Thursday, December 10, 2015


If not for IT, I would never have become the new it boy in Hollywood and on Madison Avenue for the past 25 years. ~ ~ Per this new handsome Nazi haircut physical transfiguration image of me at: ~ ~ Believe me you. ~ ~ I AM is no fool. ~ ~ None of my current sexy neocon lesbian wives would ever let me lay a hand on them, much less let me fuck them in the mouth, if there was not some kind of a big pay off in it for them. ~ ~ Money makes everything feel natural and okay. ~ ~ Having no money [gold] at all is just not God's way of doing business. ~ ~ I.e. you get the kids and the house, and half of my money, and I still get to keep fucking our mutual nextdoor neighbor girlfriend on weekends. ~ ~ Is this not a great deal or what? ~ ~ Come on bitch. You can fuck her too if you want. Just as long as we keep it in the family, and I get to watch it. ~ ~ And both of us agree to not go whoring around seeking after exotic sex with strangers elsewhere. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 410 NOTES: That bloody hostage shootout on Lake Winebego, off HYW.41, happened because Mickey Rourke was the billionaire real estate development businessman star of WILD ORCHID; costarring Jacqueline Bisset. Who represented my future look alike fuck interest played by Adriana Lima, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: My idea of a great refreshing ripoff movie with tons of relevent up-to-date continuity shots would be Cate Blanchett and me fucking in a hot to the max sequel to the above classic 1970s era Gene Wilder swingers movie. ~ ~ And if we can't get her to be in it, we can always get the twice-as-young Chloe Moretz to do it for twice the money. ~ ~ Plus I pay for her mother's extra 15% manager fee on top of it. And I also pay for her mother's extra 10% agent fee. ~ ~ What is money for anyway? ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT: Dude, don't worry. After your wife with THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS tits leaves you; me and you get to sit around the [SUNDANCE FILM FESTEVIL] video rental tv screen and eat microwave popcorn while watching our favorite old time movies at Ken Kemp's 1970-80s era post BYU architecture LA shag pad in The Palms district. As we plot out our next PLAN B revenge career movie come back. ~ ~ Yeah I know. It takes more than a billion dollars and a big time handsome as hell movie star to make a great movie. ~ ~ Therefore, you need someone like me to make you look good again; "Acting is just reacting..." MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ PS BRUCE AND KEN: You never call me, you never get any of my money. ~ ~ Right now, I'm about the only game in town. ~ ~ Speaking on behalf of Donald Trump of course.

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