Friday, December 4, 2015


Here I AM is walking up to SPAGO for a duck sausage 9" pizza with my lucky BYU film school buddy boy friends in the late 1980s at: ~ ~ Settle down girls. ~ ~ My above blond boy figure maybe actually me for all intents and purposes in ROMA, circa 1973. Which we like to call "dramatic license" in the surreal parallel world of the last days. By today's rich old fuck Hollywood atheist stalinist Jews. ~ ~ But nooooo, me can not be possibly talking about today's 1980s West Hollywood scene in the real sense of the here and now. ~ ~ Which came along much later a couple of decades later. ~ ~ Still confused are we? ~ ~ See today's NYT review of CHINA DOLL. ~ ~ If it helps at all, I too can get confused once in awhile. ~ ~ But for God's sake. I usually pull out of it and come up for air within the next 48 hours or so. ~ ~ Never confuse me with the larger-than-life characters who I play on the big picture film festival screenings of things with who I am in real life. ~ - That said. My prophetic full on pubic hair job in the SHAMPOO prophecy was actually still that full and blond bleached highligths hairstyle that I still had in the 1968 summer times when I was an 18 year-old dish washer at HASTY TASTY in Seattle's dirty hippie U-District. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS ADRIANA LIMA: San Bernardino was basically right about his take on sodomy and WALLSTREET Jewism. However, there is always the look alike exception to the look alike rule, like at: ~ ~ QND: ~ ~ True enough, blow jobs and hand jobs are pretty nice. But they can never replace the joy of full on frontal missionary position sex that was meant to make babies. ~ ~ PS PIERCE BRONSON: We desperately need you to help us lead the way away from apostate christian monogamy. ~ ~ Only guys like you and Adam Sandler have the kind of sterling reputation for sexual morality right now that is strong enough to save us.

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