Wednesday, December 16, 2015


One time back in 1992, I was sitting at the bar inside VOGUE, when I glanced over to the end of the bar and saw a LEPRECHAUN 2 figure sitting there. Who I instinctively knew was a lonely serial killer; looking for his latest new girlfriend/slash/wife. ~ ~ Even the same one with those huge milky white tits who had married Ken Keisler, and I was the best man no less. ~ ~ So shortly thereafter I got up and left the joint; stopping on the way out to whisper a word of advice into his ear. ~ ~ For that [1:19:19] scene in SINGLES where I tell Linda on the club's payphone that "I wanna be Mr.New..." Even that same new physically transfigured nose job hero, with a new attitude, at the end of BIRDMAN and SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE. ~ ~ Either way around. ~ ~ Fuck it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: Yesterday God told me in a dream that Sienna Miller wants to help you feel mo better again about things these days. That all is not lost, etc. ~ ~ Who knows, maybe she has some crazy idea in mind for a new comedy that will make you feel all new again? ~ ~ Dude. Call her. She likes successful rich men. You like younger sexy MILF blonds with a fit and trim body. ~ ~ Maybe this is the match made in heaven that you have been waiting for all of your life. ~ ~ I mean think about it. Crazy guy meets crazy girl. They have crazy sex. They make crazy cute babies. ~ ~ Don't mention it. ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: Now is the time to sell your iron fences business in San Francisco and make the [€1000] video camera priced sequels to TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM. ~ ~ 2BC.INFO NOTES: According to the revealed WORD, we need to become more like God. And stop worrying about killing the unborn babies of our own sworn enemies who want to kill our own babies. ~ ~ PS KIT WINN: Had enough already? Check out those prophetic scenes in SINGLES that take place where me and you went fishing for perch, crappie, and bass every single Saturday back in the early 60s folk music period that was depicted in that Carey Mulligan movie. ~ ~ So what? I'm getting to the point now that I would probably enjoy fucking anyone of my two wives at the same time in the ass even if they pretended to not like it.

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