIA'S SECRET i/CLOUD cum shots had been leaked on the Internet. ~ ~ Yes darling. Sweetheart. IT'ALL TRUE! Jesus sexually violated you in a good way because you needed it, and you wanted it. ~ ~ What else do you want from I AM ME anyway? That we two just go on and on completely ignoring each other? ~ ~ Like the old Jew media ignores Obama's obviously fake birth certificate. ~ ~ Just so that you can dance with the devil in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II&IIO until the day you die? Sorry. ~ ~ Like they say in the [GOLDMEMBER] world of Kentucky blue grass horse racing, "It ain't gonna happen." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SAAB NOTES: Obama made a rare visit to the PENTEGON during my double screenings of SINGLES. Where we see the pentegon shaped CHRYSLER key of the devil. That represented the 7 crowned NYC icon landmark of the G7 beast in REV.17. Starting back in the FDR Mussollini era of reformed unconstitutional democratic fascism [Reformed Jew] proposals such as Social Security and Medicare. Not to mention the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, No Child Left Behind, the Affordable Care Act; and of course, the REV.16th Amendment that was never legally ratified by the 49 States. ~ ~ So now we see today's born again SEAHAWKS' team President Wilson QB period happening. ~ ~ FRENCH CONNECTION NOTES: I'm only half way through 1971's FRENCH CONNECTION movie. Made back when my stepbrother Kit Winn got hooked on heroin. ~ ~ And already, some NYP detective was killed by a motorcycle assassin in Afghanistan. Where most of today's purist heroin comes from. ~ ~ In the form of the film's brown [LINCOLN, Illinois] Barack Obama black exploitation movie pimp mobile. With the help of today's liberal media personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Whoopie Goldberg. ~ ~ SELFIE NOTES: On my old used SINGLES DVD, there is an outtake no.1 about me appearing 20 years younger during my physical transfiguration state on the cover of SELF magazine. Note the enclosed joke on COSMO about Mel Gibson giving me 10% of his off-shore income-tax-free monies; no questions asked. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: The whole idea about Jennifer Lawrence knowing in her heart of hearts that she is in dire need of a little humiliating tough love rough-sex therapy. Is the same thing as me showing up uninvited at your England country estate, Chinese Tomkin soft action 7' bamboo fly rod in hand, ready for a little [ROYAL COACHMAN] buckhair top-fly action. ~ ~ Let me put it to you in another way. ~ ~ That good looking bitch who drove her car onto the sidewalks of AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONQL MAN OF MYSTERY meets VIVA LAS VEGAS was inspired by my own private KING RALPH weiner dog stand sidewalk prophecy about an overweight middle aged piano man who becomes the new and improved born-again KING OF ENGLAND. And you get to be the best man at my ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW:II&III wedding sequel remake movies co-starring Cara Delevigne, Elizabeth Hurley, and Chloe Moretz. ~ ~ Personally, I would shoot a ton of extra cash-on-the-barrel footage of Lindsay Lohan in both of these two movies. ~ ~ Just to cover our mutual asses in the post production process.

Monday, December 21, 2015


Forget about the fact that I know for a fact that Barack Obama is not even in fact an American citizen. And you still don't know it for a fact for some crazy gay ass reason, like at: ~ ~ Right now, I AM is much more interested in the fact that I get to have sex with two of my underaged 18ish looking teenager wives at the same time after the fact that Donald Trump becomes elected President in REV.2016. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EATING RAUOL NOTES: Keira Knightley was the look alike costar of this iconic 1980s indie film comedy that changed my life forever at: ~ ~ Before that, I did have a general sense that it was the end of the world; but I didn't know why. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: See what happens when you make me the secret [MYSTIC PIZZA] tomato sauce star in your latest project? ~ ~ Everything just seems to fall into place naturally. And the usual production problems tend to work themselves out almost miraculously. ~ ~ If the money is right of course. ~ ~ You know me. I do get off on splashing my worthless inflated cash money on the barrel around town and dropping names; Italian style. ~ ~ If only because I earned it. ~ ~ So I get to do with it whatever I want to do with it. ~ ~ Per my Book of Mormon upbringing in white ass Seattle, Washington about being a privileged white skinned God who is better than the people of a darker skin who were there first. ~ ~ Theoretically speaking. Might makes right. ~ ~

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Elizabeth Hurley's new alpine Christmas card was my [Richard Burton] actor's cue to hit my mark now big time in 1969's rather peculiar one-off takes in ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE. Which takes place during Christmas season, 2015, at: ~ ~ That has the same hour-glass beach sands of Israel opening that we see from Jennifer [Aniston] Lawrence, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VICTORIA'S SECRET NOTES: One of Jennifer Lawrence's secret cum shots is a Divinely inspired depiction of how what you put in your mouth has a direct effect on the quality of your seed. ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: My dream about you and Sienna Miller had you two acting like Bonney and Clyde; who were robbing the KEY bank branch in Bonney Lake. And your get-away car was a yellow 1973 DATSON station wagon. ~ ~ Exactly like this one that I just found online this morning, out of curiosity, at: ~ ~ Note the Florida setting in this link. Which is probably some kind of a dead PET DETECTIVE: I&II thing. ~ ~ BARTON FINK NOTES: You old fat fuck 1940s era Jews in Hollywood let go of your Russian Stalinist fantasies, and start supporting today's new and improved Mussolinism, all of your money worries will be over. Paraphrasing the dialogue in THE BIG LEBOWSKY:II/III, costarring Brad Pitt, Chloe Moretz, and Hailey Seinfeld. ~ ~ SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE ENDINGS: At the end of the rather surreal Captain Garrison look alike pilot 007 movie made in 68, his beloved REV.17 bride has to die off by the hand of the 666 beast. ~ ~ "The Revelation of John is the most plain and simple book that God ever caused to be written." Joseph Smith.

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Contrary to my well earned reputation in movies like SWINGERS meets SHAMPOO; I do not actually believe in free love. ~ ~ Ergo, being saved only by the grace of Jesus is such a huge load of shit. ~ ~ Wherefore, in the Kingdom of God, one is only allowed to fuck his 100 pairs of underaged virgin wives. ~ ~ All of whom have been fully paid for, and not a penny less. ~ ~ Otherwise, you get excomumicated from the fascistic ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW party in all of those Andy [Relf] Warhol era art film movies; like THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING prophecy meets Spencer W. Kimball's forged document birth certificate revelation about the negro in ROSEMARY'S BABY; Bernie Sanders style. ~ ~ Whatever. Whatever you do, always vote like a ring-winger socialist, and never like a left-winger socialist. ~ ~ "You can always fix whatever it turns out to be in post production." Federico Fellini. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

Friday, December 18, 2015


Those leaked cum shots of Jennifer Lawrence in 2014 were Divine silver lining confirmations of her not wanting to have an unhappy bipolar baby with attention deficit problems in SILVER LINING. ~ ~ Which is why she cried her HEART out for hours back in 2014; after her Baltimore, Mary Land policeman husband of 3 1/2 years died at the wheel of some drunk negro who was basically having the same problems as he was having with his crazy bitch of a wife from hell. ~ ~ Probably this was why the Devil himself told me back on 11.25 that I was supposed to become her John Waters Republican Party [CRY BABY] husband; starting from day one. ~ ~ And I would come to know it, and she would come to love it and understand it, starting on exactly December 17; just after that historic landmark diner exploded in Sandy, Utah. ~ ~ Giving me a chance to finally see it for the first time ever on DVD. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MIND FUCKING NOTES FROM OUTERSPACE: Here is Jerry Butler role playing Jim Carrey hugging his new blond fuck buddy at: ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: You should know by now that I AM only wants the best for you. ~ ~ You kid me, I kid you. ~ ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: Be happy, don't worry. ~ ~ Pretty soon the half white Jewish people with linguistic Hebrew language problems in the BM are going to overcome their Barack Obama problem. ~ ~ Ergo, my wife in SILVER LINING swallows two medicinal-medicine-pill Danite vodkas before she hits the dance floor with me and you and Jennifer Lopez too in a really sexy three way last tango in Paris rendition situation. ~ ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Whatever you decide to do, you have my blessing. ~ ~ Same thing goes for you too Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock. ~ ~ I AM is still the one who costarred in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS meets LA STORY meets MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ Therefore, somehow, someway, you three are going to have to find a way to accommodate me and my three underaged girlfriends. ~ ~ Otherwise, I'll just take my ball and go home.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


SINGLES' future 2015/16 negro Obama problem figure appears in the delayed 1991 made [Vote for me] dating video with a set designed background that is splattered with the same blood and gore in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW that happened in [Al Gore's] Paris on Friday The 13th. ~ ~ Gonna have to agree with me, myself, and I on this one. ~ ~ For all of the particulars and background info on this one, see:,_Myself_%26_Irene ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOEL NOTES: There is a specific reason why both David Letterman and Jim Carry are sporting a Santa Claus beard this X-MASS season. ~ ~ PS NBC: I beg you. Please keep up the mental PC insanity about Obama being born in Hawaii. ~ ~ We need Donald Trump to be our new mighty and strong supreme D&C 85 4-runner leader more then ever now. ~ ~ Because last night I dreamed that the niggers were rioting and stealing everything at the NORTHGATE MALL in Seattle. And all of the naive Christian white people Christmas shoppers were frantically dialing 911 on their smart phones. But the real men in blue never came to their rescue. Because they had been completely demoralized and pussy whipped by the DOJ thought police in DC. ~ ~ PS LIZ: I have no dought at all about how much you really and truly love your only begoughton son. Who was metaphorically sired for you by that Spanish speaking SINGLES con man on a his own private shag pad jet from LA to London. ~ ~ But for God's sake. If you are still willing to let him become a homosexual, I will take him away from you and give him unto one of my other more righteous wives. ~ ~ "You don't know who you are dealing with... I could make your job go away just like that!" DOMINO. ~ ~ See what me, myself, and eye mean at:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


One time back in 1992, I was sitting at the bar inside VOGUE, when I glanced over to the end of the bar and saw a LEPRECHAUN 2 figure sitting there. Who I instinctively knew was a lonely serial killer; looking for his latest new girlfriend/slash/wife. ~ ~ Even the same one with those huge milky white tits who had married Ken Keisler, and I was the best man no less. ~ ~ So shortly thereafter I got up and left the joint; stopping on the way out to whisper a word of advice into his ear. ~ ~ For that [1:19:19] scene in SINGLES where I tell Linda on the club's payphone that "I wanna be Mr.New..." Even that same new physically transfigured nose job hero, with a new attitude, at the end of BIRDMAN and SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE. ~ ~ Either way around. ~ ~ Fuck it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: Yesterday God told me in a dream that Sienna Miller wants to help you feel mo better again about things these days. That all is not lost, etc. ~ ~ Who knows, maybe she has some crazy idea in mind for a new comedy that will make you feel all new again? ~ ~ Dude. Call her. She likes successful rich men. You like younger sexy MILF blonds with a fit and trim body. ~ ~ Maybe this is the match made in heaven that you have been waiting for all of your life. ~ ~ I mean think about it. Crazy guy meets crazy girl. They have crazy sex. They make crazy cute babies. ~ ~ Don't mention it. ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: Now is the time to sell your iron fences business in San Francisco and make the [€1000] video camera priced sequels to TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM. ~ ~ 2BC.INFO NOTES: According to the revealed WORD, we need to become more like God. And stop worrying about killing the unborn babies of our own sworn enemies who want to kill our own babies. ~ ~ PS KIT WINN: Had enough already? Check out those prophetic scenes in SINGLES that take place where me and you went fishing for perch, crappie, and bass every single Saturday back in the early 60s folk music period that was depicted in that Carey Mulligan movie. ~ ~ So what? I'm getting to the point now that I would probably enjoy fucking anyone of my two wives at the same time in the ass even if they pretended to not like it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


SINGLES says that today's politically correct traffic jam fascism happening on I-5 is a midnight radio anticommunist telephone call from Jesus. ~ ~ Who is telling all you rock and roll [Howard Stern] heavy metal radio fans to also start listening to RUSH on the radio at 22:17. ~ ~ And I say this as a huge half Jew Howard Stern satelite radio STAR WARS movie fan from outer space. ~ ~ Note the 1992 film's garage band remote control opener, that Linda finally gets when we see the warning sign on the back wall that says, "...YOU NEED TO KEEP THEM OUT." ~ ~ Hence, the terrorist attack in Paris on the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL garage band that is from the same place in the California desert on Rt.111 where Cameron Crowe originally came from in ALMOST FAMOUS.. ~ ~ Not metaphorically speaking now. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LAGGIES NOTES: Keira Knightley's recent indie film shoot in Seattle, about me fucking Chloe Moretz, was a sign from God. ~ ~ NEW READERS NOTES: One of the reasons why I use the Dutch language term-word 'fuck' so often is because it is so much shorter than repeatingly saying "...having sexual intercourse marital relations." ~ ~ Time is of the essence in these sporty latter-day short-term-time two-minutes-warning last days. ~ ~ Hence, now is the [tough love] time to be a good sport about things. And stop worring about hurting the mormon Utah people's feelings. ~ ~ We can worry about that later. ~ ~ All is well that ends well. ~ ~ That said, I should probably say 'negro' more often and stop using the more offensive word 'nigger'. ~ ~ PS PETER: I have always fantasized about owning and operating a chain of HASTY TASTY style open-all-night dinners. Like the ones depicted in those inspired Dennis Hopper paintings. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ I'm thinking God is going to clear the way for me and you doing this. Maybe we bring in Robert Redford on the deal. ~ ~ PS QUENTIN TARANTINO: That is your prophetic look alike transfigured figure in SINGLES who is still working at some video movie rental store; circa 1990. ~ ~ PS BRAD: Be patient with me. ~ ~ I'm trying as hard as I can to suck in my gut and stomach watching your INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. ~ ~ Oh yeah. Donald Trump is going to be the next tall white blond hair neo Jew President of America, who has a real American born again birth certificate. ~ ~ And your buddy Tarantino gets to shut the fuck up. ~

Monday, December 14, 2015


Not only will Donald Trump become the next President of what's left of America; but you get to pay for it. And anything else that I feel like doing then. ~ ~ Do I make another independent feature film on video this month? ~ ~ Or do I chill out and study the scriptures this month at the School of Prophets online academy in Salem, Utah at ~ ~ Do Brad and I go out with the girls for tacos and margaritas tonight? ~ ~ Or maybe all 4 of us stay in and make it a BLOCKBUSTERS popcorn movie night? ~ ~ So many friends, so little time, and too much money. ~ ~ O the joys of being a single man in LA right now; for the time being. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HAPPENING NOTES: Those two kids reading comic books are my two lost sons of Israel down in Portland, Oregon at 1:17:15 into SINGLES, 1991. Note my black and white image on the magazine cover. ~ ~ 1:05:27 NOTE: My 1992 born wife Miley Cyrus gets a flat tire on her medicine wheel bicycle at the same place where Jesus told me in a dream that "Here comes Miley!" ~ ~ Note the San Francisco Gay Area high street comparison. ~ ~ "Seattle is basically the new San Francisco north." [Rush] ~ ~ PS GEORGE LOPEZ: The other night in a dream, Jesus told me that I should tell you to stop it.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

GO 4 IT.

If it works for me, then it will work for you too; said Jesus in so many words. ~ ~ "Be ye therefore the perfect asshole." paraphrasing what he says in MATTHEW 10 about the breakup of the family of Israel in the last days. ~ ~ Or as that little prick in WILD AT HEART says, "Don't fuck with me man." Right before the snake skin jacket "clown" in 2016 decks him right there on the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL dance floor. And then he gracefully offers to buy him a beer. ~ ~ All is fair in love and war. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TOTALLY UNNECESSARY RUDE NOTES: Two people died in an MTV/SNL reality television show helicopter crash into a [Hoover] dam lake Saturday in Argentina for that Argentina key chain shot of my long hair Jesus Christlike crystal balls in 1992's Miley Cyrus prophecy at 32:16 minutes into my DVD ~ ~ SWEET NOTHINGS NOTES: That is a physically transfigured and spiritually born again Carey Mulligan advising Linda at 41:41 in the above 1992 meets 2016 movie made in Seattle by the same guy who made ALMOST FAMOUS. ~ ~ PS CRUZ: You are America's [Havard graduate] rock star hero of today's latter-day mixed race latino BOOK OF MORMON politics as far as I AM is concerned. However, Donald Trump is going to sue you for not being a natural born citizen. And this time the pussy whipped judges of Sodom and Egypt in CADDYSHACK etc. will not be able to make any more excuses for you about him not having any legal standing in the matter. ~ ~ God forbid, they don't want to drag in any supportive evidence on the side about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate in this case, like at: ~ ~ PS JUSTIN BIEBER: Maybe now all of those old Stalinist marxist Jew fucks who are still in love with post WW II democratic fascism and still in control of Hollywood will get it. ~ ~ SEE: AND:;_ylt=AwrXgCMdg21WGCYAPBDQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByN3UwbTk1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM5BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg ~ ~ PS ROBERT REDFORD: Either you do what I want this time around; or I show up at SUNDANCE this year and make a complete crazy fool of myselth again. ~ ~

Saturday, December 12, 2015


SINGLES was made in Seattle in the same year that today's 23 year-old Ms Sire Us was born. ~ ~ Because the movie's local CITIZEN DICK rock star was a royal King County sire us figure on his album cover for CLASH: LONDON CALLING. ~ ~ Hence, the 1992 film's Julia Roberts look alike for half the price, loves it at 24:07 when she pops up that Donald [Duck] Trump golfing tee on my old 1979ish SAAB. Right at the top of the very same steep hill where God once told me, "Here comes Miley!" ~ ~ But wait! Hold on! ~ ~ What is that I-5 wise virgins sign in the background all about? ~ ~ Why fuck me Jesus long time!! ~ ~ Here comes me fucking my future virgin SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE sequels wife Chloe Moretz in SON OF LEBOWSKI:II&III at: ~ ~ True enough, I may be a lot smarter than most of you; if not for God giving me a visionary dream about licking Keira Knightley's clit that was shapped like those naked lady golf tees in CADDYSHACK. ~ ~ You give me a break. I give you a break. ~ ~ And we both make money on the deal. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JUSTIN THEROUX: Do you still imagine yourself getting all that excited about fucking your has-been middle aged overweight 1990s era FRIENDS sitcom reality TV movie star wife with the sagging saddle bag ass in the butt? ~ ~ Or would you rather move in with me and my middleaged divorced PLAN B post BYU film school friends at Ken Kemp's limestone paint job [1970s] singles shag pad paradise in LA's Palms district? ~ ~ Where all of the action is beggining to happen again now. ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: Cut the crap about only wanting to make ten movies in your career. ~ ~ And stop acting like some little girl who refuses to clean up her bedroom and wash the dishes. ~ ~ STOP TRYING TO EMBARRASS ME! ~ ~ I offer you 100 big ones in cold hard tax-free cash money on the barrel, Italian Fellini style; in order to remake for me a special prequel sequel of THE FRENCH CONNECTION, 1971. And all that you can do is insult me. ~ ~

Friday, December 11, 2015


Four people died in that crazy propeller hat crash near Pond, CA as the news rolled out of San Bernardino that the feds are still searching for Barack Obama's real birth certificate computer file at the bottom of a small man made lake. ~ ~ Not to mention the answer to global warming. ~ ~ For that [negro/lesbian copiloted] helicopter of Sodom and Egypt that crashed and burned in the 2004 made DOMINO movie/tv prophecy; costarring no.4 ~ ~ That represented the 4 flying medicine wheels in EZE.10. ~ ~ Per all of those recent reports about the ground breaking up and dividing apart in northern Wyoming; near the ancient BOOK OF MORMON period high elevation medicine wheel signs flying around Big [trumpet] Horn; north of 10042' Bald Mtn. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LEPRECHAUN 3 NOTES: Glenn Beck, formerly of Bonney Lake, Sumner, Mount Vernon, Washington, needs to start worrying more about what God is saying. And less about what the Utah Republican Party leadership of the Mormon church lady is saying. Dude. The Biblical 7-year period of tribulations by the 7 mountains beast in REV.17 is almost over. And all that we ever heard from you on your anticommunist AM Radio show reruns in the middle of the night out of Texas was BUBBA HO-TEP size crickets. ~ ~ PS MS PAGLIA: Why is it that I would love to fuck you long time; yet you can't even stand to have me touch you? ~ ~ Do I have bad breath or something? ~ ~ I know that you love the occasional big cigar in the mouth just as much as Ellen De Generous does. So what is the problem here? ~ ~ PS CRUZ: Now is the time to confess that the BM is true, and that you are not a natural born citizen of America. ~ ~ Besides, we need a really smart and charismatic person like you to become our new post-two-witnesses leader in Austin, Texas, not Washington, DC. ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: Last night I watched U.N.C.L.E. Which has you and me fighting over who gets to fuck who in Junior High School, circa 1963. ~ ~ BFD ~ ~ Meanwhile back at the David Letterman dude ranch for horny retired swingers who can still get it up in NORTH BY NORTHWEST in Montana...

Thursday, December 10, 2015


If not for IT, I would never have become the new it boy in Hollywood and on Madison Avenue for the past 25 years. ~ ~ Per this new handsome Nazi haircut physical transfiguration image of me at: ~ ~ Believe me you. ~ ~ I AM is no fool. ~ ~ None of my current sexy neocon lesbian wives would ever let me lay a hand on them, much less let me fuck them in the mouth, if there was not some kind of a big pay off in it for them. ~ ~ Money makes everything feel natural and okay. ~ ~ Having no money [gold] at all is just not God's way of doing business. ~ ~ I.e. you get the kids and the house, and half of my money, and I still get to keep fucking our mutual nextdoor neighbor girlfriend on weekends. ~ ~ Is this not a great deal or what? ~ ~ Come on bitch. You can fuck her too if you want. Just as long as we keep it in the family, and I get to watch it. ~ ~ And both of us agree to not go whoring around seeking after exotic sex with strangers elsewhere. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 410 NOTES: That bloody hostage shootout on Lake Winebego, off HYW.41, happened because Mickey Rourke was the billionaire real estate development businessman star of WILD ORCHID; costarring Jacqueline Bisset. Who represented my future look alike fuck interest played by Adriana Lima, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: My idea of a great refreshing ripoff movie with tons of relevent up-to-date continuity shots would be Cate Blanchett and me fucking in a hot to the max sequel to the above classic 1970s era Gene Wilder swingers movie. ~ ~ And if we can't get her to be in it, we can always get the twice-as-young Chloe Moretz to do it for twice the money. ~ ~ Plus I pay for her mother's extra 15% manager fee on top of it. And I also pay for her mother's extra 10% agent fee. ~ ~ What is money for anyway? ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT: Dude, don't worry. After your wife with THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS tits leaves you; me and you get to sit around the [SUNDANCE FILM FESTEVIL] video rental tv screen and eat microwave popcorn while watching our favorite old time movies at Ken Kemp's 1970-80s era post BYU architecture LA shag pad in The Palms district. As we plot out our next PLAN B revenge career movie come back. ~ ~ Yeah I know. It takes more than a billion dollars and a big time handsome as hell movie star to make a great movie. ~ ~ Therefore, you need someone like me to make you look good again; "Acting is just reacting..." MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ PS BRUCE AND KEN: You never call me, you never get any of my money. ~ ~ Right now, I'm about the only game in town. ~ ~ Speaking on behalf of Donald Trump of course.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


We know that the future Angel of Fire, whose pet goldfish died, is Miley Cyrus when yours truly flashes her with his genuine 1992 birth certificate quarter. Which represented the same quarter in DOMINO's opening that was lying on top of the physically transfigured image of Queen Elizabeth. ~ ~ Just think about it. ~ ~ With the right boyfriend haircut and makeup, today's Ms Sire Us could look alot like Keira Knightley, circa 2004; tattoos included. ~ ~ "But I will put it into the hand of them who afflict thee; who have said to thy soul: Bow down, that we may go over--and thou hast laid thy body as the ground and as the street to them that went over. [fucking you] ~ ~ Awake, awake, put on thy [Donald Trump] strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city; for henceforth there shall no more come onto thee the uncircumcised and the unclean [Muslim]. ~ ~ Shake thyself from the dust; arise, sit down, O Jerusalem; loose thyself from the [666 rock bands] of thy tattooed neck, O captive daughters of Zion. [2NEPHI8:23-25] ~ ~ See what we mean at: ~ ~ When Domino says, "Sit down." in the first act. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EAGLES NOTES: The REV.12 eagle coin motif in DOMINO was confirmed again by the bloody FRIDAY THE 13th events at that EAGLES OF DEATH METAL concert in Paris. ~ ~ PS MICKEY ROURKE: That bloody shootout hostage happening on Lake Winebego went down at some motorcycle shop named EAGLE... something. ~ ~ Big fucking deal. The Donald is a little rough around the edges. What does that make you? Hillary mother fucking Clinton? Or maybe even Barbara Streisand? ~ ~ How about you and Tarantino get together for your last metaphorical no.9 film project and prove us all wrong? ~ ~ No really. I mean it. Call me. If you are still looking for financing on this one by this same time next year. ~ ~ DOMINO NOTES: That big chunk of concrete that fell off 410 in Bonney Lake was shaped exactly like my 35" SONY TV that Choco drops down on the 666 mob frat kid in DOMINO. ~ ~ PS ANGELINA JOLIE: If you really do still love Brad Pitt, and you want the very best for him, you should divorce him now and get it over. ~ ~ Don't worry, he can move in with me and my roommates. ~ ~ It will work out for the best for everyone involved in this deal. ~ ~ Think Steven Fresh meets Tom Cruise in RISKY BUSINESS meets THE BREAKUP; costarring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Donald Trump just got himself a lock on the next election with his PLAIN TRUTH meets NATIONALIST REVIEW magazines [1980s era] decision to put a stop to the muslimist invasion of white Jewish Christian America. ~ ~ Say what you will. America is still better than Europe. ~ ~ And THE BOOK OF MORMON is also true. ~ ~ Take for example that Jeb Bush type Florida mayor idiot banning Trump from entering his infested city illegally in 2016. ~ ~ In confirmation of that Democrat Party thief who was eaten alive by a REV.11 foot long alligator down there at: ~ ~ You try to take my livelihood and religion away from me. I take your life. ~ ~ For a second witness about this fact of life. That hostage taker at Mickey Rourke's motorcycle shop along Lake Winebego, Wisconsin died in a violent shootout at the end. Who represented those two WINEBAGO RVs of Judah and Ephraim traveling along Obama's fake 1961 birth certificate on Hwy.61 in DOMINO. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SECRET BALLET NOTES: When you see Sienna Miller playing some blond Ornella Fresh character giving her 1940s era movie director [Ben Afflect] the secret masonic temple veil handshake job in 2016, you might as well just put a gun in your mouth. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ I AM is serious. ~ ~ Why would my wife Jennifer Garner even care?.. AT: ~ ~ You take care of my wants, I take care of your wants. ~ ~ If the money is enough of course. ~ ~ I do have a very large and extended family to think about, yada yada. ~ ~ NEW NOTES: Mel Gibson has been a faithful reader and sometimes subscriber to his father's THE NEW AMERICAN magazine long before he ever became a Hollywood movie star. ~ ~ Much like me; who was reading my own father's anticommunist christian newsletter every month during the 1960s from Australia. ~ ~

Monday, December 7, 2015


I went to bed right after the two weeks notice in OCEANS 12 expired Sunday night. ~ ~ Then the nightmares started happening; one after the other. ~ ~ Like wherein I'm in bed again with Ginger Blake. And when I pull down her black VICTORIA'S SECRET thong, out pops this huge clean shaven THE EDGE/BONO size U2 number. ~ ~ And the first thing that pops into my mind is; no way is that giant number going to fit into my mouth. ~ ~ Remember, I found my scratched up copy of DOMINO lying on the shoulder of Hwy.410, next to JACK IN THE BOX. ~ ~ For when the time would come some 10 years later when it would suddenly pop up again out of the blue. ~ ~ Only this time it would be a tall white blond guy with a real birth certificate. ~ ~ Whatever, check out Monday morning's new NYT photo of the patriotic American Asian surgeon who sews on new [snap-on lesbian] penises for America's heroic and dedicated veteran men and women who gave their all to protect the new sodom and Egypt copilots in REV.11. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWN NOTES: Officially, 112 men died at the soon to be newly renamed 'President Donald Trump Dam' site during the fascistic 1930s. The last one being the son of the first one, exactly 13 years later to the day. ~ ~ Not counting the 42 who were gassed to death in the preconstruction tunneling process. ~ ~ [The first shall be last. And the last shall be first.] ~ ~ BLUES BROTHERS:2 NOTES: The inspiration behind my white Germanic wives adopting their little darling negro slave children is meant to be an example of how slavery and concubinage will be restored in the KINGDOM OF GOD; starting next year. ~ ~ Hence that part of the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY that says that the agitated black horse will go to war against the angry white horse. Because of their legitmate fears of becoming exploited slaves again at the hands of the cruel white apostate Christians. ~ ~ HANNAH MONTANA NOTES: Woody Allen accuses me of being just another Nazi haircut guy in HANNAH AND HER SISTERS because I was being forced to sneak about and fuck my other plural marriage sister wife on the down low. ~ ~ No wonder I AM will be voting for Donald Trump this time around, and not Hillary Clinton. Not to mention Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT: Don't worry if Angelina eventually is going to leave you and hook up with me. You should be so lucky. ~ ~ Who needs it? Not me. ~ ~ And I say this as a benevolent father who already has at least 100 teenager mothers' adopted orphan children to take care of.

Sunday, December 6, 2015


"God help us!.. God help us all!" says Domino's mother when she finally realizes that Donald Trump is going to get his own reality TV show, and then become the President of America in 2016. ~ ~ Quindi, dunque, allora; everything that is happening in 2005's DOMINO prophecy is about the 1930s era 666 fascism monument to man at the Hoover Dam in Black [Obama] Canyon. And now the deep divide is happening again today; about 4-10 years later. ~ ~ Wherein that great 1260 days period of the last days divide in NURSE BETTY etc. can be explained in more simple terms at: ~ ~ Remember, this is where they made that movie about the future King of England fucking a physically and mentally transfigured Lindsay Lohan. ~ ~ In the porno business, they call this going "bareback" with no condon. ~ ~ In the legit Hollywood business, it's called making a movie with a very risky business [has been] starlet who can no longer get any filming insurance until after she fully puts out in principle photography. If the money is right of course. ~ ~ Big fucking deal. ~ ~ People with my kind of money usually op to self insure anyway. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 50/50 NOTES: Arizona's typical white negro cop retiree '50 Cent' figure is going to vote for Donald Trump in 2016. ~ ~ Maybe you should too, if you know what is good for you. ~ ~ Fitty may have a rather scarey and scarred looking "marred servant" type face; but underneath it all, he's not that bad of a guy. ~ ~ Whatever, Mike Tyson, 50 CENT, they all look the same to me. ~ ~ What do you want? I was born and raised Seattle. ~ ~ Probably the most white city in all of America, next to Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ ~ Think FARGO the streaming tv remake-update series meets some kind of an inevitable "TRUMP OF THE WILL" satire film at this year's SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in Park City. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ U2 NOTES: Those of us in the know knew that all of those silly rumors about you all hooking up in Paris with EAGLES OF DEATH METAL was totally and typically and completely nonsensical. ~ ~ That's like saying that SNATCH was a prophecy about me and Brad Pitt becoming BFF filmmaker partners forever. ~ ~ Dude. Seriously. I no longer worry about who gets to fuck who for now. ~ ~ All I want is my typical up front, before expenses, 90/10 theatrical distribution deal. ~ And I want it now. Not like two weeks from now. ~ ~

Saturday, December 5, 2015


DOMINO is a prophetic 2016 time-line movie about when the niggers finally get their tax free credit union mortgage money from the LDS bishop's 10% cash money down on the barrel wearhouse operation. And we get them off our backs. ~ ~ Shot in 2004, years before there was a "deep throat" negro flying around on the [DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER] white house helicopter in Las Vegas with his lesbian copilot FBI/DOJ sidekick. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKDOOR MAN NOTES: That two weeks notice in OCEAN'S 12 happens to happen this year on Chris Wood's birthday. ~ ~ And I have no idea what that means. Other than I happened to watch the 2004 Brad Pitt movie for the first time in a million years starting exactly two weeks ago tomorrow. ~ ~ RUMOR HAS IT NOTES: I don't know. This romantic comedy starring Jennifer Anniston, that ended up being directed by Meathead in some kind of a PLAN B PRODUCTIONS situation, is actually about her getting fucked by some very successful private jet billionaire who is old enough to be her father. ~ ~ "What now my love?.. Now that it's over..." ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT: Here is how you did so wrong to the wife of your youth; Jennifer Aniston. You decided to start fucking Angelina Jolie on the set of MR AND MRS SMITH without even asking for your first wife's permission, like at: ~ ~ That said, your wife was also fucking Joey/me in my/his dressing room in between all of those long and boring 12 hour studio sessions on FRIENDS for about ten years. ~ ~ In order to just relieve her tensions. ~ ~ "You are not taking care of the widows' needs..." per

Friday, December 4, 2015


Here I AM is walking up to SPAGO for a duck sausage 9" pizza with my lucky BYU film school buddy boy friends in the late 1980s at: ~ ~ Settle down girls. ~ ~ My above blond boy figure maybe actually me for all intents and purposes in ROMA, circa 1973. Which we like to call "dramatic license" in the surreal parallel world of the last days. By today's rich old fuck Hollywood atheist stalinist Jews. ~ ~ But nooooo, me can not be possibly talking about today's 1980s West Hollywood scene in the real sense of the here and now. ~ ~ Which came along much later a couple of decades later. ~ ~ Still confused are we? ~ ~ See today's NYT review of CHINA DOLL. ~ ~ If it helps at all, I too can get confused once in awhile. ~ ~ But for God's sake. I usually pull out of it and come up for air within the next 48 hours or so. ~ ~ Never confuse me with the larger-than-life characters who I play on the big picture film festival screenings of things with who I am in real life. ~ - That said. My prophetic full on pubic hair job in the SHAMPOO prophecy was actually still that full and blond bleached highligths hairstyle that I still had in the 1968 summer times when I was an 18 year-old dish washer at HASTY TASTY in Seattle's dirty hippie U-District. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS ADRIANA LIMA: San Bernardino was basically right about his take on sodomy and WALLSTREET Jewism. However, there is always the look alike exception to the look alike rule, like at: ~ ~ QND: ~ ~ True enough, blow jobs and hand jobs are pretty nice. But they can never replace the joy of full on frontal missionary position sex that was meant to make babies. ~ ~ PS PIERCE BRONSON: We desperately need you to help us lead the way away from apostate christian monogamy. ~ ~ Only guys like you and Adam Sandler have the kind of sterling reputation for sexual morality right now that is strong enough to save us.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


According to his London based wikipedia page, Saint Bernardino of Sienna spent most of his life traveling around Italy preaching against the evils of unregulated Jewish homosexual high finance. And claiming all the while that the calamitous earthquakes, floods, and droughts of the day were Providential warning sign confirmations from God. ~ ~ Remember, this was still the 1260 years period in Joseph Smith's revised and rewritten [REV.12] interpretation of the King James Bond 007 Bible when the Catholic Church was still performing baptisms by immersion for adults only. ~ ~ See his Larry David look alike image with UFO saucer plate above his bald head at: ~ ~ This being the end of 1971's THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING prophecy about the royal princess named Elizabeth moving her career to the Los Angeles region in the last days. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SMARTWATER NOTES: I finally watched 2010's THE BOUNTY HUNTER comedy last night. Wherein everyone confesses their sins in the end. ~ ~ As the plot unfolds in and around a Donald Trump casino and Republican Party high society culture country club golf course in that most famous of all REV.13:1 666 landmark of Atlantic City, New Jersey. ~ ~ UFO NOTES: Typically, UFOs appear as saucers and plates for a warning from God about the food and fare of Babylon on them. Which leads to children being spawned by the devil with the same kind of problems that those retarded adult folks have at that San Bernardino facility. ~ ~ Therefore, that crazy in love young Muslim couple just did what the voices in their heads commanded them to do. ~ ~ PS NEIL LABUTE: San Bernardino was originally a latter day saints Mormon polygamist settlement founded by Bro. Young. So you might want to consider Gwyneth Paltrow for your new CARNIVAL OF SOULS remake vampiress series for SYFY. ~ ~ Think THE THIRD MAN meets THE STRANGER meets A TOUCH OF EVIL, at:,,15625141_303,00.jpg ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: The only thing that you have left in this life to look forward to is me. ~ ~

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Dude. That naive idiot George W. Bush tried three diferent times in 8 years to hold hearings looking into the $$$billions in bad mortgages that were being issued to unqualified minorities; mostly negros. ~ ~ But that married homosexual from Boston, Mass blocked him every time. Because his wealthy Jewish securities broker buddies in New York mostly vote Democrat. ~ ~ Ergo, they are still saying that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, Wall Street Republicans caused the financial meltdown in 2008; and God is not causing the ice to melt in D&C 133. ~ ~ Anywho, love the haircut, at: ~ ~ You remind me so much of myself, circa 1993-96. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTES FOR NEGROS: Both Sandy and Brad bought their former slave owner TOWN & COUNTRY magazine mansions in THE BIG N.O. in confirmation of my own slave owner forerunner grandfather named Daniel [the 12th] Relf. Therefore, around 99% of everyone in America with the surname Relf is a former African American slave. ~ ~ In other words, both Brad and Sandy have adopted little negro children today for a loving example of how it will be done in the millennial Kingdom of God. ~ ~ DISCLAIMER: Daniel Relf was prosecuted for abusing some of his more disobedient slaves. Especially the ones who refused to breed with him. ~ ~ Sounds like grandpappy was more of a milk chocolate man, than a dark chocolate man. ~ ~ Whatever, most of his grandkids gradually moved up along the day 1290 Mississippi just to get away from all of the bad videos in their life. ~ ~ Where they eventually settled down in the Twin Cities area. Then some in the next generation moved across the FARGO Dakotas and settled down in the Puget Sound region. ~ ~ STONEWALL STREET NOTES: I will never forget the time when I saw a special PBS reality tv report about the developing financial crisis in 2008; featuring the biggest and most important players in the business. ~ ~ And then suddenly, from out of the blue, it dawned on me that everyone in the room looked explicitly Jewish. And they were not the kind who looked like Republicans.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Dude. What are you, like 13 years-old? ~ ~ Grow up and stop being a big baby girl. ~ ~ What is so bad about being like Hitler? ~ ~ Just as long as you are not exactly like Hitler himself in the flesh? ~ ~ Have you not seen the latest Jewish atheist pro-abortion reviews for that new Soviet propaganda REDS movie about those poor victimized and blacklisted Hollywood traitor Stalinists who were secretly stabbing America in the back? ~ ~ Even the one that takes place during the si-fi fantasy paralell universe worlds of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. ~ ~ Duh. They too were/are still/like Stalin, even though they were not actually like the real Hitlerlite/Stalinists who immigrated to America from Eastern Europe. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SPIKED NEWS NOTES: Always be sure to check the name behind any AP news reports that are published/broadcasted on/in your local newspapers/tvs etc. ~ ~ You never know, they might be Jewish. ~ ~ PS MEL GIBSON: I toss around that 6,666,666 number of dead murdered Jews just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ Obviously, I tend to agree with your father. The SS probably only directly killed around 2,222,222 Jews. The rest either died of starvation and pestulance. Either that, or they illegally immigrated to the North and South American lands of the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ Kind of like the Communist Jews of today who still claim that Stalin did not directly murder 10,000,000 people. They just starved to death after their [Vermont] farms and [New Berlin] factories were confiscated for the good of all. ~ ~ PROPAGANDA FILMS NOTES: Hey Dave. They are now reporting that Bernie Sanders fell down and had to have surgery on his hip; BUBBA HO-TEP style. ~ ~ Smells fishy to me. ~ ~