Saturday, December 26, 2015


What the hell is this?! ~ ~ Last night I decided to watch some old DVD movie that I had recently bought on a whimsy called CAT PEOPLE. ~ ~ And when I became so obsessed with the movie's beautiful bipolar half wild cat lady, who looked exactly like Catherine Zeta-Jones, I checked out it's wiki page yet again during my usual intermission snack break. And I discovered that it was actually released in America on Christmas Day in 42. ~ ~ And then things got worse. When somewhere along the line I realized that I was watching a prophetic MILEY' DEAD PETZ prophecy, circa 2015. ~ ~ Wherein her handsome Michael Douglas actor husband thought that all of my future last days GSR/TWN signs and wonders were just a bunch of superstitious Jesus cult nonsense. ~ ~ Exactly like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IS IT JUST ME OR WHAT??? NOTES: Did I really see some new media release publicity pix for THE LOVE GURU's Republican Party pink elephant prophecy on the front page of some [OCTOPUSSY] morning newspaper on this Boxing Day? ~ ~ Or AM I getting too old and cross-eyed? ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: If you are still desparately scraping around the bottom of the rotten potatoes gunny sack in your own private Idaho mine for any last-movie career ideas; how about a remake of THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN? ~ ~ What's your problem bitch? ~ ~ I already have in place all of the hotest young underaged A list actresses in LA who want to fuck me to the max for free. ~ ~ Plus all of the money that you could possibly ever want to make it happen in the real world. ~ ~ And if you don't believe it yet. ~ ~ Call Paul Allen's offices in Hollywood. ~ ~ And see if my bitch Alison Roth does not return your lonely midnight telephone call from Jesus within, like, the next two days. ~ ~ Bullshit walks, money talks.

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