Tuesday, December 15, 2015


SINGLES says that today's politically correct traffic jam fascism happening on I-5 is a midnight radio anticommunist telephone call from Jesus. ~ ~ Who is telling all you rock and roll [Howard Stern] heavy metal radio fans to also start listening to RUSH on the radio at 22:17. ~ ~ And I say this as a huge half Jew Howard Stern satelite radio STAR WARS movie fan from outer space. ~ ~ Note the 1992 film's garage band remote control opener, that Linda finally gets when we see the warning sign on the back wall that says, "...YOU NEED TO KEEP THEM OUT." ~ ~ Hence, the terrorist attack in Paris on the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL garage band that is from the same place in the California desert on Rt.111 where Cameron Crowe originally came from in ALMOST FAMOUS.. ~ ~ Not metaphorically speaking now. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LAGGIES NOTES: Keira Knightley's recent indie film shoot in Seattle, about me fucking Chloe Moretz, was a sign from God. ~ ~ NEW READERS NOTES: One of the reasons why I use the Dutch language term-word 'fuck' so often is because it is so much shorter than repeatingly saying "...having sexual intercourse marital relations." ~ ~ Time is of the essence in these sporty latter-day short-term-time two-minutes-warning last days. ~ ~ Hence, now is the [tough love] time to be a good sport about things. And stop worring about hurting the mormon Utah people's feelings. ~ ~ We can worry about that later. ~ ~ All is well that ends well. ~ ~ That said, I should probably say 'negro' more often and stop using the more offensive word 'nigger'. ~ ~ PS PETER: I have always fantasized about owning and operating a chain of HASTY TASTY style open-all-night dinners. Like the ones depicted in those inspired Dennis Hopper paintings. ~ ~ SEE: http://www.sltrib.com/home/3305994-155/sandy-restaurant-explodes-natural-gas-leak ~ ~ I'm thinking God is going to clear the way for me and you doing this. Maybe we bring in Robert Redford on the deal. ~ ~ PS QUENTIN TARANTINO: That is your prophetic look alike transfigured figure in SINGLES who is still working at some video movie rental store; circa 1990. ~ ~ PS BRAD: Be patient with me. ~ ~ I'm trying as hard as I can to suck in my gut and stomach watching your INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. ~ ~ Oh yeah. Donald Trump is going to be the next tall white blond hair neo Jew President of America, who has a real American born again birth certificate. ~ ~ And your buddy Tarantino gets to shut the fuck up. ~

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