Saturday, December 12, 2015


SINGLES was made in Seattle in the same year that today's 23 year-old Ms Sire Us was born. ~ ~ Because the movie's local CITIZEN DICK rock star was a royal King County sire us figure on his album cover for CLASH: LONDON CALLING. ~ ~ Hence, the 1992 film's Julia Roberts look alike for half the price, loves it at 24:07 when she pops up that Donald [Duck] Trump golfing tee on my old 1979ish SAAB. Right at the top of the very same steep hill where God once told me, "Here comes Miley!" ~ ~ But wait! Hold on! ~ ~ What is that I-5 wise virgins sign in the background all about? ~ ~ Why fuck me Jesus long time!! ~ ~ Here comes me fucking my future virgin SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE sequels wife Chloe Moretz in SON OF LEBOWSKI:II&III at: ~ ~ True enough, I may be a lot smarter than most of you; if not for God giving me a visionary dream about licking Keira Knightley's clit that was shapped like those naked lady golf tees in CADDYSHACK. ~ ~ You give me a break. I give you a break. ~ ~ And we both make money on the deal. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JUSTIN THEROUX: Do you still imagine yourself getting all that excited about fucking your has-been middle aged overweight 1990s era FRIENDS sitcom reality TV movie star wife with the sagging saddle bag ass in the butt? ~ ~ Or would you rather move in with me and my middleaged divorced PLAN B post BYU film school friends at Ken Kemp's limestone paint job [1970s] singles shag pad paradise in LA's Palms district? ~ ~ Where all of the action is beggining to happen again now. ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: Cut the crap about only wanting to make ten movies in your career. ~ ~ And stop acting like some little girl who refuses to clean up her bedroom and wash the dishes. ~ ~ STOP TRYING TO EMBARRASS ME! ~ ~ I offer you 100 big ones in cold hard tax-free cash money on the barrel, Italian Fellini style; in order to remake for me a special prequel sequel of THE FRENCH CONNECTION, 1971. And all that you can do is insult me. ~ ~

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