Thursday, December 3, 2015


According to his London based wikipedia page, Saint Bernardino of Sienna spent most of his life traveling around Italy preaching against the evils of unregulated Jewish homosexual high finance. And claiming all the while that the calamitous earthquakes, floods, and droughts of the day were Providential warning sign confirmations from God. ~ ~ Remember, this was still the 1260 years period in Joseph Smith's revised and rewritten [REV.12] interpretation of the King James Bond 007 Bible when the Catholic Church was still performing baptisms by immersion for adults only. ~ ~ See his Larry David look alike image with UFO saucer plate above his bald head at: ~ ~ This being the end of 1971's THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING prophecy about the royal princess named Elizabeth moving her career to the Los Angeles region in the last days. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SMARTWATER NOTES: I finally watched 2010's THE BOUNTY HUNTER comedy last night. Wherein everyone confesses their sins in the end. ~ ~ As the plot unfolds in and around a Donald Trump casino and Republican Party high society culture country club golf course in that most famous of all REV.13:1 666 landmark of Atlantic City, New Jersey. ~ ~ UFO NOTES: Typically, UFOs appear as saucers and plates for a warning from God about the food and fare of Babylon on them. Which leads to children being spawned by the devil with the same kind of problems that those retarded adult folks have at that San Bernardino facility. ~ ~ Therefore, that crazy in love young Muslim couple just did what the voices in their heads commanded them to do. ~ ~ PS NEIL LABUTE: San Bernardino was originally a latter day saints Mormon polygamist settlement founded by Bro. Young. So you might want to consider Gwyneth Paltrow for your new CARNIVAL OF SOULS remake vampiress series for SYFY. ~ ~ Think THE THIRD MAN meets THE STRANGER meets A TOUCH OF EVIL, at:,,15625141_303,00.jpg ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: The only thing that you have left in this life to look forward to is me. ~ ~

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