Monday, December 28, 2015


Last night in a visionary dream, Jesus told me in a midnight cowboy telephone call that Charlize Theron was saving up all of her surplus monies just for me; but with only one catch. ~ ~ Much like the beautiful west end stage actress once said to Neil Simon's older brother in London, circa 1969; "I'll let you fuck me if the play is a success." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE MEANWHILE NOTES: The black PANTHERS lost it on Sunday, the day after 2000 wild at heart black nigger juvenile delinquents went on a wild rampage at a high end mall in Jennifer Lawrence's home town in white christian Bible Belt Kentucky. ~ ~ In confirmation of the black panther lady in the CAT PEOPLE prophecy. ~ ~ MAJOR MOTHER FUCKER NOTES: We just learned that that that... typical back-stabbing tall Jew Sacha Coen is financially backing the ongoing EZE.38 Muslim invasion of white Christian Europe; to the tune of $1,000,000. ~ ~ Because he doesn't like me. ~ ~ What's next? ~ Even more Muslims than ever continue to stab more Jews in the back in Jerusalem? ~ ~ Gonna have to go again with ME, MYSELF, & IRENE meets DEATH TRAP on this one. ~ ~ Both of which take place on Long Island, NY. ~ ~ PS SIR ELTON JOHN: It is far past high time that both of us need to pool our considerable resources, and forget about our mutual differences for now. ~ ~ In order to show all of those dirty easy money Jew fucks in [EZE.47:1] London that we are not going to take it up the ass anymore. ~ ~ Same thing goes for you too Captain Paul Garrison. ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: Last night I dreamed that you were getting all of your predatory RE.13 teeth and fangs pulled out and replaced with a set of [elephant ivory] free money AARP dentures. ~ ~ And then I dreamed that Jennifer Anniston said that the best movie that she ever did was called, SENTRA 2. Wherein Alison [Roth] Deetz gives me my first ever mind blowing blow job, back in 1987. ~ ~ But this I can promise you. ~ ~ And I do know how busy you are right now. ~ ~ However. You be patient and stand on the snowy sidewalk in front of the EGYPTIAN theater in Park City, Utah; Robert Redford himself will show up and give you and your latest FFing girlfriend two free tickets.

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