Sunday, December 27, 2015


Please don't call my 10% agent/wife/manager in Hollywood until you have already figured out about how much it is going to cost you in the short run. ~ ~ And therefore you have already transfered at least that much up-front cash into your [Paul Allen] checking account. ~ ~ For when the time Joan Rivers sent me a check for $115 for ten jokes back in 1984. ~ ~ But the lady at the check cashing joint on Denny in Capital Hill, Seattle thought that it said $115,000. So she called the bank in LA just to make sure, and they said 'no problem' with a chuckle. ~ ~ Look at it this way. On Boxing Day, at least 34 cats died in a cat house love shack fire in rural Niagra County, NY; due east of Saint Catharines, Canada. ~ ~ Settle down girls. There are 12 days of Christmas. ~ ~ BRIDE OF CHUCKY is a Catherine Zeta-Jones look alike crazy doll prophecy about me marrying each and every one of you. ~ ~ When the time is right. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TACKY NOTES: Hey. What can I say? I AM is feeling kind of nigger rich these days. ~ ~ PS TARATINO: That good looking JACKIE BROWN bitch drove her car onto the sidewalk in Las Vegas the day after you appeared with that nigger on the sidewalk on Hollywood Bulvd. ~ ~ Get it? ~ ~ BFD. Most black people like Barack Obama don't really like to hang out too much with white people. And most white people don't really like to hang out for too long with black folks like Barack Obama. ~ ~ It doesn't mean that everybody has to be a hater. ~ ~

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