Friday, December 25, 2015


Personally, I prefer the hard grind to the fast in-and-out thing; more sustained contact with the clit that way. ~ ~ Plus it feels like your average size cock is about 4" in diameter. ~ ~ "It's not the size, it's how you use it." Paraphrasing Austin Power's southern Utah polygamist father in AP:III meets AP:II meets the first AP:INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY TIME NOTES: Donald Trump is the one who will put the Reformed Jewish communist homosexual 666ers at etc. into captivity in REV.13:10. You grind me under your kinky hot chick boots in THE FRENCH CONNECTION, I grind you under with my own big clunky Santa Claus boots. "These boots were made for walking... And I'm gonna walk all over you." CHER meets LADY GAGA. ~ ~ According to my crazy uncle figure in the WILD AT HEART prophecy; beginng in 2016 everyday will be Christmas. ~ ~ X-MASS NOTES: With all of the mysterious and confusing reports about THE HATEFUL 8 rolling out right now, it can get ptretty confusing at times. ~ ~ Political marxist "Passion is the enemy of precision." in my own private Idaho ZERO EFFECT movie meets the WAG THE DOG movie, yada yada. ~ ~ Is Tarantino's 9th movie opening today? ~ ~ Or does it get released next year? ~ ~ And is it actually only his 8th movie? ~ ~ Therefore in 2016 he plans to throw everybody off the scent with two back-to-back features like he did with his two KILL BILL films in the same year? ~ ~

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