Thursday, December 17, 2015


SINGLES' future 2015/16 negro Obama problem figure appears in the delayed 1991 made [Vote for me] dating video with a set designed background that is splattered with the same blood and gore in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW that happened in [Al Gore's] Paris on Friday The 13th. ~ ~ Gonna have to agree with me, myself, and I on this one. ~ ~ For all of the particulars and background info on this one, see:,_Myself_%26_Irene ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOEL NOTES: There is a specific reason why both David Letterman and Jim Carry are sporting a Santa Claus beard this X-MASS season. ~ ~ PS NBC: I beg you. Please keep up the mental PC insanity about Obama being born in Hawaii. ~ ~ We need Donald Trump to be our new mighty and strong supreme D&C 85 4-runner leader more then ever now. ~ ~ Because last night I dreamed that the niggers were rioting and stealing everything at the NORTHGATE MALL in Seattle. And all of the naive Christian white people Christmas shoppers were frantically dialing 911 on their smart phones. But the real men in blue never came to their rescue. Because they had been completely demoralized and pussy whipped by the DOJ thought police in DC. ~ ~ PS LIZ: I have no dought at all about how much you really and truly love your only begoughton son. Who was metaphorically sired for you by that Spanish speaking SINGLES con man on a his own private shag pad jet from LA to London. ~ ~ But for God's sake. If you are still willing to let him become a homosexual, I will take him away from you and give him unto one of my other more righteous wives. ~ ~ "You don't know who you are dealing with... I could make your job go away just like that!" DOMINO. ~ ~ See what me, myself, and eye mean at:

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