Wednesday, December 23, 2015


"Move it!!" is one of the two most mighty lines in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. ~ ~ It coming out only a few years after THE FRENCH CONNECTION's new way of saying dialogue. ~ ~ Wherein Popeye and his partners bust all of those illegal alien car thieves at exactly 4:10 am; Donald Trump time, circa 2015/16 ~ ~ And if you don't like it. Then send a letter to your local congressman who is now living the highlife back in Washington, DC. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RELF'S MOVIE POPCORN TIPS: Some years ago, some people tried to make my famous Italian style deep fried olive oil popcorn recipe. ~ ~ But alas, they were disappointed with it. ~ ~ Probably because they tried to take the usual shortcuts. ~ ~ So try it again baby. ~ ~ Only this time use only my specific powdered oregano instructions; i.e. not those cheaper priced oregano leafs. Granulated garlic is still OK, but the powdered form is better because it has more sticking power. ~ ~ A little bit too salty is good too, but don't over do it. ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER NOTES: The number '42' is still on the windshield of the dirty brown skinned MARK III metaphor for Barack Obama in THE FRENCH CONNECTION prophecy because of the special 1260 days anniversary on 1:20, circa 1993-96. ~ ~ Which is why the Michael Savage look alike talk-radio bad guy in the above iconic Brooklyn, NY movie setting gets away with it in the end. ~ ~ Only to return again in the talk-radio future with a hotter, much younger, wife girlfriend. Having a boat load of his feel-young-again exotic extract herbs [drug money] cure to being too old and feeling unhappy.

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